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Hi guys


Thought I'd create a thread for the new fabulous teleseminar!  I know a few of you have said you are signed up.  I just booked my place now - but I won't be 'live' on the call as it's the middle of the night for me and I shall be in the land of nod!  But I will be there in spirit and will be catching up as soon as I can get the mp3!  


For anyone who doesn't know about the teleseminar, here's a link http://www.caroledore.com/teleclass/adi_tw/mys_man/mm_x/mm_x.html


Looking forward to this new teleclass!





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I'm signed up, too, Donna!  I can't wait -- this is gonna be sooooo much fun!!!


Blessings to all,


Yay!  So glad I started this thread - loving the enthusiasm!!!  xxxx
Just signed up and I can't wait!!  This comes at just the right time for me, but then if you are open, you do not miss what is meant to come to you.  :)
Absolutely!  And we are all meant to be on this class this week!!!!  Awesome.  What a blessing.  xxx
SO EXCITED ...................... the countdown is on, and I can hardly wait till it is Thursday night.  What is so amazing about this class is that it is Carole's perspective of the information in real time, and not from the foundational material that she first started to capture many moons ago ............................. we forget how far ahead of her time she was because the material is so current to where the world seems to be now.  What a gift to hear from Carole herself as she takes us all to what I believe will be another level ............. we are truly blessed!
Hear hear Valerie!!!  xx



Was able to get some pre-class information on what we will be blessed to hear on Thursday, and I just HAD to share it.  For those who think they don't have the time ........... you will want to find it, or at least get the MP3's.  If it is a 'perceived' money issue, start sniffing, because this is a golden opportunity that cannot be missed!


Here is what I heard about the class and it is from Carole herself ............ It definitely does take the PowerVision teaching to another level. Some of the behind the scenes stories you have heard before, and others you have not. (Especially the last part.)  There has been such a continual flow of Mystical Manifestations throughout the production of the PowerVision teaching that is is impossible for me not to share them any longer. So the FULL story of it all is finally going to be told. That is why it is a seminar more than a workshop. I want to just to tell it in its entirely - without it being broken up. The examples that I will be sharing are way over the top and weren’t ones that I could just offhandedly reveal in any of my other workshops. In order to truly understand the power within them, they have to be divulged in full. The rhythm, depth, and magic of life is going to be profound for all to witness. It will reveal infinite possibilities for us all to explore, find comfort in, celebrate, and enjoy.


I don't know about where anyone else is in life, but all I know is that this lady's teachings have changed every area of my life, and if she is willing to share more with us, then I am going to pull up a chair and listen!


I am so grateful to be part of this,  Valerie

So very exciting.  I can't wait!!!  I look forward to hearing all Carole's wonderful stories and snippets of profound goodness.


How wonderful to hear from you all on Thursday (or Friday here in New Zealand!).


Andrea ;-)

Signed up today!!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!  Can't to hear Carole's stories.



Hi everyone!  Thanks again, Donna, for starting this thread.  I see some have posted about the seminar on the comment board, but those scroll off soooo fast when the forum is active, that I wanted to be sure this thread stayed near the top of the page.


I loved hearing Carole tell her story --  I got goosebumps when she reminded me of Linda Joy's original post on the old Secret forum, telling us how amazing Carole's work was!  My life hasn't been the same since, and I am sooooo thankful.  My life is expanding forward constantly, with new and exciting happenings around every corner.  I love living in synchronicity, where everything goes my way!  There was a song in the 80s, something like "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"  That just about sums it up for me.


So today I received an unexpected check in the mail!! Thank You, Universe!!!  And I found out my mortgage payment is going down about $100/month, starting next month, and my insurance broker has saved me $200 on my homeowner's policy!  How cool is that?   Abundance comes from everywhere and anywhere.


I just love Carole.  She has shared with us the tools that make her own life so magical, and my life has become magical as well.  And it will only get better.


Blessings to you all,


You're welcome Toni!  That's exactly why I did it - to capture the magic in one place!!  I just downloaded the recordings and am about to start listening...can't wait!!!!  


You are SO at one with a tremendous amount of money!  I love it!  I'll be back when I am all caught up!



Toni, we all could not be happier for you .................. and thanks for being such a great inspiration for us all, and for the work you do to take care of the site!  It is appreciated by everyone.


The call was great, and having such an entertaining chronicle from Carole helps you really feel and enjoy what is possible with her work.  As well, we got a few more insights into the lady herself.......... such a treat!


With the new program she talked about launching I did take the liberty to ask her about a few of the courses that she has yet to put on MP3; specifically these are 4 of the advanced courses that help us understand and take the work to a deeper level.  I for one want all of the programs that Carole has developed, and have to believe that there are more who feel the same way.  While it is not at the top of her 'to do' list to be marketing a course, I believe if we got a group together and approached her for dates, this could work...............


So my question to all you PowerVision-ites is, who is ready to dig in and continue the journey of learning?  To see the 4 topics you can go to http://www.caroledore.com/teleclass/adi_tw/adi_x/adi_x.html and see what is currently not on MP3 and I know you will be as excited about the subject matter as I am.................... how great it would be to have this knowledge.  Beyond that, it would be a help to Carole as well when she takes her site to the next level; this would allow her to have a complete course catalogue available.  The other class that needs recordings is the Real Estate Class.


For those forward thinkers, please feel free to friend me and we can see where we go, or post live here and lets see when we can all spend more quality time learining from the master herself!


Have the best day!




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