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The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast!


The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast!

A community of devoted followers of Carole Dore's PowerVision Dynamics -- The Emergency Handbook, Visualization: The Power of Your Heart, The Intensified Prosperity Workshop, The Male/Female Integration Workshop, and Wings of Gold!

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There is only one power, and that power is Your love. I am open to receiving, and I am at one with experiencing all of Your love, in every area of my life, right now.


This special forum is available to discuss Carole Doré’s teachings from The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST, and from her audio programs: Visualization – The Power of Your Heart, The Intensified Prosperity Workshop, The Male/Female Integration Workshop, How to Give Power Treatments, and more.


In 1985, Carole Doré discovered and developed a new creative procedure, which she termed PowerVision® - a spontaneous form of Visualization that is applied through the heart, rather than the mind. To provide in-depth guidelines for using this invaluable method, she produced PowerVision Dynamics®, a complete instructional program that teaches how to accelerate the Law of Attraction and create in Synchronicity through expansive spiritual energy.


Numerous videos are now available including an exclusive television interview where Carole Doré demonstrates the Money PowerVision. Other videos provide excerpts from the audiobook of the Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST...and more. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/PowerVisionDynamics

A radio show interview is also available at: http://www.latalkradio.com/Players/Lucia-040509.shtml

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Comment by Toni has wings! on March 16, 2014 at 10:17am

Hi Caramel -- welcome!  I know in my heart that you will find everything you need (and so much more!) with Carole's teachings.  Her approach is so dynamic and just so much fun!  And the more you learn, the more you'll want to know.

Life can be absolutely phenomenal when you tap into the power of the Universe.  And the gifts that are tailored just for you will give your life such sparkle!  To name two since my last post:  I got an unexpected check for $250, and a throw pillow that looks like a $100 bill (it's very cool).

Please feel free to ask any questions you have.  As you can see from the comment wall, Carole herself follows this forum and provides her guidance.  How could we possibly go wrong?

I look forward to watching your expansion.

Blessings and abundance to you,


Comment by Caramel Glitter on March 15, 2014 at 10:46am

Hello everyone. I am working on attracting all the love and positive energy the universe has to offer me, but am having a bit of a road block and Carol Dole's teachings seem like just what I needed~

Long story short I am hoping to obtain financial stability so I can participate in my College graduation ceremony and also pay off debts, assist my mother and obtain the apartment of my dreams.

I look forward to this new experience and sharing my progress here.

With love 

Caramel Glitter

Comment by Toni has wings! on March 11, 2014 at 2:04pm

Hi everyone -- I am back from a trip to Jamaica for Mom's memorial, and the Universe was amazing -- I got everything I asked for and more!  From easy travel and breezing through immigration and customs (carrying human cremains, no less) to swimming with the dolphins(!), to getting an amazing upgrade on the boat we rented for my Mom's ashes ceremony.  I met lots of really great people, a couple of whom were like-minded, and we discussed LoA for hours!  It was such a special time.  Thank You, Universe!!!

Blessings and abundance to all,


Comment by QueenHajar I. Akanqi on February 25, 2014 at 8:47pm

Congrats Toni has wings!  Beautiful life you are living. So Synchronicity <3 Money is blooming everywhere ;-)

Comment by Toni has wings! on February 22, 2014 at 10:16am

Hi everyone!  2014 is the best year of my life so far!  So many gifts, so much love from the Universe!  One of my intentions for this year was to receive more accolades and recognition at work.  Well, on Monday, I got a note from my dean, passing on compliments from a prospective student who sat in on my class.  He even added his own "applause."  Very cool, and just what I wanted, Thank You, Universe.  Then yesterday, a student organization I advise honored me with a Certificate of Appreciation -- and a $250 gift card!  I love my Power!!!  I love my life!  More, please!

Blessings and abundance to you all,


Comment by Carole Doré on February 7, 2014 at 4:28pm

Yay, Starfish! So glad you’re back on track, having fun, and manifesting! That is wonderful!! If it's of any comfort, I think this was a great experience for everyone to participate in...so thank you for that. I see you blessed a thousand fold for offering everyone the opportunity to understand their own power at another level as well.

I always say learning how to use our power correctly is just like learning how to snow ski. In the beginning we're fascinated with the concept but after putting on all the cumbersome clothes and equipment, were not quite sure. First we're taught how to snow plow and we try to ski down the bunny slope. We can barely stand up for two seconds before we bounce hard on the ground...over and over again. We’re cold, uncomfortable, and in pain…and we wonder why anyone could possibly think this was any fun at all.

If we stick with it and gain further instruction, we learn how to parallel ski. We feel confident enough to get on a ski lift and even though the view is pretty, it looks a bit ominous and scary. When we get to the top of the hill, we look down at all the moguls (large bumps in the snow). They look scary but we slowly push off the hill and carefully maneuver around the moguls (problems in life). But eventually a mogul is directly in our path and we suddenly realize we have to go over it. We get scared, start losing control, and eventually fall...hoping not to break anything in the process. We find ourselves in a crumpled mess and seem to be in a worse predicament in life than ever before. We’re stuck, we're cold, and we're definitely not having fun. We're angry we can’t do it when others seem to be having such an easy time, we wonder how we ever got into this mess to begin with, and normally we just want to give up.  

But if we stay with it and gain better instruction, we start to understand the key to it all - and now we've learned how to vadle! We put on much more streamlined clothing, use sleek equipment, and feel exhilarated riding the ski lift to the top of a magnificent mountain (which now seems to have become your best friend). You feel euphoric looking out at the most incredible view and suddenly you realize that you have the ability to go places few people have ever experienced before. You get to the top of an enormous mountain and as you look out over the cliff, you're barely aware of the moguls because the view is just too spectacular. You push off the cliff and skillfully glide almost straight down the mountain. If a mogul is in your path you have fun swishing over the top of it and use it to make your ride even more exhilarating. You feel completely euphoric and you experience the Bliss of Life all the way down - and you recognize that you have now mastered the art of snow skiing.

Life is full of metaphors and It continually reveals itself to us. Again mastering the art of snow skiing is just like mastering the art of using our power in living Life! And there is nothing greater or more valuable to any of us than having this understanding!

“With all thy getting, get understanding. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee." Proverbs 4: 7&9

Comment by Starfish777 on February 5, 2014 at 9:43pm

Carole, I have had some time to go over the material you've suggested and I also went over the Visualization CD set again 2 times. I do apologize. In my frantic state I was not factual in saying to wait for the things to manifest. You didn't say that. To my credit, though it would have been nice to have an edit button - although I'm not sure how much good that would have done. LOL... Anyway, I had some time to really think and the one thing I realized is that I was being too rigid and I totally forgot how to have fun up until the days after my message here. I had to figure out what fun was all over again. A lot has been happening lately. Let's just say my seat belt is buckled and I'm going at Mach4 speed, now! Thank you for your suggestions. I did appreciate it, even at the time when I was darn angry and frenzied. :)  I hope all is well and we can continue moving forward in love and lightness.   ~Truly  Starfish777

Comment by QueenHajar I. Akanqi on January 29, 2014 at 11:46pm

Thank you so much Carole for this life lesson. I think we all have gotten more hearing from the Master of LOA ;-)) Starfish You are loved...I AM Love...We are All Loved...We are One Love <3 Have LOTS OF FUN loving You!

Comment by Carole Doré on January 24, 2014 at 4:58pm

Queen you're always so awesome & such an inspiration. I'm so glad you joined in. We all want you to succeed at this Starfish but I'm going to come to your defense and reiterate again, one of the reasons I produced the PowerVision Dynamics' program in 1986 was because I recognized that LOA was continually being taught with numerous flaws throughout it, which is what causes confusion, frustration & failure in applying it. People try so carefully to follow these incorrect guidelines but they soon end up running into a wall or they start doubting their own abilities to be able to create successfully at all. In the long run, they feel like a failure and it lowers the person's confidence & self-esteem. And it's simply not their fault! That's why I continually say that "flawed metaphysics" is extremely destructive on many, many levels.

What I was pointing out is that one of these flaws is: "not taking action (or doubting the action you took) and trying to just 'be' while what you want comes to you". This little glitch can throw a person forever and they would have a difficult time even pinpointing that it was incorrect because it could be interwoven into some correct guidelines. This is why I've taken years to not only red-flag numerous glitches but to also provide metaphysical guidelines that are so streamlined and pure, that we all can successfully use our God-given power in life! 

One more thing - normally, as most of you know who follow this forum, I don't usually jump in because of a very busy schedule, but when I saw your problem, Starfish, I knew everyone would be thrown because I could see where you had gotten off the track and that you were trying to make a square peg (the flaw) fit into a round hole (what you were learning from audiobook). 

It would have been so much easier for me to just answer to your question.  But instead I wanted so much for you to get it yourself by explaining back to me how this works - because then you would have that understanding forever. That's because I truly care! I want everyone to get their power. Just like a parent who wants a child to gain life skills. If they teach their child how to do something but when their child looks like they're having a difficult time, the parent ends up doing it themself - this is harmful to the child.  It certainly is easier & takes less time for the parent, and definitely makes them more popular for the time being, but the problem is the child becomes crippled in their abilities & more dependent on their parent. A parent who truly loves and wants to empower a child has to risk being unpopular. But being a parent or a teacher isn't about a popularity contest - it's about the child or the student! In the long run, the child (or student) will be extremely grateful when they discover that they have gained invaluable lifetime skills. And they soon also understand that their parents (or teacher) not only loved them but that they loved them so much they gave them the greatest gift of all - the ability "to fly out of the nest and to successfully soar in Life." That's why I wouldn't tell you the answer. It’s only because I do care and love everyone very much!

Comment by QueenHajar I. Akanqi on January 23, 2014 at 4:31pm

Also, satisfied or even better is being grateful. Write down what you are grateful of right now. Are you all getting Carle Dore' Financial Foreca$t$? Lots of fun ways to use your mind and words! ;-))


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