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The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast!


The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast!

A community of devoted followers of Carole Dore's PowerVision Dynamics -- The Emergency Handbook, Visualization: The Power of Your Heart, The Intensified Prosperity Workshop, The Male/Female Integration Workshop, and Wings of Gold!

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There is only one power, and that power is Your love. I am open to receiving, and I am at one with experiencing all of Your love, in every area of my life, right now.


This special forum is available to discuss Carole Doré’s teachings from The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST, and from her audio programs: Visualization – The Power of Your Heart, The Intensified Prosperity Workshop, The Male/Female Integration Workshop, How to Give Power Treatments, and more.


In 1985, Carole Doré discovered and developed a new creative procedure, which she termed PowerVision® - a spontaneous form of Visualization that is applied through the heart, rather than the mind. To provide in-depth guidelines for using this invaluable method, she produced PowerVision Dynamics®, a complete instructional program that teaches how to accelerate the Law of Attraction and create in Synchronicity through expansive spiritual energy.


Numerous videos are now available including an exclusive television interview where Carole Doré demonstrates the Money PowerVision. Other videos provide excerpts from the audiobook of the Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST...and more. Go to: http://www.youtube.com/PowerVisionDynamics

A radio show interview is also available at: http://www.latalkradio.com/Players/Lucia-040509.shtml

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Comment by Toni has wings! on October 4, 2015 at 10:16am

My Gosh, you guys!  Yesterday's teleworkshop with Carole was awesome!  Folks from all over the world getting together, learning straight from the source how (and why) all this works --  so different from "half-way metaphysics."   

I so appreciate her comments that "stuff" happens to all of us -- but we have the tools to rise above the drama, to tap into the Power and allow it to create through us.  We're not alone, here.  Isn't that something?

Comment by Toni has wings! on September 21, 2015 at 9:39am
Good Morning, beautiful souls! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and this amazing day was created just for you! Can you feel the love?
Comment by TiffG on September 15, 2015 at 8:16pm

Hey guys!  Sorry is taken forever to respond; I have been given an opportunity to make an extra $300 a week for the next few weeks, and so I have been even more busy than usual.  I do believe that I have my Power to thank for this because I did the Power Exercise one morning, and I REALLY went into the direction of the money that morning.  Come to find out I was given the chance to make the money the following day; quite a few people are pretty surprised that  it was pretty fast how i was given the opportunity.  I am trying very hard to stay out of judgement of this opportunity, though. I said to my Power that I want this opportunity to be more fun.  

yeah, that vip tour was AWESOMEEEEE!!!!  I got to take photos of the locker rooms, including the visiting team!!!!  It was AWESOME to know that I got to stand in the SAME locker rooms that the Lakers, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic etc.  I breathed in the air of greatness!!!!  I have to say I experienced an aha moment right when I was taking in the view of the arena from a vip balcony: that i REALLY DON'T NEED a man to financially support me.  I knew that before, but honestly it didn't really hit me till THEN that the only thing I need to support me is my Power.  

As for my friend, i had to think about how to go about this.  I honestly think the best way to gain any guidance to how to handle them is for me to have an on-going conference call with my Power so that It can direct me how to handle this person.  As for relationship coaching: me?  i don't think so.  I really don't have (nor care to have) that type of patience.  I really WANT to practice tough love with them, but it seems like their whole life is contracting and they don't know how to handle it :(  And I don't want to add to them feeling so bad because the last time I attempted to practice tough love, they tried to make me feel guilty. 


Comment by Toni has wings! on September 10, 2015 at 4:05pm

Hi Tiff!  I'm so glad you shared your story -- way to create!  I love hearing how forum friends are finding life after Carole's teachings.  Don't you love it when your Power delivers more than you ever thought to ask for?  Living in divine synchronicity is living a magical life!

As to your question, my advice is to turn to your Power.   You have instant access to absolute Intelligence, absolute Clarity, absolute Harmony, absolute Love.  You've already experienced your Power's ...well.. power.  It brought you something more delicious than you imagined, right?  So you know that It creates all things new.  You can be of the most benefit to your friend if you let your Power flow through you when you are together, calling the love of the Universe into the room with you, and you will know the exact right thing to say.  Let that divine love pour through you and watch what happens!

Blessings (and many more wonderful experiences) to you,



Comment by Ellen Eustace on September 10, 2015 at 2:58pm

Hi Tiff,

Congrats on getting the all access tour and partnering with the sports facility. I love sports myself, so anytime I attract something in that genre, I'm always excited.

As far as the people with relationship problems... Perhaps you could turn this into a good thing. Have you ever thought of relationship coaching? God could be inserting something into your life that could be useful to you (physically, financially, emotionally, career-wise). If you are not interested in such matters or your life is going in a completely different direction, then it may be time to practice some tough love on these people.

Are you giving advice and they're not listening? If that is the case, you might want to say, "didn't I tell you last time to ____?" And they'll probably respond with "yes". Then you would say, "And how did that go for you?" If they haven't tried it, they'll stammer to which you can say, "I suggest you try X". If they have taken your advice, you might want to add to what you've already told them. Or perhaps they didn't give X enough time to be effective. At the end of all this, you may have to repeat yourself, "I told you to try X".

Comment by TiffG on September 10, 2015 at 2:25pm

Also, does anyone have any way to handle people and their emotions when they come to you about their relationship issues??  Should I just quickly insert at the end of the convo something like "and you two are getting along just well" with feeling?  i did encourage relationship counseling because honestly i don't want to hear it.    the energy just FEELS completely contrary to the great high vibrational energy i have been feeling this morning. and when it does feel contrary i either just try not to feel anything/feel neutral or love the power within.

Comment by TiffG on September 10, 2015 at 2:20pm
hey all! something pretty cool happened today, and i have to thank my Power for this one! I did the Power Exercise in the morning a few weeks back, and maybe 10 minutes later I received a phone call from the local sports arena. I would never call them because i have no reason to call them, and so how they got my number i am still scratching my head. anyways, they called because they wanted to offer me a free all access VIP tour of the whole facility, and to talk about what they can do to help our company with regards to marketing. i was shocked, and of course I said ok! i still had clue where this was going, but from my past experiences anytime i tap into the Power, I KNOW something great will come from it. I told a family member because i was so excited, and I just wished they were more open and positive about this opportunity. Anyways, i remembered in Ms.Carole's audio book in the opening about how she was a lil girl walking along the narrow path in the river while others were waiting on the side or just playing; I realized that I am not along on going on this path. I went today, and MAN it's better than what I expected!!! I got to tour the locker rooms of the visiting and home teams, see all of the VIP areas in the arena that aren't open to the general public and was invited to purchase seasonal tickets for businesses that THEY want to fill their seats. They told me they are purposely vetting the right people/businesses to opt in. The thing is I am part of another very notable invite only private club in the city, but I got in years ago before I new about these audios and I got in because I knew two people on the board. The differences here are that the arena CAME to me, and that today's opportunity will be DIRECTLY aligning me with GENUINE wealth, abundance and prosperity that i felt was missing from the private group aforementioned. This type of wealth just seems more DIFFERENT, EMPOWERING AND RIGHT and it's the type of wealth I have always wanted. Thanks, Power! It's experiences like these am learning to trust the Power even more so now. I continue to go in the direction of money, i have been genuinely having fun with the images in my heart and i have been remembering to keep smelling he money <3
Comment by Toni has wings! on August 19, 2015 at 8:23am

Good Morning, lovely ones!  Today starts the brand-new school year, and I know that it's going to be the best one ever!

Comment by Dika Bogana-Kila on August 3, 2015 at 6:28am
Thank you for the warm welcome. I've purchased couple of the products and would like to mingle with like minded people of the same.
Comment by Toni has wings! on August 1, 2015 at 9:58am

Hello, beautiful souls!

I had the most wonderful dream the other night.  I was standing with my Beloved Power, his arms wrapped around me in the way I like best to be held, feeling the love and support when a random thought entered my mind that I wanted a particular thing. Can't even remember what it was, but as I started to leave our embrace to go get it, my Power said to me, "Please. Allow me."  And what I was wanting appeared instantly!

It was so, so cool, and totally blew my mind!  Our Powers are always saying "Allow me," like the most gracious, helpful, supportive, and giving person you ever met.  Our Powers want to create through us, to experience life through us.  I revel in the fact that my Beloved Power cherishes me and delights in my delight!

I will be hearing my Power say, "Please.  Allow me." to every request I have from now on. And I will step aside and watch the magic unfold!




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