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A place to discuss Flowdreaming. The easy to use powerful guided daydreaming technique by Summer McStravick. See http://www.flowdreaming.com for more info.

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New Book 2 Replies

Started by Kori Vincent. Last reply by Kori Vincent Nov 10, 2009.

How to put your manifesting goals into practice - Jan. 6 show 3 Replies

Started by Light Eagle. Last reply by AmazingMe Mar 3, 2009.

Listen to Flowdreaming Podcasts FREE:) 9 Replies

Started by Michelle Shipper. Last reply by Light Eagle Jan 6, 2009.

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Comment by James Frampanio on February 20, 2011 at 2:37am
Hi Everybody, I have been an avid follower of Summer's flowdreaming technique for just over a year, she's truly am amazing person and I love the simple, very effective technique of flowdreaming. I love her CD's but just recently I did a personal session with Summer and received my own personal custom flowdream. It was simply Awesome!!!, it seems Summer can tune into exactly where you're at and come up with the perfect words and generate the emotion to create your own flowdream to perfectly suit the needs of your unique situation, for me this has taken flowdreaming to a whole new level again, after one playing of the recording I was positively buzzing as I was when she was doing it in the consultation phone session. I know I wil bel listening to recording over and over. Thank you Summer for sharing Flowdreaming with the world.
Comment by Mac on December 26, 2010 at 2:02pm

Hi everyone.   I really recommend Summer's cds, particularly the ones that contain "positive flow" or "flowdreaming for the best of everything"!   Summer's radio shoe on www. contacttalkradio.com is really worth listening to you!!

Comment by Anna on January 23, 2010 at 11:13pm
I listen to the flowdreaming show, find it very inspiring and insightful! Glad to have found this group, hello everyone!
Comment by SpiritualShow on September 19, 2009 at 6:26pm
Hi, all:) I love Flowdreaming. Summer's show is so inspirational and her voice is so uplifting. Just wanted to join and say hello:)
Comment by Blake Robert Paysse on July 15, 2009 at 2:26pm
Well, I recently got and completed the Prosperity Challenge. I didn't get a major money miracle - but a few little things that have popped in. I think I'm going to try and do it again - but I notice that it's styled a little differently from her other Flowdream programs. In her normal ones, I end up visualizing myself riding that arc and going OUTWARD. With the wording for the Prosperity Challenge, all of my things started to be visualized going INWARD. I visualized the source or nexus of my flow as being a small sphere of light on the inside of my body located in my emotional center. I would visualize that nexus emanating a spherical wave of energy that went outward into the Universe based on what was programmed on the inside of that Sphere. So basically, instead of Flowdreaming a river, I was Flowdreaming what could be compared to an underground well - the energy is already inside and once you crack it open the water spreads outward. I personally like this visualization more, because in the other form of Flowdreaming, I felt I was traveling away from the present and going away, into the future - which is essentially what we're changing but I just never cared for that feeling of going "away" from me. I feel it's better FOR ME to see it as I'm reprogramming myself with that energy - and to do that I need to go deeper within myself to do it and let the reprogrammed energy flow outwards into my life.

I have all of her Flowdreaming CDs, plus her Flowdreaming book and CD. I don't have her latest book, "Creative Flowdreaming," but I may get it soon. I am trying to get my emotions more involved - but I can never really get more than a smile and a feeling of contentment. I have a hard time getting... EXCITED or THRILLED or actually FEELING like I'm wealthy, or FEELING like I'm in a relationship. I can generate these feelings a little - but I certainly can't do it sitting still. I have to throw my arms around (I already wriggle around in states of meditation, mostly because I think my body likes to ride the energy lol) and just get all physically riled up. That gets me a little bit more excited and feeling good - but I wonder if that detracts from the Flowdream. I don't feel any less Flowing or any less meditating - I just need to move my body along as well to help generate the emotional energy. Does anyone else do this?

Also, I DO try and use her exercise for developing the ability to summon emotions - but the only emotion I can summon by remembering or visualizing something is sadness. Not depressing, dark, emo sadness, but sadness from a song or movie. I'm not a country music person, but the song "Don't Take the Girl" makes me cry every time - I can't even drive with that song on. But I can't GET that kind of reaction with a happy, wealthy, romantic, healthy or joyous emotion. *sigh* If anyone is having similar difficulties - or did - could you share anything that might be helping you, or DID help you?
Comment by Michelle Shipper on July 15, 2009 at 2:11pm
Nice to meet you Blake. I'm still here, tho! :) Welcome to Flowdreaming! I'm glad that you are using it in your life. You know when I started using Flowdreaming, we saw some results immediately! Others unfolded for us. Just keep listening to them. Which ones do you have?

Summer's been happily busy lately doing some of her Flowdreaming Retreats, but you may wish to email her through her site for questions, as well. I intend to attend one of her Retreats soon:)

Comment by Blake Robert Paysse on June 9, 2009 at 11:42am
Oooh, wow, it's been a while since someone posted on here! Lol! Well, I'm new to this network and this forum. My name is Blake, and I've had the Flowdreaming book and most of the CD's (except the Prosperity Challenge set) for almost two years now. When I first started, I only did it a few times and then stopped. I just didn't think anything was working for me. Well, recently, a medium friend helped me discover that there is some kind of block I've developed over a few lifetimes that makes it hard for me to manifest anything, it helps feed my procrastination and laziness, and even blocks my guides and angels from doing anything paranormal or major in my life. Well, I still am not 100% sure on what I can do to overcome this - it's a really powerful... THING between my head and heart (speaking in a chakra and aura standpoint) that just spreads all around me like a dark cloud.

One of the things it prevented me from doing was to control my own emotions in the way that Flowdreaming (and ALL manifestation exercises) desires. Well, for a while something kept nagging me to go back to Flowdreaming, so I decided to reread the book, and start doing it again. A FEW small things have started to happen. They were already GOING to happen, but I believe Flowdreaming gave it the push my life needed. I was GOING to get a car anyways, and I got one. I WAS looking for a good job, and one that has the potential to be great (with work - and luck from Flowdreaming ^.~) found me. When I did the Flowdream for some creative ideas or moving past creative blocks, I got a brilliant idea for a book I've been wanting to write and have been developing since the fourth grade! Some extra money for graduating high school came in too. Now, I didn't get the money I needed to attend the college of my dreams (my family decided not to go in on a student loan this year) but with a year of community college - I can finally put more of my goals and desires into action.

Because, you see, even though my success with Flowdreaming is only small right now - if I use it SEVERAL times a day (at least 2, but anywhere between 3-5), I feel it helps to knock off a little more of that block - just by helping me to engage my emotions! And the more I do that, the better my other meditations and techniques for other things gets!

Well, that's that for now. I pray you are all well and wonderful!
- Blake
Comment by Light Eagle on March 14, 2009 at 2:34pm
Hi Lesley and Shaun,

I too have a hard time being regular with flowdreaming and other things for that matter but working at being better at it. Just started a weekly meditaion group and after a few minutes of guided meditation then we all just do a quiet one for about 45 minutes or so. I've been using flowdreaming during this and hope that the focus there will help me to focus more with it when I'm at home.

I don't think that a flowdream has to be long though or a big set-up like on the cd's, etc. Summer was speaking of the shorter ones recently and was glad to hear her say that like while you are even washing the dishes, etc. Sometimes just quickly going into the flowdream/daydream and out can be beneficial for me.

So Lesley have you gone any further with your flowdream of being accepted to the university? Besides just flowing to be accepted are you feeling what it will be like to walk on the campus, be in the classroom, studying the subjects, being in the city, etc. will be like?

Comment by lesley on March 10, 2009 at 12:59am
Hi Shaun, hi again Light Eagle!

Whoa, so sometimes I am scared to go into the flow when Summer does it on her show...! Referencing 2/24's show where she says she's going to try and do the whole show in the flow, I swear I had it on just now (I am a wisdom community member so I have all the podcasts), I was in the ocean she had us visualizing, I could consciously hear her, then we went to first break, and then all of a sudden it's ten minutes later and she's in the middle of a call I don't remember hearing her answer!!! I had been laying down and I bolted upright to stop ITunes because I had no idea what was going on and knew I would have to start again from the break. It can be sort of like falling asleep driving on a long country road, you don't panic until you jolt awake suddenly and you're like, "OMG, I could have run myself off the road..." I am still flowdreaming now to be accepted into university overseas. Completed my application and just waiting now to hear back (likely this summer). I am still trying to stay on track, but sometimes it does admittedly get difficult. I get impatient.
Comment by Light Eagle on February 5, 2009 at 11:55am
Summer has her new Blog and Online Learning Library up at flowdreaming.com!

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