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Granting Wishes Experiment [the group]


Granting Wishes Experiment [the group]

Based of the discussion...Wish however way you want - wish for anything. By listing our wishes, and posting them out in the open, and by READING OTHER'S WISHES, it assists in manifesting them. And sends out lots of positive energy, too, of course :]

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Welcome to the Granting Wishes Experiment Group


[Based on the discussion, once in the old forum, brought back to the new one]

I hope you find happiness, positive energy, and have fun :]

To whoever started the topic in the old forum, I thank you.

So. What is the Granting Wishes Experiment??
By listing our wishes, and posting them out in the open, and by READING OTHER'S WISHES, it assists in manifesting them. And sends out lots of positive energy, too, of course :]

Many wishes from the old and new discussion have manifested :]

Wish however way you want -
intend, declare, want...word it however, this is OUR group. Anyone, everyone, is welcome here. Any, all wishes and desires are welcome here as well.

-Please, let's try to keep the energy postive.
-If anyone has a problem, or is harassed/feels uncomfortable/etc, please let me know. The situation will be reviewed and handled promptly.
-Have Fun!


Discussion Forum

Manifestation Techniques: Shall we put together a list? 18 Replies

Started by Robynne. Last reply by Richlady Oct 25, 2012.

I wish :)

Started by stickers Jun 14, 2012.

Ooops!! and OMG!! Isn't there a way to delete a blog I started? 1 Reply

Started by JOSEPH COX. Last reply by Richlady Sep 18, 2011.

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Comment by Star23 on March 3, 2014 at 7:33pm
I wish for tomorrow to be a good day with good news
Comment by StephenL3 on February 28, 2014 at 11:32am

I wish that the girl I am with now, is the girl that I will marry. we have been going out not 7 weeks and Im falling for her big time.

im 33, she is 29, I feel we are right for each other. I have a child to a previous relationship, and its not an issue for her, thank god.

Comment by Jess on February 25, 2014 at 9:37pm

All wishes I have wished on www.real-wishes.com are granted now and their granting is now fully physically manifested and granted automatically as my life and reality now permanently. I wish for the collective mind of all in the granting wishes experiment to accept this for me and to add their energies of love and perfect abundance to help bring this statement into complete harmony as truth in my life and reality now.

Comment by tuffett on August 26, 2013 at 2:50pm

I wish to get my driving licence the next time I take my test in October 2013 and get pregnant and successfully have a baby by next year!

Comment by Princess on July 26, 2013 at 12:19pm

I wish for my Raju and me to get back together and marry each other this year - to be precise on 18th Nov - the day we started dating years back :) He is my life and love. I wish for us to love each other unconditionally and complete each other! I want us to be together and happier than we have ever been! A wish from the bottom of my heart and soul :)

I love you Raju and look forward to the day we marry each other!

Comment by Angela MacKinnon-Westrop on July 20, 2013 at 9:07pm

There is a house that I really, really want and 'need' to own. My husband and I have been through it 7 times and taken multiple family members through. We LOVE it but the maintanence would be huge as it is 8500sq feet which is alot to heat and cool! The price is amazing and it would be perfect for a new business that I have been working on for 11 months and I just applied for a business license yesterday. My parents are very discouraging about this house because of the cost to run it. GRRRR  My friend just died from cancer and two of the last things we ever talked about was this new house and my new business. She was excited for me. I am having positive vibrations regarding both the business and the house. I am happy with my life and everyone is healthy and comfortable, BUT that's just all....comfortable in a comfortable life. NOT that I am complaining! I just want to step outside of my comfort zone and make this purchase, even though my success hasn't happened yet :-)  I am aware that we would need to work longer and harder to get this house (and we only moved to our town a year ago) and I am not even 'asking' for a lottery win, just an answer as to whether or not we should make the purchase. I believe in the power of positive thinking!

Comment by Dottie Applei on July 20, 2013 at 8:46pm

I really really am missing someone and I wish they would contact me tonight.

Comment by Empowered1 on February 11, 2013 at 8:11am

Sounds like Richlady is a great manifestor:)

So just an update.  I went back and read my wishes from January 6th.

1.  I have only played the lottery once since posting that wish for $50,000,000.00 and I didn't even check my ticket yet.  That was at least 2 weeks ago!  hmmm...what's that saying?  You gotta play to win! 

2.  I don't think I set the bar high enough.  I think optimism is ok but I'm gonna tweak that one now and say "eager."  I want to reach for the feeling of eager and anticipation-Why is Carly Simon in my head right now?  Seriously though, I want to reach for eagerness and anticipation when I find myself at or below frustration which is about a 7 pt spread from eager.  Another way of saying that is that kind of climb up the scale is easy to do when I'm only 7 points below where I want to be.   Something like that.  And eagerness, being in an eager state of mind is like being next in line.  Being first in line is a done deal but being next is the place for eager anticipation.  Ok babbling now.

3.Waking in the morning around optimism.  Well this one is not where I am waking but where I am waking emotionally is better.  Where I am waking emotionally in the morning is improving.  


So I realized the other day I had extra money in my checking account.  Ok it wasn't really extra, I just thought I had less than I had.  It was only a couple hundred bucks but the fun thing was I was worrying a bit at the time.  On my way to the grocery store and I had to make 2 out of the way stops before heading home after the grocery store and I was worrying about how everyone at home was waiting on me and had an expectation of me to assist them and yet I had these other 2 stops to make and so as I pulled up to the atm machine I was "worrying."  Yet as I saw my balance, my worry changed to euphoria.  Ok, maybe not quite euphoria because a couple hundred bucks is NOT euphoric but it was enough to totally change my mood.  I even txt'd a friend to see if they needed me to pick anything up for them while I was there.  I went from worry to Ms. Moneybags in about 2 seconds.  Then as the feeling was fading I realized, "Oh I gotta milk this." 

Ok now onward!

Comment by gab_cl on January 21, 2013 at 11:08am
I just joined this site and found this group interesting. . .i have these wishes since last year and i know im not in alignment thats why they still remained as wishes..
Someone powerful in my country is threatening my life, i wish she would find peace and happiness in her own life and would stop bothering me.
I wish to have a huge amount of money,to pay out the debts incurred by my family.
I wish to have my own business
i wish to make this relationship with my partner work and eventually be together again

thank you. . .
Comment by natalie on January 20, 2013 at 6:45pm

to find my rosary


to attract at least a hundred thousand dollars asap

to win the lotto and or find a way to attract, allow money to flow in


ideas to do so,  numbers


for my house to sell


to find a great apt wiht thick walls, and the partiuclars I want


To get this money soon, so I can move to my apt, soon


that my house will sell soon

yet I can live in my apt first


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