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Psychological, emotional, and ???

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I need calming intentions, and prayers sent my way please, I have to speak w/ an investigative attorney and his psychologist regarding my step son and his, his fathers and my past, this is to help my step son, but I am not wanting to dig up what has been buried for years though I know it needs to be done for the sake of this child (adult now but always my child) that I will always love no matter what he has or has not done.
Welcome, goodhappens!
I saw your initial post, and recognize how anxious you are about this whole situation. I can empathize with your fears for your step-son, and congratulate your willingness to dig up old bones on his behalf.

One of the things I have come to realize through my experiences is that buried bones always resurface--they are never totally gone until we let them go. All those old feelings--no matter how well they are hidden--have a way of turning against us, mentally and physically. This whole situation seems to have hidden blessings in it for you, as you will have to dig up these bones, look at them in the cold light of day, and decide whether to bury them again, or "give them to the dog" because you have no use for them any more.

I am sending you some emotional Reiki healing, tonight, and I know our other members are offering their own prayers and healing for your peace. Please recognize that emotional healing opens up your energy pathways, and may uncover some more bones that are blocking the way as it heals. Ask your Higher Self to help you recognize and work through the things that surface for you, and to send you peace.

You will be just fine, and everything will unfold as it should. Loving thoughts and support coming your way!

Chris, thank you very much for the welcome and especially for the reiki and love being sent my way, I did wake this morning with a calmer feeling, they will be here Friday and stay till Tues, she said she didn't want to overwhelm me with all the questions they have. I have known for a long time now that I needed to dig out all of these "old bones" but then I thought if they are buried and not hurting anyone why bother, although I know the answer to that also, they are constantly influencing my decisions and they do need to be thrown to the dog, I like that saying.
You are right this should be looked at as a blessing to finally get them out and done with.
Thank you again for the support you are sending I am feeling it. :)
Lisa--glad you're feeling better, you sound much more grounded today!! I will keep you in my thoughts, but it sounds like you are ready to deal with this!

Thank you, I can do this and it will be cleansing and good.
Lisa--was thinking of you today! Hope you made it through the weekend in good spirits and a little bit lighter. Hugs to you!
I am in need of positive energy, lately I feel myself slipping into despair and pessimism more than I used to. I am going through a rough patch in my relationship, and I know it will work out, I just get moments of doubt. This is affecting me, I try so hard to stay positive and for a brief moment I am then it is gone, I would forever be grateful if everyone could send some positive energy my way.
Welcome, Nicole!
I read your blog, and it's good that you realize you have no control over the person you love--or anyone else for that matter. What I'm not so sure of is whether you realize that this rough patch is something you both agreed to go through, so you can find and unload some emotional baggage you are both carrying around. The negatives you are experiencing are all originating from within you--it is not him who has to change. The same thing goes for him--whatever he is unhappy with comes from within him, as well. You both have to clear your perceptions as seen through the veil of the ego, and most likely your pain-bodies.

I will send some Reiki to you, with the intention that it helps you gain clarity and resolution.

Hugs to you!
Thank you Chris!!!
I sense he and I are going through this temporary problem because we both do have emotional baggage to deal with. I sense and inwardly know this is for the best, so when we get back together completely we will be more capable to be open and loving with each other. I know this sounds odd, but I feel my higher self and I chose this so I could deal with issues I harbored from a previous relationship which I had not fully dealt with, and was affecting my current relationship. I know this stumbling block is what I need to grow, I recognize this and accept it that I may learn for my greater good. Lol, I only wish it would go by faster.
Thank you for sending me reiki, have a wonderful day.

With much love and respect,
Nicole =)
Hugs, Nicole, I couldnt have said it any better than Chris, so I will just say that I am keeping you close in love, and sending light.
Thank you and God bless you, knowing people are sending me love and positivity is greatly appreciated. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word, and for that you have my deepest and most sincere gratitude and thanks.

With much love and respect,
Nicole =)
Sending postitve energy your way... You will find joy in the morning This too shall pass.
Keep practicing that positve flow of energy....
Allow your self to slip. Don't resist. Then do or say something positve for yourself.



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