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Hi everyone,


I was just wondering if some of you are empaths? I know that as Indigos, we are more susceptible to being one. If so, have you ever picked up energies from people and experience them or have them come through in your dreams?


Last night I had a dream where my husband was telling me how he hated me and wished that I would die. He said this a few times. The scary part of it was the energy I could feel coming from his anger. It was real, intense, and it hurt so bad I was having an anxiety attack in my dream!

I couldn't understand why he was saying this. I kept saying, you can be angry at me but you hate me? You want me to die? You should be careful what you wish for. He would reply in a snarcky way "ha! nope, I would be happy". I gave him my rings and told him I couldn't be with someone who wanted me dead. He then started to kind of change his mind, but not really.


Now, I should mention that I always have lucid dreams. I am always aware of the dream and recognize the message or signs that come through it. When I woke up from this one, I was totally confused. My husband and I have a great relationship and I've never ever felt like he doesn't love me so I know it can't be coming from some inner doubts that I have of him because I don't have any.


Like I mentioned before, I was very, very confused when I woke up and I even told my husband (as he was getting up for work and I told him the dream) that I couldn't understand, I didn't get it (He, of course, felt terrible and was trying to comfort me in saying that it was just a bad dream.) It bugged me so much that I tried looking up the meaning of this dream in a dream dictionnary. Couldn't find anything. 


Then it came to me like a flash. I am meeting agents from a local women's shelter today to start volunteering in helping women who are victims of violence and abuse. Was I picking up on their emotions???? This is the only reason that I can think of that makes sense because otherwise, it would be the first time that I really don't understand the message of a dream. Unless, of course, my husband is going psycho on me but, considering how intuitive I am, I would've probably picked up on that by now lol ;)


Looking forward to hearing from you and getting some insight on this,



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In your dream, was it actually your husband you were seeing?  What I mean is, sometimes I dream about people but they don't look the same in my dreams.

I'm wondering if you were abused in a past life by your spouse.  Perhaps volunteering at the shelter has awakened a past life memory that is coming thru to you this way.  Given your husband's response in wanting to comfort you - and knowing how it is to be an Indigo where memories between lifetimes sometimes become muddled - I'm leaning in this direction.

But I'm sure others will have different ideas!

You're right, in my dream it was my "husband", but it didn't quite look like him. I even remember him wearing this silver chain which caught my eye. My husband does not own a silver chain.


Thanks for your insight IndigoLee....I hadn't thought of the past life idea. I'll see where this goes!


Have a good day :)


sounds familiar to me.

I have had similar experiences,esp in dreams, but often in the waking state as well.

It is very disconcerting,because it makes you fel like you may be going insane, because i was having

feelings and pains that made no logical sense at all. Once in a while they were prophetic.

That was spooky!

I had one vivid dream where I killed my wife , our two German Shepherds and myself  (with a shotgun) and lay in a neat row in an adobe style home.it made no sense . 

3 days later, there was a murder/homicide in CA where I guy did exactly what I dreamed of. I keep a dream journal and that was very unnerving.

Also emotions I have picked up from others just by thinking about them. 100's of miles apart seems to matter little.

Start writing them down and then go back afterwards. It will give you a jolt!

I am learning how to properly discern these feelings and how to dispell the pain/negative energy. It is not easy.

Good luck








Hi Randy,


Wow. thanks for your reply. That dream you had about the homicide....holy cow. What weird eerie feeling that must have been. That's kind of how I felt about my dream. It just didn't feel like a "normal" dream of mine. 


I am starting to learn the difference between symbolic dreams and premonition dreams, because I have both. Not too long ago I had a premonition dream of an earthquake that happened here. When I woke up from that dream, I knew something was going to happen. I purposely told my husband about the dream that day so that when "whatever" would happen, I could say "see? told you so". A couple of days later, it happened.


What's really bugging me is that the dream I had of my husband felt like a premonition dream. But it doesn't make sense!!! So i'm kinda freaked out at this point. It is troubling but i'm trying not to worry too much about it. 


I'm really glad you wrote your message because it can feel overwhelming at times and it's nice to know that someone understands. Do you have any advice at all? 


Much thanks,


Hi Lola.

I think I am an empath. I have premonition dreams frequently, but I never really connected that to being an empath. It is possible however. But let me tell you what I do know for certain. I can feel people's intentions just by talking to them. I can feel their energy by touching them (like shaking hands), and I intuitively understand people better when I have even a brief amount of physical contact with them. But listen to what happened to me recently. I went to visit a woman I had met through a dating site. We had talked many times before, but this was the first time that we met in person. When I arrived I felt this enormous presence, an absolutely overwhelming feeling of confusion, anger,  and a feeling of sweetness and kindness and compassion also. Not a bad feeling, but very overwhelming. When I walked in it took my friend about fifteen seconds to pick up on my state and ask me if everything was ok. I felt bad because this was the first time that I met her and I didn't want her to think that I was reacting badly to her (and the feeling wasn't coming from her btw). I explained to her how I was feeling and that I was going through some personal issues, which I also kind of told myself as well. We had a wonderful two hour long discussion about life over tea and I felt very good about meeting her, even though the feeling persisted. And then I remembered that her daughter wasn't there at the time (but she does live in that house). Her daughter, whom I haven't met, is from what I have been told, a kind sweet compassionate young girl. She has this amazing ability to make people feel good. And she also is an epileptic. She has had two major brain surgeries to help her, and is now down from fifty to sixty seizures per day to between two and eight seizures per day. I think what I was picking up on was her thoughts, not bad or evil, angry sometimes, sweet and nice sometimes, but also confused and chaotic.

By the time I left my head was reeling. The drive home was difficult, I felt motion sick and extremely sensitive. What are your thoughts on this?


Hi Karl,

Sounds like you are an empath. May I suggest you get chakra healing therapy or angel therapy. I guarantee you, this will help you (all of us!) tremendously. I went for angel therapy a couple of weeks ago for the very first time. All I can say is that i'm soo soo glad I went. It has opened doors for me and I truly feel a transformation. What was interesting is that the lady giving the therapy said (after she was done) that I was an extremely sensitive person and that I can pick up on other people's emotions and energies. Now, since my own energy field was extremly weak and my chakras were blocked, I could no longer protect myself from bad negative energies and it weighed me down and was getting me depressed. All I can say now is that i've never felt better or so empowered. I feel full again, alive. So, if you can get this done, DO IT. You'll be glad you did.

So here is an update about my first posting about the dream with my husband. I believe it's coming full circle now. A couple of days ago, my husband started an argument and was very angry. Long story short, he is going through depression right now, but i've only realized this today. For the last couple of days, he has been so full of anger and hatred, just like I felt in my dream. Good news is, he hasn't said or done anything to make me believe he wants me dead, I think this was a sort of analogy. In other words, he's been saying hurtful things to me which make me feel the same way than if he did say he wanted me "dead". 

So there you go, this dream turned out to be a premonition after all. I had no idea my husband was in this state of mind. And another thing Karl, thank God I did the angel therapy because I wouldn't have known how to deal with this situation if I hadn't. I am being very strong and loving through this hard time. That's what the angels do for you when you finally believe in them and ask for their healing. But i'll leave it up to you to find out for yourself as the whole experience is unexplainable. 

Send your light and love my way, my husband needs it at this time. He is going through a hard phase and he is on a journey. I know things will be ok eventually, but the more angels, light and love being sent our way, the better.

Thankyou all and Karl, I wish you the best in your journey.

Love and light to you :)


I send positive healing energy to you and your husband.

God be with you.

It's very possible that you could have been picking up on others' emotions. I would consider myself and empath, and from a very young age, I've been picking up on other people's emotions so strongly, that it's sometimes difficult to distinguish them from my own. The difference in energy I feel from my own emotions and other people's emotions is very subtle, and sometimes it's disturbing. It causes certain issues in relationships because I tend to be a "kundalini dumpster" and let other people's emotions influence me and then I in turn put that bad energy back out there. Sometimes it's hard also because while I might pick up on feelings, I don't always pick up on the whole story (I'm not a telepath), so I rush to conclusions. In order to not go crazy I have to stay intellectually engaged and do some kundalini cleansing. I hope you learn to use your gift and perhaps become a powerful healer. Your empathic abilities could really come in handy with helping abuse victims. Just don't let it overwhelm you. Easier said than done of course. Peace and Blessings. 

I am empathic. I feel energy. I have to bubble myself in a protection bubble on the bus. I get the occasional vision.

So am I, and working in retail as I do, things can get very overwhelming.  Still working on my shielding, but I get frustrated at times.


Please bubble yourself if you are working at a women's shelter and you are an empath, you really need to watch your energy.  Reading your dream made my heart start racing and it was not about your husband, it is about the women and their situations. It can be dangerous to an empaths health to work is such an environment. You can become physically ill from being empathic in general and now in this time we need to move our psychic senses to our higher chakras. Empathy as we know it, is not part of 5D, it is 3D and a lower sense. Our bodies can't take the emapthy any longer. Ask your angels to help you move your empathy into a higher vibrational sensory perception like claircognizence. Clairvoyance and clairaudience too are not going to do the same thing to your body as clairsentience. There is nothing wrong with clairsentience but it can damage your body in the long run if it is empathy and if it is strong enough in a moment it can damage you in the moment. Empathy is like sympathy both are of lower vibration. Compassion is the key to the happiness of all and the healing of this world.

Love and Light.

Although I am just discovering Indigo's, and not sure yet if I am one.I do feel as though I am an empath.

I always get a sense of someone's true thoughts or feelings, even when they are trying to hide them from me.I think it scares people sometimes because I can usually get them to be honest about what they are feeling.Which sometimes can turn into a fight.I suppose that's why they get scared, as they were probably trying to avoid an altercation.

I am always picking up on others feelings.It can actually be a major drain on me. Because even when they are putting up a front that everything is okay. I know better.Say they are around someone they secretly despise, but were told they have to be nice for whatever reason.No matter how nice they seem to be to that person.I will be the one to pick up the negative energy they are harboring.It's actually annoying because I will start to have the same feelings for that person, even if I do not know them.

The other part of this is, meeting someone new and within 20 minutes I will know if they are a person I want to spend any more time with.As in I get a sense of whether they will have a positive or negative empact on my life.(Although that completely failed me with my ex.But then being desperate can make one blind, or just make them ignore what they know to be true deep down.)

I also get a sense of deja' vu quite a bit. Something will occur, and I will get this strong feeling that it has happened before. Then I will realize I dreamed the exact event a few nights, or even the night before.


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