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The only thing that makes you sad, is lack of connection to who you are.
Arizona Workshop , 1-3-2008 cd2 track 9

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Anything that you are wanting: don't stand in the lack of it and
lament that it isn't there and expect it to come to you. It cannot.
Find a little piece of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it -
look for something about it, and focus upon that little piece, and by
Law of Attraction, watch it grow!

Abraham - 2/16/91
You are a born expanding being. And expansion is so central to who you are.
When you expand in conscious awareness and by deliberate intent, then expansion
is divine. But if life causes the larger part of you to expand and you don't go
but instead you beat the drum of lack, you feel the pain of having become
something that you yourself is not letting yourself become. And then it doesn't
feel so good.

Melbourne, Australia. 12/12/08
When you do not understand that every thought creates, then you do not
understand how your thoughts of doubt or disbelief push what you want away
from you. And in your lack of understanding of what is keeping your wants
from being realized, you gradually allow yourself to want less and less.

A New Beginning I, pp 84-85
Guest: So, there is really no such thing as greed?

Abraham: Most people would define greed as taking more than I need, or
getting more than my fair share. And we would say to you, this is a Universe
that has infinite resources. (People quarrel with that, but it is our
promise to you that if you have the ability to define it as a desire, this
time/space reality, in which you are focused, has the ability to yield it to
you, no exceptions.)

Now, whether you're talking about money or something else, here's what's at
the basis of the shortage thinking: Most people have this distorted view
that there's just one pile that's being divvied out. And if I, this rich old
bugger, go with my big dump trucks and I carry away a great big piece of the
pile, then others who show up with their wheelbarrows or tea cups will be
deprived of what they would have gotten, because the pile would, after all,
be drastically diminished by the hoarding that I have done from my greedy

And the reason that we wanted to put it in that dramatic way is because all
of that is such hogwash. When you ask it is always given! But, as you do not
allow yourself to receive, nobody else gets it.

When you think about physical Well-being, do you ever say "I've been healthy
for so long, I think I'll be sick for a few years to let other people be
well?" You understand the resources that you would call clarity are yours,
or not, but you don't say, "Oh, I've been so confused today, there must be a
really smart person running around here somewhere."

The only thing that ever holds anyone apart from something that they want,
is that they are choosing to focus upon the lack of what they want, and
therefore they are a vibrational match to the lack of what they want -- and
therefore that is their reality, or that is their creation.

Here you are, on the same planet that you've been on for more years than you
have the ability to count. And just in the last 400 years, look at the
difference in your economy. And it's the same exact planet. Nobody has been
trucking in or piping in any resources. There are not more resources present
today. You are just vibrationally lining up with the utilization of them.

And, oh, this planet's ability to yield to you: you have not even scratched
the surface of it. It is a continually replenishing environment. And you
would never be able to get your planet imbalanced by utilizing more of its
resources than it could produce. It just cannot happen.

So we would go back to your earlier question and say to you, greed is a
non-issue because it is an impossibility. It is not possible for someone to
get more than their fair share.

- Abraham-Hicks, Houston, TX, January 5th, 2002
You tell us we are loved and adored beyond comprehension, and you
also tell us that the universe cannot tell whether we are really doing
something or thinking about something.

Oh the universe can tell. It does not choose to see you in a lackful state.
The source that is within you, gives undivided attention to the expanded you.
Law of attraction is non-distinguishing. But there
is a difference between law of attraction and source.

Can you sort that out because it sounds simular.

By source we mean the becoming of the consciousness.
Thats the best way to describe source.
Law of attraction is the universal response to consciousness.

Arizona cd4 track 10 1-3-2008
The only thing that makes you sad,
is lack of connection to who you are.
What people call love, the feeling of love, the feeling of in love,
the feeling of joy, is a feeling of no split energy- its being
in sync with the source. So, any negative emotion you feel is not
because of the loss of a person, or the loss of a friend, other then the
loss of your connection, the loss of being tuned in, taped in with who you
really are.

Everyone who is physically focused IS source energy.
And when you separate yourself from source energy, no matter what excuse you
use, you feel the emotional results of that. When you tune yourself BACK into
source energy, you feel the emotional response of that.

Sometimes people talk about 'soul mates'... we speak of it from time to time,
sometimes you come into physical form, you come as source energy, intending to
have experiences together, where you come from the same vibrational vantage
point from non-physical with the same vibrational intentions, and so then as you
play this game of physical life together you have more emphatic experiences. We
want to say that often you meet someone that you feel this extra strong
resonance with them, and commonly it means you had plans as you came forth to
have this specific time together in order to have this contrast that you live,
bring you both to greater expansion, because after all, we are all one energy
with all these different perspectives.

Sometimes the people that give you the greatest grief are your soul mates too,
think about it, when your interacting with someone and they cause you to launch
these huge rockets of desire, but you focus them as they are and you use that as
your excuse to be separated from who you are, they came as your soul mate to
assist you on the expansion but you use the physicalness of them to not go with
the expansion.

Arizona Workshop , 1-3-2008 cd2 track 9
Turn downstream. Just lean a little lean a little lean a little lean
a little and before you know it you've leaned yourself right into
alignment with who you are. And to be physically focussed and in tune
with who you really are and focussed in the moment you don't notice
the ornery ones. You don't notice the people that formerly irritated
you. When you are tuned in to who you really are and you are
dominating the vibration of who you are, nothing annoys you. And when
you don't the reason you're annoyed is because you're not doing that.
It's not the other people who are annoying you it's your lack of
connection that annoys you. Good to know.

10-27-07 Asheville, NC Track 7 4:20
To you it feels like a river that is moving swiftly toward who you really are
and taking you along with it, whether you really wanna go or not.

And do you know what negative emotion is? Negative emotion is the stream of
your expansion taking you, and you not going willingly. That's what negative
emotion is. "But But But But But," you say, as you try to row against the
current. "BUT. BUT. BUT."

And as you defend and justify, as you talk about what you don't want, "I don't
have enough money, I don't have enough money, they don't bring my breakfast,
nobody loves me ...." [audience soft laughter] As you beat those drums, those
drums of resentment, or those drums of not-enoughness, those drums of lack,
those drums of lack: "I don't have enough money, I don't have enough time, I
don't have enough love, I don't have enough respect, I don't have enough, I
don't have enough, I don't have enough..." As you beat those drums you hold
yourself against this current.

But you're going. You're just not going willingly ...

Why not just go with the flow?

San Antonio, TX, 11-17-07A
You have in your vibrational escrow all those things you want, and you could
pick any one thing on the planet that's going wrong or in your life and give it
your undivided attention, and you could keep all of those things that you want
from happening because you've activated such a vibration of lack over this one
thing. Isn't that interesting?

Because whatever it is that you use as your excuse to offer your vibration, sets
the tone for your point of attraction. Haven't you noticed that the the worse it
gets, the worse it gets for awhile, until you come to your senses? And the
better it gets, the better it gets, until you fall back into your old habits?

In other words, haven't you noticed that you can get on a run where you're
feeling really good and things just get better and better and better and then
some old person shows up in your life or something happens and you get
re-focused or you watch CNN or you go to the movie on Global Warming and you
have sort of a Resistance Relapse?

[Audience laughter.]

San Rafael, CA, 7-22-07
"Desire, for many people, often feels like yearning, for while they are
focused upon something that they want to experience or have, they are
equally aware of its absence. And so, while they are using words of desire,
they are offering a vibration of lack.

They come to think that the feeling of desire is like wanting something that
they do not have. But there is no feeling of lack in pure desire. If you
will keep in mind that whenever you ask, it is always given, then each of
your desires will now be pure, unresisted desire."

- Abraham-Hicks, Ask and It is Given
You cannot be a cooperative component to what you want while you complain or while you justify or while you defend or while you continue to beat the drum of why you need it or why you deserve it. IOW, you can't keep amplifying the absence of what you want or the neediness or the lack of what you want and be a vibrational match. You have to talk about what you want and why you want it.

2009-06-11 Philadelphia workshop excerpt
It's time to slap yourself on the back and feel appreciation for your
willingness to stir it up. Just don't get so hung up so long on the Step 1
part of it.

In other words, deliberately do Step 3 Stuff. And Step 3 Stuff is basking.
Step 3 Stuff is meditating. Step 3 Stuff is praising. Step 3 Stuff is
getting a massage. Step 3 Stuff is relaxing, swimming, going to the beach,
taking care of yourself, eating something that's good.

Step 3 Stuff is treating yourself well. Step 3 Stuff is reaching for
thoughts of relief. Step 3 Stuff is being easy on yourself, giving
yourself the benefit of the doubt, and giving someone else the benefit of
the doubt.

In other words, put your emphasis on doing Step 3 Stuff. Step 1 Stuff just
shows itself to you. But stop beating up on yourself when you catch
yourself in the middle of a step 1 thing. Just say, "This is step 1. And
it is of value in putting stuff over there [in vibrational escrow.] Now do I
want to turn? Now is it time? Now is it time? Now is it time?"

"No, I'd rather beat the drum of this longer. I haven't complained about
this quite long enough yet. I haven't brought everybody in my immediate
vicinity down low enough."

Good. You got that clearly, didn't you?

Philadelphia 6/14/08


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