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Shifting your vibration:
As you CHOOSE to see things as you CHOOSE to see them, your world becomes that which you have CHOSEN to see.
 Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 11

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You enjoy your leading edge place? You like taking thought beyond that which it
has been before? You want to set aside everything that you've come to know and
believe, all at once, and just jump into whole new understanding?

Oh, [group laughter] we should have known better than to put it that way. For as
that is your desire, you are REALLY going about it the hard way. And it also
implies that what you have is not working, when it is. So, if instead of saying,
Oh, I would like to set aside who I am or what I am or where I am, and jump into
something infinitely better, it is so much more to your advantage to say, I am
SUCH a good person, in SUCH a good place, seeking this improvement, and this
improvement, and this improvement. Can you feel the difference?

The reason that we are encouraging this gradual shifting, finding a new desire,
finding a way to align with it, rather than trying to jump all at once into
something that you cannot yet imagine, is because it is not vibrationally
possible for you to make those quantum leaps.

Albuquerque, NM, 9-1-04
Oh, I would like to set aside who I am or what I am or where I am, and jump into
something infinitely better, it is so much more to your advantage to say, I am
SUCH a good person, in SUCH a good place, seeking this improvement, and this
improvement, and this improvement. Can you feel the difference?

Thanks so much for this, Cyndi... something you've posted back in February has assisted me in turning downstream. Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I knew I came in here for a reason! You know how when you're creating contrast for yourself and then you realize it's not what you are wanting, or that you are not enjoying this feeling of it... so, you start reading information in this sort of urgent, "get me the hell out of this place" way?!!! LOL Well, that's what I was doing this morning... and I happened upon this entry, this post. And, as I'm reading it, I get to the place that I quoted above and immediately, my shoulders relax and I feel myself sigh deeply. Yep. That's it... I'm back in! Wow, I just said a lot of "you's" but I really meant... "I".

[ABE on when a relationship is out of vibrational alignment]

"Try to find something that gives you a sensation of relief. And before you
know it, you can jump from despair into anger, and jump from anger into
hopefulness, and the minute you make that jump, you've taken a big enough
leap in your vibrational journey that all kinds of things start shifting

Very often, that much shift causes a rejoining of the relationship that you
thought was lost. In other words, it's amazing how many relationships can
be repaired from a place of you coming back into alignment with you, because
it was your disalignment with you, your misalignment with you, that caused
it to fall apart to begin with.

What happens with most people in relationships is two people stand there,
both wanting to feel good, both holding the other one responsible for the
way they they feel. And we say, that is so dumb. [laughter] Because they
can't vibrate for you and it's giving them all your power. This one blames
that one and this one blames that one, and nobody's happy.

Abraham (from Tarrytown, NY, 10-09-04)
We enjoy seeing our physical friends living situations not wanted,
then DELIBERATELY modifying their focus, thereby shifting the way they
FEEL, thereby changing their point of attraction - and thereby
recieving different, more satisfying results. There is great
satisfaction in doing that.

THe Amazing power of Deliberate Intent
Page 6
Isn't that what it's all about? Isn't that what every
war is about, all of these religious-based wars?
They're all about wanting empowerment and believing
that you don't have it, and wanting to gather together
in numbers in order to have strength -- when all along
more strength than any of you could ever begin to
utilize comes to you by taking a simple emotional
journey. By just shifting from fear to hope, and then
from hope to knowing, and rejoining the energy that is
your legacy. And then focusing from that place of
connection and discovering that you can do anything --
you can change the tides of anything. One individual
connected to Source is more powerful than millions who
are not. It's easier to join the drum-beating of the
masses, but it's never pleasant and it will suck the
life out of you. And it will cause you to waste your
life experience.

Give your attention to what you have power in, and
what you have power in is the way you feel. And when
you take that power and you control the way you feel,
now you hook up with Source, and when you hook up with
Source... there is nothing that you cannot do. You
are a force of influence that is noted.

Abe -- Detroit, MI, 9/25/04
Abraham rambling to help lady find better feeling thoughts finding a

Fortunately, I don't have to pick my life partner today.

And it's sort of fun getting to sift through them.

And I like the idea of not taking any of it too seriously.

And I like how the universe is bringing back to me a reflection of how I
feel. So, what they would bring today I wouldn't want to keep. But I'm
shifting the way I feel and by tomorrow, I could be in a place where what
the Universe brings me could be pretty good. And of course, I always have
the choice of whether I stay or whether I don't, so it's gonna be sort of
fun to look. And there's no harm in looking. There's no harm in tasting.
I don't have to bring everyone home and keep them forever.

And it can be kind of fun. And I would like to get a keener sense of how I'm
doing and how I'm feeling. And I like seeing that reflected back in others.
And the more beautiful they begin looking to me, then that means the better
that I'm feeling about me. And I like the idea of sort of loosening up here

And I'm really getting so that I like myself when I'm by myself. In fact,
I've gotten to the point that I'm not unhappy with who I am. And it seems a
little odd that my unhappiness is more amplified when I try to see myself
through eyes of the way I think others are seeing. And so, I think I'm
gonna not do that so much. I think I'm gonna be looking at them. So, I'm
gonna be looking for the qualities that feel good to me. I'm looking for
fun. I'm looking for a sense of freedom. I'm looking for light-heartedness
I'm looking for some financial stability. I'm looking for someone who has
good conversation. I'm looking for someone who likes to do some of the
things that I like to do.

I'm just looking for fun. This is gonna be fun--to just look easily. When
it's right, I'll know it. And when it's not right, I'll know it. Meanwhile
there are no heavy stakes here. There's nothing at risk. What I'm really
doing is letting the population of suitors who are making their way to me be
my manifestational mirror of HOW I'M DOING VIBRATIONALLY.

So, essentially, what I'm saying to each one as they come by is, "Oh, I'm
taking a look at how I'm doing through the mirror that is reflected back as
you. Oh, well I'm doing pretty good--look at you--you're quite darling! Oh
look at you. Oh look at you. This is really fun. I'm liking who we are
together. I'm liking who I'm becoming as I'm looking at you."

It's all about FEELING free. It's not about making anything happen. It's
about feeling free in the thought and then letting the Universe reflect back
to you just how free your thought is.

If you practice a thought and it feels better to you, a manifestation will
come that will give you knowledge about how free you felt.

Abraham-Boca Raton, Florida--12-13-03
We want you to have the attitude of "I have endless opportunities of things to
become the way I want them to be. And I'm gonna chill out about what's
happening now." And when you get into that place, then it happens easily.

Our physical friends have accused us on many occasions, "Abraham, I think you
don't care at all that my lover is not here. I think you want me to pretend
that he is here and to become so satisfied with the dream image of him that I
don't even care that the real one isn't here yet!"

And we said, "YOU'VE GOT IT!" She didn't like that very much!

But we said, "When you feel like that, he's gotta come!" And until you feel
like that, he can't come.

As long as the dominant vibration within you is, "He's missing, he's missing,
his missing, he's missing!", he's gotta STAY missing!

He's walking past you. He's ringing your doorbell. He's calling your home by
accident. He's sitting next to you on the airplane. He's EVERYWHERE! He's all
around trying to get in because the Universe never gives up on you, "How 'bout
this, how 'bout this, how 'bout this, how 'bout this? We'll try this, we'll try

And the Universe says, "If that doesn't work, we've got 100 more just like that
lined up for you!"

We know what you want and we will never stop offering it! "How 'bout this,
how 'bout this, how 'bout this, how 'bout this?!"

And you are saying, (Esther voice deepens and she chants mournfully...), "He's
not here, he's not here, he's not here, he's not here!"

Until something shifts in the vibration, what you want cannot manifest. But it
never stops being offered and the probability of it is always very, very near
you. You just gotta shift a little. And the shifting is so far less than most
of you realize!

But most of you...

We've got to tell it to you, friends! We love you dearly, but:


In other words, you get set on that default setting, on that place where the
groove is. You get set there, and it is just easier to stay there than it is to
decide to feel a little better. And until you say, "I'm going to feel a little
better because relief is the name of this game!" then not much changes.

Faces and places change, but the essence of your life remains the same.

That was very good!

Abraham-Hicks, North Los Angeles, 3/6/04 B
Abe…….The point is ,where are you now and where do you want to be?

As you say "What I want is that" and why. You will start vibrating
over there. But most of you don't do that,. Most of you say " I don't
want to be here anymore " and why.
Let us tell you why you do that.
Most of you have been trained to explain , everything to everyone.
There has been so many who say "Now why do you do that? "Now why do
you want that?" "Now what made you make a decision like that?".
So most of you are explaining to invisible people all of the time.
Even when nobody is asking !!In your own mind you are getting it
ready just in case somebody asks (group laughter).
A sort of wanting to justify or defend why you stand where you
stand. So most of you, when you are standing in a place which isn't
perfect. Ok ,less than what you want, you try to reach into the past
and you say. "Well I'm her because of that and I'm here because of
that " And that just perpetuates the vibration .

So as you try to explain why you are where you are you vibrate
As you try to explain why you'd like to be over there, you vibrate
If you try to defend where you are, you vibrate negatively.
If you talk about what you want and why you want it, you vibrate

In other words it's just a little bit of shifting . Talk about what
you want and why you want it ,instead of what you don't want and why
you don't want it and watch miracles begin to happen in your
Vibrationally you will be amazed at what happens.

Extracted from Abraham-Hicks tape G 8/22/92
This is so true-Whats this saying again: Something like: "The world is how the person is in his or her own heart and how he or she sees the world, thats how the world is".

This is so true. I live in East Ham, London. Materialistically, Not the richest part in the universe so some people say, but the other day I was walking down the street in the East Ham Town Centre and for me it was the richest place in the universe as I just feel so at home here and its all buzzing here with different people from all over the world making their living as best as they can think of at the moment.

Plus, I saw and I still see the great potential of East Ham. I was walking down the street and all I saw was wealth, wealth and more wealth and I realized its me how is becoming wealthy and one day my wealth is going to be reflected back in East Ham:);)
That is a perfect way to view the world...through your own heart and to find all the beauty that is already there. I love the way you view your town, to see all the potential that exists and to reflect your own positive perspective on everything around you. That is very uplifting.
Exactly how I feel about my neighborhood.
Yep..I have a silly joke about how it is very diverse....
sometimes the gunshots are from small guns...sometimes from bigger guns.
Sometimes they rob the store on the east corner and sometimes the one on the west.

Yep..and indeed it can get rough...store on the west corner had a window out..not robbery , but a fight.
But when I go there...everyone is polite.
I often drop off stuff at the charity box in the parking lot.
The men from the projects sometimes ask if they can have the stuff...and if they don't want it they help me load it in the box.

We have harmony from MY point of view...what everyone else is doing is none of my business.

We have true diversity...black, white, Arab, Hispanic, the largest settlement of Somali in the US, and I can have conversations from everything from fashion to dogs to birds to... kids to men ( really nobody thinks a thing of it if I say..."And do you know what that MF did next?" Haha. Try that in the affluent neighborhood I moved from ...and yep...it is telling my story and maybe not serving me) to henna tattoos to wedding preparation...you name it.

I even had occasion to comfort other widows.
I have had occasion to gently tease Mexican kids about their sugar intake.

But that isn't my business.

I love my neighborhood.
i like to cuss like a sailor right before i get so mad that i really am mad...if that makes sense...like...before i get carried away and do something that actually is as abrasive as my lunge for freedom feels....i open my mouth and start talking. and it's ugly stuff...and i make it as ugly as i can. and i mean every word that i say and i don't take it back later and...it feels so much better...but it also feels like spilling things, knocking things over and mild car accidents so...i try not to hang out there but just use it as the stepping stone that it is. it's amazing the feeling of powerlessness to revenge and then less anger and then irriation and then boredom.....hope is where i run into trouble and it is better if i disconnect bc....the things i hope for sometimes...i just know that they are laced HEAVILY still with revenge. so that's when i am learning to grab thte "get in the vortex and THEN" and my "then" is to think about anything relevant to now/past/future on some unsmooth vibrations but to focus on things like humming and snapping my fingers and thinking of an in the vortex word and waiting till i feel it then looking for another (abc priming game from abe) or smoking a cigarette and then cleaning something, plotting some domestic fluffing and preening of myself or house, recently have started going out without my kids.....

(forgot my point but somewhere up there i could relate and went downstream with it...i think. not going to look back yet)


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