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sorry. just teasing for now. you know. being sloppy. will fill in the details later. this is so much better than a note to self.




now to find some quotes. you guys are going to love this stuff. nice thought. if you already know it and have one; drop a quote....or five hundred of em! take up some room. set up house. seems to me there's plenty of room. i think i told myself i was going to meditate. man i love to procrastinate. gives me a reason to prowl around....the other side of pacing the floor, perhaps? or maybe just forword for now. who cares?

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oh my. can't say i'm surprised....just goes to show how rich we are around here. i can't find a single quote from abraham on the web about the 100th monkey effect. sigh. well....i linked the thread and something will come up in time. :))


I did a little research (about 10 minutes worth) on the net and found that the 100th monkey (the urban legend) led me to a book titled, The Tipping Point, that postulates that social change sometimes moves with the speed of an epidemic; i.e. becomes a social epidemic.  I'm not sure but are you relating the 100th monkey effect to Abe's assertion that eventually your vibration will reach (or cause) a tipping point on which abundance will flood to you?  The tipping point is in the Meditations CD. 


I'm not sure the 100th monkey effect is real.  The original research has been disproven by a couple of social scientists, some worth believing and some not.  BUT, Abe's "Tipping Point" is real.  I don't quite know how it works except to say that Abe is right:  that which is like unto itself is drawn.  If you're putting out a vibration (or emotion) that attracts abundance and you get the abundance and it's exciting and you observe how abundant you are, you will naturally put out a stronger vibe of abundance which will bring more abundance.  The stronger your vibration of abundance the greater amount and faster the abundance will come to you.  The tipping point is when you let your focus of abundance be so strong that it dominates all other vibrations (of worry, lack, resistance, fear, etc.)  At the point when your abundance vibration becomes dominant is the "Tipping Point" and abundance floods to you.  I got all of that from many different Abe references but I learned about the "Tipping Point" from the meditation CD.


Hope that makes sense,



hi there cvr. there you are.


abe has used the term about three times that i know of. a hotseater first brought it to them and they agreed that it is how the knowledge that they teach does and will "spread". in other words....just like your tipping point ( i like that term too and noted that during meditation as well...eureka, we should have a thread!) ...it' works for species as well....really the semantics are already in the evolution thread but i love to go with key words for self researchers. it's really a soothing concept when you find yourself worrying about other people getting this stuff OR...and/or rather...being born again only to "remember" this again...


:) read something you wrote the other day and am delighted to have heard from you again. thanks!

Hi DS,


Two things I do everyday:  1.)  Read Abe's quote-of-the-day; and, 2.)  Look for posts on PI by DS.  You're always answering my questions before they are asked.


You've taught me much about this stuff.  Thank you.



One more thanks!


Thanks for introducing me to Jason Mraz.  "I'm Yours" has become my favorite song.




While I'm on a roll:  Getting more general is about trust.  If you're being less than who you really are (i.e. this wonderful, positive, pure energy of love person) then being general will help you get into the vortex and remember who you really are.  If you're down and you try to focus specifically it's because you do not trust that what you want will come to you.  It's like you keep trying to remind the Universe (God, whatever) what you really want.  If you trust that what you want will come to you, then you can be more general and just say, "What I want right now is more joy.  What I want right now is to feel easy.  What I want right now is to relax."  Those kind of things.  When you relax into that feeling that it's all alright and the Universe remembers what you've asked for, then you turn down stream and feel your way into the vortex and your vibration lifts and you begin envisioning how great it feels to simply ask and receive what you want and before you can turn around, what you want is knocking on your door.  I have never seen it show up in a fantastic (like a magic show trick) sort of way,  what I want always shows up like it was always there and I just couldn't see it.

Anyway, getting general allows you to relax -- you're not trying to manifest money to pay the mortgage, you're not trying to manifest a new car, you're not trying to manifest a new career.  All worthwhile and life-changing events but all too big to think about until you raise your vibe.  So, you just relax, say, "What I want right now is to calm my mind down.  What I want right now is less anxiety.  What I want right now is a good nap!"  And you let your mind carry you down paths that give you less anxiety, and more relaxation...and you really begin to feel that, then you come to the point of remembering that good things happen to you too (not just horribly scary things like not having the money for the mortgage.)  You remember that your dog loves you.  Your kids love you.  Your Universe loves you.  And if you allow yourself to go with that love and not feel guilty about having that love and not feel frustrated that you haven't "done more with yourself" than you, if you let yourself go with being a person who is worthy of love, being a person who thinks of others, being a person who makes a good cup of coffee, then you immediately and automatically turn down stream.  (It's what Abe calls making peace with where you are.)  It's like saying, "yes, I've got this and this and this going for me and I choose to ignore what isn't going for me today."


But here's the thing and this is critical.  You really can't get into the vortex to have what you want.  It never never works that way.  You can't say, "I want this so I'll get into the vortex and bring it to me."  You can't get into the vortex that way.  What you can do is say, "I want to feel better than I feel right now.  What can I think that will make me feel better than I do right now?  What can I think that will bring me a feeling of feeling a little bit better about that fight or that refusal or that negative thing over there that I seem to relentlessly want to experience right now.  What can I feel that feels better than that thing over there?"  When you focus on feeling better, you feel better and eventually get into the vortex.  And being in the vortex is simply beginning to feel relief about a thing until all you feel is how fortunate you are that you no longer feel bad.  Once you really that what you're thinking is how lucky you are to have all that you have,THEN, (and you walk around for awhile feeling incredibly and incredulously lucky) THEN you don't start working on what made you feel bad.  What really happens is that you'll get an idea without thinking about having the idea.  You'll get an idea about something that will feel like a solution to something.  You'll get an idea of someone you should call or something you should do or  a walk you should take. 


I was out of the vortex one day and started wanting to feel better and, in the middle of winter with two feet of snow on the ground, I decided to take my dog for a walk because walking always made me feel better.  We went to a wildlife reserve where there wasn't a cell phone for twenty miles and met a lady who was a trustee of the reserve who was also a trustee for a watershed association that was looking for a person who could do precisely the things I make a living doing.  I have made a connection with the association and we have a meeting in April. The thing is:  I was suppose to be walking in a place that had no other people for about 5 miles!  Meeting this woman was as natural as breathing.  Easy.  Relax.


Now April may seem like a long ways away but something will happen in the meantime and I'll find a bridge, then something else will happen.  The hardest thing about the law of attraction is to explain to someone who wants to plan in normal ways, how you can sit in a place of not knowing and know that you know.  


(All of this must sound like garbledy-gook.  And,  I don't know where all that came from.)


If you're out of the vortex or not feeling like you're a match to what you want, you get more general in the context of where you, stop beating on yourself what you cannot right now change, stop beating on yourself for what you didn't do or did wrong yesterday, and give yourself a break.  Just give yourself a break. 


And then and only then can you see that all really is well, that you meant to be whereever you are for whatever purposes you chose (the why is always, always, always immaterial.)


Just breathe.  In and out.  All is well.



nice semantical rolling, cvr. agreeing....going general IS about trust, is how it feels to me too. ... if we are GETTING IN...that means we are out....so....to me too...i trust my way into the vortex. and when my vortex feeds me specifics that i kinda know i can't keep my vibrational footing on yet, i note the guidance and just go general again. oh i bet many a deliberate creator would tell me to try harder. la la la la la!  nope. i'm not. my specifics can come and get me, i'll believe them when they just keep occurring to me and i can maintain them because they just keep coming for me...i'm not going after them :))


very big news (!!) my latest coup in the commandeering of command of myself is NOT ASKING MYSELF WHAT'S BOTHERING ME when i feel resistance....I'm general out of the vortex too (!!) and general back in and i really like how it leaves all kinds of room for things to go wrong and fix themselves and i can enjoy my guidance.

Hi DS,


Now that I think about it, I guess you're right.  I tend to procrastinate on things that come to me in the vortex.  More often, I tend to think too much that things are my next steps and I must act on them and they will immediately come to fruition.  When in actuality, such is not usually the case.  For example, I thought for sure this morning that my two client interviews today would immediately manifest money for today.  But they were just baby steps toward something else.  One of the clients I'm not even sure I want to work with again.  When I have doubt about the client, that is always resistance and any resistance obstructs whatever I want to manifest.  Living without resistance, by the way, is a neat trick that I've yet to learn.


When I procrastinate, I'm afraid that I will let the ball go by and the Universe will be disappointed that I did not take the hint.  So it's sort of damned if I do and damned if I don't.

Abe would say, "you're trying way, way, way too hard on this stuff!  Relax.  Let the ball go by.  You'll get another pitch."  


I think you're onto something re: not asking yourself what's bothering you.  I haven't mastered that yet either.  When I'm down, I'll go to the nth degree to figure out what it is.  Is it something my father said when I was five?  I mean, really that far back.  I like your decision to not ask anymore but to simply bear with it until you can conjure yourself some relief back toward the vortex.  That makes much more sense.  My way is usually a huge waste of time with not real effect.



oh well now, you might really appreciate my mental bent now....regarding that waste of time you think you do.... if you study abe even slightly separately from their teachings...(think of them as an event that you can watch and see the causes and effects)...you can see them cycling through setpoint groupings. right now....the predominant aber seems to be around frustration...down to worry by default, and powerlessness by influence...but mostly around frustration which means (laughing but not kidding) trying to withstand hope and even the vortex and (not to mention) getting thrown back out over and over again. and that's WHEN they've got a handle on themselves. thus...right now...the focus is diffusing. otherwise...pessimism sets in, at best. many give up wishing they'd never learned this stuff and a small percentage actually end up worse. we are guina pigs...abrahamsters is the term they love from someone....(i can't recall if it was jerry or someone else...i think someone that they know and call friend.)...and that is also why (and the very very freewill and respectful of us reason)  they only come when strongly strongly summoned.


specific example: twenty five years of channelling the same message....just last year they began talking about whiplash. still the same message, but new navigational information. interesting. prior to that by a few years...they mentioned that they were now including a much lower setpoint in their audience than was part of the original summoning. since the original audience was of a higher setpoint (they were all rich back then BEFORE finding abe, mostly) ...without that lower setpoint audience moving in...abe WOULD NOT KNOW ABOUT WHIPLASH as they now do.


meaning: guess where they get their guidance on where to focus with us within this work? from the audience. not just those that drag their physical bodies to the meetings...but anybody paying attention and doing what they can with this. they see the issues that we have. they know about the forums, they know about the whiplash, they know all that we are experiencing IN REACTION TO THEM in even our private minds and lives that we live. so...wasting your time has wonderful effect...it tells abe how to instruct you next. if you still want them..of course. in other words...as we follow the directions and prosper for it...and yet still manage to create a bit more chaos for ourselves than our drama perference...that lights up for them as asking....and they start answering. it won't be long before the focus will shift again....


because we are not done 


and for our evening sports casting :))

next setpoint will be worry...they will cycle back down to deal with those that are 'helping'  others....but the real benefactor of that will be the "regular" person that is just mingling with others instead of incubating. the focus is beginning to get there more and more, but first THAT group needs shoring up vibrationally first....before they can really attempt it. because...look at the semantics....default vibrations, dormant vibrations, the danger zone of too much contrast.....those are the issues that will be coming and fast.  and we are all THAT group, once we've demonstrated to ourselves our freedom on (according to them) money, body and relationships (to a certain extent).


thus we are being drilled in the glories of diffusing. shoring up time abrahamsters. abe compares us to jesus (and other masters), and then tell us that he had to "go away for long periods of time".....now i ask you...isn't it common sense that we must evolve past that? otherwise...having a family and friends mean you cannot find your own source...the influence is just too much. paretns and their children and anyone living in suburbs or cities cannot access and utilize this stuff. see the evolutionary picture?


the really really good news though is that this is the prepaving of the "demanifesting" seminars that are joked to follow once we get really good at manifesting. omg! the technology we are summoning, and i know that doesn't make sense...the correlation, to probably anyone but me perhaps...but...well...i'd like another twenty five years please. experiment on me!


"hanging in there until i can conjure another vibration"....yup. that sums it up very nicely. thank you for that wording...i care to remember that.  thank you very much!


ps....the universe can be disappointed all they want (if they want, i've no idea on that one) ...there's always another boat and that's what gives the universe something to do. (!) BE PICKY about the emotional shifts you put yourself through and don't settle for yesterday's manifestation...the mantra of the universe is WHAT NOW? and the mantra of source is MORE. more boats...more opportunity, more finely tuned satisfaction when something does actually pop, more improvement from whatever popped last. it's all good. very very.


at least on the good days :)) and living without resistance is more than source can do...even they have resistance, yes....abe says so! my theory is their sensing of our resistance is their reisstance, but i don't actually know. anyway...... point being....perfection doesn't even exist in source or there'd be no more expansion. period. and we are the ones that volunteered to sift the contrast. we are just learnign to sift better and faster by utilizing our emotional senses. it's all good.  

Oh this post is rich.  Very very rich.


Yes, Jerry Hicks had already mastered "Think and Grow Rich" and had become independently wealthy when he and Esther met Abe.  So their context for this information is far different than the people who come to their workshops. 


Frustration.  As I read PI I am greatly encouraged that all of the most powerful Abers I've read here, all talk about they're being in frustration or completely out of alignment on days and the things they try to get back into alignment and sometimes just allowing themselves to spend the day completely out of it.  That makes the rest of us feel like we're not doing something wrong, something just has our attention that shouldn't.


I'm a kind of sophomore Aber.  I came to this very, very slowly and because I had flat tried everything else that didn't work.  I spent about a year reading "Think and Grow Rich," "The Science of Getting Rich,"  etc.  I didn't read Rhonda Byrne.  But I stumbled one day on a website whose author (to whom I will be forever grateful) whose author had endeavored to read at least one major self-help book a week and report on it.  The website reported on Dwyer (The Power of Intention) and Abraham (Ask and It is Given.)  Then things started popping up:  on a Sunday afternoon Dwyer would be on TV for 3 hours.  I found a copy of Ask and It is Given for $12.  All kinds of things.  So I started working with this stuff, but I don't know it like you guys do.  I know the Bible (it's another odd curiosity of mine.) 


"So, truly I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."  Jesus in Mark.  Yeah, right, Jesus.  That works if you're the Son of God, the rest of us have to do something else.  Well, Jesus really didn't see it that way.  Before he called Lazarus from the tomb, he actually visualized Lazarus coming out.  His prayer went something like , "I'm only saying this so the others can hear me.  I know you've already answered my asking."


Now, I don't really care if anyone believes or doesn't believe in God, Christianity, Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed Ali.  The point is that the more I read favorite passages the more they sounded like Abraham.


So, I started studying and practicing Abraham.  Then I hit a whiplash.


I went form making $20,000 one year to making $35,000 in 3 months with much more on the way.  But the pace of it was overwhelming.  I got overwhelmed, lost my vibration, one contract slipped right out from under me and another stretched from 3 months to 9 months.  But the whiplash effect of taking that bounce was painful and the rollercoaster drop back down was even more painful. 


So, frustration is a good way to describe where I am right now.  I struggle with wanting what I want right now, wanting to feel worthy of it, and wanting to get it in increments that I can handle. Which in my mind is all fine as long as I can make $20,000 a month and work 20-25 hours a week doing it.  I don't want much, but I want what I want.


Perfection.  Once when I was young in the nonprofit business, I had a board chair give me a golden piece of advice, "Perfection is not a desirable goal."  He once told, nobody wants it perfect, and it can never be perfect.  Something I try to remind my 4 year old today.  (She's caught up in princesses and drawings being absolutely perfect.) 


By the way, the kid in the picture is Lawton.  He turned two last week.  He's teaching me how to eat apples.


Talk soon,





 my three year old taught me that "i love you" said and "i love you" responded is a complete conversation and a tangible exchange. man now that is something i truly love knowing!


i've wanted to read the bible always...but every time i've opened it....it just confused me. i don't get that book attall, i must say and i've always wanted to. never mind....there's abe. have you seen the biblical perspectives thread? you might likey.


and if you ever decide to re-abe the bible...please notify me. i "work" free when i am wanting  :)  (semanticallyl it's probably not a good idea, by the way...it's backwards looking. but still...i've always loved that book as long as i didn't read it. funny. i can feel what it's supposed to be....not the words it contains. )

ah...btw...my believed agenda is 7 thousand a month....but it feels better to focus on it in stages...just one or two seconds apart....i want 4 thousand a month, pause...i want 5 thousand a month..pause....i want 7 thousand a month. .....semantically, i THINK...it's building a bridge of sorts, instead of taking a jump. i did that a couple days ago in thought, skimming some notes i keep for browsing while waiting in the carpool line. i think i wrote it a week or two ago.....it's like feeding the concept to myself in baby steps...which is actually how i live. i'm not into abrupt changes unless things are bad....really bad (lol, like someone who's thoughts i know are unprofitable and way to normal for me is present and talking. agony! wait...or i've two or more kids present and i do like them truly...but they are talking. all at once and endlessly, and not one bit of it is interesting.   drama! tragedy! anything...just make it go away!)  and that emotional pacing preference includes emotionally while focusing. for me. just speaking for me. 


and i did not realize that preference until coming in to mention that incremental monetary focusing thing. thank you.


and...( just noticing THIS, no...renoticing it again over the past few days...right now i'm noticing the WHY of "this"...) i'm still leaving HOW out. i haven't prepaved that in over a year. why? too much resistance. i like to be nice to me. but...i have prepaved and experienced SOME interesting things....the path is there, i'm just catching my breath.


whiplash? phsaw. just a bad day/week/month/year or minute. vibrational tuning is the vaccine for that :)) makes a great cure too, i hear. will let you know when tears of relief AND sadness are no longer in range....that's pretty much how we know; i just heard from abe in AU-NZ cruise from early this year. and i like that...i find either equally (almost) unwanted. extreme translates to me as pain....just cause it's extreme. i'm made for warm and balmy, mostly hanging out in the shade :))


o! wait...no...i came to say this: abe says that the reason why they like to air all of esther's "dirty laundry" is because it makes us more comfortable sharing ours...so there is something for them to work with in the hotseat. abe has esther's minute by minute consent....that's why we hear of her out of the vortex, but not so much jerry. he's more reserved....that's what they said on that....NOT that there's not as many stories of out of the vortexness about him that they COULD share :))


k. so i came with a list of things to say. what can i say? ....i'm just loitering :))


and noticing. i feel good. yay. all is as it should be, but if it weren't, that too would be okay.


this is way awesome. small talk....does it almost feel like that? only...interesting. much better than the weather or sports stats. nobody is "helping". just exchanging notes. does anybody else realize that that is big? it's big, folks. very. and...i'm just getting a whff of that..i'm not saying we are there yet actually. but can you feel that?


o! i forgot about the "ask questions that feel good" kick i was on. just reminded me. i want to play that game some more....that one moves my energy really noticably, but doesn't hurt. bc i don't take the guidance literally...i'm just noticing the feeling for the purpose of deciding whether or not that was a profitable thought...nothing else. that's my resistance right there...of course.


shhh! dont' tell me. i'll get there. and now it's time for relaxing.


did i say thanks?

good. very.



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