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The thing that we most want you to hear is that when you get it out of your mind that your work in co-creation with others has anything to do with their behavior. In other words, just give that up.

Because you can't control their behavior, they don't want you to and you couldn't do it even if they wanted you to. In other words, so just give up any idea that you're gonna control anybody else's behavior and just make up your mind that you can control the way you feel about anyone in your own thoughts. In other words, you can control what you choose to focus upon about any situation or any person.

And so

We think it is a wonderful thing when someone comes in to your experience and you feel less good after they get there than you did before.

We think they've given you a wonder gift, because they've given you an opportunity to realize that your energy can easily get out of balance, that you can easily be dissuaded to something that is not in alignment with who you really are.

And as you experience by experience, person by person, bring yourself back to feeling good, bring yourself back to feeling good, in time, what they're thinking and what they're saying and what what they're doing will be irrelevant to you .

In other words,

They can be contrasting data that helps you to get clearer and clearer about what you want, but who they are in any point in time has nothing to do with you.

When you get control of your own energy field between those two points of vibrational relativity, you have control of your life experience. And then, just as you said, the people who Law Of Attraction bring to you, will be those who please you when they get there.

The Law Of Attraction is always bringing to you those who are a vibrational match to what you've got going on. And so, it sounds to us that you are bit like so many people who are letting your vibration be about what you are observing. And so you are observing all over the place, offering vibration all over the place, so Law Of Attraction's bringing you a bit of everything. And a bit of everything is not a match to the specifics of what you are wanting.


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Anther really good and releated one:


"You cannot be all things to all people to keep them in the
place of connection because it's not about you.

Their connection is about them.

Finally, with enough trial and error, you come away from it

"Oh, it's not my job to please them. It's their job to
please them. It's my job to please me."

It's your job to find vibrational harmony with you and You.

Sometimes people hear us say these words, and they worry.

They say, "Abraham, you teach selfishness."

And we say, indeed we do, because if you're not selfish
enough to connect to Source Energy, you don't have anything
to give anybody anyway.

They say, "But, we worry, if you teach people to just please
themselves, then will not they be out there doing all kinds
of abhorrent things that will negatively affect the rest of

And we say, any abhorrent things that they do, only affect
them and others that are a vibrational match to them. They
cannot assert themselves into your experience.

Everything is about attraction."

Expressed by Abraham-Hicks
As you live in an environment where there are lots of others around
you, most of you are WAY TOO interested in what others think or
desire about just about everything. When their desires, their
vibrations, what they're doing and wanting and believing has NOTHING
to do with the alignment of energy within you. But, because you THINK
their business is your business, you use others as your almost
constant excuse for not being in alignment yourself!

San Francisco, Feb. '99

Let's say you have a friend. Whether it is a mate,a former mate, a
son a friend, doesn't matter. Somebody in your experience, and they
have 10 predominant characteristics.

7 of the characteristics are delightful.and 3 of these
characteristics are abhorrent. And being an observer, like most
humans are .You are observing all 10 of them so you are experiencing
some of all 10 of them.
But you for the most part appreciate the relationship, because 7 of
them are wonderful, and only 3 of them are abhorrent. And so you
would call it basically a good relationship.

So then you decide that rather than just be an observer. You are
going to be a more selective sifter of data,and you are going to use
your power of imagination .And so the 3 things that are sort of
abhorrent to you, you notice and you feel the negative response to
And little by little, as we have demonstrated a bit here today, you
feel the negative emotion, you identify what you would like to
exclude. Then you identify what you want to include Now, earlier we
said to you that the formulae for creating anything that you want is
simple…….Identify the desire and then vibrationally match it.

If you cant match it through what you are observing…….and often you
cant……..as in these 3 abhorrent qualities they don't match your
No problem!
Match your desire through your imagination.

So now here you are.A person who has identified desire really keenly
because you have observed things you don't want which helps you to
identify what you do want.
So your desires out here pulsing sort of loud and very real.And much
of your desire you can match just through observation. Those 7
qualities, you observed those 7 qualities ……you match your desire.
Three of them you can't match through observation.

No problem. You don't observe those, you just imagine the other 3. So
now you are vibrating purely in harmony with your desire.
When that happens, you evoke from those around you that which matches
your desire. And if they are really vibrationally opposed to you,
they vibrate right out of your experience.

Now your son is not going to do that. In other words your child will
join you in that vibration. But the question pointedly put to you is……
Why do you think you are getting some of those 3 things??
It is because of your attention to them we promise you.

You all keep thinking that if somebody's got a characteristic, and
they are thrusting it at you. You are just a victim that has to take
it, and that's what makes you want to make them stop it. That's what
makes you want to say "Clean up those 3 abhorrent characteristics, so
that we can have a better relationship"
And the thing that we really want you to hear is……If you are having
it in your experience, it is because you are vibrating it! And you
are usually vibrating it through observation ,but it doesn't matter.
As long as you are vibrating it ,its going to stay in your
As soon as you clean up your vibration,your relationships will all
take on that new framework too.

So in other words I just need to imagine what it is that I want?


Extracted from Abraham-Hicks tape G –4/27/96.

One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, July 26th, 1997 # 356


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