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Guest: Thank you. I almost forgot my question, I kept changing it as we get more and more into the vortex. (Abe tries to interrupt, but...) What's my main concern, it's more about ego. It's more about how, how do I get there? Cause every time I start to, let's say move towards the vortex and get in the vortex, I seem the ego, or what I've been trained my whole life to process, do things, look for answers, look for answers, and the solutions don't come. Am I making sense?

Abe: Here's something to consider. The vibration of a question, and the vibration of an answer, are two different vibrations. So, it takes one thing happening in your life to activate a question, but you have to be in a different place to receive the answer. Esther has discovered that when she wants to talk with us about something that she has a question about, she can't pose the question and receive the answer at the same time because she can't muster both of those vibrations at the same time. So she sits with Jerry and they talk about it and they activate the question, and the she releases her concern about the unanswered question, receives Abraham, in an entirely different vibration and then the answer to the question can come. So that's an important place to start here. What do you mean when you say ego?

Guest: Well, I believe that's the part of me that's been programed to activate my life in a certain way. It's like that I've been trained to believe both on a religious or spiritual way and also the business world.

Abe: So when you speak of ego in the way you've just described it to us, it sounds like your ego might be holding you outside the vortex (guest agrees, Abe keeps going). But we want to say you were Non-Physical energy and a part of that consciousness came forth to express yourself here and we want to call the WHOLE of that: ego. We want to call what you are calling ego and what many negatively call ego, we want to call it: the ability to focus into this physical environment. And we think that the distinction that there's a lot of people really sort of bad mouthing ego, it's a term that's sort of been bashed about by psychologists and so on for a very long time and we think that what they really are getting at is: ego outside the vortex, not a good thing...ego inside the vortex, a very good thing. In other words, let's not do away with your ability to focus, let's just focus! You see. So, terminology's a little bit tricky and we're not trying to uproot your beliefs, well, we are, sort of (laughter). We agree with you, there are a lot of flawed premises, the new book that Esther is releasing to the publisher in a couple of weeks, this new book talks on and on about flawed premises that people have accepted and from the flawed premise they just can't get to where the results that they are looking for because their foundation is shaky.

So, now, bring us back around and ask us something specific now that we've laid a little ground work.

Guest: Okay, let's go with a specific problem, let's say finances. Creating or bringing finances in. I personally work at going into the vortex to get to that place and get out of doubt and belief that things are going to be created financially in my life, but then I get pulled out because I start to doubt, I start to think in terms of "oh, this isn't going to happen, or why should it happen".

Abe: Well...

Guest: Or I don't have the means to

Abe: (Jumping in) Well see, you're identifying the problem right there. You are saying I'm in the vortex trying to think a not-in-the-vortex-kind-of-thought. I can't be in the vortex saying it's not going to work. If I'm in the vortex I've got to be talking about why I want it to work, and if I've seen anything like it EVER work. And if there's anything in my life that is working, and if there are other things in my life that are working, then why not this. In other words, you have to train yourself, train your ego, into the conversation that allows you to think while you are in the vortex.

You are hitting onto something important. You are acknowledging that it's possible to get in the vortex....do you know that you can quiet your mind as you do in meditation and get in the vortex. Do you know could wake up every morning in the vortex? Before you start thinking. (Guest: yeah, I know that). So, you are in the vortex, and in the moment that you offer your prickly, resistant, picked-it-up-along-your-physical-trail-don't-like-me-not-worthy-things-aren't-going-well-can't-afford-that thought, you can't abide in the vortex. And so now, so you're out of the vortex, but now you've got a renewed determination to get back in there. So that's what we've been talking about here today. So, let's do a focus wheel, a getting-in-the-vortex focus wheel regarding money.

(and a whole focus wheel on money follows for the rest of the track, maybe 7 minutes.)

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My mind is best reflected in my ability to perceive.

It is most importantly a transmitting and receiving

My mind not only perceives that which is physical
around me, but knows intimately all that I am and
have been.

My mind is expansive. By utilizing it, I have the
ability to focus specifically upon something
intricate and detailed right here before my physical eyes, or
to step back from my physical perspective and sense, or
know, the greater, more expanded, realms of my true

My fantastic mind has unlimited resources. It is
more than the most powerful human computers, having
the ability to assimilate data, combine knowledge
from eternal perceptions, and conclude here in this
moment the best course of action.

My mind is my focusing mechanism. It is the
pinpoint of eternity--past, present and
future--which gives me the power to focus the Energy that creates
worlds, right here, right now.

My mind is the tool with which I fulfill my purpose.

It is literally the Eternal Me.

My unique singular perspective is of enormous value to All-That-Is. There is
not another anywhere in the Universe who perceives exactly as I do, right now.
As my unique perspective joins other unique perspectives, we embark upon eternal
unique combined experiences. As other unique perceivers observe those unique
creations---perception continues to evolve. To Eternally Evolve.

*As I stand here in my physical body, I am literally on the Leading Edge of

*As I learn, or better stated, remember, to first find my vibrational harmony
with my Source Energy, and then through those connected eyes perceive my
physical environment--I give my greatest value to All-That-Is. And, in no small
coincidence, I feel my very best here in my physical body.

*When my heart is singing, I give my greatest value to All-That-Is.

When that which I have chosen to focus upon in this moment evokes love, or joy,
or appreciation, I am, in that moment, offering my greatest value to myself, to
my current object of attention, and to All-That-Is. (in that order)

-Abraham Calendar
My purpose, as I stand here in this physical body, is to align my vibration with
that of my Source. Which in simple terms means--my purpose is that of JOY.

*My purpose is to see through these physical eyes. To utilize fully this
wondrous, pointed physical contrasting experience, to evaluate, to analyze, to
perceive, to peruse, and most importantly--TO DECIDE.

*My purpose is to sift through my data of observation looking for things that
feel good to me.

*My purpose is to observe mankind that surrounds me, looking for their amazing

*My purpose is to watch those around me, familiar and distant, looking for the
positive aspects of our differences and similarities.

*My purpose is to allow the perfect contrast to stimulate DECISION within me,
for decision is the power of focus.

*My purpose is to allow this physical time and place to bring me to powerful
focus. For through my focus, through my perceiving, through my thought, the
Energy that creates worlds then flows.

That is my true purpose. I am a vessel, vibrationally in harmony with Source
Energy, making choices--to which the Energy that creates worlds now flows.

Abraham-Hicks -- 10/6/96
There is a current of Energy that surges through the walls of your Universe
and you are already plugged into it. The way you utilize it towards your
creative end is by contouring it through thought.

G 4/6/91
"Everything has reality. That's why you said, I will come forth into
this physical experience. Whatever perspective I will hold, reality
will actualize around."

Abe in Phoenix, AZ on 2/19/00
The questioner was wanting clarity about texts which speak of ego, desire and

“You can’t help but give birth to those rockets of desire because the contrast
and your exposure to it just makes you, whether you are knowing it or not, continually conclude these
new preferences.

So these desires are a given. You cannot stop them. It is the natural process.

“So now the desire is born and life force is flowing through you. So now let’s
think about that in terms of the way what you were just describing here as physical human being
creators. So you say - ‘I have this desire for something.’.. maybe it’s a new red car; maybe it’s a
world event to be different; maybe it’s someone who is not doing very well to do better. It might
be virtuous by your standards. It might be worldly and materialistic by your standards. But the
desire, whatever it is, exists within you.

“As the desire exists within you and you say ‘I have this desire and I’m not
living it - oh woe is me! - I have this unfulfilled desire,’ .. in your unhappiness about the
incompletion of this desire, you are holding yourself apart from Source energy and many who’re looking on -
who may not be able to define the specifics of what just transpired - would say ‘That worldly thing
you want is not good for you, because look at the state it has got you in.’ And they can tell you’re
in a bad state because you’re ornery; you are working 24 hours a day; you’re struggling; and so
they conclude - ‘this worldly thing that you want is not a good thing.’

“And we say it is not the DESIRE that is misplaced or inappropriate or even the
subject of the desire. It’s that the individual is holding the desire, condemning themselves
about not achieving it. They’ve got split energy. They’re in a state of resistance and they’re not
allowing the energy to flow.

Finally you just have to come to acknowledging that Source energy flows and that
you re the extenders of it. You are the focusers and projectors of it. The contrast helps
you as focusing mechanisms. OH! The magnificent, genius, focused mechanized beings that you
are!!.. To achieve the new desire and then your work is to align the energy.

“And we think that is what “A Course in Miracles” is talking about even though
it uses different words. There are so many teachers that are wanting to help you ‘let go and let
God,’ they say - or release and allow the energy of Source to flow through you.

“Now when you think about your physical senses, they are all vibrational
interpreters. And you are here, in this leading edge environment as a whole lot of focused energy.. with
these physical senses that interpret vibration and that is what makes this illusion. And what do we
mean about ‘illusion’? Or what does the writer you were quoting mean by ‘illusion’?
‘Illusion’ means something unseen by most. ‘Illusion’ means, it exists in some realm but it is
illuding most. Most people are not seeing it. Because they are not vibrationally attuned to it, you
see. And so we say there is nothing that is not reality but there are many things that are not seen
in this physical time-space reality.

“And so we say, your consciousness is much more than this agreement that you are
all upon. And some may say, ‘therefore this agreement is illusion.’ We would call it something
else. We would call it a dynamic, focused agreement by a whole lot of deliberate creators who have gone
so far as to develop physical senses to interpret it in order to give them a platform from
which to take creation beyond that which it has ever been before. It is far from illusion. It is
leading edge creation.”

Abraham-Hicks workshop: Philadelphia 10/17/00
In time, it is our promise to you, you will become so good at
this manifestation process that there will be fewer and fewer
things of a physical nature that you will be focused upon. It
won't be long before you will be focused on relationships and
moments in time, and experiences and exposure to life and
connection to Source. And all of that wonderful stuff that is
really about who you are.

But in no way are we trying, not even a little bit, to guide you
away from the idea of manifestation. Youa re leading edge
creators in a leading edge environment.

Abraham-Hicks, Ashville, NC, 10/29/00
Personal Note: Next time a "teacher" wants to tell you that your ego is bad...check out THIS function of your ego...YOUR ability to focus...can provide for your benefit, and the benefit of humanity at large. And once you know this....there will be no teachers in your face with that stuff anymore, for you will be invisible to them :-)

" And so, it is the contrast or the diversity that that helps you to
formulate your decision. And often the strongest decisions come out of
the worst situations. It's those unbearable or deplorable things that
often give the rocket of desire the greatest thrust. But what goes
wrong with so many people is, once the desire is born, then they keep
looking back and trying to justify the desire by pointing out how bad
things are- and when they look back, they just include that vibration
which makes them a muted, clutter filter. They are not a vortex that is
doing any summoning toward what they want. If you let a negative
situation build that rocket of desire within you, and you focus upon the
way you want it to be, and then you imagine that. You dream that. You
amplity that. You look for evidence of that. You talk about that. You
script that. You find the feeling place of that. You hold yourself in
that vibration and you create that. You open the vortex,
single-handedly, that hundreds of thousands, millions, then benefit
from, because of your attention to the subject.
Most of you do not believe that you have that kind of power of focus."

-- Abe, 1/30/99
Abe on the ego
…..your Ego is not a problem , in fact your Ego is essential to your
fulfilling of your reason for being here. Because what we would
describe your ego as, is as this physical countenance or ability to

Your ego is your physical focusser and if you did not have this
egotistical ability to focus, then you would not be of any advantage
to the non-physical energy.

So it is not having the Ego that is the problem its using the Ego to
EXCLUDE that is the problem.

It is using the Ego to talk about what you DON'T WANT. If you were
an egotistical being talking about what you DO WANT purely you would
stay in sync with that non-physical energy and you would fulfil your
reason for being
Abraham-Hicks tape G-5-18-96
How to use your ego to your (and it's) best advantage

El Paso 3/28/02

Is your dominant vibration a match to your desire? And we say to you,
if there is something that you want and it hasn’t been coming to you,
then the answer to that question is “no”. If you have been wanting a
mate, and it’s slow in coming of if you’re wanting improvement in
relationship and it’s not coming, or you’re wanting more dollars or
you’re wanting to change bodily conditions in some way..... if you’ve
been wanting something and it’s not been changing, then.. the reason
is.. your dominant vibration doesn’t match your desire. Your dominate
vibration needs an adjustment. And it’s not a difficult thing to do.

Sometimes we see you, standing in a place where you’re SO frustrated
because things are not the way you want them to be. And your feeling as
physical humans is “Somebody should do something about it.” And we
agree with you. Somebody should. And there’s only one who can and
that’s YOU. Everything is up to you... even if it’s about the way
you’re interfacing with another person.

The tendency is to say, “Well if that person would be different, then I
would have a better experience” and we say that might be true. But you
cannot control what the other does. But you can control what you do
with your vibration and when you control what you do with your
vibration, you control what part of everybody else you activate.

Some of you may say “Oh.. yes, but that person has a dominate
personality, that I can’t change” and we say ... everything that is
coming to you is coming in response to your vibration. EVERYTHING that
is coming to you is coming in response to your vibration. Now we’re not
just talking about words. What we’re saying is, everything that comes
back to you is vibrational response to your vibration. So, if you are
feeling indignant about something and you are putting that vibration out
there even if you’re not speaking your words, what you are activating in
yourself, and therefore the aspect of the other that you are interacting
with that you are activating, is not going to pleasing when it comes
back. And your tendency is to say “THEY should not give that to me.”
And what we’re saying to you is, you are summoning it from them every
single time.

You say, “Well, I cannot create in their experience...” and we say but
you are creating in your experience. Have you had the experience of
watching where one child will have one behavior pattern with one adult
and an entirely different behavior pattern with another? And you say,
“It’s not like it’s even the same child. I don’t understand this
variation.” And we say, one person is activating this vibration in the
child and another person is activating *this* vibration in the child.

And the same thing is happening to you. People are activating things in
you. You’re are activating things in them. What we want you to do is
say finally “I’m going to be in control of my own vibration. I’m gonna
offer my vibration on purpose. And in doing so, I’m going to be the
deliberate creator of what comes back to me.”

Jerry awakened from a dream a while back and he said to Esther, “I had
the most vivid dream. And it occurred to me that I created every person
in my dream. I gave them their personalities. I gave them the words
that they spoke to me. I gave them the attitude that they reflected to
me.” We say that’s exactly right. He did. You all do. And you do it
not only in what comes back to you in your dream manifestation, but you
do it to what comes back to you in your real life manifestation.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like this is true to you. Because you see
things happening that seem apart from you. We want you to understand
that they would STAY apart from you, unless you are observing them,
giving them enough attention, that they become an active part of your
vibration and then they’re no longer apart from you, they are a part of
your experience.

There is no situation where vibrational harmony with well being cannot
be achieved, and manifestation therefore will follow. There is nothing
that cannot be modified into well being. All it takes is an
understanding of what the source of well being is, and a vibrational
alignment to it.

And that would take some mind discipline. It would mean “I can no
longer look everywhere and talk about everything unwanted, and be in
vibrational harmony with well-being at the same time. That means I will
have to make a concentrated effort about making well-being my dominant

So the question that we’re wanting to put to you, and we’ll do it all
day here today is, relative to the subjects that are important to you,
what is you dominate vibration relative to those subjects?
"We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is wonderful to come together
with those intense beings like you, who are coming more and more, and more and
more, and more and more, and more and more, and more and more in everyday to
understand that you are the creator of your own experience.
If you could be more
selfishly motivated, and let the way that you feel inside guide your thoughts,
words, and actions, you'd have a much easier way as you are moving through all
of this. Wanna' remind you that you don't ever get this done. We are eternal
beings, and we are joyful in that prospect. and you cannot get it wrong. In
other words, even though others around you disagree with your motives or your
actions, or even your outcomes, the nonphysical energy that is within you, the
nonphysical energy that you may call God, does not disagree with where you are.
You are standing in places of perfection, even though they are not places of
completion. Can you get that? You are standing in places of perfection, even
though you are not standing in places of completion. and when you get that,
you're standing here in this place where there are these things that you want
that have not yet come, and yet still it is a perfect place, what happens to you
is you begin to feel more satisfaction, and when you feel satisfaction where you
stand, then there are no limits to where you are going, while when you feel
dissatisfaction where you stand, that which you want can't come, not right now,
anyway. There is great love here for you. We are complete."

Houston, TX 1-13-01
Since your ego is simply defined by Abe as your ability to focus into this time space reality....this quote might be good to add here regarding how important it is to really understand what your focus/ego can do regarding your body, regarding everything :-)

Your Cells Are Observing

Now, you're really going to like this. You know how we talked about
how most people are offering their vibration almost exclusively in
response to what they are observing? Your cells do that, too. So, if
the cells of your body are observing decline, then the new cells that
are generated take on those same characteristics. That's why when you
cut your leg, or your hand, the scar remains, even though different
cells are replacing those cells. They acquiesce to the memory. And
yet, there are those who can heal. There are those that can focus
their Energy and change the vibrational expectancy of those cells.
Oct/Nov/Dec 1998 Abraham Hicks Newsletter


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