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When you love someone, or yourself, you are a vibrational match to who you really are.

Ask and It Is Given

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Being in love is so good for you.

Often when people are newly in love,
things that have been bothering them for a long time get better.

Something wonderful is calling the majority of their attention, so they're holding
themselves in a better vibrational place, so the stuff they've been wanting
all along can now zoom in.

Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Sunday, July
Only through love can you return anyone to love.

You cannot restore someone to their Connection with Source by belittling
them or by punishing them, or by being disgusted with them.

It is only through love that you can return anyone to love.

And if you do not have a way of returning them to love, they will always be a problem to your

*Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Saturday, February 26th,
You know that you are love. You know that you are God force.

And when you are not being that, you don't take it very well.

It's natural that you don't take it very well, because it is such
a divergence from who you really are.

Sedona 9/30/03
You are a lover... Anything less than that (feeling wonderful and connected
to Source) is worth throwing a fit over.

That's why the kids throw tantrums. That's why the little girls are being so negative about another little girl. They are out there on the raw and ragged edge!

In other words, everybody that is offering any kind of behavior as a result
of the negative emotion they are feeling is not offering that behavior
because they're trying to make a point about whatever the issue is.

They are simply feeling the discord of being separated from who they are and
they are writhing in that discomfort.

That's what it is every single time. You can't NOT be who you have become.
You must keep up with who life has caused you to become if you are to be the
joyful being you are.

Stamford, CT 10/6/07
"There is simply no justification for anything other than love and
appreciation. The price you pay in your discord is far too great a
price to pay. In our view, nothing justifies an upstream disconnection
from self…In your Connection with the vibration that is love and
appreciation, you become one who is loved and appreciated by many."

The Astonishing Power of Emotions, pg 130-131

What about a person who has made mistakes in the past and feels he is caught within those mistakes and cannot break free, so he makes his choices trying to "right wrongs" or live his "fate" but inside he is not happy, and feels he doesn't deserve to put himself first because of the bad choices he has made?

But what if people feel they are caught in situations?  How do they learn to break free if they don't know about the law of attraction?

Nice explanation!  Thanks.

They are looking for love in all the wrong places.

They are asking you to be different so they can love you, when what they
really want is for them to be different so they can offer love. They are
not looking for lovable objects of attention, they are looking for alignment
with love, so that they can love, you see.

When YOU discover that you can love them regardless of what they are doing,
you've got it all figured out. When you can stand in love of those who are
not loving you, you have it all figured out.

Washington, DC 10-24-09


Some would say that is weak.  What would you say to those people?  Because I have had that very same notion thrown at me, that if we have faith in people, or choose to believe in them, when they are not in a place to be so loving back, that we are "wasting our time" on those people.

If you do not line up with the lover you really want, you will attract a lover who matches how you feel now.


Great Point!


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