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3/24/2012 Boca Raton, Fl

closed chat again.

session 1

  1. more of same only better...plus the following
  2. vortex and grid blended beautifully as per abe (was thinking regarding self so didn't catch specifics)
  3. biggest clean up of teachings as they've evolved is the difference between projection of thought and intention of experience for self...we will still see the use of the word projection, but as always, understanding how ABE means it is the essence of knowing these teachings most effectively. scientist of course is the hotseater on this one :)
  4. personal note: hotseaters are the bomb, two scientists, second scientist abe wants to start with again bc of the anticipation of the value to us in knowing how we fit in with source.

using this space as a virtual desk and water cooler of sorts. not so much wanting interaction with peers right now beyond smiling and waving, (i treasure the smiles and waves along the way, is very pleasing to me for personal reasons) reveling in knowing that there really is all that anyone could possibly need right here right now to turn their own lives around personally with very little (if any) peer interaction as it was when i first came, there is still a wide open path to abe regardless of where you are starting from emotionally or financially or vibrationally. thank you marcy for keeping the lights on and abe for allowing this to be, i believe because of jerry...the one that after all was the summoner of them. i stand in amazement of the talent of esther...what a woman indeed!

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our job is not to conjure so much as create the environment that allows the thought/manifestation to rendezvous with us

that's the redhead.

there was something else really "important" previously but i can't recall it right now. will hunt for it later

session 2

"birth of idea" is improved by "my recognition of the idea in it's current evolved state" that way you keep nurturing that "baby" and taking pleasure in it along the way session 2, redhead

value of plugging into natural cycles, like seasons..., planetary things like "mercury retrograde"? session 2, red head

abe: manmade expections....part of platform of agreements

yes, value of "riding the wave" or "plugging into them" is in recognizing that it's not the birthing as the...something. session 2

"hard" to know where i most want to focus...i really like noticing a really valuable thought and knowing where to return to it...but note taking also waters down my in the moment getting it too...but then (lol)....there was something really big in sesssion 2 that i totally stayed present with, noticed was big, intended to remember and just jot a brief note about after and now...at session end..i have no clue what it was. ahhhh, i must say though, i do like the contrast. beats any contrast i've ever lived, including my own personal contrast path, even though finding and deeply knowing these teachings in application to self and social structures is part of that path.

snort. laughing a tiny bit at self. boy am i glad to be an aber. so much fun, and such a value to the life i live and so much satisfaction in what i want for self and for others...first for self of course.


session 3 hotseater had specific goals, met them but didn't get the financial freedom and feelings that he thought those specifics would bring. answer: didn't go general enough while in the unfolding process. "you tried to fill in your own grid, rather than allowing LOA to fill it in by trying to " paraphrasing ...specifying the ways that it would fill in. "it's hard not to jump on the first thing that comes along and think that must be the one"...kinda thought process is what's happening as getting what you want minus the feeling that you want is what you are manifesting. question was "what went wrong" abe says nothing has gone wrong, just keep molding the clay with more focus on emotion. ratio btween action and feeling and money" to be commensurate.

session 3 satisfaction real estate/self empowerment teacher, first hotseater

you aren't having fun at what you doing but that doesn't mean that what you are doing doesn't have the potential to give you that satisfaction or fun, it's that you haven't found the right vibration within the action that you are taking. anything short of "that"...not sure "that" is the previous sentence or not...is giving your students a wild goose chase on the teaching self empowerment front...apply it to your real estate thing so you can better teach self empowerment to your students. first grid being built of seminar.

lol...peaceful is a root feeling of who we are. tranquil...ease, capable, confident (session 3 hotseater 1, first grid of seminar being built)..those where the starting place of the grid, then the grid starts filling in with more specific thoughts. abe asks how that felt and hotseater goes back to "but..." and abe points that out...this is great...moving from general grid building into more specific grid allowing, noticing tension build and going back to general again. practicing the feeling of ease really is the work. we want to feel whether or not the grid is inspiring anything specific and then either go more specific or more general from there. session 3

"you have the ability to focus your mind in a powerful way, which works for you or against you depending on .." excellent conversation, transcribe in full for value to diy use and teaching use as well.

I AM NOT TO FILL IN MY GRID. not going to jump on ideas to fast, going to make sure.....let negative grids peter out by lack of attention to them.

68 seconds of 17 second intervals in continuity without going off on goose chases is the stable point of grid establishment where the momentum now carries you along in manfestations that you can observe. that's where you are past the whiplash point and only festering or not minding your own business :)) can stop you now. big paraphrase here, not even close to a quote. abe is talking about the vibrational work/action work equivalency. thank you abe, was wanting this specifically and even wrote it here i think in the emotional grid processing thread. pointing at creation proving itself through me and savoring. feels normal, natural and delightful all at once.

what deliberate creation is: between 31 & 32 minutes..."and there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than that"

mom grid session 3, blonde woman...first going from specifically negative to generally negative to generally positive to specifically positive as prep work for the grid?(this is all about influence)  

not sure where the grid building began, but abe said that one was built.

difference between controlling others and controlling how you rendezvous with them.

(that 68 seconds thing is session three too, hotseater before blonde)

session 3

2012 perspective from abe? the year before 2013 and the year after 2011 in this continuim of well being and anyone else talking about anything else is on a different grid.

any window of opportunity? as usual, is more than before. more like us will be present than ever before and will continue from here but the window of opportunity is not really relative to the actual year of 2012

next hotseater:

personality: a point of focus influenced by the thoughts you think. bc when you first come your personality is more well being and as you go along is often more muted, doesn't need to be though. mantra of personality is "more"...positively or negatively this is so in time and space, positively only in the vortex of their own source of personality.

how individual personalities relate to each other when springing from same source and are focused in physical in different bodies. personality aspects, a recap of some seth stuff basically.

best description of loa we've ever offered: in 59 minutes session 3

most of the pleasure of nonphysical is the continuing on of what they were involved in while in physical form, is actually more satisfying that coming forth in new forms. that's new.

we are source's leading edge, not just our leading edge. the desire that exists as a result of all this mixing it up makes the most stable grid ever and source is dominant in that grid...we can't mess this up. it also provides the most options of roles from which to choose as source to be born into and play.

March 24, 2012 Boca Raton, Fl Session 1 minute 2:20

Abe: Before you came into this body you were source energy, and part of that consciousness came into that which you know as the personality of you. And here you've been mixing it up, you've been weighing the pro's and the con's and the pluses and the minuses; and knowing what you do want, and knowing what you don't want and coming into focus. You've been happy and sad, you've been eager and throwing little fits (audience laughs lightly); you've been honing through the details of your life your life experience. Because by knowing what you don't want you know what you do want. And in that process the larger part of you has been evolving; taking on the characteristics of the new desire that you've been carving out. It's the evolution of all that is, but it's the expansion of that which is you. Everything you live causes you to want more and vibrationally speaking, or nonphysically speaking, or source energy speaking, it causes you to become more; to be more.

But sometimes while you are here as these blessed, important pioneers of the new contrast, sometimes in that sifting and sorting and defining process, you get fixated on what you don't want while you give birth to what you do want, but your attention is often more upon what you don't want and why you don't want it. So, without meaning to, many humans hold themselves in vibrational discord to their own expansion. And that's what negative emotion is, in fact that's the best way we've ever said that. When you hold yourself in vibrational discord to the expansion that you living your life has caused you to carve out, that's what negative emotion is: you've expanded but you are not up to speed with your own expansion. The source within you is; you're not. And usually it's for a very simple reason:  you're trying to justify why you want it to be different; why you need it to be different, why you deserve it to be different. But your attention is upon the absence of the difference that you want when you are in that justifying mode.

On the other hand, when you are in the mode of appreciating: appreciating what-is, and sometimes what-is doesn't feel so good so you could be appreciating what-was, but sometimes what-was didn't feel so good so you can appreciate what is coming; but the key is looking for things to appreciate. There are plenty of them around you in your now, in your "is" at all times. So as you are looking for things to appreciate you have a much better chance (and we don't mean that in the "chancy" sense, we mean that in the "you'll practice it until you are able to make it a hundred percent certain") but you have a better opportunity to align with the expansion that you have become when you are in the appreciation mode than you are when you are in the pleading mode or the needing mode or the wanting in the sense that "I want something that I do not have" mode.

So we just wanted to sort of lay that little basis there. Because we want you to understand that while you stay in your now focused; standing, sitting, walking, moving, even sleeping to some extent; as you are focused in your leading-edge-this-is-me-in-my-physical-world mode, as you are focused there source energy is focused there with you. Always focused there with you. In fact all that you have become is focused there with you. And that's why in this now moment and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one you can feel on your game or off your game. You can feel thrilled or you can feel depressed. You can feel wonderful or you can feel terrible. And it's all about how well you are aligning to the focus of source within  you.

Thank you for these wonderful notes, I am so appreciating :)  and really starting to understand the grid analogy. 

3/24/2012 Boca Raton, Fl

first sentences of opening statement after the customary "we are pleased that you are here, you are knowing what you are wanting?"

Abe: You are appreciating your ability to focus your desires into being?


Feels good to want things. Feels good to believe that you can have what you want, yes?

Do you?

(audience: yes!)

Abe: Then we are done. ( audience cracks up)

You are the easiest group yet: want it, believe it, done.


Abe: Every passion that you develop is just specifics filling in from a grid that was general when it began. What keeps passion from filling in for people is that they create a positive grid and then a negative one and then a positive one and then a negative one and a positive one and then a negative one and they don't allow the positive one to fill in because they are so busy creating the negative one. March 24, 2012 Boca Raton, Fl Session1


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