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March 31, 2012 Orlando, Fl

THIS IS A NOTE TAKING THREAD, NOT A QUOTES THREAD. there are some actual quotes here but you have to really pay attention to where they end and paraphrasing begins. i will copy and paste from here into the abe by topic menus and favorites and process threads..you can too if you only copy and paste what's in quotations..please pay attention to the details.

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final note to self on this workshop....recalling abe's "who we are is one who must root for win-win" sentiment and the dissolution of my marriage....when one gets what they are focused upon they are getting what they are "asking for"  in universal terms as per abe and so when they get it (for better or worse lol) ...they won! so....as i focus on what i want and he focuses on whatever he focuses on, we both win and my ease in that frees me from concern about what he's wanting for me cause whatever it is is most likely not able to impact me, i'm just not a match...deliberately ! AND (ta da!) it frees me from feeling like i "should" be trying to drag him up to the level of appreciating me by influence or just by pretending he's there ...it is just too big a jump for me,  and it feels invasive anyway, invasive of him...he is not asking for my influence and wants not any part of abe specifically,  and it also feels perpetuating of the link between us which i'm deliberately diffusing for this lifetime, having no real expectation or even desire quite frankly of him ever getting in the vortex regarding me or women in general and that's not my problem, let him have what he is wanting, i set him free of me cause i'm not it, most definitely...so i'm wanting my focus off of him in my grid creating...so...after this workshop almost immediately i got the semantic that i was not quite utilizing fully...had it all along but wasn't integrating into what i'm now doing and so was really getting a lot of chatter internally about being right and worthy all based on victory because of things he did and did not do as a mate...which means my vibration was constantly being diluted with ...justifying icky! victory mixed with icky....and that's been my level of creating for awhile now and i've been wanting the upgrade indeed! thank you for the deep pondering that always follows these...this is what i was specifically asking for indeed...and it didn't even get spoken actually in the workshop..it just popped in my head and i went....yay! there's my upgrade!

will be so lovely to check all the points in this workshop off one by one in transcribing! this one and others indeed! i love the lifestyle i live and anticipate it improving in time and energy and excellent abilities! i'm always on the verge of something more and better now now now and life is lovely! and it's RAINING! yay!

somewhere in this workshop abe says that they know that there are things that we want that we don't want manifesting NOW or even soon...first time that's ever been said or even hinted at...except maybe once to a mom with kids working on her master's degree, but that conversation turned out to be more about feeling time shortage and soothing that...she was already doing both and stopping was not being encouraged..just soothing her feelings so that she'd be able to do both more effectively and while feeling ease. will find and highlight that...that is new indeed.

Session 1 Opening Statement excerpt March 31, 2012 Orlando, Fl www.AbrahamLIVE.com copywrite material of Esther Hicks

Abe is explaining how changing our beliefs is integral to this work and warming up to explaining how to use grid work to change our beliefs, this is the second round of the same conversation as they often do to help us understand something they know we aren't getting predominantly...

Abe: So, do you like how this time-space reality focuses your desire; and do you accept that it does; that you just can't help having an experience without knowing what you prefer from it? So, it's easy to understand that this time space reality is shaping your desires; and we want to add to that now that we've explained it more fully: that by shaping your desire we mean shaping who you really are, shaping the larger part of you, causing you to become more than you were when you had the experience.

So then the next question that we asked you was: how do you think you are doing (or are you doing it consciously) forming your beliefs? How do your beliefs  come? In other words, contrast causes you to become. But how do you think your beliefs are coming about? And we want to say to you, for most human's your beliefs come about from your observation of things going on around you. So your desires are formed that way too, but who you really are radiates from that exposure to that contrast but often your beliefs don't make that same jump. Because you are observing what's going on around you and law of attraction (stops suddenly mid sentence) For example: let's say you are living something that you don't really want to live. And out of it is being born all kinds of ideas of what you would prefer. So, expansion is taking place; the larger part of you is feeling the desire that is radiating from you and this Inner Being, Source Energy part of you is becoming that vibrational equivalent. If someone is rude to you you want them to be nicer; the larger part of you sees that and knows that now. If you don't have enough money, you want more money; the larger part of you sees that and becomes that now. If you are sick the larger part of you becomes well. If you are confused the larger part of you becomes clearer. In other words the contrast just causes you to become and become and become. But relative to your beliefs, and your belief is the only thing that keeps you from becoming a vibrational match to your desire. And what is a belief anyway? A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking; a belief is a habit of thought. A belief is a pattern of thinking. It's getting a pattern of vibration going and Law of Attraction keeping it going because you're making no effort to change it in any way.

So what happens is, your desires are born easily out of your exposure to life but your beliefs aren't changing so fast as your desires and in most cases it is simply because you're not aware that you have the ability to change your beliefs. You think that what-is is just what-is. And if it is, then you aughta believe it if you want to be factual and truthful and evidential. In other words, "you shouldn't lie to yourself" is what most people say. Esther has said to us through the years, "but Abraham, it's TRUE, it's true." And we've teased her; because something is true doesn't mean it is something that you are wanting to give your attention to. Because giving your attention to it causes you to hold yourself in a vibrational frequency that holds you often in negative emotion and most important: doesn't allow you to be who you really are.

So now, it makes a little more sense to you what we were probbing at, doesn't it? So now, let's start again.

(repeats conversation in another way)

note to self: this quote and the part above about how contrast creates our desire and our inner being's expansion are two talking points threads to start, please.

....you can't stop your expansion. The only thing that you can do in order to maintain your alignment with your constant becoming is: you've gotta be flexible in your beliefs. You've gotta be flexible. March 21, 2012 Orlando, Fl www.AbrahamLIVE.com

Session 1 Opening Statement March 31, 2012 Orlando, Florida www.AbrahamLIVE.com copy write Esther Hicks!

"Do you know that if you can find seventeen seconds, seventeen seconds of a thought about something general (like an emotion), that that's enough to get that grid active enough that it will bring something else to it right now? And that something else that it will bring to it right now is usually another thought that keeps it going longer. And if you can keep it going for another seventeen seconds that's enough to bring something to it, and it's usually another thought that will keep it going longer. And if you can keep that going for seventeen seventeen seventeen until you have sixty eight seconds of non-diluted general pure emotional thought you've accomplished a grid that will bring you visible evidence. Someone will walk into your space with evidence, we are not kidding you. Something other than just a thought drifting into your mind; something will come as evidence that you have accomplished a point of attraction that is strong enough that the rendezvousing process has already begun.

And when you start deliberately rendezvousing first with your own thoughts, then with conversations with others, then with things like turning the television on at the perfect moment that something about that is said to you, or you open a book or you walk past a newstand and something catches your attention as a headline or deep within an article of something. All kinds of things will begin occurring to you. Happening to you. And because you have deliberately worked on your grid, now as these things come you will not just see them as random, freakish coincidences, a coincidence is a rendezvousing of vibrational latitude, that's what a coincidence is. It's a cooperative, commutative incident. Coincidence is the best word we know that is talking about rendezvousing which is caused by law of attraction. But you thought it was random. And for most, it is random because you are not thinking deliberately; you are creating by default. But when you start deliberately, seventeen seconds, not much to ask of yourself, is it? Seventeen seconds, it feels pretty good. And then another and then another and then another.

What do you want to talk about?"



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