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excerpt 8.27.2005


Analogy "Be Happy In The Crack"


Those unfulfilled desires are pleasing to you; yes? (audience: yes) Ohm. You lie. (audience laughter) But we want you to come to the place where you can say that and mean it. Because from non-physical standpoint, you say that and mean that. Because from your non-physical perspective you know that you are eternal beings, that we all are. That we never get it done.

And so, if we are eternal..which means...eternal. Is there a better word? Always. Then, isn't it logical that you cannot be complete? And if you are not complete (since you are eternal), then there will always be another exposure to another contrasting experience which will cause you to give birth to yet another new desire which, (since you just gave birth to it), is not complete. And what we want you to come away from this gathering feeling very powerfully is: that exhilarating crevass, (if you will), between having given birth to a new idea, to a new preference, it not yet being completed but you are on your way to the completion of it because it's on the way, it's that on the way crack that is your life. You keep thinking that you want to get through the crack, through the crevass, and over to the place where the manifestation is complete and we say: well you can do that, and you will; you'll get your new house and you'll get your new car and you'll get your new lover, you'll get your new stuff. It will constantly come to you because when you ask it is always given. But the thing that we really want you to feel is that 'now' you're just going to be standing in another new place with other contrasting experiences which are going to give birth to another yet new desire which is still going to be incomplete.

So, we see so many of you standing in this place where you feel incomplete but you are UNHAPPY in your incompletion. "I will feel so much better when my lover comes, I will feel so much better when my money comes, or when my new house comes." And you gotta get over that. You gotta feel good in the crack. You've got to feel happy in the crevass of incompletion. And unless you are then you're gonna hold yourself in this negative, annoyed, resistant, irritated, unhappy...incomplete feeling, inadaquete, insecure attitude that will prevent what you are asking for from coming to you. Did that just make sense?

So, you gotta be happy in the crack! You've gotta be excited about wanting something that hasn't come yet. So, you wanna get to the place where people say to you: Has that thing that you've been talking about come yet? You wanna say NOOOO (said breathy, happy) not...noooooo (said whiny, despondant) No, it hasn't come yet which means I'm still alive which means I'm still adjusting which means I'm still adjusting my vibration. And what is it that you are adjusting your vibration to? You're adjusting your vibraton NOT from "not having this thing you want" to "having this thing you want"; you're adjusting this vibration from "being unhappy about not having it" to "being happy even though you don't have it" because when you are happy even though you don't have it; then you'll have it. But as long as you're unhappy about not having it, that "unhappy" is a vibration that holds it away. When you're "unhappy about not having it", you are practicing the art of resistance and when you're resisting you can't have it. Well, how do I get happy about not having something that I really want? Well, it takes practice. It takes understanding you are eternal. It takes understanding that you're on your way. It takes beginning to enjoy the process.

8.27.2005 workshop excerpt


"If We Were Standing In Your Physical Shoes" Analogy


Do you know that if we were standing in your physical shoes (and we often are), and, we were on our way to something that is in our mind; we are looking forward to it (we're not there yet, we haven't achieved it yet) we would feel anticipation. We would feel eagerness. We would feel optimism. We would feel enjoyment or pleasure at watching how clever the universe is in organizing a way to give it to us. We wouldn't be beating the drum of "it's taking too long", we'd be beating the drum of "well look at that, well look at that, well wasn't that interesting, look how it is unfolding!".

Because when you start beating the drum of "I'm happy in my incompletion", oh, things speed up so fast, you see. So, when you ask it is given every single time. And do you know that you ask not only with your words, (not even necessarily with your words), you ask vibrationally as you move through life.


"When you know what you don't want you ask for what you do want"

excerpt from 8.27.2005 workshop



So, when someone is rude to you, without even knowing it, you are asking for people to be nicer to you. When you're rude to someone, without even knowing it you are asking or preferring to be nicer yourself. In other words, when you don't have enough money; you want more money. When you are without a relationship; you want a relationship (if you want a relationship). In other words, the contrasting experience is what causes those preferences or desires to be born. Now this is something that we have not been saying to you very often, not very long, in fact for many of you it might be something you have not heard from us yet at all: When you experience contrast, which gives birth to a preference, that preference is (we like to say:) "lovingly held for you in vibrational escrow". And, the reason that "it is lovingly held for you in vibrational escrow" is because in the moment that you give birth to it, the inner being, source energy, godforce part of you "goes" there with it. So, now, there is a vibrational point of relativity between what you want and what source is come into absolute, utter, instant agreement with and where you are on the same subject.

For example: you're banging around; you go to the mailbox; you get your bills; you don't have enough money to pay your bills. And in that annoying or even frightening moment, you give birth yet to another desire: I want more money. And in the moment that that happens sources says: Agreed. It's done. Everything is in place. Vibrational escrow is yours.

So now, it's your job to bring yourself into vibrational alignment with this money you are asking for and the vibrational agreement of source energy.

Analogious Questioning: "Are you allowing?"

excerpt 8.27.2005 workshop



So, source is over here: confident, knowing, expecting, eager, passionate about the idea of your money coming. We have a party everytime you ask for anything. And you're over here doing: something. The question is: Are you eager? If you are then you are in alignment. And there's no resistance between you and what you are asking for. And now, since there is no resistance, no separation, no contradiction in your vibration; you are now sending one strong signal (what your inner being knows you want and you're right there with it) NOW you are practicing what we call the Art of Allowing.


Phoenix-Yuma-San Diego Story

8.27.2005 workshop excerpt



So the keyword that we want you to remember (or phrase) is: vibrational relativity. You've got to close that vibrational gap between the vibration of what you want and source that is in agreement with it, and where you are practicing your thoughts. So, you could say you want to close the gap between your desire and your belief (a belief is just a thought you keep thinking). Or you could say you wanna close the gap in your vibration which means you just can't feel bad about something you want and be in the place of letting it in.

As Jerry & Esther are travelling from Phoenix to San Diego, they are always so eager to get over to San Diego. They were there for a month. It was seventy degrees mostly. It got all the way up to seventy nine degree one day. They're right on the water, the wind feels wonderful. They can hardly wait to get over there. And as they're travelling from Phoenix across there (it's about four hundred miles), they know the journey. They know they have to keep pointing in the direction west (the direction of San Diego) and keep moving and that eventually they'll get there. And even though most of that four hundred miles they're not there, they don't feel unhappy during the time that they're on their way to where they want to be. And we want you to understand that you've got to do that with all of your journeys. If you're sick, even if you're really sick; you've got to be more joyful on your way to wellness. And we think the reason you're not more joyful on your way to wellness is because you're not sure that you're really on your way to wellness because the doctor may have told you you can't get well from this, this is incurable. And we say: He does not know. He does not understand vibrational relativity. He does not understand if he's telling you that you've got something that is incurable; he does not understand that the illness caused you to launch a rocket of desire for wellness that source came into utter and absolute and instant agreement with and if you'll come into agreement; you'll be well. It is our promise to you. You cannot not be. It is law; when you close that vibrational gap you must have what you are now sending the one signal about, you see.

But if you standing in a place where you are sick and you are on your way to wellness or trying to be pointed in that direction, what's happening with many of you is: you haven't figured out how to quantify that journey. You can't tell whether you're headed toward wellness or away from it. Can you imagine Jerry and Esther geting halfway to San Diego (in about Yuma Arizona) and being so disappointed that they are not yet in San Diego that they get all disoriented and turn around and go back to Phoenix? So they just go Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma, Phoenix-Yuma and then they say: San Diego is incurable. It's an impossible quest. And we say: No it isn't. Just point in the direction of it and keep going. Don't keep turning around and going in the opposite direction. Well, you say relative to their journey across the desert, that's ridiculous. Of course they can tell which way to go, there are signposts. They know the way. But sometimes "the" way from sickness to wellness or "the way" from not enough money to enough money or "the way" from a rotten relationship to a wonderful relationship; you haven't figured out how to quantify your journey because you're listening to that one over there and that one over there and that one over there and what we want you to do is leave here today being able to quantify every journey by understanding that when you want something source says yes to it and offers a strong signal that when you line up with you feel good. How hard is that? (silent pause) Source is over here saying: We know what you want, we've been watching you; we've heard everything and we're offering a signal about what you want and you can tell by the way you feel when you're on bead with that signal or when you're not. Which means when you're happy: on the trail. When you're appreciating: on the trail. When you're joyful: on the trail. When you're ornery: going the other way. When you're angry: going the other way. When you're afraid: going the other way. Good feeling is on the way; not good feeling is not on the way: this is the way you quantify your journey, you see.

So, Abraham, does that mean that I want more money and I've been asking for it. Lord knows, I've been asking for it! For years I've been asking for it!. And we say: We know. We've been hearing you. And you should see the pile of money that's lined up waiting for you. (audience laughter) And the circumstances and events that have been arranged on your behalf. And then you say: But, where is the money? I need the money now. And we say: As you beat that drum that makes you feel worse, you've turned around and you are "going back to Phoenix". As you do your best to feel a little better, now you're on "the way". This is the thing that you have been missing that from now on you won't be missing so this journey across whatever desert it is is going to be fast for you from now on, it is our promise to you; the thing that you have been missing is: you cannot jump from fear or dispair all the way into bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-sunshine-lollypops-and-roses-appreciation. And when you try to do that you fall in the ditch. Because the vibration of fear (of not having enough money) and the vibration of exhilaration (of having ALL the money in the world that you could want) are two very different vibrations. They feel really different. There is a huge vibrational difference.



8.27.2005 excerpt


Because your life is only right now. It's right now, it's right now, it's right now. Your life is only, always in that crack. Your life is always gonna be in that crack. It's in the crack between "something that I want" and "something that I don't have"; your life is always gonna be in that crack. And how you feel in the crack is what life is.

Ask & It Is Given Analogy Story using money

8.27.2005 excerpt



In other words, the money that flows to you (the money that shows up in your bank account, so to speak) is controlled by only two factors. The stimulation that you are living which causes you to throw more things over there into vibrational escrow (Didn't know I wanted a yatch till I saw one. Didn't know I wanted a gorgeous home on the hillside in Sedona till I saw one.) So, whatever your exposure to experience is doing for you, you're launching those rockets. So that's one factor that is controlling the money that is going into your bank account. The other factor is: how do I feel when I approach the subject of money? So, I pick up the newspaper or the magazine that's in my sleeping room and I begin looking at the realestate that's in Sedona. And I am knocked over by the beauty of so much that I see. And then I hear that realestate prices have doubled in the last year in Sedona. And then I complain because I was here last year. (audience laughter) I could have bought the house last year. Now, the magazine and the tour that my friends took me on caused me to launch a powerful rocket of desire, but now I'm grumbling about "nothing's worth this price"; I'm separating myself from what I'm asking for. And what we're wanting you to understand is: you speak as if there is a quantifiable, limited amount of money that's coming to you. You don't get it yet (so often) that your desire has put it over there in vibrational escrow for you. It's not a matter of how much money you have right now. The new desire is summoning the money if you will let it. That's how the new money, the new boyfriend, the new everything gets into your experience. The lack of it causes you to ask for it and source says: All righty then! Really! Ask and it is given. Somebody should write a book and call it that. Ask and it is given. So now, all you've gotta do is find some way of moving yourself closer and closer into vibrational alignment with this thing that you are asking for.

Vibrational Hynpnosis on Self Analogy


We think it would be a wonderful thing in the way that you mean
hypnosis to be so actively aware of the vibration of Source that we just
went right to it. In other words, if you were following the suggestions
of your Inner Being, if you had practiced yourself subject by subject,
leaning by leaning, fork by fork, into vibrational alignment with how
your Source feels about you, in every moment, Oh what a hypnotic trance
that would be!

You would walk around and you would be saying, whether you say it out
loud or you say it to yourself, “I am a wonderful Being. There is
nothing that I cannot achieve. The world addresses itself to me always
in positive ways. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I
live a charmed life. Things are supposed to and always do, go well for
me. Seas part for me. I have the resources of the Universe at my
disposal. I live in an environment where I am inspired to a new thought.
And as soon as I give birth to it, things align in order to bring me
the actualization or the manifestation of it. I am an extension of
Source Energy. I am God in a physical body and I am good. And because I
am good, good things come to me. And if I am sick it is temporary
because it is natural that I be well. And if I am not abundant of things
that are important to me, it is temporary because it is natural that I
be abundant. And there is nothing that I am supposed to do, but all
kinds of things that I want to do.”

If you were listening to the hypnotic voice of your Source, you’d be
constantly hearing the drum beating that says,” You are loved, and you
are worthy, and you are valued and life is suppose to be good for you.
You are worthy, you are valued, you are loved and life is supposed to be
good for you.”

We want nothing more, than for you to begin listening for and train
yourself into the vibrational hypnotic trance of Source Energy who knows
your value.
10/15/05 Washington DC




Once you've you know you've got your sea legs, once you know about emotions, there's nothing wrong with prodding in an area of what you don't want, in order to clarify with more distinction what you do want; that's part of molding the clay.

Just know what you're doing and don't go so far that you lose your balance in the process. But even if you lose your balance, no problem; you know how to bring yourself back at this point, you see.
~ Abraham-Hicks.com, Denver, CO, 9.11.10

Car going a hundred miles an hour vs. 5 miles an hour...


The more they want to make a difference the more they go berserk when they get crossways of their energy. A car that's going a hundred miles an hour and hits a tree is a much bigger problem than a car that goes five miles an hour and hits a tree. So sometimes these powerful teachers come forth and get crossways of their energy and do horrible things but it doesn't make them any less of a teacher. In fact, we see powerful desire being born in the hearts of billions around your planet as a result of what they've witnessed not only from Saddam but from George Bush! In other words neither one of them are connected to source energy as they perform the behavior that they are performing, both of them are responsible for horrendous acts and terrible suffering around the planet you see. And yet you would more likely say ....(workshop date unknown)

new story from abe..."moral" is sometimes dramatic experiences from which we emerge relatively unscathed are evidence of invincibility...although still being evidence of mis-alignment held for a period of time. there is another moral also, that going from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other successfully within a linear experience provides particular satisfaction to source...they call it "way fun" if i recall correct ;) story starts at bold, entire conversation included because it actually gives us the set up of the story and analogy...it's a nice chance to get it as it unfolds and Abe continues to use to expound.


Jan 28, 2012

opening statement:
Abe: Good morning.

We are extremely pleased that you are here.

We were just having a little inside party here. (audience laughs, is referring to Abe and Esther)

You are knowing what you are wanting? (audience: yes) It's nice to know, isn't it?

You are knowing that whatever it is, it is in the process of becoming?

Well if you are knowing that, you are enjoying your desire, yes?

Do you know that desire is really what you came for?

You don't really; you think that the fulfillment of it is what you came for. Because unfulfilled desires are not that special(makes face, audience laughs) unless you know that there is no possibility that what you want canNOT be. It may change forms, it may fulfill you in ways beyond your wildest dreams, but there is nothing that your life can cause you to desire that your life does not have the ability to fulfill.

And sometimes knowing that helps you in that interim time before the fulfillment has come about.

We are eager to talk with you today; we are eager to bring you closer to the place of knowing what we know about how whatever you want to be, or do or have you can achieve. It's always exhilarating to us as you come closer to that broader knowing. In order for you to understand it fully, it is helpful, in fact necessary, for you to understand the whole of who you are because if you are only looking at your life through your physical format, without the breadth and depth of that WHOLE knowing, then sometimes you come to incorrect conclusions about things.

We are not for a moment ever going to try to guide you away from something that you think you want because everything that you want is absolutely valid. It is only our desire to help you to understand that all of those valid intentions that are born out of what you are living are completely within the realm of your ability to accomplish no matter what. And no matter how far fetched they may seem to you in the moment. We want to remind you that while you are here in these physical bodies, you are so much more than you perceive yourself to be. And it is really about broadening that perspective that we are most eager about. We want you to see yourselves more fully, we want you to really know who you are.

We want you to consciously find a way of blending your now moment, with whatever you are doing, with whomever you are doing it, whatever you are seeing or hearing or tasting or touching, we want you to understand the fullness of who you are, who can be present in the moment. And as we are aware from the different things that you are living and from the different things that you are saying, most are not doing that
blending consciously. It happens to you all day everyday without your knowing that it does, but when you catch a glimpse  of that and begin doing it deliberately, then every moment of your experience is richer and fuller; it's deeper. We want your moments to be those moments of rendezvousing with who you are and with those who are around you. We want them to be satisfying moments. We want you to feel the clarity that is
really yours to feel, and the humor that is really yours to feel. 

We want you to feel the balance and the vitality, we want you to feel the zest for life that is really yours to feel. Not just in what you call those "peak" moments where you work so hard to try to orchestrate circumstances and events, where you try to bring yourself exactly at the right place with the right people, meaning exclude all the wrong people and all the things that you don't like and just have that little peak party where everything is set up just right the way you want it to be and then you have your moment "boom"; it came and went. And you say "Well that was really worth the fortune I spent to get here and the eighteen hour flight and the excluding myself from every problem that I ever thought by leaving them all at home somewhere else; and now I had a peak moment."  And we say REALLY? A peak moment? That's what you are after is a peak moment? We want you to realize the peak that you are upon. We want you to realize the process that you are about. We want you to realize the potential for clarity and fun and humor and laughter and knowing and love and appreciation and what humans often call just the comfort of well being. We want you to begin to experience that more moment by moment by moment by moment because life is supposed
to feel good to you. You're not here to endure trails and tribulations in order to find out how tough you really are so that you can buck up and be brave in the face of windy weather. We want you (audience starts laughing, Abe plays off it) You're not a CNN Weather reporter. (mimes being in high wind and let's the audience enjoy the moment)

We want you to feel the fullness of who you are and we want to say bluntly that anything less than that is really outrageously less than what you intended when you came forth into this physical body. You said "I'll go into the environment and from it I will choose. I will decide. I will launch rockets of desire, I will send vibrations out to proceed me that I know later will come into manifestational fruition. But you also knew that not only where you going to experience the deliciousness of those manifestations coming, that you could experience and others could witness in order to validate that you're not crazy, that you really did create
that thing that you said you wanted, but we want you to realize that there is so much more in the life during the process of the unfolding that most people are depriving themselves of because they're waiting for the "peak experience" or the "main event"; they're not realizing that it is the expression of life, it's the unfolding of the experience that really is what it is all about.

So. We know that many of you have been listening to us for awhile. You're all around the world listening in and thinking in. We want you to know that whether you come to this chair and express verbally something that you've been thinking about, wanting to know, that your contribution to this experience is coming through the vibrational ethers of your beingness. That who you are, and what you have lived and what you have come to and what you now know and most important what you now want in relationship to what you now know and even more important: what you now want in relationship to what you have been living, but what you now are experiencing vibrationally in relationship to what you now want.

That's what this conversation that we're having here together is really all about. It's the conversation of how to assist you in coming closer vibrationally to the things that you have already identified that you want. You have been sifting through life knowing what you don't want and knowing what you do want, and you've been setting forth a vibrational current that has established who you have vibrationally become.

Does that make any kind of sense to you at all? Do you get it that every time you have an experience that a desire is born within you and that the larger part of you becomes that desired outcome. And we only use outcome in the temporary expression because it's not an outcome that is ever final, it's the coming out of that which you have been processing and it's as far as you've come.

So, when you give the larger part of you, (this expanded beingness, that expanded being, that larger part of you who is expanded because of what you have lived and who be's because you are eternal); that expanded part of you stands in that vibrational steadiness. Holding that place-marker. Holding that vibrational wavelength, and it is a signal that you can't get away from no matter what. You cannot get away from it, you
are in a vibrational and emotional relationship with who you have become constantly, eternally, forever more. Deal with it.

(audience laughter, Abe smiles)

We want you to be aware of it because when you are consciously aware that there is a vibrational attitude or beingness that has occurred because of what you have lived then you can start feeeeling your way into emotional and vibrational alignment with it.

Here's a good example: Esther and Esther's sister and Esther's sister's husband had a lovely meal in Del Mar and then decided to stop at the grocery store for some water and milk and while they were in the grocery story an eighteen year old, lovely little girl in her new-to-her mustang was driving on a wet street, her car got away from her (it was impossible to even imagine how she got up so much speed in such a short period of time) and she buried the nose of her little mustang in the nose of Esther's Cadillac Escalade. Buried it in the nose of Esther's car, and the Jaguar that was sitting next to it. She couldn't have picked two better cars to bury her nose in. (audience laughs) And when Esther saw it (the cars were stuck together, the tow trucks had to pull them apart), Esther was not happy. (audience laughs again) Her exact words were You have got to be kidding me. (audience laughs again).

They were there for quite a while exchanging information and Esther was thinking to herself "How could someone be so irresponsible as to let their car get away from them and make such a mess of my beautiful car? For no reason; this was just unnecessary." And her father was there and he was very very mad at her. And Esther liked that. (audience laughs) Because Esther was very very mad at her too. "No reason for this!"

And then, as things unfolded and the cars were apart and Esther realized that her car was drivable, in fact; everything worked. The headlights worked. She could not have picked a better spot. Even the signals worked. The car drove normally. It can be repaired. And so as Esther sort of settled down from it, she began recognizing the discord she had caused herself by her knee-jerk response to a situation and her subsequent departure from who she really is.

Now, we have to say to you that that wavered quite a bit as she was mad and then not mad and then mad and then not mad. And every time she thought about what this now meant she got mad. So, she found that she could choose whether to be mad or not mad, but mad seemed more appropriate under the conditions. (audience laughs) It just did, it just did. Especially when she looked at her car, especially when others looked at her car and she knew that they were thinking that SHE did it, that SHE did it, that SHE did it. Esther wanted to make a sign (mimes holding up a sign) "I DID NOT DO THIS! I DID NOT DO THIS!" (audience is laughing) But in her heart she knew that she had done it. That was the thing that made her once again curse Law of Attraction. (audience laughter)

So, she began sort of reporting to those who were around her "I'm more bothered; I'm not as bothered by the paint and the metal that has to be reconfigured as I am about my point of attraction. I guess I've just been feeling so sorry for myself (Jerry, her much loved husband, transitioned recently) and feeling vulnerable and so this is what has come of it. But that thought felt bogus and awful, but it also somehow had a little resonance. In other words, things like that shouldn't happen to deliberate creators and yet there is was a big hole in the front of her car.

And so, as they are pulling the cars apart, her brother in law had said "You know, Esther; I don't think you're going to have too much trouble with this car. This car is a TANK!" And when they pulled the cars apart everything seemed fine; they drove away. She drove it here. You can see it if you like. Just don't take pictures and put them on the internet (gestures they are kidding, audience is laughing). She doesn't care.

And so then, she was visiting with us about it. Wanting to know what her point of attraction.  "What does this mean about my point of attraction?" And we explained to her we are not going to make her the exception in the universe, you are not the exception in the universe; of course everything that happens to you is part of your attraction. And then she recalled that at the intersection as they turned into the grocery store just before, a car had run a red light right in front of them and the other cars had honked and Esther commented "Glad they didn't collide because we would have been innocently involved in their wreck." Those had been her words right before this.

So now she's starting to see some of the correlation between how things come together.

And then we said to her, "Esther, your Cadillac is a tank. And you are a tank too. And Abraham-Hicks Publications is a tank." In other words, of course there are cosmetic things that you are working on all the time. Of course there are things that you are molding into place all the time. But you are strong and you are stable and this is analogous to the stability of that which you are.

So she said, "I'm gonna drive that car around with a big whole in it for awhile!" (laughter, Abe smiles) Until they can fix it.

What we're getting at here is: you can take every situation in the world and you can look at it through your physical eyes which are often leaning more in the direction of vulnerability, or through your non-physical eyes who are always looking for your strength. The source within you knows who you are, knows the stability of your being and never sees anything that you are living in the attitude of vulnerability to you because the source within you knows the backup systems you've got going on.

Do you understand what we are getting at? As you are determined to feel your power rather than your weaknesses, your strengths rather than your weaknesses, your clarity rather than your confusion, your sureness rather than your unsteadiness; as you begin to get glimpses and you begin to deliberately want to practice the vibration of that well being; what begins to happen with you, oh, of course you're going to rendezvous with all kinds of things. You are out here in the world and there is nothing that comes to you that does not come on the powerful well defined, always accurate, always fair basis of law of attraction. Nothing every comes to you that isn't about that. But we want you to know you have the choice in every moment how you want to feel. And if your desire to feel good is strong enough you will always find a way to come back into your power.

So now, the man from State Farm is looking at the front of Esther's car. And Esther is explaining to him how it happened, really wanting him to know that she didn't just bump it up on something. He actually didn't care how it happened, he was just there to assess what had happened and to make a determination about it. But Esther is explaining it to him and he said "Ah, I worked for Ford. I had a couple of those Mustangs, they are really squirrelly. The back end of them fishtails, the get away from you. They are really really hard on wet pavement." And it was raining that day.

And then Esther went to her hairdresser. And is explaining to her hair dresser in case she happens to see the car in the parking lot (audience laughs) And her hairdresser said "MMM, I had two Mustangs; they are really difficult on wet roads. There's something about the back end of those that makes them really hard to control."

And suddenly, Esther is feeling relief! Because she'd been holding that one little nugget of blame to that little eighteen year old girl who the last time she saw was in the parking lot crying until her eyelashes were coming off. Wanting Esther to know that she didn't mean to do it, she didn't mean to do it, she didn't mean to do it, she didn't mean to do it!

So Esther called her father and said "I just want you to know that, two people said to me exactly the same thing and I think we should all let your little girl off the hook on this." He said, "What do you have to say?" And Esther said "Those cars are hard to manage on the wet roads. We were all too hard on her." And Esther could feel the relief coming over him. And she knows that there was soon to be relief coming over this little girl. Because, everything that happens is a co-creation. And when you decide that you're going to blame the one that seemed at most fault instead of taking responsibility for the part you play; the reason that you feel so awful is not because you're mad at a little girl. It's because you are all upside down about how things are being created in your reality. You are running around this planet as cooperative components to one another. Not to do bad things to each other and not to teach others lessons, but to sift through the data, to put things in your vortex to which your inner being is already aligned so that you can experience the JOY alignment.

So then Esther began noticing what fun it was: she met a whole host of new people on the process of getting this into alignment and there's still more to come. More lovely people interacting on different levels; isn't that was life is all about? And so, of course you don't want someone to bury the nose of their Mustang into the nose of your vehicle. That's really not our message here at all. But we are acknowledging that there are plenty of things that you don't want that are bumping into you. Plenty of things that you don't want bumping into you. And your reaction to the bump, it's normal when you first get bumped to have a knee-jerk reaction, maybe, if you don't understand who you really are but in time, in time...the woman who drove the Jaguar was standing in a more stable place than Esther in terms of her life; her husband came to assess it and they were both smiling in the parking lot and Esther said to both of them "Stop smiling." (audience cracks up) "You are far too happy. This is what I teach but it is not what I live, you are smiling too much here." (pause) And of course she didn't mean it but isn't it annoying to see someone living the exact thing that you are living and feeling so differently about it, you see. And what we're wanting you to understand is that the source within you, that your inner being, that who you really are, that is converging with you out here on the leading edge of that which you are living; that source within you has a different opinion often than you do if you feel anything less than wonderful.

That source within you is always acknowledging the value in the rendezvous. The source within you is always looking for the positive aspects and the benefit of. And when you make one small decision (and it really is a smaller decision than any of you realize), when you make the small decision that you are going to feel good no matter what, that today no matter what you are doing or where you are going or who you are doing it with, that you are going to look for reasons to feel good; you begin to tune yourself to the vibration of the source within you and then that becomes your dominant point of attraction. Instead of some conversation.

You see everything that happens has some law of attraction vibrational hook. It was not accidential that that occurred right after Esther had fanned the flames of people doing weird things in traffice that made her a vulnerable target. It's not an odd thing. It was not a strange coincidence that as Esther came into the parking lot she picked that place to park. None of this is accidental. Nothing is accidental, everything is vibrationally aligned. And the composite of the vibrations that you hold are all part of it.

So was this an awful thing that happened? Certainly not. Are there awful things that happen? No, not really. This is the thing that we want you to understand: from your broader point of view, everything fits into vibrational alignment with the well being that you want and deserve. And as you begin looking for evidence of that you begin living more of those moments so that it's peak peak peak peak peak peak peak. It was a peak moment for Esther when she called that father and explained to him her new found perspective and expressed through the tone in her voice and through the conversation that she had her genuine love and appreciation, her genuine affection and desire for well being for the young girl who just two days before had caused her something entirely different than that, or at least that was the credit that Esther was giving to her. When you come back into alignment it's because you have aligned with your inner being. When you feel good it's because you have aligned with who you are; when you feel bad it is because you are not aligning with who you are and whoever is running into the front of your car is irrelevant to the equation, really, really, really, really, really.

So. There is mayhem in the parking lot right now. (audience laughs softly) No one is afraid.

We are eager to talk with you about anything that you want to talk about. Nothing is off limits. It is our desire to help you to bridge the vibration between where you are and who you really are. It is our desire to speak the words and convey the analogies that will help you to align easily with who you are. Because that's the living happily ever after that you are really reaching for.

What do you want to talk about? Some things! (peruses the crowd nodding for a moment) Oh we are going to have a very good day! Begin right here.


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