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I am going deeper and deeper these days into my grasp of Abraham since I have been talking Abe up to others. I am going to put out a nice, stream of questions as a kind of "Abe teachings in action series" endeavor. Here is my 1st post on that subject:
According to Abe, I know that ultimately alignment comes before anything. It's more important than action, achievement, acquiring, or even the manifestation itself.

What cool thoughts does anyone have out there on Abe's brilliant key to Life referred to as Alignment?
How does one get Aligned? How would you define Alignment?

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It's not more important than the manifestation. It yields manifestation.

You get aligned by knowing yourself, what makes you feel good and staying with it. That's alignment, and it takes you straight to manifesting, both of which are continuing events, not isolated actions or results.
I hear what you are saying, but Abe does say over and over that we are to remain in the delicious state of Alignment and to enjoy the MOMENT---even before manifestation occurs. Not to live for when the manifestations occur, but to instead enjoy living in the present and be in Joy before your desires have come to fruition.
That is what I mean by more important. Meaning, live for feeling good (alignment) not for "I must have this in my life (manifestation) before I can feel good.
"That is what I mean by more important. Meaning, live for feeling good (alignment) not for "I must have this in my life (manifestation) before I can feel good.'"

Good summary, Brian!
The false premise that most people get when they learn LOA is that the manifestation is the end-goal. Whereas in fact, expanding is the goal of our being. You expand while you have desire, and when the manifestation is here, you no longer have the desire so you have expanded and now must look elsewhere to expand further. The manifestation therefor is the end of the desire, which is the end of the expansion. But not the end of the journey, or the goal.

The journey goes on and on, and when we understand that this journey is the goal (because the goal is expanding, and the journey is essential, if not the expanding itself) then we understand that the alignment with the desire, and the journey that we then set upon is much more essential and more fun than the manifestation. Aligning feels good, and so the journey feels good. And feeling good is what it's really all about. All desire (the reason why we exist, the reason for our expansion) exists because someone feels they would feel better when the desire is fullfilled. And so feeling good is what it's about. When you are aligned you feel good (i already said that didn't i?)
Silver girl---Great pearls of wisdom. Thanks for sharhing.
Yes! Well said!
Thanks! I thought i was a bit messy there, trying to explain what i meant.
But y'know, that is the circular (but moving forward circles sorta like a spiral, sorta, sorta) nature of what the LOA is about -- moving toward what you want for the joy of the journey, and not for the thing itself -- and then once the "thing" has manifested, you're ready for more -- and that's what it's about. So it does seem messy, because you're trying to explain it and it does come back around again...which is good. You made perfect sense.

Yeah. I think people get started (and even a slightly-semi-seasoned one like me still) focusing on the thing they want, thinking that getting it is going to bring the joy, forgetting or not realizing or still not ready to hear or having practiced that it's the journey that's the joy and the reward, not the end, because there is no end.

And I get a lot of this intellectually -- emotionally, I have to keep cycling this stuff around in my blood so that it becomes a part of me and a part of my experience on a more consistent basis.
It's like football, MJ -- if you don't enjoy playing the game, there's little or no satisfaction in winning, more than a little disgruntlement in losing, and you don't look forward to the practices or the next game to play . . . so why play? Might as well just stay home.
Good analogy, Pat!
Yup, you are exactly right!

I see what you mean by that. I mostly try to focus upon feeling good in the moment, i have yet to come to the full understanding that the joy really is in the journey. I do believe that when you fully grasp that concept, your life will become so much more joyous.
I think so, Silver Girl. And I think we all know this at some gut level, or in a subconscious way if you prefer, but when you hear Abe talk about it the concept comes into focus and you say, "Wow! I never thought of it quite like that before."

But then you remember things like, if you were a tree-climber as a kid, for example -- the fun of it was in the climbing, not in getting to the highest attainable branches. That was the goal, of course, but it was the process of getting there that gave you the rush and kept you going. If that were not so, you'd never undertake the climb in the first place.

Kind of gives a new twist to the old saying, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game."


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