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Here is the next installment for the "Abe teachings in action series"

Often in the LOA movement, there are people that want to avoid all negative emotions at all costs. However, Abe does not promote that. Abe encourages us to use negative emotions as a way to use the contrast to help us pivot back to aligning with what we want. Simply to use negative emotion as a tool to align back to our desires again and getting back in sync with your Inner Being.
What a great way to embrace negative emotions without making it an enemy and actually using it for our growth, eh?
What thoughts do ya'll out there have on this life transforming topic?

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Oooo, I have a quote that might speak to this, it's got drama, shock value and soothing all in one....

If you're in depression, you can't find thoughts of appreciation; the frequencies are waaay to far apart.

And so, your bright eyed fluffy friend shows up all: "Ooooo, you should read this.) And you think, "I should KILL you!" (audience laughs, me till I cried lol)

And we want you to understand that there's nothing wrong with you.

When you feel negative emotion, it's a good thing, not a bad thing because it means your indicators are letting you know that you're not a match to who you really are.

We don't want you to put Novocaine on your hands so that you don't feel the hot stove. Feeling the hot stove is a good thing. "I've put Novocaine on my hands and now I don't mind the hot stove" (demonstrating holding hand on stove for extended time using podium as "stove) We want you to know the stove is hot. And YOU want to know that too.

And so, when you realize that your emotions are letting you know how resistant or allowing you are of the fullness of who you really are...

Now everything begins to make sense to you.

Money & The Law Of Attraction
Companion DVD
oh, and one more...sorry, not so exciting, but who needs that all the time anyway?

And we say, folks, you've just got to start focusing, because you cannot control the conditions of your environment. And you cannot feel good when you look at conditions that do not please you. And the reason you don't feel good when you look at conditions that don't please you, is because you are choosing to look at something that your Source does not join you in.

Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio on Saturday, January 25th, 2003
Brian, I just received two quotes from the yahoo group that I couldn't wait to drop here...

4-7-09 Albuquerque NM
Bi-Monthly CD

Guest: Yeah....The question that keeps coming back into my head is because of my attempts at certain points, when I get very very depressed and angered, to try to jump over here to joy...

Abe: (interrupting) It's too big of a jump. No one can do that.

Guest: Yeah, it's put me in the mental health clinic a couple of times.

Abe: Nobody can do that. Nobody can make that jump, you see.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS QUOTE is that the guest ends up in depression BECAUSE she is trying to jump from a higher point than depression, but still a low point on the scale...all the way into joy. And so she's getting the whiplash effect and it's been eating her lunch. The whole transcript of the conversation is HERE for context verification if any one wants to check that out for themselves....it's the second quote in the thread header, which is not topic specific, but it contains interesting discourse on this topic as a complementary reading...

I love your series idea and hope that you continue to broaden it. I like to develop threads by topic for study, and I like that there are others that like that kind of thing too, in a different way and style. More please. It's a great platform for opportunity to focus that you are creating here.
Here's another snip from that same transcript...It sets up the premise of her range that she's trying to jump from into joy and instead ending up in depression. Not for nothing, but I think that this is good stuff to know about how your emotions work and am really glad that someone is opening and building a space for others to find and use for their own benefit. Inspiring.

Guest: Many times, a couple times though, when I tried to make a jump from the lower end of the vibrational scale where I spent many years down in anger, frustration, overwhelment, and ...

Abe: (interrupting) Anger ----------- Frustration -----------Overwhel ment. There's a big vibrational difference between anger, frustration and overwhelment.

Guest: Yes, and, but I spent so many years there that I finally just got to the point that I didn't really want to be, I would have preferred at that point to have croaked.

4-7-09 Albuquerque NM
Bi-Monthly CD
Thanks for sharing all this stuff and for the positive encouragement of developing the series idea. Yeah, I want to keep 'em coming : )
Brilliant. You inspired me to something that can run parallel...study and reference threads. And, if it's okay, it would be a relief to link something like "and there's a discussion thread here" by topic, so that my intentions are clear, cause I find too much discourse just drains me, and that threshold moves about a bit.

Would you mind me doing that?
I think that's a great idea DS.
A nice collaborative effort like that could great. Especially stuff that gives people easy access the way you described.
I like it.

Easy access is the idea. Collaborative...you flatter me.

Very good. Bye!
Don't fear your fear or dread your fear, embrace your fear, love your fear
for the indicator it is.

Alaskan cruise, 7/8/07b
Wonderful thread
yes love it up
The great former Boston Celtic basketball player Larry Bird was cut from his high school basketball team when he was a sophomore. He said he "never wanted to feel that way again" and look where he ended up. (For those of you who don't know, Bird is one of the best basketball players of all time. Ask anyone into sports.)
You can't be thinking the same things, speaking the
same things, and get vibrational improvement.

You got to insist on vibrational improvement. And the
only way you can make any steady vibrational improvement
is to disregard what eveyone else is saying, and
pay attention to what feels best to you.

And if it feels better to be mad, be mad, and if
it feels better to you to offer blame then offer blame.
If it feels better to you to find something to be
frustrated about then be frustrated about it.

Always be reaching for something that gives you a
feeling of relief, and it is our promise by reaching
for relief you will be releasing resistance,
and when you release resistance you will be back
into the vibrational alignment of who you are.

You got to find a way to speak things differently
because there's no way out of that feeling.

02/07/04 - #10 Life was wonderful but he .... (4:37)


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