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Here is another topic/question for my "Abe teachings in action series"----Pivoting is what helps us acknowledge and bring awareness to what we DON'T want, so that we can deeply Align to what we DO want, right? As ridiculously simple as that may sound, we slip on this all the time. Would some like to talk more about Pivoting. Share anything--quotes, personal experiences, how to do it, why it's vital?
This would be a great way to help us really reflect on Pivoting and how to get even better at it and develop even more awareness of it.
Any thoughts out there?

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Hmm.. I thought pivoting was more about being sensitive to the way you feel so that in the moment you have the opportunity to turn the negative feeling thought around to a positive feeling thought and so change your point of attraction.

What do you mean by the 'deeply acknowledging' part?
I think we are saying the exact same thing. What I mean by the 'deeply acknowledging' part" is that it's called Pivoting because you know exactly what we DON'T want so that we focus in well on what we DO want. So, if I am wanting more friends, I acknowledge "oh, I don't want to be alone so much"----ahhhh---ok, that is what I don't want, now, what is it I do want----"more friends that I have things in common with"----that is what I mean by having more awareness. For me, having a bit of awareness of what I don't want, gives me the Pivot into what I DO want.........that is what I meant by 'deeply acknowledging' ---I think we are saying the same thing though.
Ah i see. I thought you might mean some deep self-searching meditating on the not wanting part, so you can clearly figure out what you do want, but if this is what you mean, then we are defenitely saying the same. The 'deep' part confused me a little ;-)

Well, it's of course vital because when you are feeling bad, it feels bad, and by turning your attention to what feels good, you can feel good again. Which is the most important part of all abe's teachings. And more, you start attracting and later on manifesting the stuff that you do want, whereas when you focus upon what feels bad, you are attracting something you will not like.

I've never really been literally into the pivoting process that Abe offers, but of course i do use it all the time, when i find a thought that feels bad and turn it into a good thought.

I find that when i focus upon something that feels bad, it also usually feels very real to me, and it's very present in my mind. Instead of turning my attention elsewhere, it's easier for me to conjure a virtual reality or pivot in another way to make this negative feeling thought disappear and replace it with a good thought. Otherwise, the tendency is that this thought keeps coming back no matter where i turn my attention.
There was research done some time ago which found that for most people it is easier to identify what they dont want rather than what they do want. So if you can identify what you don't want first then it became easier to clearly identify what you do want.
Yep! Great thoughts. I think that is probably where Abe is going with the Pivot process.
The way to get better at it is not to try so hard. Just be confident in your resources and, when the need arises, pivot toward something, anything, that feels better.

Eventually, you get so good at honing in, thoughts of pivoting at all go away. You don't have to move so much because you're constantly tuning in.

Be easy with it.
Alright! A series that observes and analyzes Abe teachings! Where do I sign up!!! Wooo Whoooo! Oh wait, you mean I've already arrived and am in the midst of it? Man, what a time saver!

Can I acclimate to such pleasure and power without having to do a jig to let off the pressure? I think a hokey pokey circle might be required.

So, from the post and from the resulting discussion so far I get that this is invitation to ponder on pivoting that we've done or seen, define pivoting from actual quotes, define pivoting by re-stating the concept in a unique layman's way AND to drop quotes on pivoting so that we can, in the mere act of participating... really own the concept as a daily method of living? Wow! Now there's a gift that keeps on giving, all you gotta do is focus on-topic and you internalize. "Nice thread" is an understatement.

I can't wait to find some actual quotes, I don't have any at the moment. But, my own layman's terminology as a definition is:

Pivoting: facing something and deliberately turning your attention to it's opposite. Deliberately done one would notice/contemplate/witness/experience something that they don't like to see/experience/contemplate, and so they would choose to instead notice/contemplate/witness/experience something that the DO want to see/experience/contemplate. Default pivoting would be noticing/contemplating/witnessing/experiencing something that you DO want, and then turning your attention away from that to what-could-go-wrong/what-has-gone-wrong-in-the-past-for-you-or-the-peanut-gallery.

Why pivoting is vital:
Source is Source because that is ALL they are willing to do; they pivot and in the process become the expanded best version of all that is thought/lived. Now, the mechanics of physical life is to extend in to the physical as an extension of Source, so, if you fail to pivot as your Source does, then you are resisting your Source and the extension of that into the best version of all things that you have thought/lived. Resisting your Source is the origin of all discord, from feeling bad to getting sick, accidents, unsatisfying interactions...all the way to the extremes of heinousness individually and/or collectively. So, pivoting is vital in order to live in the joyfully, unless you are adept at practicing appreciation on any subject upon which you focus...but even then appreciating heinous or in-your-face requires the pivot, so it is still a skill you would have in your bag-o-tricks.

Hhhmmm, examples. Not coming up with one right now, must be focused too semantically right now for that.

What a great idea. I can feeeeeel the concept sinking in deeper as a "common sense". This is an exercise that bears repeating; I wonder if I could say it again in another way!
Wow--D.S.------You should get an official PHD in Abe-ism. That was good. Very sharp and accurate description of Pivoting if I ever heard one. I am impressed. That was amazing and is helping the knowledge sink in even more for me. I got a lot out of that.
Initials are nice, but what I really want is a periwinkle blue t-shirt with silver writing on the front:
Glamorous Abe Geek.


I'm loving the reading material. Thanks so much for this thread, some real home runs here. I love a crowd that's comfortable swinging for the fences.
I don't think Source has to pivot. Source does not see the contrast as bad, perhaps, but as a jumping-off point for the next creation in the vortex...to me, Source is the high-vibration stuff, so Source doesn't have to pivot -- it's we who resonate to and experience lower vibrations as a part of our physical experience -- who have to pivot our way TOWARD that which feels better; that to which Source is already directing us/is flowing/ and has already created and into which we are being magnetically drawn by our good feelings...

Source is an energy flow that is moving in one direction: toward expansion, toward that which you want -- pivoting is the movement away from that which causes you to try to ride against the tide or flow, toward the good feeling stuff that takes you toward the beach or down the river....

It seems so easy, but yet it does seem to be hard, doesn't it, Brian?

So on a practical level, then, pivoting is taking your attention from a focus on the problem as a problem that simply has no solution, no way out, and is moving it toward the solution, and the recognition that the problem was perceived wasn't a problem, but an opportunity. Or maybe seeing a problem that way is simply one WAY of pivoting, and there are others. Like just ignoring the problem and it will go away. Because sometimes it does.

And others in that bag of tricks.

For me, pivoting is, in a way, about seeing that everything that happens to us is all a part of the whole process of growth and expansion, and that it's not about saying, "Damn! That stove is too hot! So I'm just not going to ever get close to stoves again no matter what!", but it's saying, "I'm going to use the stove for the purpose that really serves me, because I like stoves, and I like food, and I'm going to enjoy the stove -- I'm just going to take the lesson from the hot part and realize that I need to move my hand to the cooler part -- so hooray for the hot part and what it taught me about where the cooler part was -- and even, hey, the hot part has its purpose, too, because without it, I'd never be able to cook my delicious meal!"
Pivot — To consciously change the direction of one’s thought. To deliberately choose a thought that is in vibrational harmony with one’s desire.”

Abraham-Hicks calendar, page 381


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