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2005/08/13 San Diego, CA
... That’s why so many religions are saying, “I’m born again. I’m finding a way to really allow who-I-really-am to begin to flow.” So, we know it’s on this debate over abortion, or right to life, and all of that stuff. And what we want to say is, you cannot quell life. You cannot stop life—it flows. [okay] Man worries needlessly about...

Products containing this material: CD/Tape , Album , Online Transcript

2004/07/25 San Rafael, CA
... as you talk about it, as you activate it, it does not feel good. Q Yeah, yeah. The thing is, again, I wanted an answer from you that there is no death after an abortion. That there is Eternal Life. It’s not a murder of a little person. That’s something that I need to straighten out within my friends, and within the religion...

Products containing this material: CD/Tape , Album , Online Transcript

2004/02/21 San Rafael, CA, Part B
... There are people who believe in that, so much, that they will take their guns and go to the abortion clinics and take the life of the doctors who are performing abortion. In other words, that’s how extreme they get in their disconnect, you see. In their irrational, which is where irrationality always comes from, disconnection,...

Products containing this material: CD/Tape , Album , Online Transcript

4 CD/TAPE Album, Chicago, IL 6/2/07
... transitioned mother sending surges of love? 4:50 Her first-grade classroom is a joy. 30:00 Has wonderful life, but a messy house. 7:52 She’s going to ask Abraham abortion questions, anyway. CD THREE 18:40 This one wants an “impossible” monogamous relationship. 13:11 Why does she procrastinate regarding her desires?...

Product containing this material: F0720

2005/01/15 Boca Raton, FL Transcript
...This is a downloadable transcript of the seminar held in Boca Raton, FL on 01/15/2005 in a pdf format. You’ll receive approximately 20 pages; 13,000 words.How to get what I don’t have? Adopted (now wants to birth) a baby. To hopefully move away from medicated diabetes? How much does Trump focus on unwanted? To soothe...

Product containing this material: 01_15_05_TR-DLD.pdf

2005/01/15 Boca Raton, FL
...How to get what I don’t have? Adopted (now wants to birth) a baby. To hopefully move away from medicated diabetes? How much does Trump focus on unwanted? To soothe mate after a frightening diagnosis. Preschool genius “won’t listen to his teacher”. “Free at Last” at Sudbury Valley School. Included in...

Product containing this material: 1-15-05

... health? From shameful childhood to an angry adulthood. Sexuality, sensuality and intimacy as loving blessings. Found her teen daughter is cutting herself. Can an abortion kill an Eternal Spirit? 2/28/04A — We’re living in the best of times. You create your own evidence of reality. Set stretching goals but not...

Product containing this material: ASP04

2004/02/21 San Rafael, CA-B Transcript
... my shame around the area of sexuality? How can I attract a long-lasting relationship? What does Abraham feel about the issue of abortion? How can I attract perfect health? Can we become masters of our own mind and emotions? How can I get in touch...

Product containing this material: 02_21_04_B_TR-DLD.pdf

2004/02/21 San Rafael, CA, Part B
... my shame around the area of sexuality? How can I attract a long-lasting relationship? What does Abraham feel about the issue of abortion? How can I attract perfect health? Can we become masters of our own mind and emotions? How can I get in touch...

Product containing this material: 2-21-04-B

... relationship? A loving closing of the Tallahassee Workshop! 1/27/01 — Good feels good and bad feels bad. The meaning of her severely retarded child? Does abortion process snuff out Life Force? There’s a bump in her relationship road. Opportunities come before her readiness to act. If needed again, your clutter will...

Product containing this material: ASP01

2001/01/27 Boca Raton, FL
...Good feels good and bad feels bad. The meaning of her severly retarded child? Does abortion process snuff out Life Force? There's a bump in her relationship road. Opportunities come before her readiness to act. If needed again, your clutter will reappear. Is she loving caring for dying mother? Included in album Spring, 2001. Topics...

Product containing this material: 1-27-01

2000/07/15 Cincinnati, OH
... by default, or planned? Are humans here to perpetuate the species? What is hypochondria? How does Abraham view abortion? As we evolve, does Abraham evolve? Can you have a desire that negatively affects another? How can I shorten...

Product containing this material: 7-15-00

... Ten years without, and still no baby. Her passion’s gone and her children grown. You can’t be an heir to cancer. Mental health therapist questions pregnancy abortion choices. Understanding Natural Laws and Male/Female counterparts. What is becoming of Estherham’s accent? 7/18/00 — Soothing words for a...

Product containing this material: ASU00

1999/01/31 Los Angeles, CA
... we regrow a limb when it’s missing? Is there a hell? How does Abraham decide who asks a question? Does abortion deny a soul an opportunity? Is there karmic retribution? ...

Product containing this material: 1-31-99

1998/09/13 Atlanta, GA
... events mean? Do I have unconscious vibrations that negatively affect me? What happens to those spirits I deny through abortion? ...

Product containing this material: 9-13-98

... of wanted? Keeping the essence of our identity forever. Gynecologist questions the limits of self-healing. Rage over Hitler’s injustice serves you not. Does abortion deny a soul an opportunity? To help her sister get more sleep? Can this doctor dissolve her bodily dichotomy?;/p> 2/7/99 — Can one release clinical...

Product containing this material: AW98

1995/12/10 Maui, HI
... negative thing? What is connection? How would Abraham integrate all of these processes? What is Abraham's view on abortion? How do I balance my energy? What is the philosophy of the Sudbury Valley School? What is a quantum leap? ...

Product containing this material: 12-10-95

... home schooled child to choose appropriately. Their multi-media Life Force game boomed. She doesn’t coddle her ailing husband. What is Abraham’s view on abortion? A dynamic, comprehensive, practical...

Product containing this material: AW95

1991/11/09 Workshop Recording
... Is there a race that has access to more information? Do we attract inadvertently or without intention? What is Abraham's view about abortion? Is my inner being part of Abraham’s family? Is homosexuality or heterosexuality a pre-birth choice? ...

Product containing this material: 11-9-91

1991/08/25 Workshop Recording
... How can I increase my passion or desire? Do sleeping pills interfere with my blending? What are Abraham's views on abortion? Should I value others' opinions more than my own? Should I quit my medication or not? Can I think myself...

Product containing this material: 8-25-91
Also found this here: http://www.emergingjourneys.com/features.php?fid=1

A conversation with Abraham
For many leading spiritual teachers from across the world, the teachings of Abraham are a source of pure inspiration. Michael James caught up with Abraham, spoken through Esther Hicks, as they continue their US workshop tour.

MICHAEL: For people who aren't familiar with you or your books, tell me a bit more about who or what Abraham is, and what Abraham's teachings are?

ABRAHAM: We are consciousness projecting into the physical world from our non-physical vantage point. We are Source Energy. There are many of us here and we are in vibrational harmony with one another so we are received by Esther as one stream of consciousness. We feel singular to Esther as she interprets the Energy that is us, but we are not singular consciousness.
We come forth always and only in response to the request of our physical counterparts. It is not our desire or intent to direct our physical friends toward or away from anything. It is our desire to assist you in remembering who you are, so that you may enthusiastically proceed with the intentions that you set forth prior to your physical birth. We teach the Laws which affect this Universe and all that you know as your physical world, so that you can understand how it is that your lives are unfolding in the way that they are. It is our desire that you rediscover your own creative control of your own life experience in the way that you intended before your birth into this physical body.
We want to assist you in returning to the natural, eager, joyous being that is really who you are. Everything we teach is toward that end.

MICHAEL: What would you say to people who find the idea of channelled entities strange... even scary?

ABRAHAM: We do not encourage anyone to move toward anything that feels uncomfortable. If you cannot find a way to feel ease as you are beginning your investigation of anything, we do not encourage proceeding. The emotions that you feel are your guidance indicating your Energy alignment. Proceeding in any direction that feels uncomfortable means there is contradiction in your own Energy field and that is not good for you. There is never only one path to your truth. If one path feels wrong to you, choose another. No pursuit of any knowledge is worth your own Energy misalignment.

MICHAEL: What spiritual path brought you to where you are today?

ABRAHAM: Jerry has been a powerful seeker of any information that he could use to teach others to have more successful lives. He spent many years studying and teaching Napoleon Hill's book, "Think And Grow Rich". In recognizing that there must be something missing, he never stopped looking for more effective methods to help others find success. His seemingly accidental discovering of the Jane Robert's "Seth Material" opened the unlikely door for him into Metaphysical material.
After several months of reading whatever Seth material he could find, he was stimulated to two powerful questions. If "we do create our own reality," as Seth professed, then how is it that we do that? And if "our power IS in the present" as Seth repeated insisted, then how is that so?
Jerry's powerful desire to understand creation and Esther's willingness to allow the answers to flow through her provided the format for Abraham to give answers. Esther's willingness to allow others to be as they are and believe as they wished left her in a place of little resistance. Jerry's desire to understand and Esther's soft and open vibration made for the perfect environment to receive the clarity of Abraham.

MICHAEL: Who are your current favourite teachers and authors or do you only study Abraham now?

ABRAHAM: When Esther began receiving us, (Abraham) we encouraged her not to read the works of others, because we did not want her to question the validity of her own translation. Because she had not studied her mind was not full of opinions or prejudices that she had to overcome.

MICHAEL: What Abraham says is remarkably in-tune with the Science of Mind teaching. Have you studied Ernest Holmes' "The Science of Mind"?

ABRAHAM: No, but Ernest Holmes has studied Abraham. He was tapped into those who were tapped into Abraham.

MICHAEL: I understand Abraham says we can change things "out there" with a change in our thinking/feeling. Does this mean we can change "fixed" things, for example our looks/physical appearance?

ABRAHAM: There are no limits to your ability to create. Nothing is ever complete, therefore all things can change.

MICHAEL: How do we break our habit of self-criticism and raise our self-esteem?

ABRAHAM: The most important first step to any change is a clear desire to feel better. We know it sounds simplistic, but when nothing is more important than that you "feel" better, so you are then willing to try to find increasingly better feeling thoughts, you can gradually change your vibrational patterns regarding anything, and when you do that, your manifestations must change also.

MICHAEL: Does Abraham know our future or do we have free will?

ABRAHAM: Yes and yes. Anyone who can read Energy can understand future probabilities because your future is being prepared by the thoughts you have thought and are now thinking. But because you have the ability to change the way you think your future is constantly changing.

MICHAEL: Is there any truth in predictions from psychics/mediums?

ABRAHAM: Yes, there are many who can accurately decipher Energy and determine probabilities. Deciphering where the Energy is coming from and sifting one person's energy from another requires tremendous sensitivity to energy. Some are better at it than others. Everyone can do this to some extent.

MICHAEL: What happens after physical death?

ABRAHAM: There is an immediately re-emergence into the fuller Nonphysical awareness. In one fell swoop you leave behind all doubt, and fear, and anger while you refocus into the powerful, worthy, loving, joyous being that you have always been.

MICHAEL: Is abortion harmful?

ABRAHAM: To do something that you believe is wrong is harmful to you personally because the contradicted Energy is detrimental to your physical experience. There is no way anyone can harm Non-physical Energy, or spirit.

MICHAEL: What are Abraham's views on homosexuality?

ABRAHAM: You come forth in great variety and many intentions. God views all as good.

MICHAEL: Why are some people born with physical handicaps?

ABRAHAM: For the same reason a wonderful tennis player prefers to play other wonderful tennis players. It is ultimately more exhilarating to have experiences that evoke more clarity and purpose. You are eternal beings who enjoy the enormous value that varied experiences provide.

MICHAEL: If we are totally responsible for our experiences- does that mean that victims of violence, accidents and illness attracted these experiences?

ABRAHAM: Everything that you live is invited by your vibration. You offer your vibration because of that which you give your attention to. There is not an exception to this anywhere in the Universe.

MICHAEL: How do you manifest a romantic relationship?

ABRAHAM: By imagining how wonderful you will feel when your relationship arrives. By playing the delicious details of it out in your mind. By thinking about it and feeling good while you think about it, so much so that you are not feeling lack about the absence of it. When you find the "feeling place" of this wonderful romantic relationship, one must come to you. It is law.

MICHAEL: Is telepathy real?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are vibrational beings. You are more vibrational and electrical that the flesh blood and bone that you know.

MICHAEL: Do you believe the planet is going to undergo a major change soon?

ABRAHAM: Your planet constantly seeks its balance. This continual adjusting causes never-ending planetary conditions such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It has always been part of your earth's evolution and always will be.

MICHAEL: I have heard many New Age teachers talk about a "shift" around 2012.

ABRAHAM: Many are picking up on the Energy of what will happen. Some are picking up on your earth's history.

MICHAEL: Is this going to happen? What will happen?

ABRAHAM: If we were standing in your physical shoes we would try to accept the following about your earth: This planet is very old. Much older than scientists believe. This planet is stable. Much more stable than psychics predict. This planet constantly seeks balance and that is a good thing. Pockets of devastation always have been and always will be a part of life on planet earth. There is no reason that you need to be negatively affected by these changes.
We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. Your questions are stimulating. Our answers will uplift many and annoy others. In either case we are joyous.
There is great love here for you.

For further information about Abraham visit the website abraham-hicks.com.
Edited version first published January 2005.

When a baby is born, prior to its birth, it has been
receiving the benefit of the Energy flow of the mother. But at its
time of birth, and usually, but not always, usually at its time of
first breath, a Nonphysical Energy, or current, is then summoned by
these pulsing, thriving, asking cells of this new body, now detached
from the body of the mother. And when that process begins, the Life
Force is summoned through that infant.

Now, that which you call soul, or Nonphysical intent, may enter at
that time or may not. Often, it is a few weeks or a few months
later. Actually, most physical beings think that there is a physical
clump and a Nonphysical clump of Energy assigned to you, and it is
not that way. It is a stream of Energy, or knowing, that flows
through the physical vessel. So, as the physical baby grows, there
is a continual adding to that Energy as the baby focuses and chooses
and summons the Energy.

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