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Here is another topic/question for the "Abe teachings in action series". Most of us are prone to taking immediate action or to using the LOA for the pure purpose of manifesting stuff. As most of us know, if we don't get good at the Art of Feeling Good, we are on a constant roller coaster. Even if we manifest huge things, we often eventually are not fulfilled on a soul level because we have not learned how to get ourselves to Feel Good by understanding Alignment and thinking happy, downstream thoughts. According to Abe, basically every area of our lives is about getting ourselves Happy and then letting life flow from there. Of course this is not always simple to grasp because taking action as our primary means of improvement seems to be our first impulse.
Any thoughts on this? Quotes? Challenges around this area?

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Well..The challenge for me is that sometimes i find it difficult to keep my eye on what i want instead of my 'reality'. Sometimes it's just so very in your face, and it feels very real. And then when the reality doesn't feel so good, it's so easy to start believing that things will not work out, that this or that will never happen.

Another thing that sometimes trips me up is the looking for evidence and not finding it when i'm making the effort to feel good. What happens is this: i'll be feeling really good, and i look around for evidence, but i can't find any yet. That then makes me feel bad and then i go back to the negative thoughts of 'this will never happen, i will never get to San Diego' (or whatever it is i'm wanting)

What do you guys do against this kind of stuff?
I can totally relate Silver Girl. I guess what you described is one of the most common traps for those of us that want to live in as states as close to Faith as possible. We get caught in "what-is" and not what we want.
What I try to do is keep the process of thinking thoughts that are as optimistic as possible. Sometimes small baby steps in logic can even help a lot. I keep trying to think all the small thoughts of improvements. Sometimes it really takes just being kind of logical rather than super unlimited when we are really stuck. The unlimited stuff can just trigger feelings of "that's such BS! You can't have that!!" lol.....It's often hard to try to employ small steps in logic because we want to immediately be "unlimited" and that seems to backfire if we move too quickly.
So, the summary: Remember what you do want and think small, simple, believable thoughts to make you feel better and better until you can soar again.
Here is Abe on how you can even make your career Feel Good oriented:

I Can Make A Career Of Living Happily Ever After...
A very good career choice would be to gravitate toward those activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with your core intentions, which are freedom and growth -- and joy. Make a "career" of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you -- and what you do "for a living" makes you happy -- you have found the best of all combinations.

Money & The Law Of Attraction Cards
Brilliant. I am working on developing a new habit around this concept...when I feel out of sorts I don't do anything! I nap if possible, and if not, then I sit on my favorite couch and go horizontal. If I'm just a little out of sorts I'll try to find a piece of a pivot regarding what's got me out of sorts...if I'm too far away to make that jump then I'll do a bit of appreciating my surroundings, then just start reminding myself of the processes of creation...and then the logic bridge by LOA pulling power makes the shift easier in the moment to get a piece of it. Then, if I am smart...which I'm still working on getting that habitual, I'll do a focus wheel on the topic. Focus wheels are a lot of work for me though, so I'm finding that I have several focus wheels that still need doing lol

Well, at least I have a plan!
Yeah DS. I need to practice that more myself, just doing small feel good things before jumping to action. hmmmm you mentioned the focus wheel. Maybe tonight that would be a good one for me to play around with.
That's quite a powerful process. Are you familiar?
Not consistently. I have not done it lately either.
I find focus wheels hard too. I don't know why. They feel like real work to me for some reason, I wish they didn't because I see so many talk about what a powerful excercise it is. I get the basic concept of it cand follow the instructions but each time I've tried it I sit back and lookat it and feel like something is missing.
It was hard for me too for awhile, Claire. ...it was taking me hours....but now I can do them at a run...took a couple weeks. There is a thread HERE on them if you want...you can see my posts go from incredibly long as I learn...to shorter. In fact, I have a focus wheel I want to do today, thanks for the reminder...will do it there, it's not too private to share.
Laughing out loud! I have had the same observation...I suspect that eventually they might clarify that it is for the higher ends of the scale...like fine tuning. They do differentiate in many of their processes : use this one for these set points, that one for these...etc. I don't have confirmation on that yet though, so just a speculation. There's a peice done on a website somewhere that details all of the processes and specifies the emotional setpoints that they work best with. If I can find it, I'd like to take this opportunity to drop it on the table...some fine Aber put it together and it is awesome!

(Brian...love this thread!)
Thanks DS!
Yeah, I am taking in the focus wheel suggestions too. I have a coaching client I want to introduce to it. It would be good for him.
Someone put a video up on here on it months back, you know where it is by chance, anyone?


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