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Guest: One of the things I've been feeling is a tingling ... sparkling ...
Which I first associated with ...

Abe: A stroke! (Applause!)

Guest: Oh no! My meditation, actually ... I didn't know that one.

Abe: I'm just trying to lighten things up.

Guest: Man ... that worked! ... (can't help laughing ) ...
I first associated it with the meditative state. As I'd get into
meditation, I start feeling tingling, mainly around my face...
and sometimes it would spread ... and then more since I've
come on the cruise ... other moments that I begun to think that maybe
that's just an indication that I'm in the Vortex.

Abe: Well what it is an indication of is "energy on the move". In other words,
when you meditate and you feel that tingling, that is as you release resistance
by the quieting of your mind, your vibration is raising and you're actually feeling
the physical visceral sensation of the vibration of your Being raising. And so it's
the same thing - it's energy raising. Don't you like knowing that?

Guest: I love knowing that!

Abe: Don't you like knowing ... And we would like to say to you that you will
never reach the place that that will not be your experience because you will never
reach the place ... none of us will ... none of us will ever reach the place that
there is not a higher, less resistant ENERGY TO DISCOVER! ( Applause! )

Guest: Awesome!

Abe: Very good.

~~ 2010 Caribbean Cruise CD.



(noting....a stroke is the other end of that spectrum? is that 'joke' a literal clue also? most humor is when you really look at it on a human level....interested in seeing an ease and flow forward more on this because specifically i've been speculating recently that the other end of that tingling sensation was paralysis "caused" by lyme's disease and/or bells palsy, with paralysis as a symptom of those as stroke often also has.  dark questions except that the answers feel good i'm hoping because somewhere in here is the semantics of WHY and HOW we "manage the speed of our streams"...from the drama quotes and conversations i'm getting a bit of a feel for the topic...but that's just one way to approach it...i think there's a wanted and unwanted spectrum regarding acclimating upward as well as acclimating downward...."how do you prefer your relief"...that's where i'm leaning with this. how and why do you chose your relief once you realize what relief looks like from different emotional setpoints? what's the fine print? abe calls themselves our "tech support" recently...well...this is kind of like reading their manual? eliciting from them by asking and being fascinated and....enjoying the process from realizing the question and finding the answer ...and then misplacing it somewhere in the forum and wondering where it got put lol....somebody should charge me, i'm having way too much fun here.)

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HOW to acclimate upward, and rephrasing "releasing resistance"...


A more accurate way to say it is practicing the vibration that’s in the vortex!

It’s practicing a higher vibration rather than releasing a lower vibration. Because when you reach for something that feels good, and then you milk it, the next time you reach for it, it’s easier to find it. And then when you milk it more, it raises further and next time you reach for it, it’s easier. So it really is about practicing a vibration until it is your norm.

Denver 9/11/10

copyright protected for material integrity: www.abraham-hicks.com

Acclimating upward compared to moving up the emotional scale....

By the way, there is an easier way of going about it.

Should you happen to accidentally find yourself one fine day in the vortex, by no deliberate work of your own...[laughter] ...but you are aware that you are there; stay there and milk it. Because it is a hundred times the work value.

Denver 9/11/10
copyright for material integrity: www.abraham-hicks.com

(hi al!)




Guest: When you find ourself out of the vortex, and it doesn’t feel good...?

Abraham: Take a nap, take a walk, do something to break the cycle. You want to stop thinking the thoughts you are thinking. That’s the most important thing.

So just walking outside, walking into a different room, making a conversation with a different person, *anything* that will change the segment to something that could potentially offer you something better.

Guest: Ok.

Abraham: And after a while, you’ll find things that really work for you. In other words, sometimes it’s particular music. If you’ve had success at soaring with these affirmation cards, you can get so in sync with the vibrational tone of these cards that you could be out of the vortex, and read one of the cards, and it would take you right back in. Because in time, these cards will reflect the in-the-vortex-ness nature of you, not the outside.

So it will just feel off to be doing something you usually do when you are in the vortex. It’s just a matter of recognizing how you feel and knowing you have the power to move how you feel.

Denver 9/11/10

copyright for material integrity: www.abraham-hicks.com

That's what we're talking about: in the vortex and milking it. And in your clarity and alignment with, taking everybody in with you. www.abraham-hicks.com 02.05.2011
"Attention to the question prevents the receiving of the answer." www.abraham-hicks.com copyright excerpt from 02.05.2011 San Francisco, CA
LOVE this quote! Short and simple... :)

You cannot think your way into the vortex. You can't prove your way in, you can't defend your way in, you can't justify your way in, you can't demand your way in, you can't buy your way in. The only way you can get in is by relaxing and allowing the vibration of the vortex to tune you to the frequency that matches it.

Then not only are you in it, you are it. You're it.

There is a vibrational version of you that when you allow yourself to match it, will demonstrate the perfection of the match in every possible way and everything that manifests around you will demonstrate that you've accomplished that match.

San Francisco, CA 2/5/11

www.abraham-hicks.com copyright

It’s not that there’s this manifestation sitting over there that you are just going to stumble your way to and then you’ll be able to behold it, sort of like walking into a room. You have a vibrational frequency that you must achieve. And that really has been our message to you from the beginning...

You’ve got to get into the Vortex. You’ve got to tune yourself to the frequency of the Vortex. You’ve got to go there often enough that it’s familiar, and you’ve got to seek the ease and flow, and joy and love and fulfillment and friskiness, and confidence and worthiness and good feelings that are in the Vortex. And if you go seeking that emotional state of being, it is our promise to you that the ideas will begin to occur to you. And you will feel the hitting it out of the ballpark sensation as the idea does occur to you.

Because you will be in the Vortex, where you can finally translate your treasures into something that is meaningful for you.

And this is not just metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. We’re not just talking to you about the spiritual based Universe that is based on this powerful Law of Attraction. We’re talking about you putting yourself in the mindset where things occur to you. But things are not just coming as ideas. EVERYTHING that is necessary to back up every idea will then come, too.

So you could potentially get yourself into the Vortex so frequently that you are walking around in the frequency of the Vortex most of the time. That would mean just like you are rendezvousing with the ideas from inside your Vortex, now you are walking down the street and the person who is the one who holds the key to something rendezvous with you. You’re standing on a street corner. You look at each other and there is a knowing, a compelling, a Let’s-have-a-drink-together kind of conversation and there is an unfolding of something meaningful to you. When you look back on it you’ll say, “It was as if something broader than both of us was orchestrating our coming together.”

Stamford CT 10/2/10

www.abraham-hicks.com copyright for material integrity

It was so much more love than she’d ever felt that she didn’t know what she was feeling. It was being hugged from the inside, out. It was cellular love. It was a love so thorough, so complete, so wrapped through her that she thought she was having a heart attack!

It was love that was so pervasive she didn’t know what to do with it. She couldn’t describe it, she couldn’t label it, she couldn’t contain it. It was bigger than she was consciously, and vibrationally, ready even to endure; a love so great she couldn’t quantify it or understand it.

And in time, little by little by little, she and so many others of you have raised your vibration until you feel on a very constant basis that Love wrapping through you.

~Abraham-Hicks.com, 12-13-03, Boca Raton, FL, Side B recording
Then an amazing thing happened. While it had been hard for her to
find it at first, now an avalanche of pleasing wonderful thoughts began
to flood her mind, no effort at all. In fact it would have been harder
for her to get back where she started, now that she had clicked in to
the vibration of who she really is.
And then she sat with the most rapturous goosebumps moving through
her body as she reunited and felt the relief of moving from outside the
vortex, in; and then reveling in the raising, and the raising, and the
raising of vibration.
And we said to her now that she was there, and now that she could
hear us, we said, Esther, milk this, practice this vibration of being in
the vortex, practice THIS vibration, of being in the vortex, make THIS
your dominant vibration, practice this vibration, this is who you are,
this is how you are to feel, this is who you be, this is home for you,
this is life for you, THIS is where you belong. And she sat there radiant, glowing to the Universe.
Australia, 12.13.09, Track 6

"You are doing just fine. If you didn't do one other thing from this point forward other than bask and acknowledge your Well-Being, every dream that you have dreamed from the day you were born, and even before, would be fulfilled." G Series, Summer 1997



propping that up against this and staring....


"Anything that you do that helps you to conclude that you're not where you're wanting to be, makes it harder for you to find that feeling place of where you are wanting to be. You're doing very well. Be easy about it. Lighten up.
And most importantly, do anything and everything that you can to get your attention off yourself. Don't misunderstand. We don't think you're too self-absorbed. We don't think anybody can be. If you will give more attention to what is flowing through you toward something, instead of what's flowing through someone else toward you, things will get better right away."
Excerpted from the workshop in Boulder, CO on July 4th, 1997


o. ahhh.

"Is this pill really an effective pill? Is this process really an effective process?" Anything that causes you to allow what you desire is the process of coming into alignment. And so, we're not, in any way, validating or invalidating anything. Many offer their "dog and pony show" as being the one that works. And good for all of them. We applaud anything that assists someone in allowing the Well-being, that they so much want and deserve, to flow.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday, September 9th, 2000


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