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If it's not a hell YES!.... then consider it a hell no, at least for now.

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Abe: Now here’s a question that we want to put to you. And we think it’s really what you want to talk about here, too. So, when do I know it’s time to act? In other words, I’ve envisioned, and I’ve imagined, and I’ve basked, and I’ve taken pleasure from. When do I know that it’s time to act? When do you know it when you’re writing?

Guest: It’s a burst.

Abe: You can’t NOT write it down.

Guest: It’s a burst. It has nothing to do with me- it comes—

Abe: Well, it does have something to do with you. It has to do with the alignment of you. In other words, when you have that impulse that you must write it down, that means you’re tuned in tapped in turned on. You have set forth the desire, and you have, in whatever way, brought yourself into alignment with it. And in that state of alignment the words just sort of explode from within you. And you cannot NOT write them down. In fact, nobody could keep you from writing them down. And you can’t write them down fast enough. And when you write them down, are they pleasurable?

Guest: Oh God, yes.

Abe: Of course they are, because they’ve come from inspiration. You’re not trying to MAKE it happen through action. You’re letting the inspiration flow through you. So now you’ve written this wonderful book. Now you’re molding it into a screenplay and let’s say for sake of all of this that you have brought it to the screen -in your mind. And so now when you say, “I need to know, what’s the next step?” -What’s the next step? The next step, unless it’s exploding within you, is no step at all.

Guest: Ok.

Abe: [Powerfully] Unless it’s exploding within you, it’s a phony step. It’s a fake step. It’s a trying-to-make-something-happen-with-action step. It’s a potentially debilitating step. It’s a wanna-blow-my-brains-out step. It’s a trying to do something before I’ve lined up the energy. So, what’s my work: to take no step until I can’t stand not to! [audience applause] … When you close the gap, what happens? An idea explodes within you. And when it does, do you say [weakly] Should I? or, Shouldn’t I? Or do you say, THERE IS NOBODY THAT’S GOING TO KEEP ME FROM DOING THIS.

Stamford, CT, 5-19-07
it makes your heart sing, then it's to your advantage. If it makes you
feel lost, then it isn't.
But the relationship that we want you to
rekindle is the one between you and You. And then everything appropriate
to who you are flows easily into your experience.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA 8/13/05
(Excerpted from a Dialogues With Abraham, Sacramento, 11/20/94)

So, we want to assist you in understanding that it's not a matter of trying harder, of wanting harder, or even so much a matter of identifying what you want. Most of you have already done a very good job of that. You could keep yourselves busy for twenty or thirty lifetimes with the wanting that you already have stacked up. Your work, really, is to reduce your level of resistance. So, how do you know when you are resisting? How do you know when you are, in any moment, vibrationally resisting, or not allowing, the Energy, that is natural to you, to flow through you for your creative endeavor? Without exception, you feel negative emotion. Whether you call it fear or anger or guilt or loneliness or blame or frustration, it does not matter which label you give this negative emotion, it is always the indicator that something that you are looking at is not in vibrational harmony with your greater knowing. But as you have chosen this object of attention, just by choosing it, just by observing it, just by thinking about it, just by talking about it...you achieve vibrational harmony with it. And when you achieve vibrational harmony with it, and it is lackful, the Energy that is natural to you, then cannot flow to you. The Energy that created your planet, to begin with, flows forth constantly. Some call it God force. We call it Creative Life Force. It is the stuff that all things come from. It flows forth to you in one constant, steady Stream. There are not two streams, one of wellness and one of illness. Or one of abundance and one of poverty. There is one Stream. In the same way that there is not a stream of light and a stream of dark the darkness is just the absence of the light the illness is the absence of the wellness, The poverty is the absence of the abundance. This Stream of Well-being comes to you. Now you can let it in or not. But there's one Stream and it's coming to you. So if you are living something less than a vital, exuberant, abundant life it is not because you have chosen a different path, it is because you are resisting the path you have chosen. Whenever you say "NO, NO, I want not illness," your attention to the illness causes resistance that disallows wellness. Now, isn't that tricky?

Whenever you say, "NO, NO, I don't want to not have enough money," by looking at not enough money, you achieve vibrational harmony with not enough money which sets up resistance to allowing money. Every time you use the contrast to get into the place of pushing against something your pushing against is the key word you disallow, or resist, the well-being that would be there otherwise. And so, it is our wanting to assist you in sort of uncovering some of those areas of resistance. The best analogy that we have discovered, so far, in helping you to release resistance, is this: See a fire hose that has a nozzle on the end of it that is not allowing water to spray out, but the pressure is still coming from the source, and so, as a result, this hose is getting all fat and tense and swollen. Now, see someone open the nozzle, on the end, and the water gushes out, but as soon as the water is allowed to flow, naturally, from it's source through the natural opening, that hose relaxes. You can just see it relax as the pressure is released and the Energy, or water, is allowed to spray.

So, the key word is relax, or release, or relief. That is what you are wanting to focus upon relative to releasing resistance. It is a matter of relaxing. As you find yourself in the state of feeling negative emotion, the sooner that you dissipate your resistance, the better off you will be. Now, don't worry about not noticing if you have resistance, because if you've got it and you don't notice it, and therefore you don't do anything to deliberately release it, it will get bigger. And as it gets bigger, if you still don't notice it and do something to release it, don't worry about it, it will get bigger. And sooner or later it will get big enough that then you will know what to do with it. The advantage to releasing it earlier is that it is easier to release it earlier. The bigger it gets the more vibrationally involved in it you become and the more difficult it is to release it. When you increase your desire for anything, any resistance that you have within your Vibrational Energy Field is more obvious. See a car going down the road at 100 miles an hour. And it hits a tree right in the middle of the road. Big problem. Two factors involved in the negative outcome. One is the velocity of the car, the other is the resistance of the tree standing there in the middle of the road. If you changed either of those factors, your experience would be quite different. In other words, if this car were going five miles an hour down the road and it hit the tree it wouldn't be such a big problem, or at five miles an hour it could miss the tree. Or if the tree wasn't there, the car could go 200 hundred miles and hour, or more, with no problem. Someone said, "Abraham, is it customary for all hell to break loose in someone's life when they start doing the Abraham work?" And we said, Yes. Because the first thing we do is encourage you to increase your clarity about what you want. So you get your car moving faster. And when you get your car moving faster, the obstacles that are in the way are more obvious to you. And so, your work really is two-fold. To make more decisions about what you want, in order to get that momentum up, because in doing that, your resistance will be more obvious to you and then your real work is to lower your level of resistance. And when you get your desire really ripping, and your resistance almost non existent, that is when you begin to live life the way you have intended to live it: As deliberate creators who are the trustees of incredible Energy that creates worlds. That's who you are. You are creators who have within you the ability to access the Energy that creates worlds, to utilize it for your creative endeavors right here in this physical environment for the purpose of taking thought and experience beyond that which it has been before. You have come forth in incredible and amazing diversity. Diversity of talents, diversity of desires, diversity of beliefs, and in all of this diversity that you struggle so hard, and push, against, in all of this diversity, there is this amazing and wonderful platform of balance from which you can select your intentions for the creative whole.
Nothing is more exhilarating than to get you action in harmony with your
thought and desire. That is the flow that you're talking about. That is
life of ecstasy: that is a life that flows; that is a life of doors opening
everywhere; that is a life of being able to do what you could not otherwise
have done if you were ten people, one-hundred people, one-thousand people.

G 10/3/92
Few humans are aware of their vibrational point of attraction, and few have any
awareness of how they are flowing their Energy moment by moment. Instead, most
are observing the results of how others have flowed Energy. As they look at the
evidence of what they don't want, they conclude "that is bad" and as they look
at the evidence of what they do want they conclude "that is good". The next
logical step to concluding what is "not wanted" is to try to hold it away. To
push against it. It is from this perspective that most physical human beings
become almost completely dependent upon their action for creating. But action
does not create. Your vibrational offering of thought Energy produces the
results that you live.

If you will take the time to line up your Energy, meaning create a vibrational
match between your desire and your belief, the Universe will deliver to you
amazing circumstances and events toward your physical conclusions. However, if
you proceed with action before you have aligned your Energies of belief and
desire, there is not enough action in the world to make any real difference.

We see so many working so very hard, and giving so much time and physical effort
without having aligned their own Energies. We encourage you to develop the
skill of alignment and you will discover the power of this Universal Energy.

17 seconds of pure (not contradicted) thought is equivalent to 2000 action
hours. 34 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 20,000 action hours. 51
seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 200,000 action hours. 68 seconds of
pure thought is equivalent to over 2,000,000 action hours.

Once you learn to align with the Energy of you Source you will discover that
action is not a key ingredient to the fulfillment of your desires for abundance,
success, joy or any other physical fulfillment. Line up your Energy and then
follow the inspired action--and you will live happily ever after.

-Abraham 10/27/96
What we see, so often, is, you stand in a place where you don't want to be.
And you say, "I really don't want to be here, I really don't want to be
here, I really don't want to be here, I want to be over there. Okay, I
think I'll take this action to get over there." And we say, before you take
the action to get over there, take another step first: Imagine being over
there. Imagine the finished place of being over there. Imaginge the thrill of
being over there. Get excited about being over there. Feel like you're over
there more than like you're over here. - Abe

The Science of Deliberate Creation, Quarterly Journal, VOL 15, p22
"Procrastination is nothing more than your physical realization that you
are acting too soon- that some mental alignment is in order. So
procrastination is not a bad thing. It is the realization that the
Universe has not yet sufficiently aligned the Energy." 2/8/91

You are physically focused beings with Non-physical
Energy flowing through you. And it is impossible to sepa-
rate one from the other. So act --- act as much as you have
physical time or energy or breath within you to act. Action
is a delicious way to spend life experience. Action is one
of the predominant reasons that you have decided to come
forth and be in a physical body.

Yes, act all that you want --- after you have flowed Energy
towards the outcome that you seek. Let your action be
inspired action, not motivated action. Motivated action is
doing it because there is lack if you don't. Motivated action
is trying to overcome something. Motivated action is very
often trying to perform action that someone else wants you
to perform. Let all of your action be inspired action. So how
do you do that? You do that by talking about what you want
and why you want it. That will bring you to the vibrational
connection with who you are, and from that place you will be
inspired to the how, and the who, and the when, and the where.


It's not about a right or wrong action -- it's about the way
you feel about the action. It's about how you're feeling when
you offer the action. It isn't until you stop struggling that
well-being will sweep into your experience. The sooner you
decide to stop paying the price, the sooner it will come to

Your society has a saying: "No pain, no gain -- you have to
pay a price." Do you know who wrote those rules? Those who
needed you to work for them!

The Universe never asked you to struggle. It is simply
answering your mood.

-- Abe -- San Antonio, 4/15/00
When you believe that it is through your effort that you make it happen, and you
apply effort and you get tired, then you disconnect from what really makes it

G 2/28/93
Don't do anything that you don't really want to do.
Keep yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the
thought that feels better -- and watch what happens.
Boston, MA -- 10/10/99
Trying too hard IS resisting...for this reason -- think about this -- if
you decide that you want to go to the grocery store and buy a quart of
milk...do you ever find yourself trying too hard? Or do you just go
get it?

And the reason you just go get it is because you have absolute
knowledge...you KNOW. You know you have the ability to go, you know you
have the money in your purse, you know the milk will be there when you
get there. In other words, there is no doubt and so there is no trying
against anything. And so whenever you're trying too hard, what is
happening is there is a part of you that is not believing that it can be
and so in your wanting to compensate with action, you offer more
action. And what we are wanting you to understand is that you cannot
act enough. There is not enough action in the world to compensate for
your taking part of the energy and sending it in the other direction in
the form of negative emotion. If you've got negative emotion about
something, you're stuck there and no action is going to change it.

The only thing that's going to change it is by releasing the thought
which is bringing forth the negative emotion, replacing it with a
thought that brings positive emotion and then the action will come
JOYFULLY you see.

Abraham G-8/22/90


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