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Starting off with a quote......and more quotes to come in the thread!


2011-September-28 Asheville NC www.abraham-hicks.com    www.AbrahamLIVE.com

Hotseater: Wooo, I see everybody say their heart pounds, now I see what they mean!

Umm, the lady previous to me brought up something that had you call me. Because I've been trying many times (to get called to the hotseat), so that's the thing I'll talk about.

As a teacher I love the kids that everybody wants out of their room. And umm, last year I took a group of ADD children so the other teachers could have a break and teach normally. And I love those kids and I've been thinking about them a lot today. So...

Abe: Attention Deficit Disorder?

Hotseater: Yes!

Abe: They are of the family of Abraham.

Hotseater: Oh! Is that why I love them so?! (audience laughing and applauding)

Abe: But you can't teach what you don't know, and so their asking is strong.

Hotseater: Oh! Sometimes we like label them as above-all-off (i think that's what she said) or....I don't know any more that I can do to help them; I retired...

Abe: Are they all the same or are they different?

Hotseater: Oh, not a single one!

Abe: But, what is the common denominator that you see? If there is one.

Hotseater: This particular group did not have a challenge with ADD and low IQ. Some have both of those things going on, this particular group was just...

Abe: (interrupting) But, but think about why: ADD means not able to give attention to something; genius is attention enough to something to cause it to expand. And so, low IQ would be because there is not enough attention on something for it to expand. 

Hotseater: So, as teachers; children with low IQ we need to find something that they can give their attention to so that...?

Abe (interrupting) As teachers; the only thing you can give them is an environment in which they can come into alignment with who they really are and connect with their own emotional grid. And what happens in most teaching settings is that because teaching happens for the most part outside the vortex, no one hardly at all is interested in helping the child come into alignment with their inner being where their focus would then be extremely productive, instead most of them are being labeled and criticized for their lack of "good behavior" and so from outside the vortex there is not encouragement to come into alignment and unless that coming into alignment happens then nothing else of value can come from it. In other words, they're (the kids and teachers) looking for cooperation in all the wrong places. 

Hotseater: Ha ha; a school! Umm, they put me in the vortex; I have to say that.

Abe: Yes.

Hotseater: And then I suppose that could spiral into a question...I believe all of my children are that way (ADD) so therefore they did not do that well in school. They are intelligent but um...

Abe: (interrupting) Well most people don't do well in prison (hotseater laughs hugely, audience applauds lightly) (note: in a coming transciption Abe softens this by saying that the school systems unchanged provides more value than detriment and it is how we see the kids in school that is where our benefit lies to them..continuing Abe:) It isn't till they get out that they start to thrive.

Hotseater: You are awesome! But then, because when they were small and I didn't know you well, I can see where I, if it were happening today where I could have helped them more. And now, in the job world when you don't have a strong education...(rolls her eyes and says quickly:) I know I'm going to say it's hard to find a job and it's not hard to find a job is it because if they were in the vortex they would find the right job!

Abe: Well, just remember that there's finding a job in the vortex, there's finding a job not in the vortex and remember that it's never too late, that you can't get it wrong and you never get it done. And so, it doesn't matter at what point you begin offering your powerful influence of knowing that all is well for them, but any time you hold anyone as your object of attention from your place of being in the vortex and from your place of alignment then you are a more powerful influencer. And so, what you're doing here with this conversation, and it is certainly understandable and maybe even humanly natural, but you're sort of second guessing yourself and you're sort of wishing that you'd known things before and that you could have given them a better basis of understanding and we say so what so what so what; it doesn't matter, (hotseater: old news) it doesn't matter. It does not matter how much contrast they had, the only thing that matters is where they stand now in relationship to what they want. And there is always a beginning place of every journey. And so, until they're asking for something from you you really don't have anything that you really need to focus upon very much about that. What's this all about? (gesturing between Abe and hotseater, indicating the conversation)

Hotseater: Oh, well I could get specific but I do love this "general" that I'm taking away from this workshop, but specifically, a couple times a week my son will call me and tell me that his job sucks and business is slow and I think if I'm not in the vortex I shouldn't answer the phone.

Abe: Well, if you're in the vortex you wouldn't be there to hear the phone.

Hotseater: Whoa!

(audience laughs)

Abe: In other words, any time you rendezvous with someone who's complaining there's a vibrational alignment that's taken place there (note: Abe is indicating a negative alignment with complaining!~DS) And sometimes you might hear the phone but you'll have an impulse not to answer it, do you have caller id?

Hotseater: MMMhmmm (nodding) And I look at it and go "should I pick it up" (indicating with body language and voice reluctance)

Abe: Well, under those conditions, no! If it feels like that. But, also, you see we don't want you to feel like you have to avoid your children; but we do want you to acknowledge that when he's having one of those moments where he's feeling that way that he's having a step one moment, where the contrast is causing him to know what he doesn't want and to know what he does want. But usually when someone's in a complaining mode, you're trying to put a bright happy spin on where he is; it's frankly just annoying to him.

Hotseater: It is!

Abe: And all it will do is cause him to dig in harder (hotseater: It does!) and explain to you that you really don't know what you are talking about and that he really does have a (hotseater: Goodbye mom!) sucky job. (audience chuckles, hotseater is nodding agreement) And so there really is no value in engaging on..but when you see that he is calling and you have an idea of what he's calling about, now you are also having a launching of a rocket into your vortex, into YOUR vortex. This isn't about helping him, it's about helping you to come into alignment with your vision of him. Because you're putting a rocket of desire in your vortex relative to your son.

So, when you realize that he's calling to complain or that he is unhappy, what rocket is born in you? What is it that you desire, what goes into your vortex?

Hotseater: For him to be happy!

Abe: For him to be happy and for him to be fulfilled; for him to feel satisfied, in other words there are a whole lot of things, all emotional words that we are using here: I want him to be happy, I want him to feel good about who he is, I want life to be good to him. So then your work is really more clear cut than you are currently seeing: your work is to find vibrational alignment with what YOU have put in the vortex. Never mind what he's doing. Don't ask him to find a better job and stop complaining before you feel better about it, you're wanting to create an emotional grid around that. (hotseater is nodding happily)

(going into grid building) So, I want my son to be happy because it's natural that he is, I remember when he was a child; he had interest in so many different things. This isn't about his Attention Deficit; this is about his lack of understanding that he can accomplish a vibrational place that will yield to him everything. And you can't teach him that until you do the same thing.

So, when you are able to feel good regardless of whether he's happy or not, then when he calls you'll be eager to pick up the phone because the reason you don't want to pick up the phone is because like him; you want to be happy! And you believe that you are happy before you answer the phone and that a conversation with him will make you unhappy. Well, that just causes a whole other dynamic because he doesn't want to make you unhappy either, but misery does sort of love company and you're here (indicating high vibration) and he's here (indicating lower vibration) he'll keep calling (indicating both vibrations moving closer together, the higher lowering, the lower raising) until you'll say "What?!" (indicating answering the phone impatiently)

(audience laughs, Abe does too slightly as they continue) And so, as you maintain your frequency here (indicates high vibration) one of two things happens; he either has to join you there or he will stop calling. And in either case it will be easier for you to maintain your vibrational alignment where it belongs: who you really are. (where your influence is greatest and your vortex is fillling in on it's own relative to all that's in there including what you want for your kids~DS)

So then what happens? So now, now you're not freaking out when the phone rings, now you're no longer feeling vulnerable to having your vibration lowered. Now your well-being is not being threatened or jeopardized by his behavior. So now, you're viewing him through the eyes of source. You're in a place where you're actually appreciating the contrast that he's living. You're in a place where you're actually acknowledging the value of what's going on. And then because you're in the vortex, he didn't jerk you out just by his negative conversation because you've been practicing being in and practicing being in and practicing being in, NOW your timing will be better. You'll say just the right thing at just the right time, things will occur to you. In other words as your grid fleshes out manifestations of thoughts in your mind will begin to come just at the perfect time and you'll say things to him like "Honey, you know the fact that you're unhappy there to me just means that you're laying the groundwork for something that's a whole lot better. And I know it feels awful to be in a place where they don't understand you and they don't value you in the way that you deserve, but I really do believe that things will get better for you because you deserve things to be better for you"

Now, nobody's going to be unhappy with that conversation.  If you say "Oh, you need to do this different and you need to do this different" or "You need to stop complaining.." he'll feel resistance about that, but that's not the kind of thing you say when you are in the vortex, when you are in the vortex you say "I know it's gonna get better and I can't wait for it TO get better and I'm rooting for you on every level and I'll keep my ear to the ground for things that might facilitate that a little bit more but meanwhile just try to stay as happy as you can where you are" and in time he'll either stop calling or he'll continue to call and if he continues to call then you'll know that he's liking the feeling that he's getting from you and in time you'll be able to say things to him such as "I feel like you are on the brink of discovering something more" and "It just feels to me that something is going to break loose for you and I'm really looking forward to when that happens" and "Just be easy about this and don't freak out about it" and "Every single person who has a really good job had a sucky job first, that's how they knew what they wanted." (audience laughs) "And so you're really on track and more on schedule than I think you even realize and it's gonna be okay". In other words, your words of reassurance feel good to him. But you can't offer words of reassurance unless you're in alignment with the source of assurance.

Hotseater: I can do this.

Abe: Yes you can. Yes you can. (audience applauds, hotseater is calm now, centered) Because you're a really good teacher who has been doing this for a very long time. And the reason that it's more difficult to do with your own children is because there's some self blame mixed into your vibration. And so everything that we just said that we want you to say to him, we just said to you.(hotseater lets out breath of relief)

Hotseater:  Just a tiny bit further; I only wanted a couple words and you gave me a million, but now I also have been asked to go back to read to children and umm, is there SOMETHING I could bring back to that school to...I'm also good friends with the principal, is there some word I could say about the ADD children that would, (shrugging),  do I just let that go?

Abe: Well, here's what we would say: "Thank you for calling me back because these are my favorite kids. Thank you for calling me back because I don't think there's anyone in the school that has more potential than these kids. Thank you for calling me back because there's no one that I would rather interact with than these kids." And as you keep saying that pretty soon somebody is going to say "Are you out of your mind; what are you talking about?" And when they ask the question; when they say "Why do you like this so much?"; here's what we would say: "There's a feeling about them that resonates with me deeply because it feels to me like their life experience has caused them to ask in a stronger way. I don't always connect with them because they are easily distracted, but when I do it's more satisfying, maybe a hundred times more satisfying than any other teaching experience. So it's sort of, for me, like mining a field and occassionally finding a nugget that is way worth it."

Hotseater: (whispers) Thank you.

Abe: Because you do feel that way. That's exactly what it's like. And then say: "I don't think of this as babysitting, I don't think of this as just getting them out of the hair of others, this is really an honor for me, because I feel that these kids are unique and special. And I adore interacting with them." And, as you practice these emotional words that you will convey to them only and if, or, better stated WHEN they ask why you like these kids, why you like these kids, why you like these kids (hotseater: I do ask me that) as you practice that scenerio in your mind, you will practice the vibrational grid of it and the next time you are with those kids, they are going to feel so adored by you, so understood by you, because in that whole process you have made peace with who they are, you have made peace with who they are which means that you are the first person that they've interacted with in a long time who doesn't see them as wrong or broken. And when you don't see them as wrong or broken, but you see them on their evolutionary path and you are adoring where they are and anticipating what's next for them. We have to tell you, explain to them that Bill Gates had ADD! Explain that he did not have the self-control imposed by others to stay focused long enough to get a college education. That his interest was so diverse that he had to carve out his own way and in the process took the entire world to a place that it could not have been without him. Everyone should be so lucky.

Hotseater: Thank you very much. (audience applause)

Abe: And, he's (Bill Gates)  one of so many. In other words, the creative geniuses are never easily corralled.

Hotseater: Einstein.

Abe: And the school system really wants to corral them because they're easier to deal with and we say; you're really not wanting to contain the contrast, you're really wanting the contrast to be robust because desire is born out of that.

This has been a gathering where we've talked a lot about making peace with where you are; and in the making peace with where you are it's accepting the perfection of where you are on your way to where ever you now want to be.

Hotseater: Thank you very much.

Abe: Yes indeed.

Hotseater: And hello to Jerry from all of us.

Abe: Yes indeed. And hello back to you, from him. (audience applause, hotseater leaves)

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