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Kicking off with a quote...

Guest: I’d like to know what to do when relief looks like too many chocolate chip coopies or too many games on the computer? Or for some, pain pills or alcohol?

Abraham: If that keeps looking like relief, then what must be happening is you must be continuing to turn back the other way. In other words, we can see it looking like relief once or twice, but if it keeps being the thing that is relief, it means: that’s relief, then you find the upstream thought, and that’s relief, then you find the upstream thought, that’s relief, then you find the upstream thought.

That was really good!

Boca Raton, FL 10/30/06

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This is a long one..Be prepared!
Assisting With Addictions

QUESTION: I am a counselor and I work with a number of people who are
seeking assistance or release from a variety of kinds of addictions:
drugs, gambling, food, alcohol. I'm wanting to be of the greatest
assistance I can be to them, and I'd like your assistance.

ABRAHAM: Well, the thing about all of those addictions is that there is
another hunger that is deeper, that is beyond the cellular hunger for
the substance.

Each of you, as you come forth into these bodies, are full of this
Nonphysical Energy Stream that created you and that sustains you. You
are spirit embodied in this flesh, blood, bone apparatus, but then, as
you bang around for a while and you see disapproval in the eyes of so
many, and you, every day, pick up something else that you push against,
little by little you become familiar with disallowing the Energy
Stream. All feel the diminishment, but some feel it more than others.

Those who come forth with the intense decision that they will stay
connected to the Stream, those who have come forth with very strong
determination to express what they know about this Energy Stream, they
suffer greatly when they choose vibrations that disallow it fully.

But almost nobody is talking about vibration.

It would be a rare alcoholics meeting or drug counseling session where
anyone would say to the one across the table,

"Well, you know, you're holding thoughts that are keeping you
vibrationally separated from who you really are."

And yet, that is what is at the heart of it.

And so, that void that they are feeling which is the void of joy, the
void of clarity, the void of Energy, the void of life, that is the void
they are trying to fill by buying one more thing and bringing it home
or by utilizing a substance that distracts them, in this moment, from
the things that cause them to push against.

When you utilize a drug or alcohol, your cork floats, in the beginning,
because just like hypnosis or meditation, you are distracted from
whatever thought that is holding you in the slower vibration. And so,
when you're distracted from what is holding you there, your vibration
raises. That's why they call it a high.

This is the first thing that, as a counselor, you must accept so that
you can convey it, vibrationally, even if you don't do it in words:
What they are addicted to is feeling better.

What they are addicted to is feeling better.

What they are addicted to is the higher vibration.

And, bless their hearts, they've been banging around until they found
some way that they could facilitate that for themselves.

And then you say, "No. This is ultimately bad for you.

It makes you do bad things.

And so, we will take this method that you have found, that is the only
method that you have been able to find for getting yourself into a
higher vibration, we're going to take that away from you because it
isn't good for you. We're going to label you and condemn you and scorn

Much of the population is perfectly willing to be miserable, but some
of you are less willing to be miserable.

We Encourage Connection

We're not encouraging addiction.

We are encouraging connection.

But sometimes it helps if you can convey to them why they have had
those impulses.

And some of them are ready to hear that from you, and it makes perfect
sense to them, and some of them are not.

We would rather see someone with a with a relief.

We would not take their substance from them until we had given them an
alternative bridge to connection.

But so many people are pushing so hard against the addiction itself,
because they don't understand it, that those words would not be well
received by them.

They think that the first thing we've got to do is get it away from

If the users were to withdraw the addictive substance from their
system, after about three days, the cells would stop calling, and the
physical craving would subside, temporarily.

But the reason that they went there to begin with has not been tended

And so, almost as soon as they turn around, something is going to
remind them of something that's going to take them back into that lower
vibration, and then they are going to long for the feeling of relief
that the substance gave them.

Three Days From Freedom Any physical addiction, it doesn't matter how
long they've been taking it or how full of it their body is, any
addiction, would, between three and thirty days, be completely cleared
from the system.

Usually closer to three days than thirty days. But it is the emotional
craving that must be tended to.

What you have to say to a person, and help them to understand, is, "You
are perfectly all right as you are, and it's nobody's business what
you've chosen."

But that's not the way most of the programs go.

Most of the programs say,

"You must admit what a rat fink you are. We have a step that says
you've got to go to all of those people that you have wronged and
you've got to open your heart and you've got to admit how unworthy and
rotten you are."

It was that feeling that drove them to drink to begin with, so now,
what you're saying to them is, "We're going to take the substance away
that gives you any relief, and we're going to poke a poker in your ribs
until you want it again.

We're going to torture you back into the very reason that you drank to
begin with, but we're not going to let you drink."

And they say, "Okay. Then I'll jump off a bridge."

Or they will replace it with something else that is equally condemned,
and probably illegal, which brings all sorts of other worrisome

We Would Soothe Them What would we do if we were standing in your
physical shoes whether we were a counselor or a friend or even a

One who is connected to the Stream is more powerful than millions who
are not.

If we had the blessed opportunity of having someone like that in our
gaze, we would say, "I wouldn't worry about it."

We would do everything that's in our power to soothe, to soothe the
void. We would appreciate, we would praise, we would point out positive
aspects, we would show them how to pivot, we would teach them about
emotions, we would show them the difference between how this thought
feels and how this thought feels, and we would encourage them to choose
the thought that feels better. Teach Them Selfishness

Most of all, you have to teach them selfishness.

They have to be selfish enough that they don't care what somebody else
thinks, and that's not an easy thing.

You all have integrated yourself into a society where you very much
care what people think.

That is the hardest hurdle for most of you to overcome. You do care
what others think because you have trained yourself, most of you, to
get almost 100% of your connection to Energy from somebody who is
physically focused and approving of you.

In your early stages, is where most of you begin vying for approval.
You began standing on your head, but what you discover is, you cannot
get that Energy Stream from someone who is not connected to the Energy

If they are not selfish enough to be connected, they've got nothing to
give you.

Even though they want to.

Your parents want to give you everything that you need, but they can't
give it to you if they're not connected to it.

You have all kinds of people depending on each other for their

That's why Teachers like us and Teachers like you have come into this
physical time/space reality, to remind you all how to make your own

To help you find your connection with Core Energy so that you can set
your Tone and never again be dependent upon what somebody else thinks
about you. So that if you have a rough day, you don't need alcohol or

You meditate and reconnect, or you quiet your mind, or you appreciate
and reconnect, or you choose one of hundreds of pleasant images that
you've been practicing that you keep in your pocket. You get one of
them out and roll it around in your mind. You show yourself how to
adjust your vibration.

You never again depend upon the conditions to adjust your vibration.
You leave behind what you have learned about conditional love, and you
become one who loves unconditionally, and in order to do that, you say,
"Nothing is more important than that I feel good."

And in the beginning, sometimes that means, "I need a drug. I need some
alcohol. I need a friend who is connected. I need a stepping stone to
help me to connect."

And that's why we say we wouldn't take the drug away.

We would allow the drug while we teach the greater message.

The Children Know Why doesn't everyone who drinks become an alcoholic?

Why doesn't everyone who uses the drugs...?

Children have a hard time with this.

All of these drug campaigns, "Drugs are bad."

They know that the peak performers, the heroes, the athletes are well
involved. They know. They know the signals. They know the codes. They
know the symbols. They know the signs. They know the lies. They know.
You see? So people who don't know, say, "Don't do that." While people
who are doing that are excelling.

It's the same old thing that happened when those who wanted to control
said, "Keep these rules and be among the blessed, and break those rules
and be condemned." And then, too many people saw too many people
breaking the rules and being blessed, and they said, "Hey! Something's
screwy here. I'm doing everything that's on this list, and I'm not
being blessed. And they're breaking all the rules, and they're
abundant. They're life's better than mine."

And then the very wise manipulator said, "Oh, you cannot judge by your
life here on earth. It is after you die that the rewards and
punishments are given."

So then the assumption was, the better it feels, the worse it is.

"I guess I'm supposed to suffer and struggle and deprive myself of
anything that I might desire so that in heaven I will then receive my

And we say, "That is the screwiest one of all."

Because Law of Attraction is not different in the physical than it is
in the Nonphysical.

As you learn to find the vibration of connection, the vibration of
connection is always yours. You Are Pure Energy When you leave this
physical realm and release your attention from it, you leave behind all
vibration of the lower, slower nature, and your vibration raises to the
highest level.

And so, there is no way that you could get so bad or so negative or so
disconnected that it would affect your afterlife, because in the moment
of your transition, you are Pure Positive Energy. Law of Attraction is
responding to you eternally.

And whatever you are offering, vibrationally, is what you are reaping
in terms of manifestation, and that consistency is the most powerful
and important part of our physical and Nonphysical Universe.

You got much more than you bargained for there, but it is at the heart
of everything you ask.

The more detail you give to your vision, the more you allow the
Universe to go to work and line things up, and often you can work the
bugs out of it in your imagination before you take your first action.
And if there are no bugs to work out of it, or no big ones, then your
feeling of diving in is a lot stronger.

Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City, KS on Sunday, September
27th, 1998
Let us get right to the heart of the reason that so many are reaching
for something else.

Because the thing that we really want you to remember is that you are
Source Energy who have come forth into these physical bodies. And so
you know at many levels of your being that you are supposed to feel
good. You know that you are worthy from that non-physical perspective
and you know that you have value and you know that you have come here
in order to expand, you know that you are a creator. You don't feel
unworthy, you don't feel incapable, you don't feel unloved – you know
who you are.

And so sometimes as you are moving around in your circumstances
things happen that cause you to not remember all of those things. And
so you sort of freak out at many levels of your being. You know that
you are supposed to feel good but you don't know how to get back to
that place of feeling good. And we believe it is that inner awareness
that you are supposed to feel good and you are supposed to be highly
regarded and that you are supposed to feel good about others and
others are supposed to feel good about you, that really is at the
root of trying to find something to suppress your conscious awareness
that things sometimes are not that way.

And so that's why we say that the heart of the addiction is a
vibrational imbalance and then the vibrational imbalance then leads
to introducing something to your body that then causes a
physiological imbalance but we do not know very many people who are
able to comfortably release addictions once they've got started
unless they are able to get to the heart of the energy imbalance and
bring themselves back into alignment with loving self, you see.

And that's why so many people just move from one addiction to another
to another to another – they're trying to fill a void, but it's a
void that can only be filled through the connection to that Source
Energy. And at some levels you keep feeling that hunger for something
and keep trying to find something to satisfy that hunger but the only
thing that ever really satisfies it is vibrational connection or
allowance of the energy that is really you. It's life you're craving,
you see, it's being tuned in to the energy stream, it's being out
here on the leading edge, and feeling the fullness of who you are
flowing through you – that's what you're craving. And anything else
is just a sort of temporary fix".

The Teachings of Abraham – the Master Course Audio CD
CD 7 - Track 3
Alaskan Cruise - 2005
Love this discussion, SG... thank you for posting it. I think we created it together, actually because I read it at the exact moment that I intended to! Amazing. Helping people with "addiction" is what I do for a living and it is nothing short of a brilliant experience for me. I can't tell you how many times my patients have said... "something's missing in my life". And, I get so excited because they are aware that something is missing and at that moment, we begin the journey of me re-minding them of Who They Are... and the flood gates open. I so appreciate my everyday interactions with my seekers... and hopefully at some point they will look at me and say, "I'm glad I could help you too." Namaste :)


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