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There is also a discussion thread on alignment:
Abe's Teachings In Action: Alignment

ABRAHAM ON ALIGNMENT (more quotes in the thread)

We're talking about tending to your business of being lined up with who you
are, before you take the first step of attracting others to play with you.

If you've taken the time to tune yourself to the vibration that is REALLY
you before you begin to play in your sexual games, or play in your business
games or your basketball games, or whatever games you're playing, if you
have tended to your business of alignment FIRST, then a whole different
level of others will come to play with you, you see.

And if you've taken the time to tune in to who you are, so that is the
consistent vibration you are offering, Law of Aattraction won't match you up
with those who have not also taken the
time to tune in. And when people get together who have taken the time to
tune in, that's when what you create is not only delicious but satisfying
beyond description. That is when the world stands
back in amazement at what you are able to achieve.

San Antonio, TX 11-17-07b


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Take responsibility for what is
happening in your experience and you
will find your ultimate glorious,
satisfying freedom to now launch into
your future all of the wonderful things
you can imagine.

Abraham -- A New Beginning II
"You are only as powerful... here's the key for you... you
are only as powerful as you are joyful in the moment!"
-- Abraham-Hicks
All empowerment is about alignment with who you are and all sense of freedom is
about alignment with who you are.

And everything else is just fluff.

Fort Collins, Co 6/16/07
The joy of alignment might be a little of the joy of being
out of alignment. Because if you don't get a little OUT of alignment, you could never feel the joy of getting INto alignment. Make sense to you? So things that are going wrong aren't really
going wrong. They are just giving you the impetus for what you are wanting. And when you line up with it, now it's righter than it's ever been. But it's not done. It's just righter than it's ever been.

~ Stamford, CT, 5-19-07
If you will decide you're a soother. You are not vigilant about what's right or
wrong. You are not a righter of the wrongs of the world. You are not even the one who is
pointing the direction of which way to go. You are soooothers. You are teachers. A teacher is
one who helps others connect to the stream. You will never demand someone into their
connection. You will never harass someone into their connection. You will never impeach
someone into their connection. (LOL) You will never legislate someone into their connection,
you see. You love them into their connection, you allow them into their connection, you
encourage, you well wish them into their connection. And what we're wanting you to do is
let your connection be of primary importance...

(Abraham 8/22/98)
When I’m in the Vortex, I can feel that the whole of me is
integrated with that Source that is me and I know my power and my well being
and I sort of want to shout it from the roof tops. I want to say, bring it on world because I can handle
it. I want to say; whatever it is;
I am up for it. I want to say, I
signed on for sifting through contrast and I’m good at it. I want to say I know how to direct my
thought. I’ve trained myself
there. I’m really good at what I
do. I’m a powerful focuser. I have been for a long time. I love to focus upon good feeling
thoughts. I love to focus myself
into alignment. I love being in
the Vortex. I love who I am. I love this experience of
creation. I love the Source Energy
part of me, and lining up with it.
I love the fact that I was willing to depart from Source a bit to stir
things up. I love how much I
stirred up. I love how much I put
there. I love the power of my desire. I think it’s my time Abraham. I think its time. I think I’ve paid the price of contrast
and I think I have put plenty there.
And I think I’m willing to let go of the resistant aspects of my life
experience. I think I’m ready to just
start trusting, to start trusting the laws of the Universe and really putting
this Vortex thing to a test. I’m
going to stop struggling and striving and I’m going to let my undivided
attention go toward whatever it takes for me to get in the Vortex.

I want to announce to every one listening, to the entire
Universe who is vibrationally out there somewhere, picking up on pieces of this
in some way. I want to announce to
everything and everyone who exists that I here now proclaim my determination to
release my resistance once and for all.
I give up. I give up. I give up. I give up. I’ve
given it more effort than anybody you know, in all the people you’ve been
teaching. I’ve given it more
effort and in my struggle from outside the Vortex I have not managed what I
want. And so now, I see the light
a little bit Abraham. I see why
you began depicting a Vortex as a vivid reality with a line that I could cross. I’m beginning to understand that your request for me to get
in the Vortex is the only thing that will ever work for me. I have to let go of all of those pieces
because in my interaction with all those pieces, I just hold myself out, and hold
myself out, and hold myself out, and my frustration is huge when I hold myself
out as I’m trying to explain but I’m only out because of this reality and this
reality and this reality. Abraham,
I now understand that you were never trying to say to me that those realities
didn’t exist. You were only trying
to say to me that those realities do not serve me when I focus upon them. You’ve convinced me Abraham that
it’s time for me to tell the story of my empowerment. It’s time for me to tell the story of my worthiness. It’s time for me to tout the benefit of
my knowledge of Law of Attraction.
It’s time for me to understand the Vortex, whatever in the hell it is,
and get into it. It’s time for me
to begin finding my way, to begin feeling my way. I’m going to feel my way into the Vortex. And I ‘m going to stop thinking my way
into the Vortex. I’m going to feel
my way in. It feels good
here. It feels like clarity. It feels like power. It feels like love. It feels like solution. It feels like answers to
questions. It feels like something
that I’ve been looking for a very long time. Abraham clearly you are in the Vortex. You have demonstrated that you are in
the Vortex. Your words reflect
that you’re in the Vortex. I will
not admit that I’m in the Vortex but I like the sound of the way you sounded from
inside the Vortex. And it will be
my eternal quest to give up whatever I have to give up in order to spend more of
my time in the Vortex. It’s my
time. It’s my time to reap the
benefit of the work I’ve done, and now I am going to turn my undivided
attention toward getting in to the Vortex best I can. (large applause)

You Tube, September 15, 2009

Abraham: I’m In The Vortex-Esther & Jerry Hicks

Thanks for this fabulous quote and thread. It's so true.

I had to learn that one the hard way. But it's all part of the wonderful journey we're on. To be unaligned and aware is the perfect place to be to become aligned and aware!
Abraham: As the virtuous being that you want to be, do you really
think that it is better to work or to play?

Audience: PLAY!!!!!

Abraham: Really? You really think that?
You think that now...
You think that now because we have influenced you to ...but. but...
now think about your children. So, It's Saturday morning and you
have a long list of things that need to be done AND this is the only
opportunity AND they want to play.
Do you want them to play or do you want them to do their chores,
WHICH is a virtuous thing?
And how do you counsel them, do you say 'Kids, PLAY!' or do you
say 'Kids, we've got some things that need to be done and when we get
our work done then we can play'
What is it folks?
In other words, YOU CAN'T KID US, WE READ YOUR ENERGY!!!!!!!!!

You DO think that work is more virtuous and that play is more
frivolous, and while you want to give yourselves permission to play,
you've been programmed to believe that play is only when the work is

and we're wanting you to realize whether you call it play or work ,
..let's not call it play or work anymore, let's call it satisfaction,
let's call it meaningful experience, let's call it joyous moments in
time, let's call it mining opportunities to feel good.

We think it's the differentiation between my free time and my bondage
time that is at issue here.

9-23-02 Cinn, oHIo side 2
Imagine yourself running one mile, and in this mile there are 2,000 doors to move through. Imagine coming to each door and then having to personally open it before you can run through it. Now imagine running the mile, and as you approach each door, the door is opened for you, so you are able to continue the pace, slowing not at all upon approaching each door. When you are in alignment with the energy that creates worlds, you no longer have to stop and open the doors. Your energy alignment allows things to line up for you, and the action that you offer is the way you enjoy the benefit of the alignment you have accomplished.

Abraham-Hicks, Money, and the Law of Attraction, p. 196
It is our anticipation that you will help us explain even more clearly, the
nature of your being. And the path toward all that you seek.

We make far too much of all of this.

And if you had not practiced not liking yourself, [playfully] we would not have
to TEACH you how to like yourself. [group laughter] If you'd not practiced
seeing the world as broken, we wouldn't have to convince you that it isn't. But
we don't mind bringing you back into alignment with Who You Are.

It is exhilarating to us to watch you restore to your natural default setting
[group laughter] .... of Worthy. And Abundant. And in LOVE with life and all

Abraham-Hicks, Mexico Cruise, 1-20-08
Turn downstream. Just lean a little lean a little lean a little lean
a little and before you know it you've leaned yourself right into
alignment with who you are. And to be physically focussed and in tune
with who you really are and focussed in the moment you don't notice
the ornery ones. You don't notice the people that formerly irritated
you. When you are tuned in to who you really are and you are
dominating the vibration of who you are, nothing annoys you. And when
you don't the reason you're annoyed is because you're not doing that.
It's not the other people who are annoying you it's your lack of
connection that annoys you. Good to know.

10-27-07 Asheville, NC Track 7 4:20


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