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Kicking off with a quote:

The only reason that someone seeks acknowledgment or
approval from someone outside self, is because they
are not feeling it from within, and the have a "void"
that they are trying to fill. If the way you feel
hinges upon anything outside of you--you're in
trouble! But if the way you feel depends only upon
your connection with your own Inner Being--over which
you have complete control--then everything in your
experience falls into adjustment.

Abraham - G 2/16/92



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Seeking the approval of others hinders my joyfulness

" We encourage you not to compare your experiences with those of
another, for there is no value in comparison. The intent of comparison
is to find one better that the other, and as you are focusing upon the
one that you do not prefer- your ATTENTION to that which you do not want
is ATTRACTING that which you do not want into your experience."
Abe, Daily planning calendar
Loving those topic links!!!
Flattery! :-)
Most of you are so concerned about what somebody else thinks of you.
Where with one small turning of that…………………..


Your feeling of discomfort would go away instantly.

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape 7/4/97
It's normal for you to care how they feel because you love them and want them to feel good, but you can't care how they feel about how you feel more than you care about how you feel. You've just got to take care of yourself, and you can't ask anybody else to take care of you, because they've got their own gap to deal with, they've got their own emotional scale to deal with.
If everyone would just tend to their own vibrational scale, then there would be a lot more happy people walking around and interacting with you.
And so, what you want to do is, be ultimately selfless in being ultimately selfish by saying, "I care so much about you, dearly beloved family and friends, that I will insist on being in my place of utter connection so that I have something to give you. So that I have something to call you toward. Because if I do not tend to that, then I've got nothing to give you", you see. "And if I tend to that, then I've got everything to give you."
And so, what you're wanting to do is trust your own guidance and encourage it in everyone you see. And live happily ever after. And remember that you can't get sick enough to make sick ones well, and you can't get ornery enough to make ornery ones happy, and you can't get poor enough to make poor ones prosperous. The only way that you can uplift anyone is being there where they want to be, and offering a steady beam about where that is, so that if they get in the vicinity, they might get caught in the gravitational pool of your powerful signal.
It's the split energy that causes confusion in so many of your lives. In other words, you are Source Energy in a physical body with powerful things that are occuring to you that you want, and you are establishing your own powerful stream, and when you go with the flow of that powerful stream, you thrive in all ways, you see.

Abraham, 2006-05-30, Buffalo, NY
You know they make fun of us, too? And if any of us are trying to contour
our life in order to please the diverse beliefs of people, we'll be sort of
crazy out of our minds, won't we?

In fact, you'll know you've really figured out your alignment when you are
able to allow your alignment even when someone is not allowing you.

Toronto 9/26/09
well notice we can do this on some subjects better than others. :-}

Which just shows, once again it is all about our beliefs about ourselves!
When you are in the vortex, the peanut gallery is irrelevant!

Los Angeles 1/16/10
"Many of you think that they way to uplift others is by showering them with your
own approval. But if you help them understand that they have a Source of
Refreshment that is independent of all other humans, now you have offered them
true upliftment that will serve them, independently, all of the days of their

The Vortex
We want you to stop caring about what anybody else's response is to you. And
when you get there, they'll all really, really like you.

It's the strangest thing.

When you need their approval, you never get it.

And when you don't need their approval, you're so tuned in, everybody wants to
be with you.

It's such an interesting transformation to see.

Alaska Cruise - 7/21/08 - CD Track 5


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