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Hotseater: My mate has worthiness issues, but I'm not trying to change him...

Abraham: You know why we believe that, that you're not trying to change him? Because you're seeing him exactly as he is, so you are helping to hold him in that unchanged state.

San Antonio 11/10/12

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"You can't help anyone if they've convinced you that they have a problem." Abraham June 16, 2012 Denver, CO Session 3

Abe: Now what?
Guest: I want to talk some more about the aspect of blending with the physical and the non-physical. What I've been noticing in the last few months is when I'm working with one of my patients and they ask me a question and I know I'm in the vortex and I'm with them, I'm seeing them in their wellbeing. And they might ask me a real technical question or medical question or drug related question and these answers just come out me. It's not something that I have a conscious knowing about and I know it's my source that knows it and I'm allowing it to just come out. And then I step back and I go "God, that was really brilliant! Where the hell did..." (laughter) and it's like where did that come from? And I know it's there, so my question is am I gonna get to the place where that feels like it's one? That's it not like I'm having this out of body experience where source is over there doing the talking and I'm over hear watching?

Abe: Well you have brought us right back 'round to where we left off and where we wanted to go here today (since source is flowing right through you)

Guest laughing: Oh, okay

Abe: Because this is the point that we are wanting to make in a way that you will all feel it: when you allow source to come full forward because (as you said) you are in the vortex so you have vibrationally prepared yourself for that, then what is the point of making the distinction between you and source?

Guest: That's my question.

Abe: Well stop it! Stop doing it (guest/audience laughing) That really is when we say "Everything that you want is because you want THAT, then why keep arguing for that? Because while you are, while you meant to tell the story that on occasion you allow it, the story that you were really telling is that you usually don't allow it. So much so that you have those "brilliant moments".

Guest: Right, instead of it just being normal.

Abe: And the more you say "yes, well that's logical, yes, well that's logical, well that, this is who I am"....because look at it this way...

...So, you were source before you came into this body and here in this body you have become more because you have shot the rockets and become more, but then as we are just saying today; as source is now flowing through you where you are now; doesn't that still make YOU the leading edge? Are you not still the creator? In other words, it's time to stop separating yourself from source and accept (Accept..not except) that you are source in this body and you are source rendezvousing with that but ALL of you is source.

Guest: Right.

Abe: You are source even when you are not in the vortex; you just don't feel good.

Guest: Right.

Abe: In other words, you can't stop being source. And that's why when you make peace with what-is, then...can you feel how in the making peace with what-is you're living an unconditional love?

Guest: Right, mmmhmm.

Abe: It's accepting the question, it's reveling in the question in the question as well as the answer. It's reveling in the problem as well as the solution because without the problem there could not be the answer. Without the question there could not be the answer. So who gets to decide what art of it is best when it all is working in concert for the joyous expansion?

And so, as we all stop trying so hard to make the distinction between the problem and the solution or the physical me and the source energy me and just accept that we're all out here on the leading edge, then you have more of these moments. More of those "brilliant" moments.

Now. We want to know what rings your bells about the brilliance of the moment?

Guest: One of the biggest things is just accessing something that I knew I already knew, and I'm just allowing it to come.

Abe: But we want to get to the "what rings your bells" about it. In other words, sure, I want to be brilliant and to be known as brilliant. Of course I want to be good at what I do cause I want to be effective at what I do. And I want to help other people. But what is the REASON (Abe emphasizes "reason"), what's in it, why do you want it? Because brilliant is who I am. Because aligned is who I am. Because source is who I am. Because nothing else will do. That's really what we want you to feel. Nothing else will do. A moment of being less than I am is an unnecessary deprivation that I'm gonna cut out.

Guest: Yes.

Abe: It's an unnecessary deprivation that I and a lot of others who walk this planet have sort of tricked ourselves into believing that we are less than source and it has never been true.

Guest: Yeah. It feels right.

Abe: And so, and then! As you start accepting your brilliance and reveling in it; more and more of those moments come and before you know it you begin to accept that brilliance in others too. And THAT'S when you really click in on a consistent basis with who you are. Because you can't see lack in another when you're tuned into source. And when you are no longer seeing any sort of lack in another you're really helping them out big time.

Nothing could be more beneficial for another person than for them to be the object of your attention when you are flowing purely source.

Guest: Yes.

Abe: You used the word blended. When you are completely blended with source. Because then you believe in their clarity, you believe in their brilliance, you know their value, you know their worthiness and now here you are knowing that; there's a very good probability that they're gonna join you in their expectation because people almost always rise or lower to your expectation when you are a focused being as you are.

So if you in a very strong way are finding lack in another, they're gonna start feeling it too in most cases. Because most people are really not doing a very good job of thinking for themselves. We want them to, we want them to not find lack even if you do, but oh! It is so...you're a born uplifter which means you are born to flow all that you are for the purpose of being the influencer that causes them to rise to that which they are and THAT is the definition of healing.

Guest: Yes.

Abe: Now what?

Guest: That's it. Thank you!

Abe: Very good.

Excerpt from Sept 27, 2011 Session 3

"We want you to understand that unless you start at a sort of basis of understanding of how it is that things are coming to you, until you understand that then you cannot understand how anything is coming to any other. And when you begin to make the association between what you are thinking and how you are feeling and how things are turning out, then you begin to get some insight into what's happening to others.
The biggest piece, and we know that it is borderline sickening to humans to hear this from us, but the biggest piece that is missing in the understanding of human friends is that the horror that you've assigned to the death experience is not what you've made it out to be at all. And that that's one of the advantages that the beasts give to you is that they come and go and come and go and come and go and come and go and come and go because they reach levels of maturity so much more easily and so the joy that they feel is proportionately greater. In other words even though often they come to what you would call "some terrible end", that terrible end is very brief in relationship with the delicious romping that they've been experiencing.
Guest: Absolutely.
Abe: (continuing) And humans do not allow themselves that benefit because humans are so busy speculating the "what has gone wrong-ness" that they hold themselves in vibrational discord with the rightness that their own individual lives have actually carved out.
Guest: This is not about the death experience in terms of it being horrendous, it's about the damage that is done; the unfinished business, the children left behind, the families disrupted, the lives destroyed, and all of the experience which we live in that process.
Abe: Well you see, what you are doing (and it is unique to you in that your caring is greater than most feel) but, what you have done is you are taking upon yourself through your attention to detail the burdens of the discomfort of the lives of so many over which you have no creative control. So, the darkness that you are feeling and the horror of it and the injustice of it is because you personally cannot do anything about any of that. But we want to say to you, you're taking so much more of it on yourself than is yours to take and that any individual that is experiencing any of the pieces of that that you are defining is not feeling as badly about it. At one point early in her experience with us Esther was watching something on television. It was something that had happened in another part of the world and it had happened to children and the mothers were wailing and as Esther was watching it she was beside herself with discomfort. And she said to us "Abraham, if I am feeling this much discomfort over watching something from which I am so completely removed, what must it be like for those people who are in the midst of all of that?" And we said to Esther "Your pain in this moment is greater than theirs because the contrast between who you are and what you are living and what you are allowing right now is greater. (Guest is murmuring agreement) And because in the midst of that other things are happening to them, the other coping mechanisms are taking place." (Guest is murmuring more agreement) That's the most significant thing. So you do a real dis-service to yourself and we're not trying to talk you out of it because you are launching all kinds of global rockets of desire, but we're just sayin' to you that you will not be able to sort yourself out of this by getting more and more specific.
We have never heard more articulate conversation, we have never heard words come together more accurately or comprehensively; you are really good at conveying what you are feeling. And you have taken on yourself the discomfort and discord of maybe millions of people and directed it to us in perhaps the most profound and powerful way that we've ever experienced it. And in all of that we only have simplistic answers for you. Those answers are: Life is supposed to be good for you, not just Esther and not just for some but for all of you and when it isn't something has gone terribly wrong. And every single time the thing that has gone terribly wrong is that an orientation or perspective has been developed and practiced to the point that other evidence can't come in. In other words, when you have decided something in a very powerful way then it must be because Law of Attraction will always present to you exactly the package that you are practicing all day every day.
Guest: I've got no argument with that.
Abe: And so we do not sense that your life reflects this now in this powerful way. At one time, yes, but we want to say to you that you are taking more upon yourself; this is really what we want we would like to say to you: in the same way that Esther through allowing Abraham is a voice that really perpetuates more and more people coming into their personal alignment and allowance, that when someone is articulate and accurate as you are presents an opposing point of view, that you are in essence not creating for the masses, but you are presenting a vibrational forum that allows that grid to fill in more easily because you cannot be a match to something without perpetuating it, you just cannot be. So, silly as this is going to sound to you right now, we want to say you're just having one hell of a step one moment. You're just having that "I know what I don't want moment", and if you were not to the core of your being someone who understood so profoundly that that is not the way it is meant to be, you would not be experiencing the discord and discomfort that you are experiencing. In other words the enormity of your outrage ...
Jerry said to Esther (you are aware of Jerry? Guest: Oh yes, I've met Jerry & Esther) Jerry said to Esther; he's writing to her nearly every day, Jerry said to Esther "I understand the profound depth of your love for me by the profound depth of the pain you are feeling in believing in the absence of me. And this is sort of what we'd like to say to you, is that we know of the depth and the power of who you are and what you are really wanting..."
July 28, 2012 Session 2 in San Francisco, Ca.

Abraham recounting a story of a frustration Esther is having with her electrical systems at her house. "It's just not right... it should be more stable!"

Esther says: Abraham, Are you saying to me that, standing in the middle of something unwanted, that there is a way to observe the unwanted-- I can't put my head in the sand, I can't move away, I can't be someplace else all of the time. So avoiding the 'what isness' doesn't seem practical. So are you saying, there is a way that I could be in awareness of the problem but still a vibrational match to the solution. Is that what you're saying?

And we say: that is what we're saying. That's what we're encouraging, an understanding that you can be a vibrational match to the solution even when you are standing with the evidence of the problem. And that's what we mean by: being aware of your vibration and doing something about what your vibration is.

Because being aware of the problem and talking about the problem and remembering the problem, and making a list of how many times you've come to repair this very same thing over the last couple of years, is not being a vibrational match to the solution; it's keeping the problem active.

Dallas, 11/17/12

When you want to be joyful and you remember that your joy is not dependent upon the behavior of others -- and you consistently look for
good-feeling subjects to use as your chronic point of focus -- all desires on all subjects will be satisfied.

The Vortex page 77

When you see someone living something awful, a rocket of desire for their resolution shoots out of you. And then, if you start focusing upon their resolution, you'll start feeling better right away. And now, you're part of the current that is part of the solution.
~ Abraham-Hicks, Albuquerque, NM, 2012


You don’t create things that you want. You create things that you give your attention to, whether you want them or not.

Abraham - Los Angeles 4/1/07


In your worry you cannot influence the results that you want to influence; you are actually influencing the opposite of that. Sept 28, 2011 Abraham-Hicks



You CAN influence suffering; in other words when you suffer and you are with her then she can feel some of that emotional suffering too. Sept 28, 2011 Abraham-Hicks

Q: People go to John of God (for healing) and are really focussed on their condition that they want to get rid of which according to you is counter-productive because they are not aligned to their desire--


Abe: but you don't know what they're doing, or how they're feeling. You don't know where they are vibrationally, let that go, let that go.  For as many people that are there on any given day, there are differing results, because different people are in different degrees of desire and belief and expectation and knowing. 


When you look at the manifestational results that others are demonstrating and you come to conclusions about them you are almost always wrong. Because you don't know what's going on along their physical trail. You don't know where they are vibrationally. And the majority of them are not saying things that accurately affect the vibrational nature of their being.

Only you know for sure what you mean.


Even those of you who are close to one another, who are spending all day every day together, you are hearing, you are perceiving the words that another is speaking through the lens of your own vibration. You don’t really know ANYTHING except your relationship with your vibration.


And when you practice it, when you do it on purpose, when you think thoughts and feel how they feel, then modify the thought to affect the feeling. When your dominant intent is to affect the whole of who you are, then you stand in this stable place.  The more you do that, the less inclined you are to look for the conditions, the manifestational results of others. Because from your perception, you see through the eyes of source.  You have true compassion for who they are. You don’t freak out about where they are. And you feel less inclined to analyse how they got there.

Cancun, 2014 (factors influencing healing)

Abraham Hicks Publications


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