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I've seen this question before and had no idea. So...of course...we need a thread! More quotes to come as they pop up...


Q: ... received some information... on ascension... There is so many varying points of view in the non-physical as there are in the physical...

Abe: Let us embellish what you just said a little bit. There is not as many varying points of view in the non-physical as are being translated into the physical. In other words, the translator has a difficult time translating very far outside the range of his beliefs. And so the great variances are predominantly different from physical perspectives more than they are differences in non-physical

Q: OK, so I'm taking it you don't agree with the ascension material? Are you familiar with the ascension material?

Abe: We are in absolute agreement with what is at the heart of it. In other words, as it is described, what is literally being described is what every physical being does when he withdraws from the physical and re-emerges into the non-physical.

Our question that we put to those who are speaking of ascension in different terms to what we just described, is what are you going to do with a physical body in a non-physical dimension? And then some have expressed back to us "well, we won't be there long, we'll re-appear in another physical dimension."

What we have discovered as we have probed, and we've talked to a lot of people about it who are holding firmly to the idea... What we've discovered is that without exception the reason that they hold to the idea of keeping this body with them is because they can't imagine being without it. Their whole point of identity revolves around this body and so the "I" that they want to preserve feels threatened under any other conditions you see.

Someone said "well, I don't want to ascend because this body is sick". In other words I don't want to take this body with me, I just as soon leave it and live in a healthier state of being." And we say, yet it is a guarded feeling that causes that sort of interpretation.

Q: I didn't feel good about it or bad about it...

Abe: The reason you don't feel bad about it is because all of you will ascend. In other words, all physical beings as you leave this consciousness will re-emerge into the broader perspective. And everything that we are hearing them describe about it is the way that it is. There's just one little thing, and that's you are really not wanting to keep one body, it defies the agreement between physical and non-physical that has been in place for a very long

You see you come into a physical dimension and what you bring to it is energy and then the energy combines with that which comes of the earth. Now think about it, let us give you our perspective. There are more physical dimensions than we would have time to number, let
alone describe to you. And just to give you a vague idea of what we're talking about, the oxygen content of these physical arenas varies dramatically. The gravitational pull on these physical arenas varies dramatically. What you have here in this physical dimension are physical species, like you, who have been evolving and adapting
to this physical time and place. To the oxygen, to the gravity, to all of the things that represent life of planet earth. So do you really think that you would like to take this oxygen breathing being that has been precisely adapted over eons beyond description - do
you really think you would like to take it and transplant it into an environment different? Talk about adjustment! (laugher) Why would anyone want to do that?

First of all, they don't know where they are going. They're asking questions like when? where? how? Who will I be? They're asking questions to which they don't have answers to and so they're getting in a negative place about it. And then from their negative vibration, they attract information that it is deciphered in a way that will sooth them you see.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop G-8-22-92


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Ascension is the releasing of resistance and the allowing of one's vibration to
connect with the source and when you die that's what happens every single time
but you don't have to die to have that experience you can raise your vibration
to match the vibration of your source and live in that ascended state.
There are many people who have a sort of skewed look or take on that. They are
speaking as if they will take their bodies and ascend . And we say, really, this
physical body in a non-physical universe is impractical, but then when you think
about it, this physical body is only a perception anyway.
And so, you can, conclude a similar experience when you re-emerge you are not
going to feel like a nebulous blob you are going to know you as you, but the
you, you will recognize will be so much more than the you that you know here.
Not because this is less than, this is just a more specific, individualized
personality or focus.

2/27/05 San Francisco CA
They always are able to put into words the thoughts I KNOW but can not find the words for.

I think that is what makes Esther so special!!!!
"Your emotions are communication from your Inner Being. Your Inner Being,
which is a very real part of you, exists. And so, as you are sensitive to
those emotions, you have the advantage of MUCH KNOWING that you may not be
consciously aware of. Your Inner Being is watching over you from a broader
standpoint, and your Inner Being is understanding all of the intentions that
you hold.

As you are blended -- this conscious physical being and the Inner
Being that is within you -- then you may receive many means of communication.
That which is received through thoughts through the Non-physical dimension,
is created into whatever is wanted to be, or whatever is expected to be, by
the being who is receiving.

The awakening occurs within you, and what it is, is the blending of
your conscious physical being with your Inner Being. It is saying, "I

Each of you has access to Infinite Intelligence, and as you allow the
opening of the passageway, within your very being, your current focus will
be enhanced. Ask to speak to those who come forth from where your Inner
Being is. You have Energy surging through you from the inner dimension, and
that Energy surges through all of you!

Energy that you are not used to must blend with the Energy that is
within you. That is the blending. That is the opening that we are speaking
about. It is that the Energy is aligned. The more that you are allowing it,
the more time you are spending doing it, the more comfortable it becomes.
Now, as with all creation, want it and ALLOW it -- and it IS. Want it and
ALLOW it -- and it IS.

Now, as you are in the state of allowing, your work is done. Inner
Being will do the rest. Once you are open, you may receive, any time you are
wanting, by setting forth the intent, "I intend to receive."
Abe, A New Beginning I
note to self...awakening thread. specifics thread .....

Guest: You weren't kidding about the chair. Ah. Wow. Ah. I guess my question is of a broader nature...you talk about us being on the leading edge and that we're living in a great time of awakening which seems to coincide with other teachings that people have. So, really, what does that mean for humanity as a whole? I mean, where are we heading?

Abe: Well, when we talk about the awakening, what we mean expressingly, exactly, precisely and emphatically, is this; (drum roll) (guest laughs) ....Through all that you've been living; all of you, you have created a vortex of magnificient life experience. And, we're going to go back and talk about how that came to be in just a moment. So here is this vortex of beingness....do you get that everything that you see around you that is a manifested experience was; before it was manifested, it was a vibrational reality? Because that's ESSENTIAL to understanding what we are going to say next. You have to accept that there is this vibrational preceeding. A vibrational thinking it through, and defining it and wanting it and aligning with it before anything comes into manifestation. So, through all that you have been living, not just in this experience but in all of those before, you've created this vortex that is peaking at this magnificient beingness. And as more of you are paying attention to the way you feel, first accepting that you are vibration, second accepting that this vibrational reality exists and third and most important, deliberately aligning to it, when you walk into the vortex, that's what we mean by "the awakening". Because, you are not awake in the fullest sense unless you are up to speed with all that you have become. And the way that we have been leading into this discussion is by saying that everything that you see that is manifested already is really old news. And our physical friends say Abraham, I just checked my bank balance online in the moment , how can that be old news? And we say anything that is manifested is old news, behind the times of terms of creating, because creation is in the vortex. And when you find a way to get into the vortex by feeling your way in, by letting it be the emotional journey that it must be, so that you're hanging around in vibrational alignment with all that you really are, now you are living what we call real time. That's the awakening. That seeing the world through the eyes of source. That knowing people for who they really are, regardless of their behavior. It's loving unconditionally bc you are aligned with that which is love, and you don't have the ABILITY in that alignment to look for unlovable things.

We've called it the re-awakening, or the awakening in the sense that: it happens everyday. In other words, you were born into this physical body your vibration shifted in that you became more resistant in nature just because you began life through physical senses. And we don't want to define the vortex as non-physical and the physical as out of the vortex, we don't want to make those distinctions bc there are plenty of times where plenty of people are in the vortex WHILE they are seeing their eyes and hearing through their ears and smelling through their nose. It's just that you don't have access to the WHOLE of what's going on unless you are inside your vortex, REALLY tuned to all that you are. That's the awakening. Fully breathing and functioning with the fullness of source actively being allowed by you.

(goes on to 'splain that source is always there, the vortex is always there, it's just us that summoned them for reminding, bc everybody else knows lol)

date is since 8/28/2010, i've compressed five workshops and am lost in them somewhere. add a date if you know it off hand. good grief where do the nights go. good thing tomorrow comes soon ;)
You have to accept that there is this vibrational preceeding. A vibrational thinking it through, and defining it and wanting it and aligning with it before anything comes into manifestation.

(snipping from above for further enjoyment)


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