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so...abe says to ask the questions with answers that you know are going to feel good in a recently circulated quote...ask questions that the answers will feel good to. i asked myself a few minutes ago...asked my inner being rather..."am i allowed to actually allow this into my experience by just finding a way to allow it?". i felt better right away. didn't hear an answer...but i felt better, noticably.


enjoyed the semantics of noticing how the question points the way. noticing how reaching for an answer that feels good is instructed to be helpful. noticing that it does indeed appear to be. enjoying most of all that i asked the question by default...it just occurred to me when relief would be pretty easy to notice. enjoying that timing. yes.



k. aimless commentary. that's all that was


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o! what do i WANT TO BE ACTIVE in my vibration?


o. nice question. just occurred.


prepaving what's active in my vibration next. lol. delicious. pie components...old analogy. interesting.


what IS active in my vibration right now? let's see....

virtual reality is what abraham teaches...it's what life teaches as well. is navigating whiplash basically the only deliberate creator skill once you understand that life teaches a virtual reality in our consciousnesses that is unsourced for the most part? if that's so...then it's supposed to get easier and easier to do. individually...and then factor in the hundredth monkey effect. hhhm.


what do i WANT to be active in my vibraiton? ...how about...this is getting easier and easier to understand and flow with and through. how about...isn't it interesting how life just leads to better and more? how about...don't i really like my life now? isn't the weather fantastic here? isn't it nice the domestic trip i've got going on? va!




When you start treating yourself like we do, you ask questions that you know the answer will feel good when it comes. 05.18.2002 Tarrytown NY copyright www.abraham-hicks.com

Boy do I like what you said here. I can ask nearly the same question of myself or something close. My problem/opportunity today is guilt - like in not working on an article that needs done. Hmmm...NEEDS done? I have to phone some people to get resources for it and am reluctant to do so. I guess that's called fear.


Ok - question: "Can I accept that I don't want to do this?" yes, I can now.

hello judi

i have a question!


i wonder if it is possible that you are just not feeling inspired yet and that if you wait until you are the experience will be easy and great.?


if the answer to that question feels like a breath of fresh air....it's a yes and it's believable. therefore...


if you do take action prior to happy inspiration rather than worried, protective 'inspiration' or motivation really, ...it will be like pushing a noodle and pulling teeth


that's only if the answer to that question is yes. if that question feels good in other words...then the new question could be something like...well...if being busy doing that is not it....how bout i be busy  relaxing instead?



ok. my vibration lifts on that. how observable. and o the promise of that. so far it does seem to work so very well...relief is relief is relief and when you play with your emotions and keep seeking that relief your lifestyle demonstrates accordingly. thus is the message and the work of abraham. and does it work? well...it takes some acclimating :)) just because it works SO well. takes you by surprise a bit how well...so you have to adjust on that topic a bit. fun.


what were we talking about? was it good? :)) each question is promised to be followed by another one? and that's WHY life is fun? oh...and on topic...an alternative question altogether....can i feel good about performing these tasks...can i line up my energy and ride that energy through the sucessful journey to and through the desired results?


how easily can i have this done for me?


that was specific. maybe general is better....

what am i content about?

does being busy being content count?

Hi friend - I am NOT inspired to work or write. I feel a need to make money tho. If I can just take it one day at a time. Like today I am content to putter and read.

so...does being busy being content count? (answer...well...as per abraham you can pretty much call that money in the bank - my friend)


o. let's revisit that question again! i love how it feels....does being content count? does that tip my vibrational balance towards what i want?


la la la la. chattering, puttering, listening-to-abing. smiling.

what more questions might feel good?

what now?

isn't this easy?

doesn't this feel good?


think i'm having a good day deliberate creating.

is this a good day deliberate creating?

a good moment at least?

i think i like this feeling. do i? yes. yes i do.

have to think of more questions. think i just melted and went plop.


Well now a funny thing happened since I decided not working today would make me content. I got on IM with a woman I know online (and who I just found out was an editor at a publishing house) and she wants to see an outline of my book and the first three chapters. Yes, I am content, but admittedly a little hyper as well.
Abe Asks A Series Of Questions Soothing Out-Of-The-Vortex-Specificness

Guest: .....It's like I'm always waiting for it but it doesn't turn up.

Abe: Well, let us ask you some questions here. So just, this will be very simple for you, so just relax and just, the first thing that comes into your mind just give it to us. .....pause........

Do you like life to come fast at you, or do you like it to come ...um...in a comfortable pace?


Guest: At a comfortable pace.

Abe: Do you enjoy being mostly by yourself or do you enjoy the good company of others?

Guest: Good company of others.

Abe: Do you like to find one thing to focus upon and just stay with it over long periods of time or do you like diversity and variety of subject in your life?

Guest: Diversity and variety.

Abe: Do you enjoy conversations that are full of wit and fun or do you like conversations that are more about intellectual things?


Guest: A bit of both.

Abe: Do you like conversations that are full of wit and fun or conversations that are more intellectual in nature?

(audience is chuckling, it sounds like Abe is hamming up "wit and fun" a bit.)

Guest: Wit and fun. (audience still chuckling)

Abe: Do you like conversations that are funny and progressive or do you like conversations that are funny and slower in nature? Do you like your fun to move in the direction of wit or do you like your fun to move in the direction of slapstick?


Guest: Slapstick, I'd say.

Abe: Do you enjoy people who are looking for fun everywhere they go or do you enjoy people who are looking for fun occassionally?


Guest: Fun everywhere they go.

Abe: Do you, do you believe that there are fun people to rendezvous around every corner or do you believe that they are few and far between?

Guest: Around every corner.

Abe: Do you believe that law of attraction knows where all of the fun ones are, (Guest, humorously "Yes") or do you believe it is a mystery to law of attraction where they are?

(audience is chuckling and guest is beginning to as well)

Guest (lightly chuckling): They know where they are.

Abe: Do you believe that the most exhilarating ideas come out of your singular mind or do you believe that the most exhilarating ideas are a combination of co-creating with others?

Guest: A.....combination.

Abe: Do you believe that as you are moving through life experience that it is probable that you will have a highflying-good-experience or do you believe that it is more likely that life will just sort of wind down into drudgery?

pause, one audience member belly laughs from sounds like back of room...

Guest: ...The first one.

Abe: ...So, you generally are in a very good place of allowing all these ideas that you want to come to you. So now as we were asking you these things; first of all as read them right from your energy, it was very easy to know where you were going, so now here's another series of questions.....

Do you believe that it is important for you to become very specific about what you want in order for the universe to deliver to you something that is pleasing?

Guest: Maybe not.

Abe: ...For sure not. In other words...you can remain...it's not that you don't know specifically-precisely-what-you-want that slows things down, it's that in your not-being-able-to-articulate-it you are finding a general vibration of negativity that is preventing it from coming. So what we are saying to you is: if you can stay in a general attitude of positive with expection, just general. Just general. Just general. The universe will deliver to you the details to turn the general into specific. And it will surprise and delight you around every corner. And then you will announce to people that you know: I finally figured it out. It's not my job to state with precision every single thing I want. It's my job to general state my claim for happiness and not delve into the details of resistant thought and happiness will show itself to me around every corner. We're not kidding you. We've been teaching it for a long time; it's what we call the Art Of Allowing. And it goes like this: you are source energy, a part of which is in this physical body. And in the body you've been sifting through the data and putting things into your vortex that are vivid and real that are specific and detailed beyond your or our ability to articulate it. It's there, it's alive, it's real and it's a now reality in terms of vibration and all you have to do is just wander in the vicinity of this spinning vortex and it will take you in and show it to you.

(audience applause)

And others will say: What is this magic that you have found? You must have studied very hard, you must have set your goals very high, you must have been very specific. And you say: No, I played Doodle Jump every day! I meditated myself into alignment. I did things that felt good. But mostly: I know I like fun and I know I like wit and I look for it everywhere and I hold myself in a general place of wellbeing and I let the law of attraction do it's work. Because if I'm general-and-happy law of attraction will make me less-general-and-more-specific and more-happy. In other words, it's going to amplify wherever you are, you see.

We think that what goes wrong with so many people is that you're specifically unhappy and so you try to get specifically happy but in your attempt to get specifically happy you just beat the drum of where you are and then you think: o. I don't know what I want, I must find a way to be more specific and more happy. And we say: Go general. Deconstruct. And let the larger part of you begin constructing every day of your experience.

Now here's something we haven't said to you yet and you are ready to hear it: This source energy part of you who existed before you came into this body still remains in nonphysical and you've been contributing to the details of what that part of you has become all of the days of this physical experience. There is a very specific reality that is you in this vibrational reality that we are calling your vortex of attraction, you see. So, all you have to is no longer to that thing that you've been doing that's been holding you out of the vibrational vicinity of it and this vortex will take you in and show you the specifics of all that you have put there in a unfolding that will be EASY to take, you see.

Don't you like knowing that?

(audience applause)

So others will say: What's happened to you?

Do you accept that you are a creator through vibration? Abraham-.02.05.2011 www.abraham-hicks.com

We got your attention and now you're focussed.

"I manifest things that are amazing, but..."



"I manifest things that are amazing, such as..."

Do Any of you believe us when we say, your thoughts are constructing


And that manifestation follows them?


 Do you believe this at ALL?


Do your thoughts manifest?


W LA,CA 1-29-2011


copyright for material integrity

Do you believe that your inner being has clarity about what you want?



Indeed Michael, she says from the peanut gallery.

huggies to the both of you.


dropping this in several spots. got this from abequotes, btw. for those that think i do all this transcribing...not true. i couldn't possibly ;)


Sometimes it’s as simple as saying and believing, “I’ve just got to trust the process. I’ve just got to trust the process. I either believe in what I am asking for or I don’t.”

It really is that simple.

I’ve just got to trust the process. I’ve just got to trust the process.

Because a lot of times, the specifics in the moment make it hard to trust the process. So you have got to do something about not focusing on those specifics that challenge your trust.

That’s the thing. Never ask a question if you think the answer is going to make you challenge your trust.

Never ask soemthing that is going to upset you vibrationally.

Now this is not a realism conversation, is it. There are a whole lot of people who would say, “Oh! I believe in telling it like it is and in facing the facts and facing reality.

So we say, “We believe in you creating reality. We believe in you CREATING reality, not facing reality.

And we know if you insist on keeping the faith and trusting the process...sometimes you have to be pretty darn general...

Keep going general!

Seattle 7/3/11


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