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The thing that we most want to express to you is that this physical planet is a planet of enormous balance, and we're not just talking about the perfect number of frogs or squirrels or humans; we're talking about intentions with which beings come forth. We're talking about the energy.
People worry about, if everyone wanted a mansion, and we say, that balance that we were talking about does not bring everyone to the same place of wanting the same things. You come forth with enough diversity of desire to bring that sort of balance. Esther and Jerry tease about this. As they were building their beautiful home and there were so many magnificient people that came to help with the different stages of it, and Esther and Jerry said on more than one occassion "Thank goodness they're not all like us. If they were all like us, travelling around, making their living through talking and meeting people, we'd be living in tents or in grass shacks or if we had to live in what we could build, it would be very meager circumstances." But, there are others who have different intentions. In other words, they're not all wanting to live like that. They're not all wanting or believing or expecting that they will. That's part of the balance that we are talking about.



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There is never a crowd on the leading edge
Physical beings worry about diversity because if there are things that are different, sometimes they fear them, and yet we say sameness is not the answer either. And we promise you there will never be a time on your planet when all humans will want the same thing at the same time. You come forth with enough perfect mix of desire and belief to keep everything moving along in perfect order.

"Babies come forth to remind adults of that which they have forgotten.

They are the well-springs of the eternal life that is promised to all
physical beings.

They come forth in absolute perfect balance. Perfect in numbers, in
physical appearance, but most importantly--perfect in balance of
desires and intentions.

If the natural desire within each precious babe is allowed to develop
without destructive human criticism and control, the child's ability
to fulfill his Non-physical purpose unfolds early in his physical
life--bringing joy to the child and to those who surround him.

Look into the eyes of a little one and see the wisdom of his true
knowing. He knows that All-Is-Well. He has come to remind you."

-Abraham-Hicks, 10/6/96

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Rafael, CA—3/4/98

A You still have the microphone.


Q I do. We were talking about waste, and particularly the question of recycling, which is
one that I wish you would address. Should we or should we not recycle? Does it depend on our
own personal circumstance?

A In truth, you see, you cannot stop recycling. Sometimes, if you step back and take a
broader view... Every now and again, we will hear Jerry or Esther say, as they see someone
littering or as they see someone doing something that they personally would prefer that they do
not do, and Esther will say, “What if everybody did that? What kind of a place would it be?”
And then, in time, as Esther relaxes a little bit she hears us say, “But everybody is not doing it.
Everybody is not wanting to do it.” When we speak of the balance of your time/space reality,
we’re not just talking about the right number of frogs and the right number of rabbits and the
right number of humans. We’re talking about the perfect combination of desires and beliefs that
you hold, as well.
And so, what happens is, it is our absolute promise to you, that the Nonphysical Energy
that orchestrates this balance would not set forth an imbalance in terms of desires and beliefs. In
other words, you come forth in this perfect... Your balance is so perfect that do you know that
anyone of you who desire anything, the resources to have it in its implicit specifics are here for
every single one of you. In other words, there is no possible way that any of you could ever be
denied anything that you have the ability to desire. The only thing that denies you is your own
misalignment of Energy. In other words, the resources are there. The Law of Attraction is in
place. The probability of your developing the idea is there. In other words, everything that is
necessary for this ongoing, leading edge time/space reality is here for you. And the only thing

that ever messes any of you up is when you get in this place where you’re pushing against
You heard us say this the other day, but we want to reiterate it here because it’s at the
heart of this dilemma. Everything is about attraction, which means everything is about inclusion,
which means everything is vibrating and as it is vibrating on purpose or not, the nature of its
vibration is causing other things of similar nature to come to it. So, there is no such thing as law
of detraction or law of assertion or law of get-it-away-from-me. In other words, there’s no such
thing as “no.” Everything is about... Everything is about, this thing that I am giving my attention
to, I am now including it. I’m now becoming it. I’m now joining it. I am now at one with it.
Everything is about attraction.
So, as you are standing here in your physical bodies and you are paying attention to the
way you feel, and giving your attention to those things that feel best, then only those things that
are in harmony with what you are wanting, do you have vibrational access to. As you see this
thing that you want and you say “Yes” to it, you include it in your vibration and, therefore, in
your experience. As you see this thing that you do not want, you include it in your vibration and,
therefore, in your experience.
So, is it possible to experience the lack of something that you want? Yes. By noticing that
it is not there. But does that mean that it is inherently not there? No. That means that you’ve got
your valve shut off to it. So, what if there are people out there that don’t know what they are
doing? What if they are choosing wrong? In other words, what if people misuse the Law? We
say, that is not possible. You say, “But, Abraham, I see people doing bad things to each other. I
see people...” And we say, your awareness of what you do not want, and your shouting of “no” at
what you do not want, causes you to include it in your vibration. So while you may see all kinds
of people getting things they do not want, you have never, one time, seen somebody get
something that they were not in vibrational harmony with.


Q I can dig that. That’s fine. Can I interrupt?

A Certainly.

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Rafael, CA—3/4/98

"Could I think too little about my desire, for it to manifest?" Actually, no, because as the contrast launches the desire, and then you do not offer any opposing thought, then you're letting it in, and it will manifest. Many of our physical friends really believe that they must find a desire and then hold tenaciously to it. And we say, you do not need to do that. Let the variety of your life keep balance in your life. You just concentrate more on holding yourself in the good-feeling place where you're letting it in.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Boston, MA on Saturday, October 7th, 2000 # 627


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