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There is also a discussion thread where I lifted the kick off quote: Taking Full Responsibility for your Life/Vibration

We have a new game for you to play. And the game goes like this. "I've decided in my physical human form that I'm going to take complete ultimate only responsibility for everything that happens to me. I'm not ever again... (it'll take a little getting used to)… I'm not ever again gonna blame somebody else for where I am, for how I'm feeling, for what's happening to me."

Can you imagine if everyone would say, "It's my job...my life is MY job."

So you don't blame your mate anymore; you don't blame your kids; you don't blame your parents; you don't blame your teacher; you don't blame circumstances. You say, "I take FULL responsibility."

The reason that this is ultimately so satisfying is because you have only ever always, only ever always, only ever always, been the only ever always one who could only ever always do anything about anything in your life experience. Nobody else can do anything. In other words, asking someone else to change… even if they're willing, even if they can do it for 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 years... even if you can get somebody else to contain their behavior so that you will feel better, you are the ONLY one EVER who can do anything about it.

And so, when you stop and think about it and you think... hmm, let's talk about the uprising, the seemingly eternal uprising in the Middle East. Everyone thinking that somebody else should do something different. And no one else willing to do it different for the other. And we say, can you imagine how peaceful and wonderful experiences could be if each individual would understand that, "Hey, I can do something. I can do something." And what is it that we're asking you to do? We're asking you to choose any thought, any word, any action that allows who you are to come back in this moment.

So. You're so angry at your mate, or your mother, or someone... someone you work with, someone you work for. And they just seem to be ruining your life. Because they will not change their behavior. You do no seem to be important enough to them to change their behavior which hurts your feelings a great deal. And then you discover, "Wait a minute! They don't have to change a thing in order for me to feel better. I can start looking for positive aspects. I can look for things within them that make me feel good."

"Oh that's impossible," you say. "There is so much that is bad and not much that's good. In fact I haven't seen a glimmer of anything that's good for so very long." And we say, there are other subjects to which you could give your attention. "Well, maybe," you say reluctantly. "My dog. My dog is easy to love.. or my cat."

And we say... do whatever it takes to find something to be your object of attention. And as you give your attention to something that allows you to feel good, you've done something about this relationship that was bothering you. In fact, if you will make it your work to feel good, every relationship that you have will be one that pleases you.

Now that's offensive to some of you because you've been holding others as being responsible for you feeling good for so long that it's sort of hard to let loose of that. It's sort of hard to let them be whatever they need to be while you selectively choose whatever you need to choose to feel good. And we know, friends, that it would be a lot easier for you to do this if they'd learned it first. (laughter) But you can't wait for them to figure this out and you don't need to because once you figure it out, your life is going to feel so much better.
It does not matter how many aspects of whatever it is that you're giving your attention to that's making you feel bad. It does not matter how many negative aspects there are... it is our absolute knowing that in there somewhere are some positive aspects. Now, it might be that the way your relationship has been evolving, that you have begun to focus upon the aspects that you don't like. So you have activated that part of your vibration to an art. So that when you come together with this person or these people, that what they mostly show you is that part that is most active in your vibration.


It's such a wonderful thing... did you hear that? What they keep showing you is the part of them that is most active in YOUR vibration. And all this time you thought it was their doing. It is the part that is most active in your vibration. That's why when we say to you, "Somebody should do something about it," the person that we're ALWAYS talking about is YOU. Not them, YOU.

Because, oh, we know, they could stand on their head and they could work really hard to only show you things that would please you but you know, you're sort of fickle in what you want from moment to moment. And they're outside of your emotional guidance system and they've got to find ways of pleasing you based upon the letters you've written or the prenuptial agreements that you've signed, or the arguments that you've had where you come to, "I promise I will never do that again."

In other words, it's so awkward when you try to control the way you feel by controlling their behavior from the outside. We've never seen it work, not for very long. That's why it's easier to just keep moving to a new relationship where you have not activated in you negative aspects of them. A new relationship is easier because of you don't know much about them until you have that dinner where you say, "TELL me about yourself." (much laughter from audience)

Very good in coming together vows would be, "I promise to never tell you anything about my past if you will promise me you will never tell me anything about your past. Just start in this fresh place. Please don't tell me about any of your failures because as sure as you do, I'm gonna activate 'em in my vibration then I'm gonna suck 'em right out of you. And then our relationship is just gonna be like all the other lousy relationships you and I have ever had. Let's not do that. Let's start fresh."

So tomorrow here's what we want you to do. Leave everyone you know and go out into the desert all alone, meditate and start your lives over...with all fresh new vibrations.

If you will be more selective in your sifting, if it will matter more to you how you feel than anything else... then what your experience will be… is one of bliss. Because as you look at a relationship that has been happening for a while, and you deliberately look for things that will make you feel good, and you practice looking for things that will make you feel good, til you activate within yourself that vibration… then what happens is... those people that you're interacting with, literally rise to match your vibration. We're not kidding you about that.

It is so much fun to watch our physical friends coming back, consciously and deliberately, into their own power. It is such a delicious thing, to be standing in the middle of something that could be a potential argument or a potential hurt feeling and to see one or the other of you... it's nice when it's both... one or the other of you standing there and saying, "I am Source Energy. There's no reason for me to feel diminished no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you do, there's no reason for anything that you are reflecting… which may have something to do or may not have anything to do with me... it is no reason for this to diminish my sense of self. Because my sense of self is something that I've been practicing deliberately for a while."

So what we really want you to begin to do as you are practicing the art of allowing... we want you to begin to practice feeling good no matter what. We want you to decide once and for all, "Somebody should do something about that! Oh, yeah! I'm the only one that can."

Take full credit and full responsibility for the way you feel and watch how fast your life gets good on so many fronts no matter who it is that you are interacting with. So many benefits come into the forefront right away because the first thing that happens is when you no longer hold someone else responsible for the way you feel, they are free. And they immediately begin to feel better. There is nothing more delicious than to be interacting with someone who's mostly happy but even when they are not, doesn't hold you responsible. And there's nothing more awful… to be interacting with someone who seems unhappy and thinks that it's your fault all the time.

We would begin saying, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good. And I like it when you feel good. Meaning, whoever it is... the driver who flips you off in traffic. Hasn't happened to Esther since she left Arizona (audience laughter). Two miles after being back in Arizona, it happened again. And we would say to Esther... that was a willing, compliant driver who matched the vibration where you last left it.

Esther can blame it on Arizona. She can blame it on Arizona drivers. And they will find her all over the country. (lots of laughter) And every time they flip her off, she'll check the license plates, "Yep, sure enough, sure enough." And we would say to Esther, "Somebody should do something about that." And Esther would say, "Laws should be passed against that. They should be fined when they are caught. Hog-tied and left by the roadside for the vultures to deal with." And we say, Esther is the only one who can do anything about that. And Esther has much more power in EVERYTHING... including things like that. You all do, you see.

You are the creator of your experience and the way you feel is the indicator of what you're offering vibrationally. And what you're offering vibrationally always matches what comes back.

So, you can play it one of two ways. You can wait til it comes back in manifestational form... that's an exciting life... and then do something about it. OR you can wait til it's reflected back to you in emotional form, before it manifests. It's not as exciting. It's just as much in control. Ultimately more satisfying and really what deliberate creating is all about.

But the basis of the way that we will unfold here today, that we're going to tell you again and again, remind you, that the Universe that responds to you... which includes every person, every attitude, every conversation, every person in traffic, everything that comes to you… comes in response to your vibrational offering. And the Universe that is responding to you, does not know or care or distinguish in any way, the difference between the vibration of some fact that you are living, or something that you've imagined, or something that you've remembered.

In other words, vibration is vibration.

Abraham-Hicks workshop in Phoenix, 3/23/02

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You continue to blame other people when it SEEMS that it’s their fault. But it’s never anybody else’s doing.

And when you finally accept that, and you focus -fabulous word- you focus to match what’s in your vibrational escrow, and you begin to feel the POWER of your alignment, then you don’t need trust anymore because you’ve got knowing. You don’t need faith anymore because you’ve got evidence all around you. You feel invincible. You KNOW that there is a path continually unfolding before you and that you are upon it.

And all other people, as you see them through your Source-like eyes, become playful components of your contrast, playful components of your allowing; they’re just players in your environment to assist you in creating and aligning. There are no hinderers in your world; not one. It’s YOU that makes your stream move. And it’s you that goes with it or not. Period.

San Antonio, TX, 09-08-07
Once the Creative Process is understood, you will be filled with a
sense of joyous freedom,
and you will no longer fear the actions of others.

No other, no matter how powerful, or how big they seem to be, has the
power to create within your life experience. And if they are within your
life experience it is because you have
invited them through your thoughts.

You will not attract that which you do not give thought to. Therefore,
give thought only to that which you wish to attract---and give no thought to
that which you do not.

And once you understand that you control all that is attracted into
your experience, then you will be free of fear of being violated by
something out of your control. All arguments that are to the contrary, come
forth from those who do not understand the Creative Process. Those who see
themselves as victims of the actions of others do not understand the
Creative Process. Those who blame others do not understand the Creative
Process, for nothing comes to you without your invitation.

Recognizing that you are the sole creator of that which you experience
is the first step in taking deliberate control of your life.

Being in control of your life sounds wonderful to some of you, but many
of you resist that thought, for you do not trust your ability. You doubt

As you recognize the broadness of your being and the vastness of your
abilities and knowledge, then you will want, very much, to be the one who
makes the decisions and who thinks the thoughts that bring into your life
experience that which you experience---and you will be most unwilling to
allow others to interfere in this process that you have intended for

Abe: A New Beginning I, page 88
“When you’re blaming someone; when you’re condemning someone - you are Godless,
in the moment. You cannot pick up your sword and strike against another and be in vibrational
harmony with source energy at the same time. It is not a possible thing.”

Abraham-Hicks workshop: Philadelphia 10/17/00
“When you are standing in a mode of justification - you may have heard us saying
- When you are justifying you are always resisting Source energy. And it’s because in
justification you are saying ‘Well, the reason that I’m not where you think I should be...’ and so it is
lack-based. ALWAYS.

Every justification is lack based...without exception. We’ve never seen anyone
justifying anything that was not in that moment standing in a place of lack.. and therefore,

“And so the fastest way to get to a place where you don’t feel like you have to
justify your actions to someone else, is by not doing that to them.” [asking them to justify].

Abraham-Hicks workshop: Philadelphia 10/17/00
No matter what the issue is, don't try to justify why you don't feel good. And don't try to justify why you should feel differently. Don't try to blame whatever it is you think the reason is that's keeping you from feeling good. All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now.

Excerpted from the workshop in Tallahassee, FL on Sunday, January 21st, 2001
ABRAHAM: Let us interrupt before you go any further. The tendency is to blame the other for his imperfection.

We are wanting you to assume the responsibility for his imperfection as he interacts with you, for you are soliciting it from him. The tendency is to see a flaw in another and judge and blame the other, and what we are saying to you is – only what you see is there.

And so, now where are you? Now you are in a position where you may have perfect relationships with everyone as you are clear about what you are wanting and as you are only seeing what you are wanting. And when you see that which is not in harmony with who you are, look away. When your warning bell rings because that which you are seeing is not in harmony with what you are wanting, turn your attention to something else, you see.

What you are most wanting to understand in this life experience is this: It is the greatest intention that you have, and we speak it forcefully: You are wanting to be ALLOWERS. And you will know when you have achieved that when you are willing to allow another, even when the other does not allow you. When you are able to allow, even when the other is not allowing you -- you will have absolute freedom.

You see, the only thing that binds you is negativity. Without it you are free, joyously. And so, as you look at another and see only that which brings forth joy -- you are free. As you look at another and see that which brings forth negativity -- you are bound by your own decision of what you are soliciting.

We are wanting you to release the responsibility from all those you are blaming for all of the things they are doing wrong and for all of the ways they are messing up your life. They are not doing it! You are doing it!

COMMENT: That is deep stuff. (Group laughter)

ABRAHAM: It is the deepest of the stuff. (Group laughter) And it is the most meaningful words that you will hear as you are moving forward, for you are interacting with others, and it applies not only to the others, my friends -- it applies to your own being.

You solicit from your very own being that which you do not want to be. You look at yourself and you see that which is wrong. You see that which is not in harmony with your greater wanting, and as you do it -- you create more.

See in yourselves that which you are wanting, and that is what you will draw forth. Do you see? Indeed you do. That is very good. Did you write it down? (To Jerry)

JERRY: I put, "Transcribe this. This is deep stuff." (Group laughter)

A New Beginning I

What anybody else is thinking is none of your business, even if they are thinking about you.

Abraham-Hicks, Denver 8/17/13


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