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Abraham By Topic...CLICK HERE
for self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....
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kickin' off with a quote...more to come in the thread...

The purpose of the Book of Positive Aspects process is to raise your vibration through appreciation.

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Since the contrast of our lives has caused us to launch so many requests (creating an amazing vibrational escrow) and since the only thing we have to do to receive the full manifestation of those requests is to stop offering resistance, it seems obvious that any excuse we can find to feel good just has to be of enormous value. And there is nothing that we know of that causes us to feel good (and stop resistance faster) than making entries in our "Book of Positive Aspects". It is our experience that you, too, will receive the same spectacular benefit as you make entries in your notebook.

Our Love,

Jerry & Esther
If you knew that your thoughts were powerful, and you knew that your words were even more powerful, and if you knew that writing something down is more powerful still, and if you knew that when you write it that the Universe would go to work immediately to begin bringing it to you, wouldn't you want to find something RIGHT NOW to write with? Where oh where would one find such a thing?

Our Love,

Jerry & Esther
(Caribbean Cruise )
A great link to: ABESPEAK - BOPA A-Z

Thanks DL! I actually took notes on the video, and today, I'm gettin to it!!! I love it when I attract great wisdom. Namaste. :)
You have to remember that creation is not about you going out and getting something because everything's about Law of Attraction. Creation is about me creating within me the vibrational environment that will allow what I want to flow to me. Creation is about molding energy. Creation is about bringing the vibration of my belief into the vibration of my desire, but it does not mean that I have to take every belief that I've ever believed and bring into vibrational harmony with every desire that I've ever desired. It means the desire that I hold right now must not be contradicted by some belief. So it means all I have to do is focus right here and now on something that feels good - that's it. That's it! Can you believe how easy that is? All I have to do is right now find a thought that feels good. That's it. That's it.

Sacramento, CA, 5/13/00
yup...there is a difference. and here's another way to 'splain it. i think

Yeah... that too! Thanks DS, I'm not great at referencing Abe videos, etc... Good thing you are! :)


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