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Kicking off with a quote....

When you say, I need to get out there and stimulate
some business, and that's the last thing in the world
you feel like you want to do, we wouldn't do it.
Because it's wasted energy, first of all, because
you can't buck the current of your vibration.

Every time you feel like you need to go out there
and do something, go to your virtual business;
the business in your mind. Because when you go
to it in your mind, you can put perfect employees
in place. You can put perfect customers in place.
You can put your perfect response in place. You can
put all the implementing in place that needs to be there.

It's like, when you plan a house, do you put the plumbing
in the wrong place? Do you put ugly wallpaper on the wall
and then take it down? In other words, in your virtual house,
do you make it magnificent or do you make it ugly and then
re-model it right away in your mind?

In other words, you always reach for the best feeling thought
in your virtual creating. So, when someone says to you,
"you need to get out there and do something," say "you're right"
and then take yourself to the best feeling place,
down by the wharf, over by the lake, out by the pool,
someplace that feels good to you.

Take your notebook, a new one, that's bright and pretty,
that makes you feel good to just to hold it in your hand,
put in your hand a pen, that expresses opulence,
that flows well, that makes you feel good just to write with it,
and begin to describe your business in written form,
or in outline form. And as you jot a little, then dream around it.
And as you jot a little more, dream around it a little more.

And so, if the subject is the implementation of a process
that isn't going well, dream about that. If the subject is
more customers flowing to you, dream about it. If it's
a facility that is more pleasing, dream about it. In other
words, take whatever aspect has prompted you to say,
"I need to do something," and do it in your virtual reality.

Sometimes people think that as we encourage that sort
of a workshop, that its because you need to tell the
universe with greater clarity what it is that you want,
but that's not the reason for that. The universe
received the greater clarity while you were in the
middle of your hissy fit. In other words, the universe
received the greater clarity when you were living
whatever you were living, This scripting and going
to the virtual, is solely for purpose of bringing you
into alignment with what you've already asked for.

And you can tell you've done it because you
feel oh, so much better. There is instantaneous
movement around you People do this and phones
start ringing. They do this and orders start
coming in. They do this and things begin to
change immediately and then people say, "Where did
you go? Were you out there beating the pavement?"
And you say, "In a matter of speaking." It is
just aligning with what the universe already
knows I want.

Boca Raton, FL

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" Life is not about creating an empire. Life is about the PROCESS of
creating an empire. It’s not about the empire, the new house, the perfect
relationship .... Those are the reasons you use to flow the energy -- but
it's the flowing of the energy that is the reason for the continuation of
existence... The purpose of the physical experience is joy!

G-3/30/97 -- Tallahassee
Q: The thing was, my vision was really large or is really large, and
complex. And it requires a lot of time, a lot of bringing people
together, a lot of putting systems in place.

Abe: Now, we're not hearing a whole lot of pleasure from you. This
feels arduous. In other words, this feels like 'my long, uphill
struggle on the way to my success.'

Q: Well, the thing is I don't have those things in place, and the
process of putting them in place is very energetic....

Abe: Well, maybe you're taking action too soon. Somebody's convinced
you that even though your energy may not be lined up the way you want
it, that if you'll just jump into action then other things will fall
into place. And it's really a backwards approach to this because if
you take the time to take the pleasure from the vision, then the
Universe will line up the action and then it is effortless. You see,
it just sort of keeps unfolding for you. It's like the next logical
step –- oh, there it is; oh, there it is.

Q: The pressure was, and I learned it from your tapes [??], that I
wanted it soon.

Abe: Why?

Q: Because I felt like I had to have it or something like that?

Abe: Why?

Q: Originally I think it was I felt incomplete without it.

Abe: Yeah, and you can't get there from there!

Q: (Agreeing:) You can't.

Abe: In other words, when you want something because you don't have

Q: Right.

Abe: ...do you hear what you're saying? "I want this thing that I do
not have. I want this thing that I do not have."

Q: Instead of for the pure joy of it.

Abe: "I want this thing that I do not have." And when you say, "I want
this thing. I want this thing. I want this thing because this thing
is fun to think about. I want this thing because it gives me pleasure
to think about it. I want this thing for the pleasure I can milk from
it." We want you to reach the place where you say, "I want this thing
but I don't want it to come too soon because I like using it as the
focal point that keeps summoning things through me."

Q: I started saying that today, that's great.

Abe: "Because from the moment I started wanting this, good things
started flowing. It gave me something to focus upon. It gave me a
reason for life force to flow through me. It gave the Universe a
reason to rendezvous me with lots of other things." In other
words, "Wanting this thing is the very best thing I've ever done for
myself. I'm not sure I ever want it to come to an end." And we say
don't worry, it won't. (Laughter.) There will always be something
more and something more. And that is the strongest point that we're
wanting -– we have never before been in a group of such collective
consciousness where there is such powerful intent all congealed in one
focused place. We mean that. In other words, you are powerful wanters
here. And the thing that we most want you to hear is that you will
always be in the place of unfulfilled desire, get used to it. You will
always be in the place of unfulfilled desire.

And so what you're wanting to do is say, "How much pleasure can I get
from this unfulfilled desire and do I have another unfulfilled desire
lined up before this one manifests because it is the unfulfilled desire
that keeps summoning life through me." We would feel sorry for any of
you who said, "Everything that I've ever wanted has already
manifested," and we would say then your lights must be out.

It is the not-fulfillment that keeps summoning the life through you,
and you know that so clearly that you commit yourself to lifetime after
lifetime after lifetime because [it] is such a delicious journey.

Q: I have that, but what happens to me is that what I'm inspired by is

Abe: Yes.

Q: ...it takes time....

Abe: No, it doesn't. Big manifestations come more quickly than little
manifestations because there's more energy involved. It is much easier
to manifest a castle than it is a button, unless you really, really,
really need that button.

-- Abe -- L.A., CA, 3/4/00
Once the manifestations start coming in response, it gets easier and
easier and easier.......

Your second million will come much faster than your first, because as
you get comfortable with the feeling of the first, the second is
natural. And the third and fourth.

Esther heard a very wealthy man, Ted Turner, saying, "The world is
awash in money." And he knew it as he spoke it. It is his experience,
everywhere he turns. He gave a billion dollars to the United Nations.
Money is flowing to him and through him, more than he could ever, in
this lifetime and a hundred others, figure out what to do with on a
personal basis.

"The world is awash in money!" And as Esther heard him say that, she
knew he knew that. And she thought, "I know that, too. He knows it so
clearly, that now I know it." It was something about the intensity
with which he spoke it, that, in that moment, Esther knew it. And
then, for the next month, she must have said that to Jerry 5,000
times. "The world is awash in money." It was a titillating thought to
her, because she, like you, had seen where so many people had pinched
themselves off from Well-being, that she'd come to believe that the
world was not awash in money. She had come to believe that only a few
had it, and they had it stashed back there somewhere where others
could not get it. She thought that there was a lopsided thing...

The world is awash in money! Do you hear what that means? It is awash
in money. It is flowing for everyone. It is like Niagara Falls. And
most of you are showing up with your teaspoons.

There is no shortage of anything.

Those who believe there is shortage, hold themselves over in this
place where they disallow the Energy from flowing to them. And so, in
their resistance, they have it not. And then they say, "I am proof
that there is shortage. And that man over there that is awash in
money is the reason I don't have any." He has nothing to do with your
shortage. He is evidence that there is an abundance.

(Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop -- Seattle, WA -- 5/27/00)

What? Gotta chew on that for awhile...I don't think I'm really hearing it yet. Thanks for listing the cd number!!!!

Nice peice!
Whats this...another unabashed Abe enjoyer? Well, hokey pokey that!
this clip is rich...i've lifted several snips...as well as enjoyed the whole..thanks for the transcription, reinis.
and yes...I know...you did it for you
that's why i do them too
laughing...me too...about the many layers...and those two particular subjects...been pondering those lately myself.

i thought i had lifted that last paragraph and put it somewhere...looks like i got distracted...and so now i am running off with more of your offerings.
Thanks for adding that. I really like how there are so many here these days that are living this stuff...and take the time to pass on their tips and tricks. It's a whole lot of paradigms we shift here within our selves. Nice to have peers on the same path.
I am glad this was 'bumped' up
seems like it was just for me to read at this moment, as I was just thinking,
when my dream becomes a reality, how would I actually run it, business wise, staff, etc
thanks Universe and DS!
Actually this thread was requested by Reinis...and..I hope that you saw the pdf transcript that he just uploaded...very good stuff. He's making very good use of this space...nice to watch.

Powerful Intentions, indeed!
...How we can work less and play more?
A: Think more and do less,


What we mean by that is, if you take the time to allign thought, so
that you allow the universe to fill in appropriately, it requires far
less action from you, and in the action that you are then not
applying to your work endeavor, you can play with it.

So, The answer is play more and work less and then you will be able
to play more and work less. Did you write that down?
Play more and work less and then you'll be able to play more and work

But if you play and feel guilty because you think you should be
working, you might as well be working. So you have to decide that
playing is appropriate and allow yourself the playing.

Its tricky, because if you believe you should work hard in order to
make something happen then you've got to work hard to make it
If you believe that playing is lazy and unproductive, then you never
feel really comfortable playing. And that's what goes on with so
many, you've picked up these thoughts along your trail and made them
dominant thoughts and then.... you desire in opposition to your
dominant thoughts and then you can't get things lined up. So, You
have to re-orient yourselves.

9-23-02 Cinn, oHIo


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