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"You do like to think. You are good with words. You are a wordsmith. You like to communicate. You like to let people know how you feel. And so does Esther. And what we are suggesting to both of you is: talk ALL the time because it's good for people as long as you are in the vortex. And if you're not in the vortex, be really quiet. (laughter) And go immediately to meditation.


Vortex of Creation Workshop

1-9-2010 San Diego, Ca


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You just have to decide what chatter you do want to listen to. Do you want
to listen to the chatter of well-being? And chatter sort of sounds like
disconnected, disconcerting, unwanted stuff, but we want to you to re-think
this and just realize you can chatter in harmony, or chatter out of harmony.

Washington DC 10/24/09
You really don't want to stop the chatter, you want to guide it. You want
to guide it into 'in the vortex' chatter. That would be an even better way
of asking us, "How do I get 'in the vortex' chatter going instead of 'out of
the vortex' chatter going on?" How about that?

You don't want to stop being alive. You don't want to stop thinking, and
you don't want to stop your point of attraction.

So, now, Oh! Oh! Oh! Consider this. Do you know why you would even be
aware that you've got negative chatter going on? You're really going to
like this! Because the positive chatter is being challenged by it. Ooo!

So, we don't want you to stop the chatter, we want you to blend with the
true chatter.

You know what the Source within you is chattering? "You're good, you're
beautiful, you're worthy, all is well, you're supposed to get what you want.
Source is with you. The Source is with you."

Oh, the chatter that is going on in this vortex of creation! Do you have
any idea what the vibrational magnitude is of everything you've set in
motion, you see?

So when you've got opposing chatter, all it means is you are not up to

Washington DC 10/24/09
these two seem to be opposite sides of the coin to me....

"The secret of the universe really is minding your own business. What we mean
by that is: don't get so involved in the desires or beliefs of others that you
cause confusion or chatter in your own vibration and compromise your own
alignment. When you let nothing be more significant than your own alignment
with your own desire then everything in the universe is working in concert for
you. It is anyway but you're not letting it in, if you are misaligned."

Date unknown
Here's the conversation that the quote came from that begins this thread. (audio attached)
this is not my transcription, and i don't have this workshop, i'd like to have this conversation ;)

Now, if you could just shut up, if you could just stop the words. Stop the words because the words aren’t helping either, just stop the words, delete the email, hang up the phone, stop the words, stop the words.

Now, it’s better.

It’s not fixed but it’s better than where it was going.

Now, what, what’s next,
stop the thought,
stop the thought,
now, that’s not easy cause there might be somebody else I can talk to about it. I bet, I bet I, I bet I can find people on my side. I bet I could find people on my side but that’s still making it progress

In other words, if you get people to agree with you, you’re not better off. In other words, now, you’ve stopped the action; you’ve stopped the words.

Now what? Can you really stop thought or does Law of Attraction got you as its captive, feeding you more thoughts, feeding you more thoughts, feeding you more thoughts. How do you stop that thought, choose another one, choose another less resistant, a, another less resistant thought, another more allowing thought and, and why would you do that because you want to feel better. That’s, that’s really the bottom line: cause I want to feel better.

So, you reach for a better feeling thought. You reach for a better feeling thought and then, it usually only takes seconds. We’re not kidding. You feel, you feel better. You feel relief. Now, the thought is creeping back in because you only released it just now.
And it’s not really your most practiced thought but, but don’t let yourself speak about it because that’s going the wrong way, don’t, don’t go from thought into more drama which is conversation into more drama which is action. You’re pulling back from it; you’re pulling back from it.

Track 7: To Ease Your Way Back Into Alignment 10:21
Caribbean Cruise 2010
Sounds like " if you have nothing nice to say ...yada yada ! " :-}
But now you know what that feels like, you know the
benefit of that. In other words, there’s just no reason that is enough of a reason to justify being out of the Vortex for more than just a moment when you first get that hit from that email. And, and, in other words, don’t let the email draw you in. Don’t let the telephone conversation draw you in. Don’t let someone else control the agenda.

You control the agenda.

In other words, that, that’s really what we’re talking about with deliberation creation, but you can’t control agenda if you haven’t practiced being in the vibration of ultimate control of your experience.

And the practicing of the vibration of being in the ultimate control of your experience, ...is... hanging around in the Vortex often enough that that is the most familiar place so that you smell a potential out-of-the Vortex moment coming a mile away
and you don’t pick up that phone. You smell an out-of-the Vortex experience coming a mile away and you don’t read that email. You know which emails are likely to uplift you and which ones aren’t.

So, someone says, you get my email and you say, maybe. (laughter) Well, what do you mean? Did you get it or didn’t you? Well, I might have. There are a lot of them I don’t open. (laughter) What do you mean? You don’t open all your email? Oh no, it’s like a mind field. (laughter) In my email box, there, there, a, a, at any moment the life could be sucked
from my very being. (bigger laughter) So, I am very differentiating about what emails I open. Most of them I just delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete and then there’s a handful
I consider briefly but, but I hardly ever open emails unless I am confident
that what is in them will add to my experience in a meaningful way. (applause)

Caribbean Cruise 2010, CD No. 6, Track 2: Could Child's Photo Keep Him In The Vortex?
love this! :) def will be purchasing the caribbean cruise disks!
....and when you say, "why do you ask?"...usually you will get more information that will let you know whether you are about to get sucked down the rabbit hole ....or, if there is an uplifting possibility somewhere in the mix.

carribbean cruise
march 2010
disk 10
When we say be true to yourself that is the ultimate honesty!! And what we mean by being True to Yourself is holding a thought NOW that is in vibration harmony with your True Self.

Do you know that when a person has their first negative emotion, they are NOT being honest with themselves? They have deviated from the CLARITY and PURITY and WORTHINESS and WELL BEING and PERFECTION that they are, and they’ve chosen a DISHONEST thought about who they are.

So do you want to keep spreading the lie? Or do you want to begin to speak to people clearly who you are?

If someone says to you, “Who are you?” tell them: “I’m wonderful, I’m clear minded, I’m good at what I do, I’m in love in life, I adore people, I’m happy with myself."

Unless you have that benchmark, until you really understand that what
we are always striving for is harmony with that core energy, then you can
get off your beam under the guises of a lot of different honesties.

Abraham-Hicks, Orlando, Fl 2/15/97, tape 4:
Be aware of how you are phrasing things. How you are focusing your thought into sentences is a big way you construct differently than you mean to. So when you start a sentence out by, “I have a hard time with…” you’re just deliberately building a… [barrier]

“The trouble with that is…” “What I don’t like about that is…” “The thing that bothers me most about this is…”

In other words, you have a bunch of those phrases. Not just you, everyone does. Let every sentence begin in the direction where you hope to end up.

“The improvement I’m looking for is…” is constructing a thoughtway that is different from “The struggle I have with this is…”

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco 2/5/11

If you’re in a negative place, don’t think, don’t speak, don’t call anyone. Don’t build the thoughtways. If you’re in a negative place, you have one thing to do – CHILL!

You have one thing to do, do ANYTHING that you can do to break the patterns of thought. So meditation is the best thing that we know of because it causes you to focus in a way that will reduce the resistance

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco 2/5/11


(post note: they've also said that when you are resistant, meditation may not work and you can't force it so find something else. been there myself even with the abe meditation...was too out of whack. lol.~ DS)


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