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You don't have to go back and deal with childhood issues, because those childhood issues produced a vibration within you that you are still offering which is producing today issues. You can shift your vibration a whole lot easier when you're dealing with today issues, than trying to deal with childhood issues. It's the same vibration. That vibration that was creating childhood issues, now it's creating today issues. Deal with it in your now. Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better?

San Diego, CA 7/31/99

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Parents commonly believe that they must provide guidance for their children,
"who would certainly be wayward without their guidance." And while parents can
often provide valuable guidance of physical things of this environment, more
often than not their guidance is more like guardedness and provides detriment
rather than value.

A parent who offers guidance from this place of worry, believing that his child
is likely to go wrong without his guidance, provides no value to his child.
This is a parent who disempowers.

A parent who offers little guidance, but instead great belief in his child's
ability to figure things out, is a parent in harmony with his Non-physical
knowing. This is a parent who empowers.

"There is no limit to the nonphysical energy, and so there
are two factors: how much of it are you summoning through
your desire to know and how much of it are you allowing.
And the allowing factor mostly -– not entirely, but mostly --
has to do with your own self-love. In other words, when you
are really liking you it feels as if there are no limitations
to what you can receive. That's why children are so clever
and so blessed and so guided, you see. They usually are still
appreciating themselves. They are selfish little rascals and
it hasn't been tromped out of them yet. It isn't until you
are made to feel guilty about your selfishness that you stop
allowing who you really are to flow through."

-– Abe -– Houston, TX, 1/13/01 (Tape B)
" Children's Formative Years- those years when physical man tramples the
intuitiveness out of the child..." ---Abe, 7/25/93
"'There is nothing in my past that justifies even for a moment
my feeling of negative emotion right now. That was then this
is now.' You'll reach a place that there is nothing in all of
the Universe that is worthy of your time of disconnection.
You're not willing to have a conversation that doesn't feel
good, listen to another talk about illness or the problems of
the world, go out to dinner with someone that doesn't feel good.
You're not willing to go somewhere that doesn't feel good, you're
not willing to have a thought that doesn't feel good.

"'I'm not willing to do anything that doesn't feel good -- I'm
not willing to cut off my clarity for that, my health for that,
my abundance of dollars for that. If it doesn't feel good, I
don't go there. Nothing is more important than that I feel
good! When I face reality, it leads to more of the same reality.'
Nothing in all of the universe is worthy of your time of

"Decide today: 'nothing is more important than that I feel
good; when I face reality it just leads to more similar

"Ask yourself: 'What memories am I holding that won't let it

-- Abe -- Monterey, CA, 3/14/00
Here's three quotes that I found together and liked the flow so ...

Jerry (Hicks)
We have , its called Group therapy where people get together that
have a specific problem that they are trying to work out. But from
what I've seen there often appears to be a continuation of that same
pain that the participants are wanting to alleviate instead of it
ending. Whats the cause of that, why does the pain keep on?
If there is continuation of pain there is continuation of discussion
or thought upon that which brought forth pain.It is very common even
without group therapy to have a bad experience and then continue to
think about it. You see an experience that may last only 5 minutes in
your lifetime, could be done , you would never need to have bad
feeling about it again if you could stop yourself from thinking about
it.It is the thought as well as the word or action that brings forth
negative emotion and so group therapy is not effective if it is
guiding you toward remembering that which brought you pain in the
first place. For as long as you continue to think about it you will
continue to feel the pain and what is that pain? What is that
negative emotion? It is communication from your Inner Being saying to
you that what you are thinking about is not in harmony with what you
are wanting, and that guidance must be understood for the value that
it holds. For your Inner Being is telling you that because it knows
that as you think about it you are attracting more of it to you., and
your Inner Being knows that you do not want it so it is warning you.
Abraham Hicks AB-7 Relationships, Agreements

…….all of you are teachers and students at the same time with a
variety of relationships that you are living. So here you standing
living whatever you are living and youv'e got this range of
vibration that you are living,.If you begin playing this new game
that we are offering which is just reach for the thought that feels
best, reach for the thought which feels better. We are not saying
reach for the perfect thought, we are saying of the thoughts that you
have access to here and they might be terribly horribly rotten, to
not so rotten, that might be your range. Reach for the least rotten
thought in the pot and as you reach for the least rotten thought in
the pot, or the thought that feels best now your range shifts just a
little bit. And as you now reach for the least rotten thought in the
pot now your range shifts and now with just a little bit of effort
you don't have access to that terribly rotten though that was
available to you just a day earlier. And now here's your range and
as you reach for the thought better, best, now your range has shifted
again and as you reach for the thought that feels best now your range
has shifted again. So graciously,gracefuly, comfortably you begin
achieving vibrational harmony. Now what happens in most therapy
sessions is there is this desire to reach for the very worst thought
and try to do something about it. Well all that you do about it is
activate it within you which makes that your range of thoughts you
Abraham Hicks G 5.16.00

You don't have to go back and deal with childhood issues, because
those childhood issues produced a vibration within you that you are
still offering -- which is producing today issues. You can shift your
vibration a whole lot easier when you're dealing with today issues,
than trying to deal with childhood issues. It's the same vibration.
That vibration that was creating childhood issues, now it's creating
today issues. Deal with it in your now. "Which thought feels better?
Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better?"
San Diego, CA -- 7/31/99
On temper tantrums question
3.1.1997 Side A

Abraham: The dominant reason that more of you don't vibrate in harmony with who you are and let your corks float to the surface and live happily ever after; the one thing that most of you do that keeps you with vibrating in harmony with your core energy and in harmony with your now desires is that you are predominantly observers of what-is. And so as you observe what-is, you achieve vibrational harmony with whatever it is, and begin to vibrate as it is.

Now, what we notice as we talk with so many of you, often physical beings want to talk to us about their own feeling of self-worth or their own feeling of value. They talk about issues of unworthiness. And this is going to give us a perfect opportunity to really address that fully, because the reason that most physical beings do not feel worthy, you see, begin again: If you were allowed to be born however you are born, and you were allowed to only feel core energy flowing through you, each one of you, no matter what the condition of your birth, whether you were tall, short, long, thin, whether you were black, blue, red, white, in other words, no matter what the condition of your physical experience, if you were left to experience only the attitude of your inner being or your core, every one of you would feel full and whole and adored and perfect. But, you usually here focused and feeling what's flowing through you. Instead, because you have all of these physical senses of sight and sound and taste and touch and smell, you are busy observing what's going on around you and very early in your life you begin to notice the response that others have about you. So, you bump into someone who, for whatever reason, has disallowed their core energy to flow through them. In other words, they've wanted things they don't have, maybe somebody has beat up on them on a regular basis, you find people who are not very well connected to their core energy. And as they hold you as their object of attention, since they're not connected to the stream, they cannot GIVE you energy as they look at you. In other words, they are not connected to the energy to begin with. So, as they hold you in their gaze, and they are not flooding life force or love to you for whatever personal reason that they have, you begin to assume that there must be something inappropriate with you. Now remember what we said earlier about this high, fast frequency that is your core energy, and how when you are summoning with your desire that high fast frequency through a vessel that is not up to speed, it makes you nutty. So what happens with these special children, special children, special babies, special beings like the one you are describing, is they are born with this high, fast frequency, but they learn like the rest of you at an early age, to see themselves through your eyes. And when they don't measure up to your expectations; all those marks on the chart they give you, appropriate race or appropriate religion or appropriate skin type or appropriate complexion, or appropriate body size or appropriate financial status, in other words those are those measurements that we were talking about that we don't know how it keeps from driving you all a little nutty. As they are seen now, this precious little one, different, seeing himself through your eyes, he is constantly now holding himself in a vibration that is dramatically lower and slower than the vibration of his core. And that's what the temper tantrums are about.

Your feeling of freedom is trampled whenever you try to align with the opinion of someone outside of you (that is, your parents) rather than aligning with the vibration that comes forth from within you (that is, your inner being).

Of course it is possible to have a wonderful, effective relationship with your parents if you first find alignment between you and You. But, unless you have achieved alignment between you and You, no other relationship can be a good one.

The Vortex Book
page 16

 copyright protected for material integrity; www.abraham-hicks.com  

(note: these semantics apply to all relationships...not just parental, of course.)

(Abraham softly talking to a father-to-be about being ready for the birth of his child.)

"So your baby has such a wonderful advantage because the Energy that surrounds is already in that place of Well-being. You already understand who she is. You know who you are, perfect as you are and ever-expanding. In other words, it just could not be a better environment to be born into.

But...But...This baby is the creator of her own experience. And her powerful message to you is, (pause) 'I remember now who I am, and have chosen really wisely parents who remember who they are. So let's all just remember who we all are, that we are independently reaching for our personal alignment. I'm not going to stand on my head to please you at all. But it is my promise to you that I will be pleased. I've got this down. I've got it. And it is my intention to remember it. And I am so appreciative that I am being born into this environment where you remember it. Because you remember it, I will not ever have to forget it. (Applause)

Forget what? Forget who I am, forget that life is good, forget that Well-being surrounds me, forget that I am worthy, forget that there will be many things that I won't like but that will add to my expansion. In other words, ahh, this is such a wonderful time to be born, when there are so many people who are remembering who you really are, ready to greet you. Really wonderful time." Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on 4/9/11


(little chatter...i love noticing and noticing again "It is my promise to you that I will be pleased." it is my promise to all that i include in my world that i choose to be pleased as well. I've got this. I've got this down. amen)

Babies Are Thinking and Attracting Before They Are Speaking... Even though you are only months old in your physical body, you are a very old and wise creator focused in that baby's body. And you came with powerful intentions to experience contrast and to launch clear rockets of desire into your Vibrational Reality for the purpose of expansion. People often assume that because a child is not yet offering words, the child could not be the creator of its own experience, but it is our promise to you that no one else is creating your experience. Children emanate Vibrations which are the reason for what they attract - even from their time of birth.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships # 333

The children desire freedom! And every particle of their being from their Source says, "You are free. You are so free, that every thought you offer, the entire Universe jumps to respond to it." And so, to take that kind of knowledge and try to confine it in any way, defies the Laws of the Universe. You must allow your children to be free, because the entire Universe is set up to accommodate that. And anything you do to the contrary will only bring you regret. You cannot contain those that cannot be contained. It defies Law.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on Sunday, September 19th, 1999 # 400

You can say things like, "As I look at successful people, and by that I mean rich people, yes, and I mean happy people, and sometimes they're rich and happy." But when I'm talking about the successful ones, what I really mean is the really happy people. People that are really joyful, that want to get up every day, that are eager to get into their day. Almost without exception, they had a pretty rough beginning, which turned them into a powerful rebel initially. And then they found a way to relax into their natural birthright of Well-being.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Tucson, AZ on Saturday, February 2nd, 2002 # 448


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