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"Nothing else is important in your world other than closing this gap"

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton 11/3/07

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Nothing else is important in your world other than closing this gap.
And when that is dominant, when that's all that matters, you'll
choose what you watch on television, and you'll choose who you
talk to. You'll choose the subjects that you talk to them about.
You'll choose what you lay in bed and think about. You'll choose
the dreams you dream, you'll choose the thoughts you think, you'll
choose the songs you listen to. You'll choose the memories of
your past, you'll choose the images of your future, you'll choose
the things you look at in your now. You'll choose your words. But
most importantly, you'll do all of it for the feeling that it evokes
within you.

Abraham-Hicks, Boca Raton 11/3/07
Guest: Let's go to the beach, as you often say, or let's go shopping.
(Abe says: Yes indeed) It's just an amazing thing because for me, what
it underscores is what you say on your website and what's on your
quote of the day, which I get every day: All is Well, You Are Loved.
And that's all I ever need and its just an amazing, at this stage in
my life I was in recovery in AA for many years and I got so much out
of that. And yet I came to a point right around the time I met Abraham
that I just needed to go further. I needed more, and I was just at
this wonderful juncture and?

Abe: You know what it comes down to? So think about it in this way, so
you are pure positive energy and you project yourself here, and many
say, "And I do that because?" And we say: Because you want the
experience of expansion and the contrast causes that to happen. And
then as you then get hold of the way you feel and begin thinking more
in terms of who you are, you feel better and better. So what really
happens is people come forth and just by life, they, in their quest
for expansion, they get separated from who they really are and there
is a variable about how much separation they accomplish, how
chronically separated they are, some go up and down, some close the
gap, some do it accidentally, not many do it deliberately, but then
there are all kinds of programs that people enter into in their
attempt at closing that gap, improving their life experience. And,
it's interesting to see as people are reaching for these different
programs, each one of those is only about, we want to give this in a
kind way, but a blunt way at the same time?

Guest: I'm ready

Abe: Many people; you hold to your limitations so firmly, because you
believe in your reality so much, and so every program that exists, and
we will put this one in the same category; in this sense, it is all
about how much effort the individual believes it takes in order to
find success. If we could just somehow zap you with the memory that
all you have to do is find a happy thought and fixate on it and
everything else would take care of itself, but that is so simplistic
that people can't let themselves believe that something that requires
so seeming little effort would solve all of the major problems of
their life or of anyone else's life. And so, there are many hoops that
you all jump through in your quest for coming into alignment, but
you're all going to have a really good laugh when you make your
re-emergence into non-physical and you remember how you didn't have to
struggle about anything. The struggle is all self imposed, the
struggle is a misunderstanding that is that is born out of deciphering
contrast; you just kind of get stuck in the struggle end of it. Very

Guest: I'm so happy we rendezvoused.

8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 6
Now, lets build a case for the value of contrast. If everything you
chose came to you immediately, we're just asking, I everything you
chose came to you immediately, would that be beneficial or detrimental
to what you're putting in your vibrational escrow? Just think about
it. If every time you say, "I like that, I want that", it came, do you
think it would slow down the desire? Can you feel any personal
momentum from knowing what you don't want? Can you? (Guest says
something about causing something, not clear) Oh, you can. You can
feel momentum from the contrast. So now let's go back to this pile of
contrast and let's focus your brilliant minds upon it, and when you
work on something, doesn't it gather more momentum? Don't you gather
momentum by weighing the pluses and minuses, the pros and the cons?
Don't you benefit by sifting through the data? Isn't that the way you
put your hands in the clay? Don't you want the data to deal with?
Don't you want to feel the power of a desire being born within you?
Don't you? Have you seen the little kids, don't they tell you "I know,
I know", they don't want you to tell them everything that you know.
They want to figure it out on their own. They want to know. They want
the life experience. We're still here with you; we're still talking
about the joyous deliciousness of dealing with the contrast and
feeling the power of a desire. Yes, a currently not manifested desire.
Yes, a desire that may manifest far down the road. But right now, in
this moment, there is satisfaction from me getting to play in this
game of life, from me getting to be focused here from all this
contrast, me getting to be a sculptor with a full palate of materials
and colors and substances and textures; me having all of that variety
here with my fingers in it. Me getting to choose all of that and
LOVING the variety and loving the skill with which I am learning to
choose what I most want. I LOVE this contrast, I love this contrast, I
love this contrast and what it means to me, because my eternalness
depends upon this contrast, my expansion depends upon this contrast
and YES, even my JOY depends upon this contrast for if it where not
for this contrast I could not expand, and if I could not expand I
could not move forward, and if I could not move forward I could not
FEEL the motion forward; I could not feel the closing of the gap which
is what joy is. So there you have it.

8/9/8 San Fran
She cannot control their vibration. She cannot control their behavior. She
cannot control their attitudes. She cannot control THEM.


She can control her own vibration.

She's got to tell a bigger story. She's got to tell a deeper story. She's
got to get beyond the peripheral. She's got to get deeper into the
relationship experience with other people.

She's got to get into THIS, this is where she's got to get to, and maybe
some of you are having some of the same experiences. If you weren't, we
would not be telling you this story.

The rich are getting richer. The poor are getting poorer. The sick are
getting sicker and the well are getting weller. The confused are more
confused, and the clear are more clear minded. There is becoming a bigger
and bigger crevasse between the vibrational differences. And until you
accept what's happening to you, not matter what it is, hasn't got anything
to do with anyone or anything else, it's all about YOU, then you dig into
the vibrational countenance you're offering by caring about how you feel
when you think about it.

Before you know it, you can get to the place where everything will move
forward as the larger part of you already has.

Creation is about closing the vibrational gap. You see, creation isn't
about wanting something and getting it. It's about the movement, the life
that you live between where you are and it.

That's why as soon as you get to where you think you want to be, a whole
other set of things that you desire opens up before you.

San Francisco 8/9/08
So, here you are; magnificent, genius, leading edge creator; out here
on the leading edge of thought. Exploring the contrast and giving
birth, all day, every day to new desires. Some of which you are up to
speed with, some of which you are not. And so, this Art Of Allowing
Workshop is about helping you to figure out whether you're widening
the gap between You and you, or closing the gap. And you get what we
mean by You and you? You are Source Energy (indicates large energy
with right hand) and that part of you remains. Some think, "Oh, I'm
dead or alive; I'm Non-Physical or physical" and we say; you are
always Non-Physical and often you project some of that Non-Physical
awareness into physical form and when you do that you have two
vibrational perspectives. Do you get that? There is the Source within
you who always loves and always knows well-being, and there's the
physical you who might in this moment be focused upon something that
makes you afraid of something. So in the moment that you are focused
upon something that makes you feel fear, that feeling of fear is
nothing more than your indication that you're focused in a way that
the Source within you is not focusing and will never focus. The Source
within you knows your stability, knows worthiness, knows your value,
knows your well-being, and when you focus upon something that makes
you feel not worthy or not well-being, then you activate within you by
virtue of your attention to it, a vibration that is different than the
vibration of your Source, and those two discordant vibrations cause
emotions to be felt within you, you see how it works?

From The Autistic Revolution DVD
Minute 13 Second 9
Question: I have not managed to allow in, or manage people to make
things happen. (speaking of building her home)

That's one thing we have noticed. People building empires, people forming
relationships, lasting relationships, creating big projects, master pieces,
everyone of them
does more then 99 percent of the building it, and putting it together, before
they purchase their first piece of land, before they put the first board or
brick into place, in other words, it is all accomplished vibrationally before
they begin, in the action sense. And it is so interesting to see that even
though 99 percent of all that is necessary for the full blown manifested
conclusion of it, is in place, even before they begin, once they begin, their
sense of not enoughness, or the sense that it is not done, or the sense of -I
need so much to accomplish it, is enough of a spattering of a contradictory
vibration that they hold themselves often in a holding pattern for long periods
of time. It's because they want to make it - when you use the word accomplish,
you make it about wanting to move the material things into place, and we want
you to let it be about the satisfaction that you derive from the vision of it,
because when it lines up vibrationally, when it clicks into place,
you won't be able to stop the avalanche of people and circumstances that come to
your dream a physical reality, it's the same thing we have talked about today
about continuing to ask the question not realizing that life has caused you to
ask the question, the answer has been building long ago, now you must ask other
things so that you stop beating the drum of the question of this that has
already been DONE, it would start to come together.. THAT WAS big did you hear
it ???

When you keep looking for your lover, and looking for the people that will build
the people that will facilitate-when you keep looking for them, its already
and even though its RIGHT under your nose and ready to pop for you, it CAN'T
because your holding yourself in phase 1, instead of phase 3. Do you believe us
when we
say that everything that has been created is about vibration? We know that's
to take, We know that you are so good at moving stuff around with your physical
being that you think that THAT is accomplishing.

We want to put a new descriptive or meaning on the word accomplish:

We want to say accomplish means:
Let's accomplish vibrational alignment-
Let's accomplish vibrational sameness-
Let's accomplish the closing of the gap-
Let's accomplish basking in the dream of this vision-
Let's accomplish feeling good about something already done-
Let's accomplish happy anticipation in watching the universe bring things into
Let's accomplish a releasing of awareness in how long it's taking-

Let's make accomplish about energy and thought and feeling, and get it out
of the realm of activity, action or doing. Accomplish THAT ! ! ! !

What you want to do is talk about your accomplishment in past tense..
Think about it- if your looking for a lover, speak about your lover as someone
already attracted, or financial abundance, speak of it as having been
in the way that YOU mean it, in the physical sense- speak of it, until you feel
and when you feel it, you've LINED up with it- and when you line up with it- it

Mediterranean Cruise 5-2008
"Heres the simple difference, in creation as it really works, and the way humans
have been attempting it, and its why so many humans are experiencing mediocracy
in comparison with what could be... we arent kidding you., You are living grand
lives, but it is pultry to whats in your vibrational escrow...and the reason is
because instead of making the effort, and it does take effort to envision
something that you cannot see right before your eyes, instead of making the
effort to get in there and find the feeling place, instead they're trying to
figure out what to do that could move them there. Theres so much leverage in
envisioning. But if you don't stay there in your vision long enough to feel the
improvement in your emotion, then nothings changed. So even though life is
causing your vibrational escrow to keep moving forward and your doing a pretty
good job of sort of catching up with it, if you don't start closing that gap,
you continually feel that
disatisfaction that your talking about."

Caribbean Cruise CD9 track8 8
We think that you and everybody else would have an easy time dealing with
your gap if you weren't trying to factor others in, if you weren't trying to
see the world through the eyes of others.

If you weren't trying to see everything from sombody else's perspective,
you'd close your gap eaily and you'd be influential. And then they'd be
more likely to come along willingly to what life has caused them to be.

Asheville, NC 10/27/07

Found on the web...


Abraham-Hicks: an example of bridging the gap in a long-held belief

In this Abraham workshop video, the questioner has a long-held desire: he had a dream years ago that he would win the lottery. Today it is $93 million dollars and he wants to win it today.

Like the questioner you may believe that your desire is there for you in your vortex, but just not know how to get there from here. What I really like about this workshop is how Abraham is showing how to pivot from observing "what is" to our vortex and our desires.
Abraham says “....we know that it’s yours and we know you can find access to it. You don’t know that yet because you haven’t practiced it enough to know it. Because you’re still, human being that you are, you’re letting the evidence that manifests be the criteria that lets you believe. We’re letting what’s in the vortex be the criteria that makes us believe, you see.”
The questioner says he believes it is there and that there is a gap. Then Abraham goes on a rampage of bridging statements. 
Abraham: “I believe there is a gap in my expectation. I believe I can close the gap in my expectation. I believe my emotions are the key to closing the gap in my expectation. I believe that hopeful is in the vicinity of the vortex. I believe that believing is inside the vortex. I believe that “knowing” is in the vortex in a chronic consistent way. I believe that I have access to these dollars. I believe that these dollars are there for me. I believe that there is a path to them that will be an easy path for me. I believe that the path is through the vortex. I believe that the path is through my emotions. I believe the path is through the alignment with Source Energy that is really the larger part of me. I believe my emotions tell me truly. I believe that when I’m frustrated I’m not there. I believe that when I’m hopeful I’m closer. I believe that when I’m happy I’m there. I believe that when I appreciate I’m there. I believe that when I make peace with what is I’m there. I believe that when I appreciate the processes of my life that caused me to put that solution there that I’m there. I love every struggle that I’ve lived because that’s been the fodder that put this there. I believe that the well-being that I’ve lived and the well-being that hasn’t felt so much like well-being has put it there for me. I know that I’m the creator of my own reality. I know that these things are true. I know that I get to live the manifestational version of all of that. I believe that I can live the manifestational version of that. I think there’s evidence all over this planet of people who stood right where I am standing in terms of finances and had a vortex just like I do that was all queued up for them and they just found the way in. And I don’t have to find the identical way in. I don’t have to run around and look for people and say, “how did you get your money? How did you get your money? How did you get your money?” because it’s different for every one of us. But one thing that is a common denominator who has succeeded in anything they’ve been reaching for is that they found a way to be a vibrational match to what they were asking for. And that’s all I’ve gotta do. That’s the piece I’m looking for. 
[When we come back from break] ....we will show you that the abundance you have put in your vortex. Talk about a jackpot. Talk about a jackpot. If you could see the veritable fortune that you have gathered that is vibrationally queued up for you. That you have immediate access to. But it’s not through action. It’s through the emotional journey. And once you train yourself into emotional alignment with the energy of your vortex until it feels more normal to expect good things than to expect bad things. Until it feels more normal to feel prosperous than to feel shortage. Until it feels normal. You’ve got to practice the feeling of normalcy. And the tricky thing is how can I feel something that I don’t have evidence to support? And that will really be the subject of this afternoon’s discussion. How can I train my vibration apart from the reality that I’m observing to comply with the reality that I’ve created? That is deliberate creating at it’s best. Good time for segment of lunch.

part II


Thank you so much darling Abraham

This video was recorded at the 5/15/10 Vortex of Attraction Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.
(c) Abraham-Hicks Publications. Abraham-Hicks Publications, P. O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269. Visit the official Abraham site at: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/


Source: Deliberate Reality Creation blog

(See quote above too that I just posted!)

And the following Abe quote was posted elsewhere by Deliberate Sifter on January 19, 2012:

>Whatever you want is there, but you have to make that bridge!

>Los Angeles CA 7-30-2011 cd1 track 1 @29:00

Love that!

DS, your secretary here...hehe... In the "abraham by topic" it would be a good idea to put this thread under  "g" as well for "gap".  Me thinks :)   It's under "c" now (for closing the gap) which is good, but it would be nice under "g" as well)

agreed...thank you pilar. done!


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