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When you put your emphasis on "doing", you are usually going about your creation in a backwards manner, but as you begin by first identifying how you want to feel and then what you want to have - and are then inspired to the doing - you are creating from the inside out. In this way, you are literally bringing you into balance with you. As you utilize this process you will not find yourself acting from a negative viewpoint trying to fix something that is wrong, or trying to compensate from a negative position. You will always be standing in a positive position simply becoming clearer.

A New Beginning II
page 108

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Just what I needed to see right this moment! Thank you :>)
"Your true career is your joyful balanced
life experience.
That is why you are here.
There are many ways you can express yourself.
Start creating from the inside out.

'I want to feel good.'
'I want to be fulfilled.'
'I want to feel my value and my purpose.'
'I want to feel my freedom.'
'I want to feel my joy.'

Confusion comes from not starting from your
Do not start on the outside peripheral edges
and try to fix things out there."

Abraham-- No date given
More perfect words and perfect timing - thank you!
Abraham-Hicks El Paso, TX 2/17/01

Guest: Could you talk a little bit about the relationship
between thought and feeling and allowing? I know you talk about
holding a thought for 17 seconds and holding another thought, the
same thought for 17 seconds until it combusts.

Abe: It's a perfect question. Because what you are getting from
this is:

Certainly, as I observe something and choose to focus upon it,
I'm going to have a feeling response. That's why so many want
the world cleaned up. It's why you gather together in your
communities, where you think you can control what you might see.
Because when you see it, you are sure to have a feeling response.
If it's something you want, your feeling response will please
you, if it's something you don't want, your feeling response will
not please you. So that's one way to approach life - by managing
your thoughts so that you can then manage your feelings.

You are understanding, we felt it hatch within you even as we
were chewing here just now, that if you could find a way of
connecting more often, more deliberately with your Source energy
and therefore, you would be controlling your feeling, then the
thoughts would come in vibrational response to that. So
certainly, your feeling is in response to your thought, and in
truth it all happens so simultaneously, it would really be
splitting hairs to try to determine which came first, the thought
or the feeling, because they are going to be there in the same
moment for you. But it could be very advantageous to you, if you
would work on conjuring a feeling that would then attract
thoughts that are in harmony.

It's a little bit like, here's a good way of looking at it,
imagine a wheel with a hub, and huge spokes and a huge
perimeter. It's a very big wheel, maybe as big as your world.
The feeling is at the hub of the wheel, and the thoughts are all
around the outer edge. So, as you reach out to the outer edge
and you choose a thought, depending on which thought you choose,
it will effect the feeling at the core. But there are so many of
them out there, it becomes a very big sifting and sorting
process. Where if you would come to the Center and choose a
feeling, then only the thoughts that are in vibrational harmony
with that feeling would be available to you, a much easier
sifting process. And we think that's what you were getting at
with your question, don't you? Yes.

It is always fun to come together with those like you who are
coming more and more, and more and more, and more and more
clearly in every day to an understanding that you are the creator
of your own experience. You have been with us, some of you, for
awhile and you are hearing the modification of some expressions
as we say, you are the creator of your experience. We mean, you
cannot help but identify desire through the contrast that you
live, it is the most natural part of your experience,
determination happens constantly within you. And when you do, as
so many of you have so clearly offered to us today, the things
you have gathered here and otherwise, when you try to reach for
that center place, when you relax and breath and allow who you
really are to flow, when you play the game of allowing your Inner
Being to come to the party, then you are beginning the deliberate
art of allowing. There is nothing you will ever do that will be
more satisfying. We see you take computer classes, we see you
take driving lessons, we see you take calculus assignments, we
see you studiously devour information on any number of topics,
but we promise you, there is no topic that even comes close to
the payoff than learning the art of allowing.

If you will deliberately reach for the feeling that feels best,
or play it in another way, try to imagine what your Inner Being,
or what Abraham, or what Jesus, or what Buddha or what any master
you have ever known would do in this situation. What would those
connected with Source do or say under these conditions? How
would they respond to what is happening here, what would be their
response be to what is happening here? If you will reach for
those responses, what you will begin to notice is that, more and
more, you are allowing that broader part of you to flow. More
and more, you are in the state of allowing, more and more, your
back will feel better, your foot will feel better, your bank
account will feel better, your friends will feel better, your
relationships will feel better, your basketball games will go
better, every part of your experience will feel better as you
allow all of the things that you've been saying every day of your
life to flow to you and though you. There is great love here for
you. We are complete.
So now, this is the part that we want you to hear. You see, the formula for creating anything is very simple; it says: identify the desire and then acheive a vibrational match to it. And so, most of you identify the desire, you have done that in your earlier statement. But it wasn't until you began remembering or sometimes, if you don't have it in your memory banks to remember, you have to make it up, but you found a way through our prompting to speak a story or remember something that was a vibrational match to what you want. So now, there's no contradiction in your vibration. For that moment, you are in essence, being true to yourself. And if you could do of that, more of deliberately finding the vibration rather than observing conditions that don't hold it and then feeling the absence of the vibration, that's what deliberate creation is. Deliberate creation, you might say in a very simple phrase, is vibrating on purpose. Deliberate creation is letting the contrast help you to identify the desire and then you, doing whatever you have to do, whether its remember it or selectively sift around your now environment or sometimes even make it up, until you find something that is a vibrational match. 3.7.1997 Side A
Regarding your creation of your own life experience, there really is only one important question for you to ask: “How can I bring myself into vibrational alignment with the desires that my experience has produced?” And the answer is simple: Pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose thoughts - about everything - that feel good to you when you think them.

Ask And It Is Given calendar

You are comparing yourself to other actors, and you are wondering, "Why them
and not me?"

Well, that gets you nowhere!

The comparison you want to make is the comparison between you and you.
That's the only comparison that matters.

So when you walk into an audition, it's interesting. If your attention is
very much on what they think of you, you've already shot yourself in the
foot. Because you've deviated from your own guidance. In other words, you
can't serve two masters. Your guidance system cannot having you answering
to two different rules or laws.

In other words, your guidance system, what you want relative to your
creative work, has already been well established. It is already in your
vortex of attraction. Your Inner Being stands there as the already live-er,
the current live-er of those things.

So your work is to find conversation with yourself, A LOT of conversation
with yourself, enough conversation with yourself that you, in your physical
beingness, and you, in your Nonphysical beingness are one and the same.

You just have to not give a rip what they think. And as long as you do give
a rip what they think, you are catering to that guidance instead of THIS
guidance. And absent THIS guidance [from your Inner Being] you've got very
little to give to them.

And they'll pick the one who's in alignment every single time. They'll pick
the one who's in alignment, even though they may not understand what
alignment is!

Los Angeles 1/16/10
Take the action that produces the soothing. Once you
are feeling better, visualize the heck out of it.

Los Angeles, CA, 8/1/98
Make how you feel paramount in order to ride the river with enthusiasm. Prepare for each decision by thinking of every success you have had. Abraham-Hicks
The REAL game is always alignment, regardless of the focus in the moment. Without alignment, you cannot excel. You just need an arena of focus.

"Feel for the feeling of what you can't see yet." -- Abraham-Hicks - Feel your way into the Vortex - Parts 1-4

Dave Kenyon put these up the other day and I just love them! Feel, Feel, Feel. I think I'm making some headway here!
Be aware of how you are phrasing things. How you are focusing your thought into sentences is a big way you construct differently than you mean to. So when you start a sentence out by, “I have a hard time with…” you’re just deliberately building a… [barrier]

“The trouble with that is…” “What I don’t like about that is…” “The thing that bothers me most about this is…”

In other words, you have a bunch of those phrases. Not just you, everyone does. Let every sentence begin in the direction where you hope to end up.

“The improvement I’m looking for is…” is constructing a thoughtway that is different from “The struggle I have with this is…”

Abraham-Hicks, San Francisco 2/5/11


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