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Every time you appreciate something, every time you praise something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe: "More of this, please." You need never make another verbal statement of an intent - and if you are mostly in a state of appreciation, all good things will flow to you

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There is no tool that is more powerful than the tool of appreciation.

Money & The Law Of Attraction
Companion DVD
Dave Kenyon brought this to me. Thanks Dave!

Found this one as a result of that ^ one...

Here's a listen that is where I seek to get every day....
Appreciate the flower, appreciate the sky, appreciate the
freeways, appreciate the recording equipment, appreciate friends,
appreciate the food that you're eating, appreciate your clothing,
appreciate something that is outside of you just until you get in the
mode of appreciation
, and then, every now and again, slip yourself in
there as the object of appreciation and let it flow.

Appreciating, is the thing.

To be one who flows appreciation is really
what you're after.

To be one who gets appreciation is backwards,

because it's almost always done from a lackful place.

So, if it's something about me, I'm sort of tripped up, to begin with, because what I;m trying
to flow my appreciation to is something that I'm trying to get
appreciation from, and tha's what sort of messes it all up, you see.

So just get really good at appreciating.

Get so good at appreciating, that you start to really notice, "Hmm, I'm connected, hmm, I'm connected,
hmm, the Energy's flowing through me.


It is important to understand that you do not have to physically get
involved in order to allow the pure positive Energy that streams into this
time and place. Every time you are silently appreciating, every time you
are letting something in your physical realm be the object of attention and
at the same time you are vibrationally connected to your Source of
Energy---you are adding upliftment to this time and place. Every time!

Abraham--G 9/5/92 A

The way your Universe intersects is never coincidental, no small part of it
is coincidental, every part of it is by virtue of the power of the Laws and
the power of your attraction. That is why our admonishment to you is to get
into those places where you are articulating, more often, how beautiful
everything is, because in that place you experience more of the beauty of
the Universe---more birds, more spirit, more glorious things coming to you
experience for you delicious participation!

Abraham--G 1/26/91
Abraham Calendar
You can feel good about the flower you are looking at, or the ocean that you
are looking across, or about the smile upon the face of the child...you can
be focused upon something like that and be feeling utter Well-being. And in
that moment of that basking, you are attracting the dollars that you want,
you are attracting the abundance that you want, you are attracting the mate
that you want---you are attracting whatever it is that you want. It is
about vibrating and allowing, you see?

G 2/1/92
Abraham Calendar
(context I've seen this info coming out in workshop format: guest asked for a list of "ten commandments", Abraham said they don't have any rules to offer, that there are no rules to this game of life and that's not within their intentions, but they would be happy to offer ten very good ideas, which we are free to use or not, and all is well either way for each individual as well as for the whole)

Ten Good Ideas

- Seek joy -- first and foremost.

- Seek reasons to laugh.

- Seek reasons to offer words of praise -- to self and others.

- Seek beauty in nature, beasts, and other humans.

- Seek reasons to love. In every segment of every day -- look for something
that brings forth within you a feeling of love and appreciation.

- Seek that which uplifts you.

- Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.

- Seek a feeling of Well-being.

- Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.

- Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things or to not do any
of these things -- for it is, without exception, your choice in every moment of
every day.

This is the recipe for eternal joy. And it will provide a format for a life of
dramatic, magnificent creating, also. This feels like the 'bottom line' to you
: 'How much success, or how much acclaim... how much value can I offer here and
now?' And what we are wanting to understand is that your value can only be
measured in terms of joy.

Once you get upon that path where you are seeking and finding -- you are
abundant with joy. You see, the nice thing about this offering is that you
cannot seek something without finding it. It cannot be. For that which you are
asking for is always that which is coming to you.

Abraham-Hicks -- 'A New Beginning II'

Personal Note: It is good to remember now and then that "asking" is used by Abraham in the same way that a human might use the word "focusing on" or the terms "getting upset about" or "feeling good about"...in other words, your "asking" is your internal response to anything. ~ DS
" We don't know anybody that wants anything, whether it's a change in
their body, or a physical condition, or a relationship, or an event, or
a pile of money- we don't know anything that anybody wants that isn't
for the same reason, and that is you THINK that in the HAVING of that
manifestation you will feel better. And what we're saying is- you MUST
find a way to feel better FIRST, then the manifestation will happen.

People say 'give me the manifestation and then I will feel good'- and we
say, you probably would, but FEEL GOOD and then the manifestation will
come. And if you can't feel good about where this manifestation is
(questioner's body weight) then find other things that you DO feel good
about. Use ANY excuse in the world.

We teach meditation because when you are meditating you stop thought,
when you stop thought you stop resistance, when you stop resistance you
LET IT IN. We teach appreciation because when you are appreciating you
LET IT IN. Do you know you cannot appreciate and block energy at the
same time? When you are in the mode of appreciation your Inner Being is
FULLY within you. So anything that you can find about anything that
causes you to appreciate lets it in."--Abe, 10/7/00
" ' If there's an opportunity to praise, I'm going to praise. If
there's an opportunity to criticize, I'm going to keep my mouth shut and
try to meditate. If I feel like criticizing I'll say, here Kitty,
Kitty, and I'll pet my cat 'til that feeling goes away.' Within 30 days
of mild effort, you can go from one of the most resistant people on the
planet, to one of the least resistant people on the planet. And then
those who are watching you will be amazed at the amount of
manifestations that begin to occur in your physical experience." --Abe,
If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would stop
defining now with so much clever dialog.

We would stop using the things that are going wrong as
entertainment for your friends.

Abraham-Hicks, San Rafael, 9/2/00


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