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San Rafael, Ca 3/15/09
Guest: My final question is about this physical piece that's out front, and when you say the larger part of us is not physical, and it seems that they physical, you know, this identity, does not want to give up. Wants to sort of survive in some kind of way, almost, in a little bit like ahh, I feel sometimes listening to you a little bit like a puppet, out there...

Abe: Wait, but this physical identity doesn't want you to give up, we want you to do the step one, and allow the step three, in other words, we don't want you to give up either, and we don't even want you to stop exploring contrast. We just want you to deliberately understand what you're doing. We want you to ask and we want you to deliberately align. And in that way you will feel wonderful. Course you are not a puppet, if you were a puppet, you would be born knowing exactly who you are, and the Source within you would tell you what to do, and you would do it. And we say, what would be the point of the leading edge experiencer if that was what was going on. You're not a puppet, you're a creator. But when you create in concert with your broader knowing, your creations are so much more satisfying than when you create outside of the influence of your broader knowing.

You see, that broader knowing, the influence of your broader knowing is not dictating how you do it, where you do it, who you do it with or even what you do. That larger part of you is offering the influence of: you can do it, and you are worthy and all is well, and the Laws of the Universe are behind you and the Universe will conspire to assist you, but you get to choose what it is that you create, you see. (guest: hhmm) You have utter free will, you're so free you can choose bondage. You're so free, you can choose to be outside the vortex. If you were a puppet, we'd drag you in the vortex. We would, we don't like you out of the vortex. Well. Really. We don't mind you out of the vortex because when you are out there, you ask for more, in other words, when you are out there you are stimulated, but we want you in the vortex more than out. You're not a puppet, you are a free agent, who gets to choose the direction of your thought. We're just here to remind you that most of you are missing the information that's coming forth from within that could serve you really really well.

Guest: And I get a sense that there's ever expanding information, like ever expanding everything else.

Abe: That's right, it never ends, because every experience is new. This combination of beings has never been before unto all of the Universe. This combination of beings has never been before unto all of the Universe, this combination of what you know, of what we know, of what you want to know, of what we want you to know, this combination has never been before, and so unique, new is being born out of this, you see. (guest: mmmhhmm) And when you compound all of the interactions and all of the experiences, and all of the attention to life and all of the asking, this is what the evolution of all species is about, you see. It just gets better and better and better and better and better. And it's so easy for us to know that because we know the Laws, and we've seen and have clear sight of all that has been, and we see what's in the vortex. There's not a reason ever for anyone to worry about anything. Just tend to your relationship with who you are, and see how glorious life can be. (guest: yeah.) And in fact, you were Non-Physical Energy and you said I will go forth, and the contrast will assist me in reaching for more, and my awareness of the separation between me and me will give me guidance to help me know to come back into alignment, in other words you said, I won't feel good if I stray too far, therefor I won't stray too far. That was your plan. (guest: mmhhmmm). I will use the way I feel to bring myself always into alignment. You knew that life would cause you to cause you to stretch, and emotions would tell you if you'd stretched and didn't go, which would be your impetus to then want to move in the direction. You knew that you could not do anything other than win, and you expected it to be a joyous, joyous experience. So, when we visit with you, we are not at all concerned when someone's life has them wanting something that they have no clue about how to achieve, because we know that all of the currents of the Universe are calling them in the direction of what they want. But then, when you begin to deal with a personality or a society who has trained each other, trained people to put up with negative emotion, to ignore personal guidance, to listen to this and listen to this, and listen to this, and so all kinds of people are loosing there sense of who they are; then what happens? When lots and lots of people who have lost their sense of who they are, begin seeking, the alignment that they innately know is there for them and there's not one who doesn't, then you ask for someone to explain; and ...here we come.

Guest: Exactly. Oh yeah! I was going to thank you for coming!

Abe: Thank you for asking!

Guest: Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And just ; we saw March Of The Penguins and it's just like..how could anyone ever make this up? You know, this kind of existence that, you know, and so many other in nature especially. And I know that's happening with us...

Abe: And think about nature. We're happy that you project that into the conversation, because think about nature. So, the beasts are operating from that Source mind. What you call instinct is their hearing this (indicating Source/vortex) rather than this (indicating upstream). Humans sometimes train them out of the vortex, not your cats, but your dogs. You can train your dogs out. (laughter) But, when you see the new chick born knowing exactly what to do, and the little rooster chicken knows exactly his role, even though he'd never had a father rooster or a mother hen who taught him anything, and he wasn't born with it all in his mind, he was born in direct conversation with Source who guides him and he constantly hears. What man calls instinct in beasts, we call direct communication, you see.

Guest: Oh

Abe: Nice to know.

Guest: Thank you very much.


Guest 2: Um. something that you said to the uh, the last gentleman, it kind of touched on something that I've been thinking about, when you said to him: we actually don't mind when you are out of the vortex, because you're asking more.

Abe: In fact, it is natural that sometimes you be out of the vortex because as leading edge creators you came forth to do step one; that's the part you add to the equation that isn't there without you.

Guest 2: Exactly. And I guess um, and forgive the cynical interpretation of everything that you've been telling us, but I've been wondering about this lately. From what you've told us, Non-Physical sends us, or we go as an expression of non-physical...

Abe: You go as a part of Non-Physical.

Guest 2: As a part of Non-Physical. That we are a part of Non-Physical that is to a degree, sent here to ask.

Abe: You come forth to reach

Guest 2: To reach

Abe: Into a new place...to assure eternity.

Guest 2: And to make the universe to expand. And to a degree, then, the rest of Non-Physical is piggy-backing on our asking and our wanting and the expansion of the Universe.

Abe: That would be true if we did not have desires of our own.

Guest 2: Okay, okay. Well, let me finish, and then I'd love to hear the way that you spank it down as I'm sure you will (audience is laughing) in a wonderfully articulate way. I guess, again, cynically looking at this, you would, in a sense, I mean the ultimate the question would be, and you answered it the last time to a degree, is why are you here, because you, or Non-Physical, should want us to experience the greatest of contrast while we are here in the physical, in a sense the physical, from that interpretation are sort of sacrificial lambs to create more and more expansion through greater and greater contrast, and therefore..

Abe: Well, it works out that way because it can't go wrong, but, we are not wanting sacrificial lambs, we are wanting reachers. In other words, you've been listening to us long enough to know, and you've heard us say on many occassions that we want you to reach, but not so far that you suffer. Don't reach so far beyond where you are that you have this gap in alignment for too long. For example. The astronaut who gets in the space ship and endures some risk to reach into a new frontier is no different than the way you feel. Wanting to reach into something that is new. When he could just as easily, in a sense, complacently remain safely on the ground with the rest of you. So, you might ask the same question of him. Why do you risk exposure to the unknown? Why do you reach into the new frontier? And mostly he will say to you, because it calls me. It calls me. What we are getting at is, from your Non-Physical vantage point you extended yourself...begin again...in the same way that we are encouraging you to stand where ever you are and reach into this vortex; from the Non-Physical, you reached into the furtherest known creative environment, which is this leading edge time-space reality. Then from here you reach again. So, it's just this continual cycle of reaching and aligning and reaching and aligning and reaching and aligning and reaching and aligning. And a cynical viewpoint might be: but if I'm reaching and aligning and reaching and aligning, then is it true that I never get to where I'm going? And the answer to that is: thankfully, YES. We never get to the ending place, which is what makes this eternity so wonderful.

Guest 2. Understood. I guess my question is, to take your analogy of the astronaut, um, first off, the astronaut expects, to some degree, to go somewhere new, to experience success in his search, and is looking for something wanted. And I guess I look at so much of the contrast here and you referred to it earlier today and yesterday, in terms of the economic turmoil that's going on, and you've mentioned that this creates more in escrow than perhaps the last several decades combined.

Abe: But you didn't hear us say we are rooting for your struggle for the purpose of your expansion.

Guest 2: But that's my question. Why wouldn't you be? Being Non-Physical and in a sense, doesn't Non-Physical expand more, the greater the contrast?

Abe: Because expansion without alignment is not fun.

Guest 2: Not fun for Non-Physical or not fun for we as physical expressions of you.

Abe: Not fun for you as physical. We don't come out of our vortex for your pain, ever. But that doesn't mean that we aren't rooting for your alignment and your joy. In other words, here's the best way of saying it (there are so many things that we want to say to you), first, we root for your success, but never suffer in your struggle. The cynical thing that you feel, you could never feel from inside the vortex.

Guest 2: Oh, I understand, but in a sense, you're throwing us under the bus, that way, in that you don't come out of your vortex, um, you get the benefit of the expansion that we create through our contrast.

Abe: Well, we don't throw you under the bus..

Guest 2: Well, you let us throw ourselves under the bus.

Abe: Well, regardless of how you got under the bus, (audience laughs) we can't help you out from under the bus if we don't stay in the vortex.

Guest 2: Oh, understood. I guess where I'm trying to understand is, why for instance if again, if there is not, given the increased contrast and therefore the increased volume in escrow, because of the suffering, not that many people have died, but there have been a lot of people suffering over the last year, and you can say about a world war two, something like that, where there's a heightened level of contrast around the world, or for a race as a whole, um, why wouldn't that be the status quo that Non-Physical would look for, understanding that you're not coming with us, you're staying in the vortex, but you're allowing us to be outside the vortex and to create through heightened contrast more and more expansion. I understand that you don't wish us ill, but it would seem to be the best thing for all concerned.

Abe: Well, there are some of those, what you might call safe guards built into it, in this sense. First of all, the degree of discord that anyone feels is this range of emotions from despair to ecstasy.

Guest 2: Right.

Abe: And, Esther, you've heard this story before but it really applies here, one day she was watching something that was happening somewhere in the world that was awful. And, it just brought her to her knees. She could not stand and watch it, it was so upsetting. And she sat down and took the full hit of it, and then she said to us, once she came back into some semblance of alignment: "If I feel that bad watching it from this remote viewing that I have, what must it have felt like for those who were living it?" They didn't feel it as keenly as you felt it, because your degree of alignment is the comparison of your degree of misalignment. In other words, there are a lot of people living retched lives by your standards who are happier than you are. Because their live hasn't caused them to reach so far, so where they are, where they are is here in what you would call a retched place, but what they are reaching for is here, so there's only this place between where they are. And there is this sort of safeguard in everything. In other words, if it becomes unbearable, you don't bear it; you reemerge.

Guest 2: So, for instance, again, given that the last years contrast has been relatively economic and not many people, for instance, have died from it, etc. but that level of contrast that has been created through that level of suffering is in some ways as great as or even greater than, lets say, the contrast that would be experiences by people in the middle of a war where there are people dieing, etc?

Abe: Whether you are ripped from who you are, because you are focused upon the horror of war, or whether you are ripped from who you are because you are focused upon the absence of something that you keenly want, being ripped from who you are is being ripped from who you are.

Guest 2: So, contrast is an individual thing, or at least it's relative to how far you are from your own individual alignment, verses, say, a fixed continuum of alignment?

Abe: Always. Always, it's an individual thing. That's why know one does it to you. In other words, we said it a few times here today, that if life hadn't caused you to reach over here, you wouldn't feel bad when you didn't go. If life didn't cause you to reach over here, then you wouldn't feel dissatisfied about standing here. And that's why this cynical approach that you were giving yourself credit for taking, we want to say to you that, even as you stand, so, so, we just want to ask, just for sake of fun and clarification: the suffering that he's talking about, relative to the financial thing, are you suffering? (asking audience) Anyone? In other words, not a whole lot of suffering going on by those in this room. Now, you could go into another group of people who have been playing the game at a higher level, where their stakes were higher, where they'd invested so much more into it, Jerry & Esther said, the stock market isn't a concern to us because we weren't playing that game. So, whether it's up or down, whether people are thriving or not, it is not personally affecting us, but it's very different for those who have been playing the game. And so, that brings us back around to something that you said, but we really want to amplify it back to you; it really is an individual thing. And, the part that we really want to convey to you is that, (pause) the you that is Source Energy, and we'll call that part of you us, the you that is Source Energy, is aware of where you are without suffering. In other words, you are never abandoned by us. But for your well being, as well as our well being, we don't go to the depths of where you go, because we are the stable holder of the new benchmark that we have all established together. And it comes back to the same thing. We used to offer a very simplistic analogy: why is the electricity that moves through the walls of this building, why doesn't that electricity come and be the toaster. And we say because a toaster with no electricity doesn't toast toast. And if the current becomes the toaster, then there's no current that make the toaster work.

Guest 2: I understand, and you just said it perfectly, that you don't come to the depths that we create, but on the other hand, you say many times and you've said it today, that you, as Non-Physical as the larger part of us ride the rocket of what is created, what we become, in other words what we want, in our escrow, cause if we're suffering or experiencing contrast then what we want is immediately created and you as Non-Physical get the benefit of that, and so it would just seem logical that you would, since you are NOT coming there into the depths with us, that you kinda, sorta root for us to go further into the depths because it simply creates more in escrow for you to ride.

Abe: Well, we do root for the contrast and we do root for what is born out of it, but we never stop holding our place in our understanding that you will join us here. But we leave you the free will to come now, or later. We leave you the free will about where you go. So what we're really talking about here is, humans having an inordinate willingness to suffer beyond reason. (guest laughs) Isn't that what we're talking about? You're using your free will to suffer beyond reason..

Guest 2: each in our own way

Abe: and then complaining that we don't make you stop it. (audience laughs and applauds) And we say, you can't have it both ways. You're free to create your own reality. But we know, what you're talking about, you're talking about the premise of the whole thing.

Guest 2: Yeah

Abe: In other words, if contrast is good, how good is it? And how far should we go, and we say each person has their limitations. Jerry and Esther have become so picky about how far they allow themselves to go outside their comfort zone, in other words, they want and they come up and they want and they come up and they want and they come up and they want and they come up and they want and they come up and when it gets a little wide, Esther focus wheels all day long if she needs to. In other words, they will not allow themselves to get far outside of the range of who they are, because the bliss from this point of knowing is just so sublime. You just can't go back. If your sane (audience laughs)

Guest 2, laughing: There's a good premise. Okay.

Abe: Very meaningful. Yes indeed, yes indeed.

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"No one is depriving you of anything.
But sometimes YOU do not allow the
stream of well-being....."

Abe Journal Vol 12
"Be as happy as you want to be in a world gone mad. Be as safe as you
want to be in a world that is afraid of everything. Be as healthy as
you want to be in a world that is mostly sick. Don't let the statistics

that someone else has created affect you. You get to choose -- you are
wise enough, smart enough, deliberate enough."
(Abraham, 11/24/90)
"Anything that you are wanting: don't stand in the lack of it and
lament that it isn't there and expect it to come to you. It cannot.
Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of
it, a little clue of it - look for something about it, and focus upon
that little piece, and by Law of Attraction, watch it grow!"

Abraham - G 2/16/91
And you say, "Oh that's far to simple. There's got to be something bigger than
that. There's got to be something a lot more than just feeling good. "

And we say, "There is nothing more important than that you feel good. Because
when you feel good, you've got control of your vibration. And when you've got control of
your vibration, you are the deliberate creator of your experience."

So when you say, "Why do we have to allow?" We say, "It is because you are born
into an environment where there are choices. You were born into an environment where
there is variety. In other words, if you lived in a household where everybody thought
exactly the same way; and nobody had any contention about anything; everybody wanted
everything exactly the same; you were all born to love pizza, and you were all born to love
milk, and you were all born to love the color yellow, and you were all born to love hard
wood floors instead of carpeted floors … in other words, if you were all born with these
same-nesses, you say, "Oh we would get along so famously; we all sing the same songs, we all
do the same things" … and we say, "You would not be stimulated to a new idea. And a
continuing life force could not continue to be drawn within you because you need, we all
need, an active calling." That's big! We all need an active calling. There has to be an
activation of that summoning of energy. And as long as there is an activation of that
summoning of active energy then life continues.

And it is our promise to you that Life will always continue!

And so, you say, "Well this activation of this energy is a good thing, but my
resistance to it is not a good thing. Why do I have to learn allowing?"

And we say, "You would not have to learn allowing if you had not learned

And you say, "That's my point exactly! Why was I born into an environment where
I was to learn dis-allowing? Why do I have to go back now and have to learn how to allow

shouldn't I just naturally allow?"

And we say, "Because you wanted the environment of difference and you needed to
find your bearing and you needed to find your place and you needed to decide what YOU
want!" In other words, we promised you, you did not want to come into an
environment where you just said "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" to all of it.
You wanted to say, "Yes!" "No!" "Well, maybe!" "Well, what do I think?" "What do I conclude?"
What is my preference?" Otherwise your perspective has no value if you are not here to
decide to discern to prefer something new, you see.

Creation isn't about wanting something and getting it. It's about the movement, the life that you live between where you are and it.

I like the second conversation.. It shows how Abe really is so very aligned. I would have difficulty staying calm when someone just keeps saying the same things and not really listening, but they remain so very calm. Good stuff.
No matter how intensely intertwined you find yourself with another person, your relationship is affected many times more by the thoughts that are moving around in your own mind than by the other person who is moving around in your house or in your life experience. That is why it is so interesting to us to see people working so hard at controlling one another while working very little on controlling their own thoughts and perceptions --- especially since they have no real control over another and they do have complete control of their own thoughts and perceptions.

- Abraham-Hicks -
Abraham, San Antonio, TX 4/18/09

What's tripping you up is, you meet with people who are easy to coax into the vortex, so they get results. And you meet with people who aren't easy to coax into the vortex, so they don't get results. And then you say, "This work, it doesn't work!"

And we say, "It doesn't work unless you work it!"

If you don't get that you are a vibrational being, and you don't pay attention to your emotions and figure out how to cause a merging of the vibration of your being, then you are right, you won't get that leverage.

A person inside the vortex is more powerful than a million outside. A leader in the vortex, working with the Laws of the Universe, is an effective leader. And leaders outside the vortex are working really hard and just banging around and not much is happening.

So we agree with you conceptually that the presentation we offer is not difficult to get your thoughts around. We also acknowledge that most of you have been offering enough thoughts that are vibrationally divergent from who you are and what you want, that it takes some time and some effort to show yourself what like can be like inside the vortex.

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