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Hotseater: When we make our transition and we go back to oneness; we merge into a wholeness and keep our identity at the same time?

Abe: Well that's really interesting because it's easy for you (we're going to answer your question but you've given us something so wonderful in relationship to what you were asking before that we want to go there) It's easier for you to accept the oneness through croaking than it is the oneness through focus. In other words, seeing the world through the eyes of source is oneness too. Croaking is oneness, seeing the world through the eyes of source is oneness. It is easier to croak than to tune yourself to the frequency of source; in other words, there are buses out there right now. (smiles, audience chuckles) Run right over you and off you go. (pause for laughter)

Don't you find that fascinating about your own perspective? That you can see the oneness through croaking, you can accept that. And we want you to see the oneness or to feel the oneness through alignment.

So now, continue your question because you were headed somewhere before we derailed it a little bit.

Hotseater: Well, do we keep our individual, here's me, Doug...

Abe: Here's the thing, Doug (laughter) why would you want, we've been talking about how to see the world through the eyes of source, so it's Doug/Source, Source/Doug, in other words, it's more than just Doug looking at this world; it's source. So, the more while you are in your physical body that you allow the alignment of who you really are to help you to become this source energy being that you are, when you re-emerge into nonphysical you will recognize yourself completely as who you are. When any of you re-emerge into nonphysical you'll leave behind all that negative part of the spectrum; you'll leave behind all doubt and fear and worry, all degradation, all not liking yourself and others, you'll leave all of that behind you see. And so, for many people, when you first re-emerge into nonphysical, you hardly recognize yourself because you are so happy. But in time, it's like as Esther is allowing us to flow through her she does not feel the separation. She feels the moreness of this alignment. And that's what you feel when you re-emerge. You don't feel lost, you don't go into a nebulous soup or mist, you don't loose your ability to focus, you become all that you've become fully and you don't look back ever in regret or in wonder. You're not roaming around heaven saying "I can't find Doug. I can't find Doug." (laughter) What you're saying instead is "I now see the world through the eyes of source which is what I Doug was doing all the time, it's what I always wanted and now here I've got it" you see. We just don't think you should have to croak to have it.

Hotseater: I agree.

March 5, 2011 Abraham Hicks Publication

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Abe: Many people; you hold to your limitations so firmly, because you believe in your reality so much, and so every program that exists, and we will put this one in the same category; in this sense, it is all about how much effort the individual believes it takes in order to find success. If we could just somehow zap you with the memory that all you have to do is find a happy thought and fixate on it and everything else would take care of itself, but that is so simplistic that people can’t let themselves believe that something that requires so seeming little effort would solve all of the major problems of their life or of anyone else’s life. And so, there are many hoops that you all jump through in your quest for coming into alignment, but you’re all going to have a really good laugh when you make your re-emergence into non-physical and you remember how you didn’t have to struggle about anything. The struggle is all self imposed, the struggle is a misunderstanding that is that is born out of deciphering contrast; you just kind of get stuck in the struggle end of it. Very good.

Guest: I’m so happy we rendezvoused.

Abraham workshop excerpt
The problem with most people is that they worry about death. They're
pushing very hard against it. Death is not seen by most of you as the
natural thing, or as the glorious, good transitioning thing that it
is. Instead, it is seen as a bad thing, something so bad that you
give it to those people that you hate most. You give them the "death
penalty." Think about it. You're not giving them the reward of death.
You're not giving them the relief of death, or the release of death.
You have figured that it's about the worst thing that could ever
happen to any of you, and then you save it as punishment to wield in
the worst possible way. It's no wonder that you worry about it,
because all of you know that it's coming to you.
From Abraham-Hicks Workshop
Phoenix, AZ -- 2/19/00
Every death is brought about by the culmination of the vibration of
the being. There is not an exception to that. No one, beast or human,
makes their transition into Nonphysical without it being the
vibrational consensus that is within them. Every death is suicide
because every death is self-imposed.
…..so many of you believe that you are physical or non-physical
that comes from thinking in terms of of being 'dead' or `alive'.
When you come to realise that right now you are a physical
counterpart of a non-physical being, then you recognise that always
when you are in the physical you are both physical and non-physical.
simultaneously which must mean there is a reason for physical
.In other words you are non-physical whether you are physical or
not. What we are wanting you to understand is that from your non-
physical perspective you see great value in coming forth and
donning a physical perspective. But it is not either or, you do not
give up your non-physical perspective by claiming a physical

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G 10.7.90
This is kinda about sex...but there is some really nice stuff in here about the nature and value of "croaking".

Every living thing, animal or human, or tree experiences that which is called death, with no exception. You've all accepted that one a long time ago. Spirit, which is who we really are, or Source, is eternal. So what death must be is a changing of the perspective of that Eternal Spirit. If I am standing in my physical body and am consciously connected to that Eternal Spirit, then I'm Eternal in nature and I need not ever again fear any endedness, because, from that perspective I understand that there is not any of that.

Excerpted from the workshop in Albany, NY on Saturday, May 6th, 2000
If you knew what the
death experience was you wouldn't give it to those rascals, you
wouldn't, you'd keep them alive and make them watch television.

I think this is my favorite thing Abe has ever said.
An interesting little detour that arose in the middle of questions
to Abe about other matters:

Q: So those children that don't make it through the birthing
process, are those beings that just changed their minds or that....?

Abe: Yes, you cannot evaluate the value or the perfection of an
experience by its length. We would not say it was a failure at
all. We would say it was all that they wanted it to be. Sometimes
it is because of indecision on [the part of] the people that are
giving birth, sometimes it is because of a variety of things wrapped
around that, and sometimes it is the energy wanting.... You see,
have you ever lived in a house with not enough closets (laughter
from audience) and then get clear that you wanted more closets?
Esther has. (Big laughter.) And so it is possible that someone
could come forth into a body and find the experience as satisfying
as it needed to be in a short period of time and then make another
decision, because from the broader nonphysical perspective
everything is understood. There is not shortage of opportunity,
there are not shortages of bodies -– there is no lack of anything,
you see. So when you are an eternal being you don't nitpick
over stuff that physical beings, who feel shortage in so many
things, nitpick over.

-- Abe -– Atlanta, GA, 11/4/00
Q: I have a question about guardian angels. I've lost a number of

friends in years and half the time I think, "Oh, good, one more

guardian angel" (laughs), and then....

Abe: Your friends don't have to die. The heavens are full of them

without [your friends].

Q: (Laughing:) Well, I know, but I'm just thinking these people


Abe: That does put a positive spin on death.

Q: Yeah, yeah. (Laughter from audience.) It's, like, for my benefit.

But anyway, so I was just wondering about guardian angels and if

we're on the right track in thinking that there's those little

spirits out there looking out for us and when we're not paying

attention, giving us a little dig.

Abe: Well, it's much bigger than all of that. Source energy is so

aware of you, and every subtle nuance of your desire and every

powerful blatant expressing of your desire is being answered by

endless levels of attention and conscious. The well-being is beyond

physical verbal description.

But when someone you know has made their

transition, you are more in the receiving mode than usual because you

associate them passing over with your liaison to the other side. In

other words, it's you who is more in the receiving mode after

something like that takes place while it's always there for you all

of the time. As you knew a person and you focused through your eyes

upon them, a sort of vortex of energy swirls around them even by your

awareness of them, a vortex that connects you to them. And then as

they stand in their place of being seen by others, this vortex swirls

around them, and even when they make their transition the energy of

that which they are still exists. So as you ponder them here, it sort

of sets a swirling vibration that attracts everything that they have

been to you, and if you are focused upon them in a positive way, if

you are mourning the loss of them or if you are in agony, then that's

as far as it goes, you rekindle the vibration that was them and you

have a moment of thought about them and it feels not so good to you

and that's as far as it goes.

But if you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, if you are in

vibrational harmony with your Source energy and you're recalling some

extraordinary, delicious moment with your now-physically-gone friend,

and as you focus upon them that energy begins to swirl, who they are

extends to who they really are and then you get the full dose of who

they really are. And there is no separation between that.

In other words, when you say, "This is the physical realm in which I

live and that is the nonphysical realm in which Abraham lives or

where my dead friend lives," there is automatic separation just in

the distinction of the physical and the nonphysical. But as you

say, "We are all part of this electrical, vibrational Universe and

there are no beginnings or endings, it is all one swirling,

connected, full, loving, extended experience," then what you discover

is the more connected you are to your Source, the more connected you

are to any of your friends who are connected to their Source whether

they're dead or alive.

Did you get that? The more connected you are to your Source, the more

connected you are to any of your friends who are connected to their

Source. It is just interesting, most of the most-connected ones,

they're dead. (Laughter.) Because when they're alive, they're worried

about money, they're worried about the dead dog, they're worried

about the stock market, they're worried about.... They're not in the

receiving mode. In other words, you've got to be in the receiving

mode to have this communication. They're always in the receiving mode

now, you see.

Q: Yeah.

Abe: So when you're in the receiving mode and they're in the

receiving mode, now you have this wonderful interaction. Yes. But

when you're mourning their loss, you're not in the receiving mode,

are you?

Q: No. I don't feel, I'm not....

Abe: We don't feel much of that happening.

Q: No, I'm not much of a mourner. (Laughs.)

Abe: So if you want to call them guardian angels, it is perfectly all

right and it would not be inappropriate, it would not be a

misstatement at all. We just want you to know it's a whole lot bigger

than a handful of guardian angels. The entire Universe is supporting

you in loving awareness.
There is life, then there is physical extension of life, and then there is
that which is the return to that which is life.

There is no death. And so you cannot NOT save a life because a life cannot be squandered, a life
cannot be lost. You cannot cease to be. And so you are saying that I should
save the sanctity of a physical life experience.

A dear woman had been coming to our gatherings for many years and in time
introduced her daughter also, and not long after her daughter took her own
life. And her mother, of course, was devastated and then mad at us and at
her because she thought that our knowledge of no death had in some way given
her daughter permission to take her life in your words and re-emerge into
pure positive energy. And as we visited with her, we said to her, we
explained what the death experience is and the freedom and well being that
her daughter is experiencing and we said in an attempt to soothe her
wouldn't you rather that your daughter is in this place of pure connection
to who she is rather than that uncomfortable, painful mindset that she was
in before? And her mother said, no! And it really speaks to the way that
most humans view this so called sanctity of life. "Yes, I would prefer that
you're here suffering and miserable rather than re-emerged and feeling

And we really think it's worth getting your thoughts around.
And we know that it's not the easiest thing to know and understand, and we
know that most of the world, as we said to our friend earlier, would not
agree with us on this!

Most people really believe that under *all* conditions it's better, no
matter how miserable you are, to stay in this physical body. And we are
certainly not promoting suicide, although every death is that you know?
Every death is suicide because no one can do anything to you that is outside
of your vibrational offering, and your vibrational offering, by way of Law
of Attraction is creating everything! And so we think that it's really one
of those things where you do the best you can to express the Joy of life
experience through the clarity of your example.

Alaska Cruise 2007


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