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Abraham Hicks
Workshop Excerpt February 16, 2013 Long Beach, CA Session 3

Guest: Duality; I wanna know what's the deal with duality. Because if you say that there is no source for the unwanted then why does it appear in so much detail to the human senses as the wanted?

Abe: Because all of it is necessary for the figuring out what you want. Because contrast is necessary for focusing; if you don't know what you don't want you can't know what you do want.

Guest: But if it all comes from one infinite Source and that Source is all life, all love, all good; how can its opposite appear in the human

Abe: (interrupting) Because you have the ability to focus on all life, all Source, all good; or not.

Guest: But where does that ability come from if I only have what Source gives me?

Abe: You [humans] figured it out! In other words, it is in the human experience that you find ways to block the light. This is really good; this is the question that we've had for all of you [humans] for a really long time; why do you do that? (audience laughter) Why do you do that? Why do you do that when Source is flowing, why do you do that?

Guest: HOW can I do that? If I'm only what my Source created me to be, how can I do that unless Source is doing that?

Abe: Because you have the ability, you are an extension of Source, but you come into the environment to explore, to take thought beyond that which it has been before.
So the reason that Source would come forth in the likes of you is because in exploring the contrast there is enormous value. You see, the very premise of your question is that there is no value in contrast.

Guest: Yes!

Abe: That's the premise of your question and (audience laughing; Abe is miming shock and shutting down) We'll be alright (audience and guest laughing) How can there be EXPANSION without contrast?

Guest: That was one of my next questions.

Abe: Well, start there!

Guest: Can we use another format to expand from without the use of duality consciousness?

Abe: Nope. Deal with it. (audience laughs) So you're telling us just because you have trouble focusing you want everything to be shifted around so you don't have to think.

Guest: I know.

Abe: So that you don't have to focus.

Guest: Tabasco sauce in my pie; I know. (Guest is referring to an old Abe analogy of the variety of life experience and choices aka contrast each individually being like ingredients in a well stocked kitchen and a cook worrying that Tabasco sauce, because it is an ingredient in the kitchen, might accidentally get in the pie he/she is making)

Abe: Why does there have to be something I don't want? And I have to use the discipline of focusing? Wouldn't it just be better if there was just stuff I wanted? Source; you're pure positive energy, what's the deal here? Why don't you just be pure positive energy and why can't I just dwell in pure positive energy? And we say: Because then there would be no expansion. If you do not have something that gives you reason to ask for more, there is no more.
That's really big.
Your eternalness, our eternalness all depends, it all hinges upon this premise of expansion.
We're not making fun of you. These are the most well-spoken questions on this subject that has been confounding humanity from the beginning of time. And there is nothing more worthwhile to talk about, so we're not making fun in any way. And we appreciate your stubbornness; it just so far off track! (audience and guest laugh)

Guest: Okay, setting stubbornness aside, um

Abe: (interrupting) We can see how someone would say to their mother: "Mother, why do you present options to me that I wouldn't want to choose from?" But that is a very narrow world that is not needing to expand that much in that moment; but when you are a genius creator that's come forth into an environment and you want to be stimulated to new ideas; contrast is just the best thing, you know it. You wouldn't want to be in a kitchen that only had two ingredients.

Guest: Well, I think I'm missing something because; okay: Infinity precludes anything but itself.

Abe: That was, but; what does that mean?! (audience laughs)

Guest: There's no room

Abe: (interrupting) What does that mean?

Guest: There's no room for something other than the infinite one if life is infinite.

Abe: Well then that's a concept that cannot be. That's a concept that, there's a, say it again? (audience laughs) Infinity?

Guest: Yes, infinity precludes anything but itself because its filled all space, all possibility, all potential. Its the only

Abe: (interrupting) Then we're all done and we cease to exist in this moment. It's been great. (audience then guest crack up) But we're all done because infinity is finished. (Abe mimes shutting down, audience laughs throughout)

Guest: Well (pensively). Well, what is purity but one thing, not two? I mean, doesn't the Tao say "Not two"? Just one. One infinite one. One consciousness, one life.

Abe: One consciousness with one thought? Again; we're done.

Guest: No, infinite thoughts, but infinite thoughts of life and love.

Abe: But how do you find life and love if you dn't know, if you can' find [something else]; how do you do that? How do you know, how do you define something as wanted if there is not anything against which to measure it? And do we have to call that a duality or could we just call it variety? Could we call it options?

Guest: Well, when it's life and death; health and disease

Abe: (interrupting) Life and Death?

Guest: That's duality; that's the Is and the Isn't.

Abe: But again, no it isn't; there's life and life. There's life and life. There's only life and life; there is no death. There's life and life, but there's life that you are allowing to focus here and now and there's life that you are not allowing to focus here and now. You can't stop your life from focusing.

Guest: So there is just life.

Abe: There is life. So, if there is just life and there is just Source, are you satisfied?

Guest: Yes.

Abe: Good. Really good. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. (guest giggles)

Guest: Then why do I perceive, you're saying there's no source for the unwanted; why do I perceive the unwanted if there's no source for the unwanted?

Abe: Well, what we mean by that; you are the source of the unwanted. Your thought is the source of the unwanted, your beating the drum of the unwanted is the source of the unwanted, your getting the momentum going, your activating the thought which is the source of the unwanted, but what we mean when we say there is no Source of the unwanted is that there's no Source like as in God Source. In other words, there's this Source of well being, but there's not a Source of evil. There's God but there is no devil, is what we mean. Man is the creator of all that is unwanted and you explore it here in this physical environment.
But we want to come 'round to helping you understand that in that variety there is only value. So, you want us to say well, then if there is only value then nothing is every going wrong. And we'll go along with you on that; we want to say that too. We want to say that too.
So, let's proceed then. [Abe now attempts to reconcile Tao teaching for hotseater] There is One. So, there is one thought and let's call it God and then let's assume that all of us are part of that so we are still one. And now, we are exploring and we are focused upon pure positive energy and so we're still All One and we're still "good" (from the standpoint of what you're talking about) and now a part of that consciousness is born into a physical experience. And you gotta ask: Why?

Guest: murmurs affirmative

Abe: Because if I was [speaking for us] pure positive energy, then why would I expose myself to any contrast? We say: Because from that broader non-physical perspective you knew that the more would be accomplished by the exploration of more variety. In other words, you knew that by exploring that physical, which is the leading edge by the way; this physical place with all that's here, this is the leading edge. So, as you are exploring this variety and coming to yet new conclusions; that which you want to call Source, which is The One has expanded. So, you're right, you're right, you're right. Source is pure positive energy; flows here; flows to you; you're exploring and Source becomes more as a result of what you have explored and discovered and concluded and decided and wanted.

But now, the duality is introduced by human, by physical who is not now able to keep up to speed with the expansion that he has accomplished.

So then, your premise sort of sounds like: Well then we shouldn't have come because if we can't keep up to speed with the expansion then we've introduced an unnecessary duality. We say: Yeah, ya did but its not one that didn't give you benefit because that you are unhappy about caused an expansion of the universe which you now have the ability through focus to come back into alignment with The One about. And you're right, it does feel really good to come into alignment with The One, but The One that you're talking about is the one that came forth into the contrast. In other words, the contrast is not a bad thing, its just choices, you see.
That's really what we are wanting you to, when we say; There's no Source of badness and there's no Source of darkness; we really mean that. There is a Source of contrast and the contrast is all about the expansion, but we think its the devaluation, we think its the judgement that you are making about what the contrast is that is making you want to call it duality that you don't want to embrace. We promise you, you want to embrace everything about this physical experience. You would far rather have exposure to a lot of variety for the purpose of your and our expansion than you would want to just be born into a feathered nest. Humans don't know that when they haven't gained control of their thoughts, if you don't know about vibration, if you don't know what your guidance system is telling you then sometimes you do want to sort of close yourself off in the neighborhood that has walls around it or in a neighborhood that has a gate up that you need a code to get into. Or you might want to just hang around with people that you trust, or put your children only in the schools that you believe are the safest. In other words, if you don't know about your ability to navigate among all of this contrast by striking a vibrational pose that equals your point of attraction that brings you only what you want then we can see why you would have a problem with there being things that you don't want to see.
But oh! When you come into alignment with this knowing, then the variety thrills you; it never frightens you. It inspires you; it never makes you feel guarded. It uplifts you; it never makes you feel like you need to manage it or defeat it. When you come into that (pause) wholeness is a better word than oneness, into that wholeness of who you are, the wholeness of who you are and the wholeness of the frequency that you are, then you become like Source. You get such a synergy of pure positive energy going that anything that doesn't match it bounces off, bounces off. And that's why that which is good is dominant. So dominant that the word dominant doesn't even do it. The word dominant is not big enough to describe the dominance of well being.

Guest: Can I have one more?

Abe: You are a lot of trouble. (audience laughter) You are a duality we didn't count on. (audience cracking up, guest laughing warmly) You made trouble and you evoked from us the clearest answer we've ever given about that. Its a lot of trouble. But you evoked from us the clearest answer we've ever given. So we deem it worth it. Do you?

Guest: Yes.

Abe: So how are you going to feel about trouble that come to you? You gonna say: No! You should not be here; you might cause me to expand! (laughter) And I was happy. I was happy in my nest.

Guest: Yeah. (pause) One more question? I had a specific experience with my son and I'm wanting to know whether or not I have or am learning the lessons that was intended to offer both of us.

Abe: Well, you can't help, no lessons are being offered; you're not on trial, and you're not being given lessons. You're not climbing the rungs of an enlightenment ladder. But you are co-creating with other brilliant co-creators for the purpose of establishing more and more clearly what you want. 

So, out of the experience, what is your new conclusion about what you want? What do you now want way more than you wanted before you had that experience? Is there something? 

Guest: Yes. 

Abe: Then you are learning; then it was of benefit. If something came out of it that you want that you didn't know that you wanted then it was way way way way worth it. 

And so the next question is: Do you have the ability to focus upon what you now want? 

Guest: I'm working on it. 

Abe: Without holding yourself or him in a regretful-that-didn't-have-to-happen, that-shouldn't-have-happened-that-way. You see, we always enjoy so much when someone has 2 or 3 things that they want to talk about. Because they're always about the same things, just approaching it from different directions. This subject is really about your previous decision. You decided to believe that contrast or anything uncomfortable is inappropriate and the Source within you doesn't believe it. The Source within you knows that in discomfort comes stronger decision about what comfort is and about the comfort that is wanted, you see. 

So, you just get better and better at it so that you don't have strong discomfort. You get better and better about it when you accept the perfection of the contrast. That really is the reason that we are having this conversation with you. Because you want to, you must, you have no choice but to accept the perfection of variety and contrast. So, it must show itself to you. 

So, you say: "Well, I like it at the buffet; lots of variety and I just pick. And I have the ability to control my behavior. I can't really control what the cook did in the kitchen; might look good but not taste good, but I have some reasonable, I have control to not choose that again because that crazy cook makes it that way every time. So, I can pick around the buffet until I find the things that suit me. And, its a buffet of 1000 things and I found 5 that fit me. 5 delicious things in this buffet and I pick them every time. And I'm pretty sick and tired of them (audience laughter) so I think I'll go to another buffet. 

Uh-oh. Can't trust the cook in that kitchen either. I'm gonna have to just try it, gonna have to try it to see how I like it. 

Now, we're talking about something with action here but really; this is the way you are vibrationally tasting your way around the planet too. You are vibrationally tasting your way in and out of relationships, you are vibrationally tasting your way through life experience. And what we're wanting you to understand is that they way that we are describing this sounds like it is-what-it-is and you're just picking from among the things that are pleasing you, but THAT'S NOT DELIBERATE CREATION. Deliberate creation is getting out ahead of it. Deliberate creation is BEFORE you go to the place where you're choosing the food, acknowledging what a good feeling, good tasting meal would be like. By remembering bits and pieces of others, remembering that you want to be fueled and that you want to be energized and that you want it to taste good and you want it to look good and you want the environment to be delicious as you are participating in it. And so, as you get out there ahead of it and you find that feeling place and you find that feeling place and you find that feeling place and you practice that feeling place until you own that vibration relative to the selection of food or whatever the subject is, then you get an impulse, you get an inspiration. So your timing is right. You show up when the cook that cooks like you like is or you show up at the restaurant where the food that is prepared the way you like it is. In other words, you receive the inspiration that leads you to the path of least resistance for the results that you have already identified that you want. 

And it is so profound and so perfect that every one on the planet can have a different set of criteria and all could make their way to perfect moments in time and without demanding changes and differences from others. 

That you have the ability from your life experience, and we don't mean to minimize that; FROM your life experience you have the ability from your life experience to come to conclusions that matter to you, and you have the ability to practice the vibration of them until you own that grid and then you have the glorious experience of getting to watch the things that dovetail into your experience as reassurance and evidence. Evidence of the vibration that you have honed out of it. 

You see, the molding of the clay is the molding of the thought. The molding of the thought is the thinking of the thought. The molding of it is the thinking and feeling of it. Its the deciding of it.  

That's why as Esther stumbles across one of these thoughts that seems to just show up out of the blue, never out of the blue, always out of the oblivious; you've got some vibration going on and here it comes and so now's here this thought that you are participating in. Where did it come from, what duality brought that negative thought? Is there really some really creepy Source that wants Esther to be unhappy and so beams a negative signal at her and "We'll get her sooner or later; we'll get her, we'll get her" (audience laughter) "She can't be that sunshiny person all the time; we'll watch. We'll watch and we'll get her, we'll get her; ahhhhhrgh!" (mimes "getting her"!) Its not like that at all. It's just stuff out there, rivers and streams of momentum that you have the ability to tune into or not, you see. And oh! It is so delicious when you finally understand that you have control of the way that you feel because you have the ability to guide your thought.

We haven't talked about it here today but we want to. You have the ability to give your attention to thoughts for the purpose of evoking within yourself a feeling. You have the ability to do that. Sometimes, if the momentum is already strong, you can't do it right now. And that's what makes you object to something that feels like duality. Because its the biggest argument that people give to us when they say "Abraham, you say I am the creator of my own reality but I do not believe that I am because this is happening to me and I know that I would not have done this thing that I do not want to myself. So there must be another factor that you are not telling us about that's introducing into our experience this thing that we do not want." And we say: There is nothing that is introducing anything that you do not want into your experience other than  that thing that you do that is not letting what you do want in, you see. 

So, it doesn't matter how you verbalize around that; the truth of it is that you wouldn't know what you do want if you weren't surrounded by some of all of it [wanted and unwanted]. And there is an exhilaration that we can't even find words to describe when you just take at face value some of what you've heard here. And words don't teach so you had to have found some resonance with it; did you? (murmuring affirmative from audience) So that means that you do accept that you are more than you see in this physical body, and that you there is another part of you that is pure positive energy that is offering a signal against which you can measure your signal. That's what your guidance system is: a signal against which you can measure your signal. And when you are tuned to it the result is that you FEEL enlivened;  you feel really good. And when you're off the signal you feel less and less all the way to the point of feeling totally depressed. Totally pinching yourself off from that pure positive energy. So, since you now know that; do you? That you have the option of choosing something in between, you have the option of choosing something that feels better? Then you gotta ask yourself the question: "Then why don't I do a better job of choosing?" And what works against you are beliefs that there is a duality, that there are things that are preventing you from choosing. And then we say to you there's nothing that's preventing you from your choosing other than your own habit of thought, other than  your own momentum, that you can do something about. 

So, recently we've introduced into this dialogue the notion of going general. Getting general about the thing that bothers you. Getting general about the subject that you feel has you trapped in a vibration that is preventing you from getting what you want. So, as you go general, which means less specific, in the less specific there is less momentum. And in the less momentum there is an option for an improvement in the way you feel. So, the less you do that thing that holds the cork under the water, the more likely the cork will float (Abe is referring to an old analogy that our natural vibration is one that is high on the emotional scale, but our discord with Source causes it to lower like a cork being pulled under the water that would otherwise be floating). 

So, most of you have corks that are like this: you go to sleep and up they go, and then you wake up and down they go. And then something makes you feel good and up they go and something makes you feel bad and down they go. You sort of, you're like roller coasters, in that you focus sloppily with no regard to the vibrational content of your thought. And then we have a discussion like this where you are made aware of the vibrational content of your thought and then you decide that you can think and therefore feel on purpose and in the moment that you begin that then you are free. Because the more you deliberately allow your cork to float the more wonderful things flow into your mind. And the more wonderful things flow into your mind the better you feel. 

This is simpler than we are all making this out to be. The children have it figured out; the kids. The kids. They just: now what fun can we do, now what can I do that's fun? Now what can I do that's fun. Then they'll say now what would be fun to do. What would you like to do with me that is fun? These are the questions that, what would you like to do with me that is fun? [Speaking for adult responders to children] Well, you could clean out that drawer. (audience laughter) [Speaking for children] You're not fun! You're not fun. [Speaking for grownups] Yes, but it would be responsible. [Child response] I wasn't asking to be responsible, I was asking what could be fun!. And we want you to know: finding fun is the most responsible thing that you can do. Find as much fun as you can find in a day and do anything else that you have time for. Find as much fun as you can find. Show yourself what alignment really feels like and what a fun filled cooperative universe feels like. Show yourself how blessed  you are and how valued  you are and how smart you are. And show yourself that how disciplined you can be. Show yourself that you have the ability to choose a thought because it feels good. And if you get hold of one that doesn't feel good you have the ability to soften it now, to diffuse it. And that's why we play with you in the way that we do; we're not mocking you, we're not making fun of you ever. We appreciate every contrasting moment that you live. But we think that you've got your feet stuck too hard in the step one part of the three step process. You're exploring the contrast in a harder way than you need to. 

So, everything that we've said today, if you could walk away with a theme to this gathering, what do you think it is? ("Get out ahead" called from audience) Get out ahead certainly it. ("Feel good" and other responses called out from audience) ("Go for the fun, make fun" from hotseater/guest) So we've said all of these things and all of these things dovetail into the very thing that you (current hotseat guest) so starkly brought to us: CONTRAST IS GOOD! Contrast is good. Contrast is good. Contrast is the thing that propels me into the more. And if more is good then the thing that propels me into the more is good. So as I embrace rather than resist the idea; so that means that when I'm not standing in a place of where I want to be, am I in the wrong place? Or am I in a good place? Am I in the right place, you see. It's all part of it. You're not ever going to get it done and we think that's the flawed premise that so many of our human friends are functioning under: you've got some sort of a misunderstanding that you're supposed to get it done and that there will be this, what did you call it? This infinity (audience laughter) or this thing, this finally worked out, this finally worked out. And we say: Then what? Then what? Don't worry about it, its not ever going to be like that; you're always going to have stuff to do and the stuff that you have to do always has the potential of being surprising and delightful. 

Really good. 

Guest: Thank you. 

Abe: Yeah. 

(closing statement of this workshop is very relevant, click here)

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You create your reality...The way you create your reality is by thinking. By focusing. By practicing vibration. By holding steady a grid that then causes a vibrational momentum which ultimately results in outcomes...that's what creation is. So, when you are creating on purpose, that means you are thinking on purpose and in order to think on purpose you have to think and then feel on purpose. Abraham speaking in Long Beach, CA on February 16, 2013 during session 3

The closing sign off was fun too.

"There is great love here for you!

And as always we remain always we remain...let's see where are we...In your vortex in your grid, in your vortex in your grid, in your vortex in your grid, in the vortex in your grid.  In the vortex in your mind, in the vortex in your mind.  In the vortex in your actions, in the vortex in your behavior, in the vortex in your inspiration, in the vortex in complete and utter appreciation of the life that you breath into all that is.  There is great love here for you.  We are complete." 

February 16, 2013 closing Abraham-Hicks, Long Beach, California

Abraham Closes The Long Beach, California Workshop February 16, 2013

Abraham Speaking: 

We are at the ending of the time and we think that its in such a good place that we would serve ourselves better by taking this place that we stand and building on it. Do you understand what we are getting at? (audience chatter)

In other words, we could open a whole other wound. (laughter from audience) And then soothe it. But momentum is about finding something that feels good and we have to say (referring to just ended conversation) we have never felt anything better than that just felt. Have you?  (audience murmurs no) Clarity. Desire. Fun. Ease. Moving into a new place. Let's just build on this momentum. 

So, you're human, eh? (audience laughter) Here you are in a physical body in a time space reality as an extension of source energy. Doing what? What's it about? Whadcha' come for?  (audience chatter)

Did you come for comparison of others or did you come to make your mark. Did you come for marks on the chart? Did you come to be revered by something bigger than you that's in a vere-ing place? Or did you come because you're genius creators into an arena that would give you the opportunity to do what you're really good at which is to expand. You came into the perfect environment and by perfect we mean extensive variety on all subjects, but not perfect in the sense that's finished because perfection like infinity doesn't allow that, does it? In other words, perfection means done and none of you will ever be. 

So, in this perfect environment, is the objective, is the assignment that somehow you were assigned or that you assigned yourself when you decided to come; is the assignment to focus in such a way that you enhance the wellbeing aspects of your time and space reality and therefore diminish the not well being aspects? In other words, did you come to once and for all cut duality off at the knees? 

Did you come to limit the time space reality? Did you come to make the world a better place? Meaning to emphasis the good which means de-emphasis the bad or did you come into an environment  with the ability to select from it   the perfect thing for you in your expansion? 

This is really the thing that we want you to hear because you are a humanity and you are a species who seems to believe that you job is to ferret out the unwanted and do something about limiting it. And that is wrongheaded at its very vibrational core. Because you live in a universe of attraction, not a universe of exclusion. So, if there are things about this time and space reality that you want to encourage, that you want to promote then give your attention to that and that will be the result of your experience and you will feel good in the experiencing of that. But along those lines when you that is your question: if you can avoid the misunderstanding that in reaching for wanted it means pushing against unwanted; if you could stop today condemning the contrast and instead embrace it as something wanted and then from among the contrast just select the best thing that you can find along the way. Then the contrast will serve you as you knew that it would. 

When you get some momentum going and you find alignment with all that you are and you feel the fullness of who you are and an idea occurs to you you say: "I'm on the right track. I know that that's what Abraham has been encouraging. I can feel that I'm on the right track with that." But we want you to ask the question: When you are tuned in and a question occurs to you or a problem occurs to you - is that not the same grid filling in? Because isn't step 1 and important part of the 3 step process? If life didn't cause you to ask the question; could the question ever come? 

And if there wasn't a question would there ever be satisfaction on the way from the question to the answer? 

If you're only solution oriented and your're wanting to deny the existence of the problem - without  the problem there can never be a solution or without the problem there cannot be the expansion and most important there cannot be the journey from the problem to the solution which is what we are all about. 

Is this making any sense to you? (audience affirms) 

We just want you to understand that if you could be more friendly about the components of your environment that are not just right now the way you want them; if you could be more friendly toward the opposing political party or more friendly toward the religions that you don't agree with or more friendly toward your neighbors who have different ideas about how they want to live or more friendly toward yourself when you're standing in a place of resisting or restricting your self from something that you want. If you could just ease up and be more friendly, more friendly to yourself, more kind to yourself, more soothing to yourself, more aware, more approaching yourself life and approaching your planet and approaching your environment, in the way that the source within you does: acknowledging that its all good and among the good there is that which you prefer. Because that is the evolution of all species, that is the expansion of the universe. And what we notice as we play with our physical friends is that the thing that keeps you from having the joyful thing that you want is the incessant taking score of where you stand right here and now. 

So we want to give you, if we were standing in your physical shoes, an attitude that we would don and practice all day every day. These are the things that we would be saying to ourselves about standing in this time space reality that we are standing in. These are the things that we would say to put us in the place of the most joyful life experience that can be imagined at least from this point: 

Where I stand is perfect and evolving. 

And where you all stand is perfect and evolving. 

And I'm happy when we stand together in a place because as we bounde off of one another I get clearer and clearer about what I want. 

I understand for sure that the only thing that is necessary for me to live happily ever after is to continue to define what I want and to believe that what I want can be. 

And as long as I have those two things in place then there will be never ending evidence that will show me the path of how to get from where I am to where I want to be. 

And I know for sure that when I get from where I am to where I think I want to be, that then something else will stretch out before me and thre will be something else that I will want, there will be be some place else that I will want to be. 

And if I've made peace with the fact that I'm standing in a place not yet where I want to be but the fact that where I want to be is stretched out before me, that then there is satisfaction in where I stand because there is another eternal where I want to be. 

Now you're starting to make peace with what-is. And in the moment that you finally make peace with what-is, what-is will begin showing you all the components that you've been picking up along your physical trail along the way that you want. 

You can make the world a better place by your standards but it is your belief that you need to that keeps you from doing that. 

You can add to this world in a very positive way. But it is your concern about the things that aren't going well that keep you from doing that. 

And in all of that there are just endless words that we could offer; you must be tired and want to leave this room because you've heard enough words over and over and over again. But what it all comes down to is HOW DO I FEEL RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT ? Am I resonant with the source within me or am I not? That really is what it all comes down to. 

If we were standing in your physical shoes we'd be out there everyday looking for things that we want to see. And we would be making lists of things that have not yet comes into our experience. If we live in a house that is satisfying in some ways we would be looking for ways it could be improved. 

If we have conversations with some that are satisfying, we would be looking for ways that those conversations could be more satisfying. If we are satisfied with the way our children are responding to us we would be looking for more ways that we could get more satisfaction in the way our children are responding to us.

In other words, we would never stop reaching for more and we would never stop reaching for more on purpose. 

But along with reaching for more and reaching for more on purpose we would be adding these powerful words and we would practice them until we know them: Everything is always working out for me. Every thing is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. Everything is always working out for me. Things are always working out for me. Things are always working out for me. Everything is working out for me. Things are always working out for me. And since things are always working out for me and since I knw that things are always working out for me then 

What other things would I like to define 

How would I like them to be working out for me? 

Since things are always working out for me then I want to begin to apply my attention toward the things that I would like to be working out for me. 

I want to define more clearly what things I want to be working out for me. 

What things? Not nebulous things, not general things, what specific things would I like to be working out for me? 

What evidence? 

What would really ring my bells? 
What kinds of things? 

Well, I would like to have a confidence about me so that when I'm moving through traffic I feel guided about where to go. 

I'd like to have good timing. 

I would like to feel that I'm riding on a cloud, on a magic carpet of momentum. 

I would like to feel the universal forces working with me. 

I would like to look into the world and have a sense of who I am. 

I would like to have a full sense of who I am. 

I would really like to be so integrated with the fullness of who I am that I am accepting this world in the fullness of all that it is. 

I would like to look into this world and I would like to appreciate the components that have been before that have led to what-is right now. 

I would like to live in a constant state of appreciation. 

I would like to be an uplipter, I would like anyone that comes into contact with me to benefit as a result of our being together. 

I would like to not feel bad when that doesn't happen. 

I would like to be in a place where I'm not at my best, where I'm not even close to my best and to not beat up on myself for not being at my best because I know that like the ocean I have ebb and flow too. 

I would like to be completely accepting of myself and everyone else. 

And I would like to trust in the Law of Attraction and the information that it gives to me. 

I wanna be the being that I was born to be. I want to be in this physical body and I want to be all that I was physically born to be. I want to have fun and I want to have clarity and I wanna feel good and I want to wake up eager for the day. I want to sleep good and I want to eat well and I want others to have that too. 

I like for everyone to eat well. 

I like all the little kids to go to bed with a full belly. 

I'd like for them to know how good they are, I'd like that. 

I'd like children to know their value. 

I'd like them to know it soon. 

I'd like them to know it now. 

I'd like opportunities to help them know it. I'd like to move around with them. 

I'd like to think about them. 

I'd like to shine that light on them. 

I'd like to speculate  about that. I'd like to pretend that. 

I'd like to imagine that. I'd like to soothe myself with that thought. 

I want people to feel good. I would like people to feel so good that they never feel like taking guns and killing each other, I'd like them to feel that good. I'd like them to feel so good, I'd like people to know the value of who they are. 

I'd like that. 

I'd like to be in a place where I could help people know the value of who they are. I'd like that. 

Don't want it to come all at once; just one at a time. 

I'd like to tune into the frequency of who I am and spread the joy of who I am. I'd like to be constantly in my own joy. I'd like to be a catalyst to helping more people feel good.

I'd like to be someone who's such a catalyst to helping people feel good that I don't even notice when they don't. I'd like to be so true to my vibrational frequency that anything that I want is flowing into me and anything that I don't want is flowing out of me. Understanding that there will always be contrast on the edge of what I am living. 

Oh, that's it: I'd like to control my contrast better. I'd like to be better at inviting the contrast. I'd like the contrast to come in the form of a question to which I am seeking an answer rather than in the form of a problem I am needing a solution. 

I'd like the problems of this world to be distant enough from me that i am able to see them in an objective sort of sense. I don't want to be swallowed up in the problems; I want to be on the perifery of the problems. I want to be out there on the edge of the problem, close enought that I can help define a solution but not so wrapped up in the problem that I am lost in the problem. 

I want my cork to be near the surface all the time, if not bobbing on the surface and never deep in the under belly of the ocean. I want to be up there where its easy to move but even when I'm in that state of what could be called depression, I want to know that even then its okay. Help's on the way. 

I want to know that source energy is always flowing to me and through me. 

Always flowing to me and through me. 

And always available at all times. 

And I want to feel alright about not being in the vibrational vicinity of it. 

I love knowing that source loves me at all times even when I'm not in the vibrational vicinity. I like knowing that that gae is never taken from me. I like knowing that pure positive energy has its gaze upon me at all times. 

I like knowing that source is keeping source's promise to me and it is my intention to start right now keeping my promise to myself more of the time. 

I'm gonna have more fun.

I'm gonna look for more reasons to feel good. 

I'm gonna take good care of me. 

I'm gonna serve myself first and foremost.

I'm gonna tend to my vortex and then I'm gonna do anything else that I have time for. 

Well, I say I'm gonna do that; I'm probably not gonna do that. But its gonna be more alright with me when I don't do that. Its gonna be alright with me more when I don't do that. I'm not gonna set standards for myself that I can't keep, but I'm gonna do my best to feel good more of the time. 

We have enjoyed this interaction more than words can explain. 

You are powerful creators and this has been a powerful group of minds that has come together. 

We are appreciating your willingness not just to be in this room, but to be in this life. Not to be in this life but to be in this world. To be in this universe, to be part of this creative experience of moving forward. 

It is our desire and it is our knowing that today you've come into closer alignment than you've ever been with who you really are. And we revel in that knowing whether you know it or not and we anticipate your discovery of the evidence of our knowing in the hours and the days that are before you. 

Thre is great love here for you and as always we remain; 

Let's see, where are we?  (pause, audience laughter)

In the vortex - in your grid, 

In the vortex - in your grid,

In the vortex - in your grid,

In the vortex - in your grid,

In the vortex - in your mind,

In the vortex - in your mind, 

In the vortex - in your actions, 

In the vortex - in your behavior,

In the vortex - in your inspiration, 

In the vortex in complete and utter appreciation of the life that you breathe into all that is. 

There is great love here for you.

We are complete.

Our work is about helping you understand how it is that you are Creator, and
how you go about it deliberately. Because until you do it deliberately, you are not
fulfilling your reason for being here. Everyone is creating, because everyone is
thinking, therefore everyone is flowing Energy, therefore everyone is achieving
vibrational harmony with objects of attention. You can’t look at something and
comment on it, or even think about it, without achieving vibrational harmony with
it. and in the moment that you achieve vibrational harmony with something, you
are partners. You are like Beings.

And since Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn, then
often you are achieving vibrational harmony with things that you would never ever
choose deliberately, and yet by focusing upon them, by talking about them, by
complaining about them, by feeling around them, you achieve the harmony and
you get them anyway. And then you assume something’s wrong with the Universe.
And we say, everything is right with the Universe. It’s just sometimes you’re doing
things you don’t mean to do because very few of you have been taught about 
flowing Energy.

Oh, you’re taught to watch your action, you’re taught to watch your mouth,
you’re encouraged to guard your behavior and to push it and pull it in deliberate
ways. But so often, what you are doing and what you are speaking is not in
harmony with what you’re flowing, and the Universe is responding to what you’re
So as we are here together today, it is our very powerful wanting to assist
you in discovering, relative to any topic that is important to you, how you’re
vibrating. It is our work to help you understand what is your current vibrational
mode of attraction. Where are you relative to the things that you want? And as we
chew here together, it is our absolute expectation that you will come to a very clear
understanding of this. We want you to relax and have fun with the molding of

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
Houston, TX – 01/23/94

3-17-13 Sydney AU Disk 2

"Your grid is filling in and when your grid fills in with stuff you don't want it feels to you like other people are doing it to you and I wouldn't do that to me because I wouldn't want that to come to me. But your grid is filling in every time with what you're inviting by your practiced vibration.

So when you get that; when you discover that, and we are never encouraging you to walk around noticing the negative emotions that you are feeling and trying to change them because that's trying to defy Law of Attraction when you say I'm not going to think about that anymore. I'm not going to think about that thing I'm thinking about because when I think about that thing that I'm thinking about now I'm thinking about something that I shouldn't be thinking about and I'm not going to think about that think I'm thinking about. You're thinking about that thing that you don't want to think about!


And Law of Attraction is making it a while lot easier to keep thinking about that thing you don't want to think about because now evidence about that thing you don't want to think about is coming; now you're really thinking about [that thing you don't want to be thinking about]. Now you're talking about; now you're bloooging about; now you're (breaks off to laughter)

There is a momentum in everything that you are giving your attention to. So you have to decide that you're going to break the momentum. Not by stopping thinking about that [thing you don't want to think about] but by beginning thinking about that [wanted thing]. And you can't think too far from that [thing you don't want to be thinking about] because that [thing you don't want to be thinking about] has enough momentum that its drawing you to that [thing you don't want to be thinking about.]

So you can't not think about that [ think you don't want to think about] and start thinking about that [wanted thing]; there's too much of a spread. You have to gently; if a train were going 100 miles an hour that way [east] and you want it to go 100 miles an hour that [west] way; you don't want it to happen suddenly. (laughter) It would be hard on its contents. You know that momentum will slow and then you can begin again [if you change direction more gradually.]

That really is what changing the direction of your thought is about. Its about slowing down the momentum that is not serving you and then beginning the momentum that does serve you.

That's why getting into those general statements helps you the most."

"An activated thought means a thought that when I think it, I have a feeling response. If you're not having a feeling response to something, a feeling that feels good or a feeling that feels bad -- the thought is not that powerful, and it is probably not a big player in your vibrational mix."

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Monterey, CA on Tuesday, March 14th, 2000 # 2

(NOTE:  there is also Acclimating Upward and the Acclimation Factor  to consider ~ DS/Patri

Hot seat guest: Where do we start?

Abraham: Life sort of dictates where you start, doesn’t it? Because you’ve got some momentum going which you could make some decisions about.

So it’s an awareness of a momentum that’s going and a determination to be deliberate about the momentum that you keep going.

So it’s like knowing when to apply attention and when to withdraw attention, when to encourage momentum and when to discourage momentum. That’s really where you start, isn’t it?

Because no one can just start over. There’s momentum. You have people around you, you have things you believe. There are things that are already happening, there are things that have manifested and are manifesting.

So you just jump in with renewed determination to guide it more specifically. That’s how we’d play it.

Say to yourself, “I know I’m a vibrational being in a vibrational Universe. And I know there are spinning grid disks all over the place. And that I’m on one all the time and everybody around me is on the same disk. And I can stay. Or I can choose something different.”

We would just start talking to ourselves in very deliberate terminology like that. 

“I’m in charge here. I’m in control, not of what anybody else does. I’m not in control of who gets on my disk and who doesn’t. But I am in charge of which disk I select.

San Antonio April 28, 2013. Abraham Hicks Publications 

also from same transcriber...

We think that the next time you realize you’ve selected a similar disk, that you might say something to yourself such as, “Hmmm, did I have any options? Could I have done it differently? And how do I get out ahead of this?”

And tonight, when I go to sleep, I’m going to set that intention and in the morning, I’m going to choose with more determination. And tomorrow will yield results of that new decision. And tomorrow WILL yield results of that new decision and you will feel empowered.

And when momentum keeps me going, I’ll acknowledge, “This is natural, this is momentum. Now’s not the time for me to do anything about it. I’m just going to fall from the airplane, it will be over soon. And I’ll start more momentum on a different subject tomorrow.

As you writhe and wriggle and beat up on yourself, it just adds more momentum. 

There is no such thing as stuck, because everything is in motion. But the feeling of stuck is momentum carrying you onto a disk with others who are not up to speed with what you really want and who you really are.

We’d start by saying, “I’m going to stop saying ‘stuck!’ It isn’t that I’m stuck. It’s that I’ve got patterns of vibration that give me the appearance of being stuck. But I can’t be stuck because the energy is always in motion.”

When you keep choosing the same disk, things keep changing to more of the same and it feels like things aren’t changing.

It’s just a matter of choosing something different, telling a different story, meditating more, lightening up. Not asking the same questions over and over again. Laying new pipes. Not trying so hard to get things that feel stuck to get going.

San Antonio April 28, 2013 Abraham Hicks Publications

"Positive momentum can ensue and perpetuate
without even trying. That is the momentum of Nonphysical,
that is the momentum of Well-being."

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop, Washington D.C., 5/18/13

Abraham giving the empowered version of the story of Martin Luther King to a
mother to give to her 7 year old son:

the empowered version goes like this, the story through the eyes of
Source goes like this:  All of us are born into this environment of
contrast, and some of us really hit the ground running.  And there was a
man that you will hear a lot about.  His name was Martin Luther King,
and he was such a man.  He was born understanding that things could be
so much better than they were.  And he, rather early in age, after a lot
of struggle and living with things that were injust, which I don't want
to go into, HE DISCOVERED in all of that an IDEA that was so much
BIGGER and so much BRIGHTER that he gave his undivided attention to that

In fact, he became FAMOUS for that dream.  He gave SPEECHES about
that dream.  And people gathered from far and wide because they SO LOVED
hearing him talk about what was coming because in his talking about
what was coming, he distracted them from what was.  And EVERYONE felt
uplifted about it.  But (pause for audience applause) he practiced it
for a while, and as long as he was telling the story to himself and to
those who were close, to those that really believed the dream with him,
he held himself in vibrational alignment with the dream. 

I practice that every day, son, say to your child.  I practice that
every day.  It is my quest to stay in vibrational alignment with my
dream and not let the reality of what-is bind me.  I want to be
progressive and continue to move beyond.

And then, this dear man - I suspect that what happened was that as
he got out there with so many others looking at him, that somehow,
someway, he lost sight of his dream momentarily.  His stream moved
faster and faster and faster and faster but he was surrounded by those
that he began, even though it was never his plan to do it, to begin to
push against.  And when one pushes against in a very fast-moving stream,
abrupt things happen.  He was shot, say to your son, he was shot by
those who did not understand him and by those who did not even WANT to
understand him.  And in one fell swoop this man, who had conjured and
given birth to this magnificent dream re-emerged POWERFULLY INto the
Nonphysical, where he lives it fully. 

Say to your child: I believe that he still speaks to you from his
broader, Nonphysical perspective. I believe that his dream still LIVES. 
And I believe that NO ONE needs to get shot over it if NONE of us PUSH
IT in the FACES of those who do not understand.  It's trying to get
others to AGREE with us about out dreams that causes BACKLASH.  But when
we just DREAM them ourselves, when we come into alignment with who we
are, the RESOURCES OF THE UNIVERSE come into alignment with us, and ALL
DREAMS are answered from ALL PERSPECTIVES, no matter who is asking. 
THAT'S the story of this man that I want you always to remember, because
there are a lot of versions going on.  There are those who are still
dreaming the dream, and I KNOW with every fiber of my being that that's
the way HE would want you to hear this story.  THAT was his dream."
("OK," and "Thank you," from guest (the mother), and lots of wild audience
cheering, whistling.)

From the Abraham-Hicks Mexican Well-Being Cruise, 1/20/08

I cry every time I read or hear that one Patri.

if i were to cry over this it would be relief. it really feels good to ME to understand where shocking things come from...it's just too much momentum. 

After you've generalised it and made it believable. When you're at the place of
inspiration coming.

Abe: So you're there. Do you feel her there? So now, get specific if you want
to, ride the wave a little bit. If you're not ready, stay general. Just don't
change the subject, because that's what most people do. They work it out into a
meaningful place and then they get distracted -- 'oooh, shiny!'. Rather than
really benefiting by the progress that they've made.

San Diego, CA, 21/1/12


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