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Your emotions are your indicators of your summoning and allowing.
Strong emotion on either end means you are summing a lot of energy.
Mild emotion in the middle means you are summoning less energy. The
elation/contentment side means you are allowing the flow. The
frustration/anger side means you are not allowing it to flow. Strong
summoning of emotion on the frustration/anger side means you are
creating a lot of what you don't want. Strong emotion on the elation side
means you are actively creating what you do want.

Abraham Workshop, Chicago, IL, July 11-12, 1998

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Approach life through your 'feelers' rather than through you physical

Maui, HI
December, 1999
Most physical beings do not have any real sense of how
their life unfolds and what vibrational creative control
each hold. Most do not understand that everything is
about vibration. And the reason that you don't
understand that everything is about vibration is that you
have come to rely on only your five physical senses.

Because you have come to rely on only your five
physical senses, most do not understand that
everything is about vibration.

The vibration that you interpret as vision, the vibration
that you interpret as sound, or the vibrations that you
interpret as smell or taste or touch, these are all
vibrations that you have learned to translate through
your five physical senses. But there are other vibrations
that you cannot decipher through those senses. And so,
you must use another sense. Some call it your sixth
sense; we are calling it your emotional center, that
feeling that you get in your solar plexus. Those emotions
that you feel are also interpreters of vibration.

Your Inner Being, that from which you came, that
Nonphysical Energy, that Source that is really you...that
part of you vibrates at a very high, pure, fast frequency.
And when you introduce a lower, slower vibration to
that higher, faster one, the result of that resistance is a
slowing of the vibration, and the way your sensors tell
you that you have done that is through the way you feel.

When you feel elation, when you feel joy, when you feel
passion, when you feel love, when you feel
appreciation...when you feel those emotions that you
would call positive emotions, those emotions are your
indicator, your "sixth sense", telling you that whatever it
is that you are focused upon right now is, in this
moment, vibrationally up to speed with your Source

You don't have to work at your high vibration.
Your higher, purer vibration is natural to you. But
you do have to let go of the thought that is holding
your vibration down.

date unknown
Focus, attention to something. So perhaps the first question you
would want to ask is, is this important enough to me to focus on?
Does it matter enough to think about? And the next question, the
most important part of it is, is it important enough to me to find a way
of focusing on it and feeling good at the same time. Because that's how
you know if you've lined up your energy about it. Your vibrational
meter tells you. Your emotions tell you so much. If you have a
strong negative emotion, it means, it matters. And sometimes it
mattered and you didn't even know it mattered until you felt the
strong negative emotion. Or the strong positive emotion. And so your
vibrational meter tells you that anytime you feel strong emotion,
whether it's positive or negative, this matters to you. And if it
matters then the next question is how can I focus on this with the
singular intent of feeling good while I focus on it? You see, bless
your hearts, you have been deselfishedized. New word, you won't find
it anywhere in your book we don't think :) You must be selfish
enough that you are reaching for something that feels good. And you have
worked on yourselves and each other for so many generations and come
to believe that feeling good is selfish and therefore wrong. And so
you've set yourself apart from your guidance system that has been
the only way that you've ever been able to understand what your
vibrational content is.

Think about it. If LOA abounds and it does,
and if everything in the universe is driven by it, and if the
universe is constantly responding to whatever I'm vibrationally outputting,
and if the way I feel tells me what I'm outputting, isn't it important
that I know what I feel and isn't it important that I reach for the
feeling that feels good?

Now let's talk about this from a feeling standpoint because we've
been expressing to you and many of you have been receiving this very
clearly that what I think is then reflected back to me by what I'm
feeling. That's how I can tell the vibrational content of my
thought, I have a feeling response to it. And so it is logical that I could
deliberately think and therefore I would deliberately control my
feeling response. If I can control my thought then I can control how
I feel and that is logical and really hard to deal with. Because now
that means I have to run around and sort out all the thoughts which
gets me so overwhelmed and confused that I lose my place and take a
nap. It is much easier to choose thoughts that feel good or choose
meditation which is no thought that feels good. Until I become so
familiar with the feeling of feeling good that now I'm feeling my
way through the thought process. In other words, reaching for something
that feels good, reaching for something that feels more exciting.

As Esther sat on an airplane and started to feel worry, she didn't
try to figure out what thought had produced the worry. Instead she said
worry and well being are opposite thoughts. I want to feel well
being and just focusing on the thought or the idea or the feeling of well
being, she shifted her vibration and felt well being. So the entire
universe without Esther saying well, universe I thought that thought
and it felt that way but then I thought that thought and it felt
that way and I would like you to respond more to that thought than that
thought which is so cumbersome. Instead by reaching for a different
feeling she achieved all the same results.

date unknown
"You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You
joy your way to joy.

You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come."

"Whatever you're thinking about is literally
like planning a future event. When you're
worrying, you are planning. When you are
appreciating, you are planning....
What are you planning?"
-- Abraham, tape G-4/19/97 - Silver Spring, MD
"Worrying is using your imagination to create
something you don't want."
-- Abraham, tape G-9/5/98 - Asheville, N.C.
Get out there and live, and any moment that you're off the track
you'll feel it.

Every moment that you have stepped away from the Energy,
you'll feel it.

So what you begin to notice is that there is a pattern:
When you are appreciating, you're full of this Energy; when you ’re
blaming, it's not there. When you are applauding and finding value and
seeing positive aspects, it is pouring through you. If you're finding
lack and finding fault and seeing criticism, it's not there.

So, as you begin to just think and feel, think and feel, you can teach yourself, in
a matter of a few days, how to get back into connection with that

Everybody's running around trying to find somebody to love them,
when what all of you really want, is an object of attention that pulls
pure Energy through you.
"And so here you are... with a very powerful desire within you.
But the question is: are you in the place that you are allowing
the desire that your environment has helped you to focus?
And we say in your joy you are allowing it; in your pain
you are not."
-- Abraham-Hicks, Tallahassee, FL 1/15/00
"That's what our friend was trying to tell us. He was saying, 'I have
to wrestle this awful thing to the ground,' and we say the problem with
that is every moment you spend with it holds you longer in that
vibration and makes you more like that and gives you more things like
that to think about. But it's a hard sell to us to give those physical
beings, you physical beings who have, somewhere along your physical
trail, decided that there is reward in the struggle. And what we're
wanting to tell you is there's no reward in the struggle, there's only
delay. There's no reward in the struggle. Every moment of struggle is
a temporary departure from who you are and what you're really wanting."
-- Abraham-Hicks, Tallahassee, FL, 1/15/00
"The discipline that we would like you to exercise is to
make a decision that nothing is more important than that
you feel good, and that you are going to find thoughts
that feel better. Your cork floating is the only thing that
is worthy of discipline."
Abe, G-4/19/97, Silver Spring, MD
(Excerpted from a Dialogues With Abraham, Sacramento, 11/20/94)

As you, little by little, consciously, deliberately, daily, change some of your patterns of resistance, then, every day, you vibrate less densely and more in vibrational harmony with that broader perspective and life becomes very much fun under those conditions. When you are allowing the Energy to flow through you, as you had intended prior to your emergence into this body, you experience clarity that is delicious. When you disallow that Energy, you experience confusion. When you allow this Energy to flow to you and through you, you experience the wonderful feeling of the power of creation, for you are creators. You have come forth to be creators. And when you do not allow it to flow through you, you often feel stifled and overwhelmed, and not able or not worthy. When you allow this passageway to be open and wide, so that the Energy that is natural to you can flow through you, your body feels vital and alive and when you disallow it, your body feels tired and lethargic and sometimes even sick. If it were not for the resistance, that you have learned along your physical path, everything that you are wanting would be flowing quickly and easily unto you. Most physical beings make too much of all of this. You work much, much, much too hard at getting the things that are natural because you have this resistance that you have learned, that you are always trying to overcome. But you go about it in the wrong way, because as you try to overcome the resistance, most of you do it by looking right at what is wrong and condemning it and observing it and cataloging it and pigeonholing it and pushing against it and every moment you spend even observing an object of attention that is of a resistant nature, you hold yourself in that resistant pattern that doesn't allow the Energy, that brings all things, to flow. So, it is a sort of vicious circle that you can't get out of. The harder you try, the worse it gets.

So, we want to assist you in understanding that it's not a matter of trying harder, of wanting harder, or even so much a matter of identifying what you want. Most of you have already done a very good job of that. You could keep yourselves busy for twenty or thirty lifetimes with the wanting that you already have stacked up. Your work, really, is to reduce your level of resistance. So, how do you know when you are resisting? How do you know when you are, in any moment, vibrationally resisting, or not allowing, the Energy, that is natural to you, to flow through you for your creative endeavor? Without exception, you feel negative emotion. Whether you call it fear or anger or guilt or loneliness or blame or frustration, it does not matter which label you give this negative emotion, it is always the indicator that something that you are looking at is not in vibrational harmony with your greater knowing. But as you have chosen this object of attention, just by choosing it, just by observing it, just by thinking about it, just by talking about it...you achieve vibrational harmony with it. And when you achieve vibrational harmony with it, and it is lackful, the Energy that is natural to you, then cannot flow to you. The Energy that created your planet, to begin with, flows forth constantly. Some call it God force. We call it Creative Life Force. It is the stuff that all things come from. It flows forth to you in one constant, steady Stream. There are not two streams, one of wellness and one of illness. Or one of abundance and one of poverty. There is one Stream. In the same way that there is not a stream of light and a stream of dark the darkness is just the absence of the light the illness is the absence of the wellness, The poverty is the absence of the abundance. This Stream of Well-being comes to you. Now you can let it in or not. But there's one Stream and it's coming to you. So if you are living something less than a vital, exuberant, abundant life it is not because you have chosen a different path, it is because you are resisting the path you have chosen. Whenever you say "NO, NO, I want not illness," your attention to the illness causes resistance that disallows wellness. Now, isn't that tricky?
Thank you DC, this really pulls it all together for me! Thanks for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated, have a great weekend!


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