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3.30.1997 B
Guest: Thank you Abraham. I'm studying elementary education down at the University Of Florida, with a particular emphasis on environmental education, and I'm curious about your take on resources and habitate laws and species loss and how the whole abundance issue..ah...how it deals with that, especially in the course of like: let's say no one had any resistance to having a car and everyone in the world had a car? Um, where would the oil come from? If no one in the world had resistance to having a mansion, where would all the resources and wood come from to build all these things? I'm curious about how all that ties in.

Abraham: Well, there are a number of things we want to say to you. Most importantly, we want to explain some things many of our physical friends do not understand. It is a misassumption that your planet is more populated today than it has ever been before. You've had much more population upon this planet on many occassions than you do now, and the orchestration of that population of the intensity of it is orchestrated from the broader non-physical perspective. The thing that we most want to express to you is that this physical planet is a planet of enormous balance, and we're not just talking about the perfect number of frogs or squirrels or humans; we're talking about the intentions with which beings come forth. We're talking about the energy. We're talking about, in other words, there is always enough. The thing that we so much want to impart to you is that the way creation works is that you said "I will come forth into this sea of contrast. And through this contrast I will come to conclusion and desires. And as I align my energy with these desires, the non-physical energy will answer those desires for the purpose of moving forward." So, there is no shortage ever about anything.

In other words, because the stream...think about your economy, for example. As people feel shortage of dollars, well, where did your dollars come from anyway? In other words, the dollars, you didn't dig  up the dollars. In other words, there weren't so many dollars assigned to this planet and once you discover them then that's just it. In other words, that country has all of the dollars and the rest of us will just go begging. The dollars are a product of the resourcefulness of the ideas. ANd the thing that we want you to hear is that the resourcefulness of the ideas: when you are able to focus upon something that you desire, the non-physical energy will always answer it. The expression "ask and it shall be given", there has never been a truer statement made. If you can ask for it in that vibration that matches the asking, it must come forth.

Now, that does not mean that things do not change and evolve. As you know, your earth is expanding continuously. The oil that you are pumping now is past civilizations. In other words, the oil that you are pumping up is from the flora and fauna and humanity and beasts of past civilizations, you see. And so there's a constant recycling, a constant replenishing. There will always be enough.

Many worry about the changing of the species upon the planet. And we always lovingly but in fun ask, do you really miss the dinosaurs? In other words, they are a species that at one time was here but no longer is, but we do not feel any great grieving about their passing. In other words, they were appropriate in their time, but it was a different time, you see. And so there is always a continual processing of that. One thing that we want to say about that is that many of the species that you think are going are not going, they're just moving to environments that are more conducive to their thriving. Some of them are going but not going in the sense that they are gone, they are evolving into something that is more adaptive to this time and space. But you see, a physical human lifespan is not long enough to see any of that. Or not long enough to see most of that and understand the fuller picture. And so you worry. And, we wonder why you worry. In other words, we wonder why you don't instead marvel that the tomato that you eat today, which is the great, great, great, great grandchild of the tomato that was eaten two hundred thousand years ago, doesn't that give you a sense of well being? In other words, the way the earth continues to replenish, doesn't that give you a sense of well being? When you think about this earth spinning it its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets, eon after eon, doesn't that give you a sense of well being?

And we think that man, as he wants to find reason for being, he has come to believe that pushing against one thing and another is the way he justifies his existence. That's the only way we can figure out why you all get so hung up in shortage when there is no evidence of shortage unless you are looking in a very short-sighted manner. Your seas are warming up, not because of the ozone layer, it is fine. Your seas are warming up because of the volcanic activity that is coming closer to the surface. And so many of the beasts that have been comfortable in cooler waters are migrating to where the water is cooler and then the person who is looking in his very shortsighted manner at the place where they once were assumes they're gone. And we say, they're not gone, they're just somewhere else. They've gone somewhere where you are no longer looking, you see.

Your oil reserves are of immense proportion, and those who are convincing you that they are not are those that seek only to gain by shortage. You have more untapped oil reserves at this time upon your planet than at any other time in the history of man. In other words, there is so much more there for you to utilize than you have even begun to utilize. But those who benefit by shortage, by raising prices of the "very rare" things that are there confuse you and make you believe in shortage. And we say to you, there is no shortage of anything. Because everything comes in response to pure desire. You get the sense of it?

People worry about, if everyone wanted a mansion, and we say, that balance that we were talking about does not bring everyone to the place of wanting the same things. You come forth with enough diversity of desire to bring that sort of balance. Esther and Jerry tease about this. As they were building their beautiful home and there were so many magnificient people that came to help with the different stages of it, and Esther and Jerry said on more than one occassion "Thank goodness they're not all like us. If they were all like us, travelling around, making their living through talking and meeting people, we'd be living in tents or in grass shacks or if we had to live in what we could build, it would be very meager circumstances." But, there are others who have different intentions. In other words, they're not all wanting to live like that. They're not all believing or expecting that they will. That's part of the balance that we are talking about. Physical beings worry about diversity because if there are things that are different, sometimes they fear them, and yet we say sameness is not the answer either. And we promise you there will never be a time on your planet when all humans will want the same thing at the same time. You come forth with enough perfect mix of desire and belief to keep everything moving along in perfect order. W

hen we hear you worrying about population explosion. We are humored by the intensity of your angst. Because, we acknowledge that this is not something that has ever been or ever could be orchestrated by your physical environment. In other words, you can make all the laws you want to about how many babies you can have or the appropriateness of sexuality, and we promise you that the inspiration will come forth and those teenagers will still be in the back seat of the car doing what they do. In other words, you're not going to orchestrate human nature. That inspiration comes from a broader perspective. So it doesn't  matter how many laws you make or how much you worry, the well being continues to abound. And things like population, things like longevity, things like the power of the energy stream are all things that are summoned by the power of your desire. But the well being is so much more.

We want to talk for just a moment about the subject of wellness and then we'll come back to some specifics if you have them. Physical beings worry about their physical wellbeing. And they offer many statistics about the perils that plague your society in terms of the human ailments that are possible. And we say, if really want to put this in perspective; if you could take all of the hours that all of the people have lived even in the last hundred years and you had some way of tallying among all of those people and all of those generations and all of the hours that they have lived, if you had some way of tallying the hours of wellness that they lived. And then you were able to compare that against all of the people in the last hundred years and all of the hours that they have lived in sickness, and you were able to compare those accurately, you would discover that well being is so enormous in comparision with the little bit of illnss. But what happens because people commonly decline, its like illness is the way you justify your physical escape from physical existence. Have you noticed if someone young and viril makes their transition in what you consider to be the prime of life, you all feel so bad about it. You believe that death is bad and that this is a terrible thing that has happened. Only when they're really old and decrepit or something really big falls on them and makes a mess out of their body do you say "Well, it was for the best that they go", you see. So what happens as you look at the physical ailments, your conclusion is "Well, everybody gets sick before they die, therefore it is a hundred percent probability that I'm going to get sick. So much so that you are paralyzed if you don't have insurance that will keep you with the tubes up your nose for those last days of your physical existence. And we say, if you could compare accurately, you would discover that illness is rare. It is not the major part of the physical environment. But it's the part that they talk about in their wanting to push against, or in their wanting to gain something from your pushing against.

And so, perhaps you are hearing our opinion on all of this is that shortage is a figment of man's disconnected imagination. In other words, there is no such thing as shortage. It never has been here, it never will be; abundance abounds! But what happens is, if an individual does not align himself with the abundance and so he experiences shortage, and then he makes a big enough stink about his shortage, you all begin to look and count him in the statistics and then you conclude there is shortage. If you were to look around your planet, you would discover than in this nation, you do live in minority. In other words, there are many more people, and we know that this is a very important part of the point that we are making, and its a good point and its an accurate point from which you make it; there are more people living in grass shacks than there are in the houses that you all are living in. And it does feel a little scary that if all of them got wind of the idea of deliberate creation, (audience laughter) and could begin to demand a lifestyle that you all live, that there might be some sort of diminishment. But the thing that we want you to understand is that the only reason for dimishment is that the individual vibrates differently than the abundance. If every person on this planet vibrated in the attitude of abundance, more abundance would come forth. Collectively, together you would create more ways. There are trees that grow very rapidly. But you do not care about them. Instead they moan about the big forests that are being cut down. When the great fire came to Yosemite Park and everyone lamented about the tragedy and the trauma, and of losing so many wonderful specimens, they were not thinking about the life giving nutrients that were being given to the soil. They were not even at that time to look as short as ten years into the future to see the new growth and the new beatsts that would come forth in response. Are you getting a sense of  what we are talking about? We want so much for you to feel the well being of your planet and not join those who are disallowing the abundance to come through them or to them as they push against in their attitude of shortage. We promise you, there is no shortage.

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great nugget! thanks for the reminder. I will set my own tone!


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