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How to line up with what you want. First state what you want. Then find the feeling of it. We will do it hear with words, but you can do it in your head or just by feeling. Have fun!

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I want that new shiny, black, 2011 Mercedes Benz- luxury class.


I want it because of the sense of pride and confidence that it will foster in me. It would give me a feeling of elation. A super boost of confiedence. I would feel so professional. Going to business meeting and getting out of it I would feel so prepared and pre paved. Don't I deserve it. Oh I know that I am worthy. I can even feel myself in it and driving it. Oh so refreshing. I would love it so much. I can feel it perculating within my blending of physical and non physical energy. This is so blissful to realize. Oh I am there. I am there vibrationally. And now I am just going to enjoy the voyage as it gets closer and closer and closer. Ah and it will be very, very, very refreshing when I get it. Ah yes!

I want to feel the continuum of asking and lining up and receiving my desire (in a general place right now, might get more specific as i go along)...i like feeling my freedom, my appropriateness, my blessedness aka power. i like the feeling of being stronger in my tenderness...my invincibility and instincts...i want to feel that this is my "work"...this is how i make my living. i conjure all things by vibrating. my action is for enjoying what i've asked for and lined up with, what i've got that i'm making the best of, my now that i'm within.  i want an easy six months coming up, i want an easy pace in my step, a bit of wonder and warmth in my thoughts...i wantt o feel enchanted with life's process, i want to feel love flowing from me to others, i want to feel ensconced within my balance, engaged with the contrast and appreciating it...feels like noticing my home is fresh and inviting and easy to live in, feels like welcome and present-to-be-pleased-and-pleasing-because-it-is-my-intent, feels like fully stocked pantry and cash on hand and money in the bank and all the bills paid and packages arriving regularly, always practical healthy decadent luxury the simple order of the day, always partnering with my inner being, living by the grace of my agreeing with me, called by the feeling of adventure to be had this way...summoning more nurture, more emotional intelligence, more joyful survival abilities. i feel free!

(k. specifics later. great thread, thanks!)

Yay, DS...!  I've been having trouble putting 'General' into words, ie., finding! the positive-General from words...I think maybe because I'm so used! to the idea of "needing to be specific about what I want"...Old magickal training??  But reading your paragraph is giving me a good boost in the right direction:  I can easily "ferret out" the feeling/emotion contained within of a lot!! of your phrases, and go from there to my own..Your're such a good demontrator! lol

Also, believe it or not, JUST previous to reading it, I "Got" guidance (seeing if I can explain this! It's an 'exercise' to try?) to START with a word...one that is a central idea in a series of thoughts when I "tell myself a story"??  And isolate that word, then delve INTO how I felt when I thought it or said it outloud.  The guides said to use it as a kind of "test case" to become more conscious of the emotions/feelings that I "insert" into communication in general. 

Once I identify the major emotion, then if it's generally positive, fine..but if it has even a tinge of "uh oh", do some Abe work.                      Does that make ANY sense??  Maybe I should get outta my head altogether!! lol

I want to be an ultra millionaire with over 300 million value to my name.

I would love to be able to buy almost anything I want ever, and to have fancy things, gold things, access to nice places, memberships to clubs, etc...I want to meet wealthy handsome millionaire men in these places, it would be fun to just chit chat with them as if we are old pals, or regularly make one another's acquaintance. I want to pick between great layouts for my new house I'm building that is all stonework outside. I want a sprawling estate and to spoil my lovely cats, and even have two little shitzu girl doggies as well. My maids/housekeepers will be easily paid to change cat boxes, and put out the finest food for my animals and vacuume thier hair up often too. I can invite other cat lovers over for funraising projects and run my very own organization to support cat chemical sterilization production of meds. and passing of legselation to outlaw all kill shelter's and force them to legally be no-kill shelters in every state, one at a time, and the funding and efforts will be required to go towards chemical sterilization to replace surgical sterilization easily and drastically reduce the stray and abandoned pet population.

I want to use my  money to be a mover/shaker and major agent of change in this matter/forum/mileu.

As well as have multiple homes, travel extensively, have my own maseuss, in home gym, guest house on property as well.

And I want t to replace my mother's house with a brand new one on her property or let her choose instead to fully move or have a second property in Oregon to live in whenever she wants too.

So this game is incorporating the new terminology that Abraham is using called filling the emotional grid. My grid is all about having fun and being inside of the vortex. I like delicious things like food and sex. I love to thrive and to look awesome. Most of all I love to feel the best that I can in the moment. As I gather more of the things that I want and get more specific my grid will interact with co creative components.

I want to be able to tap into my inner guidance a h@ll of a lot more. 

I CAN in some ways, like for example, I've had nudges on when to leave a place and sometimes on when to not go at all.  But I've gone to some things I thought I'd like and didn't and spent money on them and I think I'm doubting myself a lot lately.  So I want to tap into clearer guidance.

I KNOW what is "right" for me on somethings, like what my body needs I want to get even MORE guidance and more creativity from Source too.  I want to be one of these who can write amazing publicity articles and gets unique material for workshops and seminars and who knows YES this product or service or workshop or WHATEVER IS for me or NO it is NOT.  Sometimes I know the yes or no, sure, but I want to know it more.  I want to hear my inner guidance much more.  To know BEFORE I decide to go or no.  To get very strong feelings about more things.  I get it about people.  I want to extend that.  It would feel so wonderful to for instance, look at my meetup calendar and go, hmm I have some extra free time, wow THESE meetups are JUMPING OUT at me and calling my name and ringing my bell!  To have lots of clarity and get a feel for more things.  To get all these great ideas on 

things to write about and be able to tap into my own unique voice, to FIND and feel that I HAVE my own unique writing and public speaking voice!  To be so inspired by all the study and the reading and the learning and LIFE and Source that I am filled to the BRIM with great ideas and to have the CONFIDENCE to share them.  To just KNOW that the messages I have are SO GOOD and so helpful I just have this strong URGE to share them and this KNOWING that they will be received with enthusiasm.  

I remember when I decided to leave my job, the sense of relief and peace I felt in my heart and solar plexus, it was like a confirmation from IB and I am intending for MORE than that, more of that FEELING of connection when it's a yes and that happy exciting feeling and more of that feeling of not wanting when it's a no for me personally.

To be less swayed by other people's promotions and more by and ONLY by my inner guidance.

Sometimes I am.  With my coaching course.  With setting up my group.  Sometimes I FEEL the h@ll yes or the h@ll no, but lately I'm getting too many h@ll maybes!  I love how I felt the YES 

when I went to that group on Weds and how I felt SURE in my DECISION to go to the one on Thurs and both went so well and how my friend helped with the text for my ad and I FELT the YES this feels ME!

I just think it will be so exciting to be guided more and more this way! 

P.S. I have a cool sense of humor and think of creative replies sometimes to PI posts and I used to be able to write wonderful poems so I DO have it there somewhere!  I am excited at the thought of it coming out to say hello a little more! 

So with this you want to lay an emotional grid for your desires. It's like constructing a building. Remember at the base of everything is to feel good, and usually to find more freedom and joy too.

Oh would I love to have a new house. This house would foster in me a profound sense of comfort. I would want more room and more space which would give me a feeling of more freedom. I would jump for joy to see and be inside of this house. I just love when me or one of my friends gets a new house or condo. Like the new car smell, houses have an energy feel to them that is tremendously enjoyed by me. I would feel so ensconced by well being in of my dwelling place of wellness. All smiles here!


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