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Some quotes to start that reference the concept of formulas, general principles...etc...stuff that works no matter where you are on the scale.



You wouldn't feel negative emotion when you think about him if you didn't have a different opinion of him than the source within you has. Carribbean Cruise March 2010
(formula: negative emotion means whatever your conclusion as human, your conclusion as source is one that differs.)


The way you feel about him almost always matches precisely the way he feels about you. (audience murmurs, Abe notices) Funny how it works out like that! (audience laughter) Carribbean Cruise March 2010

(formula: whatever you are feeling, it is most likely mutual)


The rule of thumb is that when you are outside the vortex, the more general you are with your thought, the more likely you are to get in the vortex. (tells story of how they are encouraging Esther to prime herself using the alphabet game, then get specific thinking going AFTER getting in the vortex) Carribbean Cruise March 2010

(formula: ...when out of the vortex, get back in...THEN reach for the reason why all is well on the topic that had you out)


note to self...orlando, recent, crash and burn formula...


Here is the "in the back door" peice of understanding that will make it all come together easily. If you can want the vortex, not for the manifestations that it promises (and it does), but if you can want the vortex for the feeling that you can have now, now it has to happen quickly. But if you want the vortex in order to have that thing that you have not, you've introduced resistance to your vortex and it spits you out. Isn't that good to know? Abraham Carribbean Cruise March 2010


Here's how it goes: Contrast causes you to launch rockets, you line up with them, they become normal and natural to you, and then they manifest. And in that moment, a new set of contrasting experiences appears. Which launches rockets. Which you line up with. That then manifests. So don't you worry about there not being something more to reach for. There will ALWAYS be something more to reach for. Abraham Carribbean Cruise March 2010

(formula: sift/live, find desire, align with desire, manifest and in examining that new manifestation...new contrast is being sifted, new desire is found, align with new desire, see it manifest and now you are sifting new contrast, new desire...)



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disk 4

There is something that really just spits you out so fast, and it goes like this: when I use the vortex to make something that hasn't happen, happen..it CAN'T happen. I must use the vortex to accept what HAS happened.

(this is telling me that until you BELIEVE IT...taking that topic in the vortex is going to spit you out. and that's fine...diffuse it and get back in...but when you go into the vortex IN ORDER TO accomplish a deliberate creation...you almost "know too much" and are shooting yourself in the foot. yes..getting in the vortex will probably make it happen in some form or fashion...but....you don't go in for that. it's like dating a guy just because he's rich but you really don't care about him...you don't go in the vortex bc that's where your power is..you go in the vortex bc it feels good to be where your power is. very subtle nuance in motive...very different feeling that manifests between the two motives)
ooohhh, that's very good, DS, yes...very subtle nuance. An aha moment for me. I do want to be in the vortex because it feels good to be where my power is.

I have a question, maybe there is a better place to ask but, here I am. Every so often this happens:
I am having a meaningful convesation with someone and all of a sudden I am saying words that are not mine, channeling I'm guessing, and as soon as I'm aware of it happening then the words are coming from me again. I'd like to keep the channeling going (motive being I'm in alignment, in the vortex, and that feels good) and am wanting a way to "practice" this allowing. As soon as I become aware, how do I become not aware again....sort of. OR, I just had this thought, just keep doing what I 'm doing in practicing and living this allowing and probably that will work itself out. Stop saying darn I made it stop, and say, Wow, that was great!

Well, i think you just answered your own question. Be easy about it. Pat yourself on the back for channeling in the first place. And maybe, in that first moment of realisation, try not to freak out, but instead praise yourself for doing what you do. It's soo cool that you're doing that you see.
nice. are you talking about a middle perspective between your human self and something else that you are translating...(i'm asking if that bc you said you were aware that what you were speaking wasn't really from you...did it feel like a third "person" that was also you but...different bc it was like an "aye" place between the human and that something consciousness?) ...or...you kind or "came back" and realized you'd been talking adn that the experience had been/was good?

you did already answer your own question, like sg said...so that was one to you instead of an answer? and the motive is simply interest in what you've got going on there, chica. sounds pretty interesting, although i wouldn't want to go poking my nose into it till you've gotten really comfy and go on tour :)) just give you time to develop.....

wouldn't it be fun to channel answers to the questions of others without telling anyone you are doing it, and before you hit add reply double checking what you channelled against what you know from abraham...(this forum being "as taught by abraham hicks" intentioned). or ...doing it in the main forum. just showing up, reading...channelling an answer and moving on. i'd take care though about checking the responses. might toss you out of the vortex at first.
You're right Silver Girl, I'll try not to freak out and pivot to patting myself on the back. Thanks for that.

Whoa DS, you went to a place I hadn't even thought of going with your "fun to channel answers to the questions..." paragraph. Very fun idea! Your mind goes so fast, are you up to 100 miles an hour or past that?!! ha
Anyway, this is not something I control. It's like you said I kind of "come back" and realize I've been talking - and I have the feeling, or rather knowing, that this person needed to hear something and my Inner Being obliged them through me. I think it's interesting that this has come up since lately I've been wondering if you, Deliberate Sifter, might be "the next" (for lack of better words) Esther Hicks. Have you ever thought about that?
i have thought about it and i'm not willing to lose consciousness. i've done it twice spontaneous in conversation, once not in conversation...more like singing sounds that didn't make sense. years ago, before marriage. and i don't want to disconnect. i'm not interested if it has to be like that.

then, for awhile i was watching it and observing and doing it, again spontaneous..about twelve months ago for about two months...but i was flying way high at the time. chatter. so fun. and more recently i played with it but i've been off my game for about ten months and i'm showing classic symptoms of needing to step up my acclimation...i cry when they come in. not sad....just leaking tears and releasing tension that has little or no reason...just haven't been practicing the vortex lately, been pretty resistant for quite a while now.

i can do it just me and my inner being i think, and then with them tap past that...i got that cone..pulling effect, going broader that jane roberts described when she channelled broader than seth which was probably jane's version of abraham. don't know but those are big claims...so i might be full of crap and just pretending....that's what i tell myself. my favorite might be the third perspective...where i become the watcher and go between my human blended self and whatever i'm talking to...that might be the vortex version of me...which is different than my actual inner being..its the perfect physical and mental and emotional creature that is the culmination of this life experience...that's a mere component of the inner being and is something that i seem to be able to actually perceive from and go to different levels of broadness with. my current agenda is to get stable with that and the rest of my inner being...and then of course i want to go broader. i'm not much interested in what my inner being has to say to others or even about the mechanics of life...i want to know as much as i can, just to see if i can know it. so many times lately i want to say to the abe cd...lol...i listened to a crimson circle thing the other day and they said your mind can't comprehend it...and i turned it off. yes we can. we just aren't there yet. but this stuff is actually simple. it's science. if its science like abe says...then it breaks down into formulas and math just like anything else. period. the trick is getting the questions clarified just right...and that's a process that stems from getting it misunderstood for awhile. gotta prime the pump." shaking my head. i don't believe a sentence that includes the word can't, and i believe that the logic is there...abe is still fleshing it out, the logic bridge from depression to joy, never mind what you are feeling. and that's a much gentler ride than this emotional one, is what i am thinking. and...i could be completely wrong.

anywoo...maybe. not anytime soon. i'm nowhere near that yet. and i think there are a lot of people that are going there too. i think there will be always at least a few on the planet of esther's caliber now. there is no regression and it's dumb to have this stuff anything but readily available to even the casual seeker. and...the implications for the judicial system and for the family structure are so soothing to contemplate. much more effective society on the emotional level, and surivalistically for women...which means the emotions of all society naturally rises. no telling what kind of technology advances are going to come of the new level of ease that society will be feeling in itself in the next few hundred years...or sooner. i have no clue. i just think it's groovy. why wouldn't i want to do it. but i've got some serious acclimating to do, and i'm still learning abe. i consider it the correct bouncing off place for me...to be complete in all that they've expressed. i'm still working out some of the nuances for myself. and..i'm easily distracted. :) i could also be a land developer just as easily. laughing.

way more than enough out of me for awhile about me, yes? indeed. back to abe! but thanks for asking. it was interesting to see how it felt to actually come out and say something like this to anyone other than my husband/exhusband/whatever. he thinks i should have been doing already for awhile now and wants to manage me. lol. didn't he always. grinning.
Wow, you've had some experiences with this. I haven't really thought all that much into it. I like the idea that I am allowing my Inner Being to be more a part of me here. I really just want to allow my natural well-being to flow as much as I can. It works better for me (right now) if I keep things general and not so specific. I'm just feeling my way here, like we all are.

I appreciate your words here. I actually copied and pasted them to a document so I can read it again later, it's so interesting.

Anyway...this is a Formulas forum and I don't know any formula for this! :o)
But is sure is fun...
i know, what you mean. it's not cooperative to the forum intentions (or mine, really) to get off topic, and anyway, this stuff is way so interesting. how many minutes of abe can i listen to before i'm bursting with enthusiasm to write something down or beat the drum of something that they were just saying? this place is a nice outlet for the thoughts they get flowing...disguised as socializing.

"If you will put happiness before the manifestation, then you can have the happiness now and the manifestation is right on the heels of it; we are not kidding you even a little about that. This is how the science of deliberate creation works. This is something that you can feel and confirm and show evidence of through your manifestations." 7-17-2010 Abraham-Hicks in Portland, Oregon USA
great post!!! thanks!!!!
Most of you are more interested in socializing and therefore evoking response from the other human's who surround you, than you are in achieving a relationship with the source within you. ~ Abraham-Hicks 7-31-3010 North LA, CA.

Formula: can't quite sums this up semantically in a positive statement yet. will when the thought presents; I know that there is a formula in here, I just can't see the details yet.
And there is no more important object of attention to which you must flow your
appreciation than that of self.

The habit of thought, or belief, that holds most people outside of their Vortex
of Creation, more than all other thoughts put together, is the lack of
appreciation of self.

~Abraham-Hicks.com, The Vortex, page 179-180

(formula to GET to a state of being where self-appreciation is POSSIBLE lol: in a new beginning ii they say that if you can't appreciate yourself but you want to be able to, then life will bring you those that flood apprecation on you to "tune you up" via influence so you can get your bearings again...they are summoned by the want to know how. later, same book, they say that you (therefore) can appreciate OTHERS as a way to acclimate to appreciation of people...and therefore will in time will spill over into appreciation of yourself...the ultimate agenda ~ DS)


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