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Abraham Speaking: 
You did not come into these bodies to have growth.

You came into these bodies because growth is inevitable and
you wanted to enjoy that growth.

The basis of your life is freedom.

You did not come to make something happen. You came forth
because you knew the happening would be inevitable and you
knew you would enjoy the leading edge perspective of it.

Nothing is broken in your world.

Nothing needs to be changed.

Nothing needs to be different and yet everything is
constantly changing because it is the inevitable nature of
that which is eternal.

So as you decide to go with the flow of your eternal nature
and as you stop nit picking about the way in which you go;
and you just understand that you cannot help but go; and you
stop comparing yourself to the way others are going; and you
stop criticizing them because their not doing it right; or
criticizing you because you're not doing it right; and instead
you see yourselves, ALL, as adding to the contrast that is
adding to the expansion; in time you will find yourselves as
we find ourselves: in love with each and every one of you.

And when you love others as we love you, you're gonna remember
what Source is because you will be it.


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You have creative control. When you begin to notice the correlation between
what you're thinking and what you are feeling, and then what the
consequential corresponding absolute matching manifestation is, then you
finally get it that you do have control over your own experience. There is
nothing that we are wanting to guide you toward or away from. It is not our
job or anyone else's to choose for you. Our work, as we see it, is to assist
you in understanding that you are Creators and to help you in aligning your
Energy so that you may attract unto you anything that you choose, and that
it is not possible for you to choose outside of the realm of that which is
intended as you come forth. You said, "Let's go forth into this balanced
environment, bang around together, come to eternally new conclusions, and
have a very good time in the process.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshops: G-8/22/98 San Francisco, CA And
G-10/17/98, Tarrytown, NY
"To say, 'I want growth,' is a good thing. However, to say, 'I want
growth through joyous experience,' gives you more deliberate control."

Abraham - A New Beginning I, page 97, by J&E Hicks
"When you follow your bliss it is always an easy journey."

Abraham-Hicks - 9/4/93
Q: My question is about life purpose....

Abe: Joy. (Brief pause, then to audience:) Next. (Laughter.)

-- Abe -- Albuquerque, N.M., 7/21/01
"...In other words, there are a lot of people uhappy with a whole lot
of people. And every single one of them could be happy in the
moment, if they could finally discover that the freedom that they're
reaching for lies in their own ability to stop pushing against what
somebody else is doing.

That's where your freedom is. The freedom that everyone is reaching
for that you think is freedom from oppression, or freedom from

And it is so refreshing and uplifting and life giving to personally
discover that not one other person has to do one thing differently
for me to be free..." Abraham -- Tucson, AZ 02/02/02
Everything we've been saying here today has been with the intent to help you get it that the only reason you have goals is for the excuse of the river ride.

The accomplishment of one thing is irrelevant. It is the feeling of expansion that is relevant.

It's life that you are about.

And you say:

Yeah, we're living life but what should we be doing with it?

And we say:

It's life that you're about. It's the joy of life.

And you say:

Yeah, joy, joy, joy. But what about the growth and the expansion? Aren't I supposed to be becoming something?

And we say:

Yeah, you can't stop but becoming, but it's the process of becoming that life is about.

And you say:

Yeah I'm living life but what is it that I'm supposed to be doing with it?

And we say:

Living it and loving it.

And you say:

Yeah, but toward what end?

And we say:

There is no end to the life that you lead. You're eternal beings.

Yeah, but what's it all about?

Living and loving and having joy.

Yeah, but for what?

For the joy. For the joy of life.

Yeah, but toward what end?

For the living and the loving of life.

It's the living and loving of life that you're about; not accomplishing something.

Because there's never an end to what you're going to want to accomplish. The only reason life is giving you those goals is so that you have a reason to manage your vibration and feel the alignment and come into the alignment, you see.

The expansion is inevitable.

You are Source energy, banging around, giving birth to new desires. You can't stop that.

Whether you ever know it consciously or not in this physical form, you are contributing massively to all that is. That is a given.

So, your objective must be joy.

The basis is utter freedom. You are so free, you can attract bondage.

The basis is joy. Because if you are reaching for anything else, you are not in alignment.

And the alignment brings immediate awareness of expansion.

But the expansion is inevitable.

-- Asheville, NC 5/5/2007
"So, we want to say,

Freedom...the Freedom which is what you're really reaching

Freedom is the ability to acknowledge that wherever I am is
all right and that it can improve.

Oooh!...How 'bout that?

Wherever I am is all right and it can get better.

That's the goal we want you to shoot for in your physical

Wherever I am is all right and getting better!

There's no ending to how life can please you when you're
turned in direction of that what you truly are...you see?

You have so much more capacity for joy than we have words to
describe it."

~ ~ Abraham-Hicks, Philadelphia, PA, 10/9/06
DS, what do you mean here: "It's like...relief..in the opposite direction." Thanks!
Try this one out Daisy Duck. There is another one out there on youtube that is more specific to the relief of crying in the midst of joy...as you acclimate to the higher vibration...when I find it..if I do..will drop it here too

Oh, OK, DS. Got it! Duh.

I didn't know either, till I saw it. Didn't know ANY of this stuff consciously...till they've explained it...at least fifeteen times. lol
To the question in the headline, I say the answer is Joy. Because Growth is inevitable, and Freedom is a natural by-product of Joy, because when you live in Joy you live without encumbrance of any kind. No shackles, chains, or cages can contain your swirling, soaring spirit, even if your body happens to be penned up somehow.


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