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Abraham Speaking: 
You did not come into these bodies to have growth.

You came into these bodies because growth is inevitable and
you wanted to enjoy that growth.

The basis of your life is freedom.

You did not come to make something happen. You came forth
because you knew the happening would be inevitable and you
knew you would enjoy the leading edge perspective of it.

Nothing is broken in your world.

Nothing needs to be changed.

Nothing needs to be different and yet everything is
constantly changing because it is the inevitable nature of
that which is eternal.

So as you decide to go with the flow of your eternal nature
and as you stop nit picking about the way in which you go;
and you just understand that you cannot help but go; and you
stop comparing yourself to the way others are going; and you
stop criticizing them because their not doing it right; or
criticizing you because you're not doing it right; and instead
you see yourselves, ALL, as adding to the contrast that is
adding to the expansion; in time you will find yourselves as
we find ourselves: in love with each and every one of you.

And when you love others as we love you, you're gonna remember
what Source is because you will be it.


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The intention is to create in joy, not to create. Because creating is inevitable. It is a consequence of exposure to life.

Carribbean Cruise cd 5
"But wouldn't a perfect life exclude contrast?"
When it really comes down to it, this is something you really do want to know because It's the only place you'll ever find freedom. It's the only place that you will ever really find control of your own experience, is when you are able to control your vibrational output. So, its a nice thing when things get stirred up a little bit...

Agape Conference
This, over here where your Vortex is, is pure positive energy. And at its highest frequency it's, it feels like elation, it feels like robustness, it feels like appreciation, it feels like passion, it feels like energy flowing, it feels like worthiness, it feels like love, it is an intoxicating-it feels like, it feels like really being tuned in, tapped in, turned on; it feels alive, it feels whole, it feels freeing, it is -and free in the sense it is free of resistance- it's who you are.

~ Abraham-Hicks.com, Chicago, 6.4.11

It does not matter whether you are living in a country where there are some frequent terrorist attacks, or in a country where there are random acts of violence. It does not matter what the culture is — it is only the feeling of vulnerability that ever puts you into a vibrational harmony with that which you fear. When you realize that by working to achieve your feeling of Well-being, it is then impossible for you to ever rendezvous with anything other than Well-being — that is the only place that freedom will ever be.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, August 18th, 2001 # 505

Guest: I was brought into this organization to take it to the next level. 

Abe: And we want to say that to all of you about everything. (audience applause) Cause you can't stand still and things are [pause], but the question is,  you're gonna like this, or if you don't we do (guest/audience laughter) ; ... The next level is more momentum. So the question is, is the next level gonna be this momentum [vortex momentum] or this momentum ["other vortices" momentum]. Because I'm taking it somewhere. Cancun Mexico Land Cruise 2013 Week 1

The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that's what life is.


Excerpted from the workshop: Syracuse, NY on October 17, 1996

The reason for desires, goals...for finding those decisions or points of focus, is because they are the life-giving things of the Universe. Without objects of attention, or objects of desire, Life Force does not come through any of us.


Excerpted from the workshop: Silver Spring, MD on April 19, 1997


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