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This is frivolous on surface, but it might get some on topic discussions going that will surprise and delight us, and I am always up for surprise and delight.

Premise: Abe or guests sometimes say some pretty funny things that either are or are not part of the real answer or question.

Here's some examples and starting trivia:

Guest: Do you ever get annoyed with us in the hotseat?
Abe: You are the very first one.

What was the real answer and what was the logic given for that answer? AND, and can you name the date, time and media on which you saw/heard it?


Guest: Oh boy, she's been hanging out with those Abraham people again.

What dvd is that on and why did the guest say that to Abraham?


In what workshop did Abraham say: .."just punch them in the nose"? AND what was the context?

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Okay, here's an easy one:
Where can you find audio of Abraham saying "Be Glad When You Are Mad"?

Two Hints: It's here on PI, there are beautiful pictures to view while you listen, and the specified quote is at 1:58, but don't skip to it, it's a lovely, soothing clip.
I know the 1st one is on the Master course DVD. It's that dude that talks about subconscious thoughts and how he is confused about that and he asks that question about "what about if someone manifests a carpet of hair on their back was he thinking about something like that"----something like that and he is talking about how he has sinus problems and hates traffic. It's definitely from the Master course DVD.
Definitely it is indeed! Weeeeeeeee!

Read the first letters


That was spontaneous, bet somebody could do a "better" one.

Got any Abe Trivia?
Oh dear! I know none of this for certain. I have read a transcription of the first question, and i think Abe said that they come forth because of our asking so it is co-creation rather than them just answering questions and them being pure positive energy they will see our potential for knowing and so they only gladly answer our questions. Something like that?
Something indeed....like, we never get tired of seeing you come more into knowing, and we never worry about you because we've seen all the happy endings.

I think I will transcribe it, cause it is a great concept: my inner being is always interested in my questions no matter what, if nothing else because they like to be interested in something, and since I am just them banging around with amnesia...how can I not be fascinating (to my inner being, of course) My inner being is always assuming my success because they know that the system is rigged in my favor. My inner being knows the fail safe: I can always croak if it comes to that.

I think I did this "wrong". Next time I will transcribe the answer FIRST and THEN post the question.
and since I am just them banging around with amnesia...

I think this is the one..

G: You Abraham, do you ever get frustrated with us, when we’re here in front of you? [Audience laughter.]

A: You are the very first one. [Audience laughter.] It’s easy to feel good when you truly know that all is well. It’s easy to feel good when you know the outcome is always good. And so, we never feel frustration. We never feel worry. We never fear for you. We only feel knowing of your wellbeing. And an intense desire to help you know it, too.

G: Thank you. There is great love here for you.

A: There is great love here for you.

2005 Alaskan Cruise, Disc 3
Oh thank you for doing that, I carried my Master Course (aka the Alaskan 2005 Cruise) to the 'puter to transcribe it. I love love love it when somebody beats me to a transcription that's being discussed...
Here's another more recent one, same question to Abe:

Guest: Good Morning

Abe: It is.

Guest: Abraham, where are you headed?

Abe: Where ever you point us through your contrast. How about that? (Fun!) (Audience laughs)

Guest: Thank you.

Abe: Now, we can tell you without going into specifics that would take the rest of all of your lives, that we're headed towards the exhilarating motion forward relative to every subject that's active in vibration to every subject that's active in vibration today.

So, let's just talk about the larger things that are going on.

We are vibrationally headed to, in fact, it's tricky to ask where we are headed because if you have shined a spotlight on it, we're already there. So, our heading is constantly recharted by the asking of those of you who are exploring. So, it's not completely accurate to say we're headed toward a massively improved economy because vibrationally speaking we're already there. That's where you're headed though. It's not completely accurate to say we are headed toward many more people understanding the way their physical apparatus works and living much longer, healthier physical experiences because vibrationally we're already there, but that's where you're headed.

Guest: Ok. Thank you.

Bi-Monthly CD
I can remove it an you can put yours up if you like..
Actually, it would be fun if you or I or somebody had another to match it with...."The mantra of Source is "MORE"

Did you think I meant something by "more recent?". I ddn't, Silver Girl.
On the subject of trivia, does anyone know in what context Abe said this? I don't have any Hawaii tape and i haven't been able to find a larger transcription than this one. I would love to know. (i genuinly do not have an answer, so i suppose it doesn't count as real trivia)

We are an EXACT reflection of the intensity of your desire.

Abraham-Hicks, Hawaii 2005


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