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Sept 27, 2011


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Guest sits: I really enjoyed those words in the last session or segment when you said "exercise personal mind control". You've also used the term here today of "knee jerk" , you said it a few times and I almost think about a constant "mind jerk" which of course has the word "jerk" in it.


Abe: Well it's actually a better statement; your mind is jerking in response to what you're observing. And you could give yourself a less jerky ride if you would get better shock absorbers.


Guest: And it seems, not seems, this body of information has been this wonderful focus on the emotional aspect of truth.


Abe: Mhm. Because everything is vibration and your emotion is your meter.


Guest: And then, just in that statement "personal", which I kind of associate with "physical"; everyone's in their own body, their spirit.


Abe: Perspective, perspective, same word to us.


Guest: Yep, me too.


Abe: My point of view, my point of view.


Guest: Mind; which we've been doing a heck of a lot of fun deconstruction of that for quite a number of years, getting the mind out of the way cause its a bit of a jerk for a lot of us, and...


Abe: Not getting it out of the way; guiding it.


Guest (skeptically) Yeah, yeah.


Abe: Because thought is the reason for the vibration and emotion is the response to the vibration, so we don't want mind to get out of the way, we just want mind to be guided from an emotional desire. (a rare Abraham smile is offered, more like a pleased grin.... guest giggles) Perfectly stated. Mind..we don't want your mind out of the way because you need your mind to focus. And...but we want your desire for the emotional outcome be the basis from which you focus your mind.


Guest: Some of us had to get it out of the way altogether, in a sense.


Abe: That's why we teach meditation, it's easier to teach you to have no thought than to have positive thought when you've been having negative thought.  Or it's easier..when you think about what we've been saying recently: that there is specifically negative which is really strong attraction of what you don't want, there's generally negative which slows it down, there's generally positive and then there's specifically positive and you can't jump from specifically negative to specifically positive so, in the conversation we're having here is: what does, when you say stopping your mind altogether, (which is what meditation is), how does meditation fit into that? Meditation takes specifically negative to generally negative to nothing. To no point of attraction, it stops point of attraction. And when you stop your point of attraction for even just a little while, every single time; you'll move positive. Every single time. When you stop doing that thing you do that holds you apart from source who is calling you you begin to move in the direction of source. In other words, you could meditate long enough, you'd meditate right into the vortex. But then most of you wake up and face life again and talk to the people who you're committed to talk to and out of habit you talk yourself back. By using the power of your mind.


So, its not fair to say "Well if I could just get my mind out of the way", isn't it more accurate to say "If I could just focus my mind in the way that I mean to?"


Now what should I use as my reason to focus my mind? Caring about how you feel. And now you're home free.


Guest: Absolutely. Some much better and more precise words, I love it. And so..talk about relative truths. There's .....

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The ability to imagine what you are wanting, rather than only observing what-is, is what takes you beyond. You are a physical being, but you are much more.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Lincroft, NJ on Tuesday, October 15th, 1996 # 238

Now that brings us to the point of why you are here in physical experience: you have come here to be deliberate creators; to give thought to what you are wanting. Your first work is to decide what you want, and then to give thought to it until you receive it, understanding that with every desire and every receiving of that desire you also will receive a new perspective from which to intend something more.

And so it is a continual process of evolution as you are continually achieving new creations and setting forth new creations from your ever-changing vantage point.

You did not come forth with this physical body to bang your creations out into physical; instead you came here with your magnificent thinking mechanism to think about what you want and then by the power of the law of attraction to receive it into your experience. And the physicalness of this experience was meant to be the delicious enjoyment of that which you've created in thought.



It doesn't matter where you stand relative to anything that is important to you; it is so easy to stand in a different vibrational place. What's been tripping you up is you can't see the path sometimes for the manifestation of what you want and so since you're standing in the absence of something that you want now you're disheartened because you don't know how to get there. And we want you to understand you don't have to figure out how it's gonna come, where its gonna come from and who's gonna bring it and when it's gonna be there and how it's gonna unfold, you don't have to understand any of that. You just have to find the vibrational essence of it. We want you to understand that if you will be wise enough to learn to take enough emotional journeys that you show yourself how to get into this vortex. It's an emotional journey, it's a mind journey, its a focusing journey. It's a focusing inside the vortex rather than lazily languishing outside the vortex. When you begin to focus yourself into that vortex, your life is gonna pick up speed and the things that you've been wanting are gonna begin popping  but even more importantly; you're going to regain your connection with who you are. And who you are, you are the creator of you; you are the creation, but who that is, while it is a possessor of beautiful things and a liver of a beautiful life, who you are is a FEELER of alignment with energy.

In other words, we want you in the vortex so you can get all of your good stuff, yeah yeah yeah, we want that. We do, really, we do. We're not kidding, we do. We want you to have everything that you want. But what we are most exhilarated about you getting in the vortex about is that in the vortex you know who you are!

Happily Ever After Opening Statement

"It may seem odd to you, because here you are, manifested versions of that which is US,

and we're trying to teach you how to be less manifested so that you can be more manifested.
(audience laughter) But we're trying to teach you to care less about the manifestation so that you
can align with more that you want, so that your manifestations are more of what you do want and
less of what you don't want.

And what would be the REASON for that? You might like it.

(Guest - Have some fun - yeah.) You might like it.

You're supposed to feel good. Life's supposed to be fun. You didn't say, 'I'll go make the world a better place

because it needs to be a better place.' You said, 'I want in on this game. I want to go have some fun here.
I want to apply my mind to that. I want to apply my unique perspective to that. I'd like MY ideas to ADD to that.

Why? Does the world need me? No, somebody else will figure it out if I don't.

Then why? Because it's FUN to figure it out.
It's FUN to be interested.
It's FUN to observe.
It's FUN to conclude.
It's FUN to launch rockets.
It's FUN to be out of whack and then to deliberately get into alignment.
It's FUN to feel movement.
It's FUN to feel Energy.
It's FUN to be powerful.
It's FUN to take the Energy that creates worlds and flow it to the specifics of something that matters to me.
It's FUN to watch Universal response.
It's FUN to attract momentum.
It's FUN to gather others.
It's FUN to feel the fullness of who I am.
It's FUN to revel in the value of others.
It's FUN!
It's really FUN to be physically alive.
It's FUN to be out on the Leading Edge.
It's FUN to be a powerful creator.
It's FUN to know my power.
It's FUN to know who I am.
It's FUN to love me.
It's FUN to love them.
It's FUN!
It's who I am.
I can't cease BEING (softer) so I might as well make it fun!

From the workshop in Boston, Mass., on 6/2/12

From Abraham speaking for us..

My mind is best reflected in my ability to perceive.

It is most importantly a transmitting and receiving

My mind not only perceives that which is physical
around me, but knows intimately all that I am and
have been.

My mind is expansive. By utilizing it, I have the
ability to focus specifically upon something
intricate and detailed right here before my physical eyes, or
to step back from my physical perspective and sense, or
know, the greater, more expanded, realms of my true

My fantastic mind has unlimited resources. It is
more than the most powerful human computers, having
the ability to assimilate data, combine knowledge
from eternal perceptions, and conclude here in this
moment the best course of action.

My mind is my focusing mechanism. It is the
pinpoint of eternity--past, present and
future--which gives me the power to focus the Energy that creates
worlds, right here, right now.

My mind is the tool with which I fulfill my purpose.

It is literally the Eternal Me.



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